Photo by IMP, Dangriga Oct, 2009

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I. Myrtle Palacio Web Design SJCSCS Fall 2009 Mr. Yasser Musa




Project #1—Haulover Creek Project #2—Blogger Project #3—Space Project #4—Cassava Project #5—Health Project #6—Final Project #7—Focus Groups

3 4 5 6 7 8 9-12


A modern day Haulover Creek as it empties out into the Caribbean Sea. It still serves as a major mode of transportation for fisher folks and those plying the tourism trade by taking tours out to the Cayes. The boats in the foreground are sail boats used by our fishermen and those in the background on the right are the bigger boats used to transport people and freight to the Cayes. On the the left hand (front) is a speed-boat that is driven by an outboard motor and not by sails.






1. 2.
No. Gender 1. Design 2. Give and Layout Enough Info. ref. Topic Yes--wealth 1. F-Bus Like colours, music Not like font, Menu bar & need more graphics 2. M-Pol Home page Had enough info, but bright Blog should attractive, allow access like music to other sites 2 smaller pics not well selected, labels cluttered Yes Colours 3. F— attractive Public Service and symbolic What is itcluttered An editing tool left Yes---but Attractive, 4. Fwanted more Foreign not sure info on why maps Union recipes and were there compare with region Explanation More Would You Like to See Better font selection Verbiage spread out more; no rm. For expansion Covers topic adequately. Need more info on end products and how it can “spur” development in rural areas Icons for ratings and viewer feedback Recipes 4. Browse Site Easily 5. 3 Things You Learnt History, food value, How to cook

Yes, menu items clear, pages loaded quickly

Had problems navigating when first logged in

Process of C. bread making Native to S. A. The byproducts


Byproducts Preparation Nutritional value


Easy to maneuver

Similar uses across the region Types Processes



MForeign Dance



of terms Yes very Neat & Appropriate clear, but Easy to read some terms e.g. Like Nutritional “desmoncus” no explained Facts Pictures & pics fuzzy, not explained Enough to Colourful, want to eat functional Home page more & keep in garden pic beautiful

Direct access from Blogs Music not labled


Can eat leaves How widespread Processes

How it is planted— root or stem How to get rid of toxins

Yes even for tech dummies


F-Elect Engine

Design and layout are great Like vibrant colors and flow of layout.

Enough information about the topic that is promoted

More detail about the advance in technology used by the cassava factory.

Able to browse easily. Music is good and appropriate, but you have to click on the play button

Versatile crop Native to C.& S.A. Germaine to Gar culture Learnt the different names used for cassava and cassava bread, Different products, nutritional value Found couple spelling errors. a

No. Gender 1. Design and 2. Give Layout Enough Info. ref. Topic Love the leaf background. Design is attractive. Several of the pictures failed to fit across computer screen Yes. There are few questions about this Artist left unanswered. More Would You Like to See More Music Clips!!! Perhaps a different clip for every page... 4. Browse 5. 3 Things You Learnt Site Easily


MPublic Service

Indeed, the site info presented itself in natural order.

Learnt that there is no other Site which features only Andy Palacio; Discovered activities since his death; Realized a level of exposure (particularly in the news clips) which shows a worldwide acceptance of something Garifuna, Belizean, and Black.


Design and Yes, it's all F Bel-Am layout is good about Andy Manager More space P. needed above the menu words and to the edges of the inner frame Animated butterflies detract from

Various sample music clips from Andy P.


More detailed background info about Andy P. There is an Andy P Foundation & website The meaning of a few


focusing on what's important News clips are difficult to read—set links to clips as PDFs Gallery photos should have captions

Garifuna words



Photo by IMP—Sunrise from the sky, Oct 2009


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