What are exporters?

Exporters are business professionals who prepare and manage the shipment of goods produced domestically to other countries. In most cases, the exporter works with the buyer to process the order, then schedules the shipment and ensures that all relevant paperwork associated with the process is properly filed. While some people and companies involved in the business of exporting focus on niche markets, other exporters focus on providing shipment services for all types of goods and services. Managing exports is considered the opposite of managing imports. Importers have the responsibility of arranging for the transport of goods and services produced internationally into a domestic environment. With exports, the process makes use of the same channels and is subject to many of the same regulations, although not all countries apply the same regulations and tariffs to both import and export activity. Both companies and individuals can function as exporters. Individuals may be connected with larger corporations who require raw materials from international sources in order to operate at a profit. When this is the case, the company may establish its own import/export division and handle the two processes in house. There are also individuals who providing exporting services to small businesses who do not have a great deal of volume, but do have an established relationship with an international client.

Sachiko Exports
Sachiko Exports is an Indian Based one of the pre-eminent manufacturers and exporters of fashionable readymade garments. Sachiko Exports is associate with unit of Gurbachan Exports started from 1979. The company has its own well established sources for fabrics and trims which help to give garment a finishing touch at very cost effective prices. Sachiko Exports believes in providing Best quality, service and on -time deliveries. The company ensures that buyers/customer¶s are provided garments as per their specific needs and requirements. The company has a set platform to reach on sky high. INFRASTRUCTTURE The company has its own production unit with a built up unit of about 10,000 S.q feet, Our in

Equipments No of Machine Sewing Machines Flat Machines King Sew With Margin Over lock Four Thread Over lock Five Thread Fabric Cutting Machines Eastman Folder Cutting Machines Steam Iron Table Ramsons Boiler 18Kw Ramsons Boiler 6Kw Ramsons Dummy Iron Ramsons Spotting Machines Table Ramsons Thread Sucker Ramsons Hydro Tumbler Dryer Needle Detector Fabric Button Machines Button Holes/ Button Stitch Puff Machines Power Back Up 25Kw 120` 3 7 2 2 1 6 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 *Machinery can be added according to requirements. . : 30000PCS. PRODUCTION CAPACITY For Woven Garments For Knit Garments For Woven Garments and Knits Garments For Prints For Dyed Fabrics : 25000PCS.house production unit which includes following machines:DETAILS OF INHOUSE MACHINES. PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT A team of highly experienced production manager.OUR DELIVERY TARGETS : 70-90 Days : 65 -90 Days : 60-90 Days PRODUCTION RANGE OF FABRICS/GARMENTS . batch supervisor and factory managers manages the factory for an optimum scientific production.

QUALITY ASSURANCE AND CONTROL D EPARTMENT (FABRICS AND PRODUCTION) The company has it s own quality managers for checking and testing of fabrics. Karkardooma Branch Delhi-110092 Swift Code IEC Code CONTACT DETAILS Tarun Singh Saharan : 8800548800. OUR EXPORTS MARKETS: Japan. Trousers.A SAMPLING AND DESIGNING DEPARTMENT A well equipped sampling section which ensures to provide required quality and time schedule and also company has in house designing team. Jersey. Silk. Sweater. Dresses. Knitted Jackets. Skirts. T-Shirts. Rayon. Pants. Jumpers. Designs are developed as per buyer¶s specification and requirement.Fabrics which we offer are :Cotton. color and rubbing fastness in house. Shorts. chiffon and woollen. Garments which we offer are:Ladies: Top. BANK DETAILS Bank Name and address : Canara Bank. Sweater-Shirts. Pants. Children: Tops. FINISHING AND PACKING TEAM This department is equipped for packing and finishing and also finishing in-charge.S. Cotton Silk. Polyester. Beside garments the company also provide scarfs. We also check for shrinkage. 9810802355 / BB Pin: 25EC6FB3 : CNRBINBBDFM : 0510065988 . Tunics. U. Men¶s: Round Neck Polo.

COMPANY POLICIES .com Gurbachan Singh Saharan : gurbachan@sachikoexports.tarun@sachikoexports.com /9910104344.

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