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About RFM Food Corporation
RFM Corporation is one of the biggest diversified food and beverage companies in the Philippines (Over US$250 Mn asset-size in 2007). It was established 50 years ago (1958) as the pioneer in the flour-milling industry in the Asian region, and it evolved from a single company producing bags of flour, to a multi-company enterprise managing a chain of branded products that are highly visible in the consumer market today. RFM offers strong consumer brands known for quality and value in the Philippine market. The company is either the market leader or a significant player in many of the food and beverage categories in the market. Among the branded products which it markets are: White King (cake mixes and flour-based products), Fiesta (Pasta and Sauce), Swift (meat based products), Sunkist (fruit juices), Selecta (milkbased products) and Selecta (ice cream, under the joint venture with Unilever). The company also has business interest in non-food categories, which includes Philippine Township (property development), RFM Insurance and Brokerage Inc. (industrial and consumer insurance) and Rizal Lighterage Corp. (integrated cargohandling services). Over the years, various partnerships, acquisitions and licensing agreements have boosted RFM's strong market presence and successful brand building efforts. Among its past acquisitions were the Cosmos Bottling Corp., Selecta Dairy Phil., Inc. which have grown to be major brands in the country. RFM also has partnership with Unilever Philippines Inc. on the Selecta ice cream operations, and a brand franchising arrangement with Sunkist Growers of USA, Inc. The solid partnerships that it has built, together with its commitment to produce more value for the consumer's money, contributed much to making RFM world-class Filipino food conglomerate. It is expected to gain even more consumer patronage as it continues to give the Filipino consumer the option to buy world-class products at affordable prices. Value for money is the same commitment it upholds in entering the highly competitive and dynamic world market. Product excellence, aggressive marketing, keen management and good governance are the driving forces that steer RFM's recognized success.

Company Vision
To be the Philippine market leader in affordable-quality food and beverage products.

Company Mission
To produce and market better value branded food and beverage products for the greater mass of Filipino consumers everywhere in the country.

Juice Sunkist Powder Juice Moo Selecta Moo Choco Rocky Road Selecta Moo Choco Selecta Moo Choco Craze Selecta Moo Strawberry/ Melon Selecta Ice Cream Selecta Fortified Milk .Page |2 Business Portfolio Sunkist® Sunkist Tea Drinks Sunkist Fruit Drinks Sunkist Hi.

Page |3 Selecta Fortified Filled Milk Selecta Fortified Filled Milk Selecta Fortified Choco White King Hotcake Waffle Mix (Classic) Hotcake waffle Mix (Complete) Margarine Mixes Native Rice based Mixes Brownie Mixes White King Fiesta Fiesta White King Fiesta Sweet Blend Spaghetti Sauce White King Fiesta Italian Blend Spaghetti and Elbow Macaroni Swift Processed Meat .

Page |4 Sweet n’ Juicy Hotdogs SAM Hotdogs Christmas Ham Cooked Ham Rica Protina Hotdogs Frankfurter Bacon Chicken Franks Swift Canned Meat Juicy Corned Beef Vienna Sausage Meaty Corned Beef Vitwater/ Alo Youth Vitwater Alo Youth Portfolio Analysis Boston Consulting Group Approach .

the only halal certifying body in the country recognized by the World Halal Council. and one question mark. Selecta brand which has remained the number one ice cream brand in the country while Swift meat canned goods and Selecta milk products have also registered high double-digit sales growth in 2009 in the company. Selecta Moo. Vitwater was also endorsed by people’s champ Manny Pacquiao. Hi-Juice products and Vitwater (the first vitamin water produced in the country). The company is expanding its manufacturing facilities. RFM Corporation has four stars. Swift Processed Meat has been awarded halal certification by the Islamic Da’Wah Council of the Philippines (IDCP). four cash cows. Swift Processed Meat.Page |5 The 9 circles in the growth-share matrix represent a company’s 9 current SBUs. and Health Beverage Line of RFM Corporation are SBUs which generate a large amount of cash because of their strong relative market share. Selecta Ice Cream. White King Fiesta. RFM “constructed a new pasta-making plant to service the growing demand for its Fiesta pasta products. Product/ Market Expansion Grid . which is now a strong number 2 in the market due to its consistently good quality and affordability in pricing. Stars. Management stated that its flour division "which has exhibited healthy growth despite the serious wheat market situation due to better plant efficiencies and cost management. but also consume large amounts of cash because of their growth rate. The company is consistent in achieving income rises due to the innovations and marketing strategies they do. Dog. These successful SBUs had less investment for their advertisement and innovation compared to the new products introduced by the company last year." Cash Cows. White King of RFM Corporation is the only SBU which consume resources of the company efficiently but generate a little in the sales. Selecta Fortified Filled Milk and Swift Canned Goods of RFM Corporation are SBUs which generate more than is invested in them. Question Mark. Sunkist Beverages. specifically in PET bottleblowing and filling lines for the newly launched Sunkist Iced Tea.

the Muslim community. which reduce cholesterol and god for the heart. teens and adults. which kids would love. Sarah Geronimo. RFM Corporation also released its new product line. They also promote their products through TV Commercials. nutrition and quality in the Muslim community. kids. Starting up a new product to the new markets (diversification) is the fourth consideration. Only Swift offers a wide variety of all-time favorite canned and processed meat products with Halal Certified which means those products that do not contain any prohibited substance. They release a vegetable-enriched pancit canton noodles made from . Swift canned goods also offer a Premium brand of corned beef and luncheon meat for the consumers who like imported but can avail in affordable price. Pinoy Sorbetes line endorsed by Michael V. They hire Judy Ann Santos. and the like. Mini Stop. the RFM Corporation innovates and developed their products. but also in convenience store like. Swift formulate Rica Protina hotdogs with lower price for the budget-concerned consumers. First. it's not just a simple choc drink but with a premium flavor of mallows. which endorsed by people's champ. Offering modified or new products to current market segments (product development) is the third consider of RFM. They distributed their products not only in the supermarkets. Manny Pacquiao. They also capture the kids through promoting its Selecta Moo site. RFM Corporation consider on how to increase its sales of existing products to existing markets (market penetration). Selecta Moo also introduced Selecta Moo Rocky Road. Sunkist brands now offer Hi-Juice with three times daily supply of Vitamin C. 7-11 Stores. Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi for their Selecta Ice Cream brands which captivated the attention of the mass people and continue purchasing the said product. the Vitwater. RFM management also consider on how to develop its existing products to new markets (market development). Swift Brands enter its new market. and chocolate. which engaged to different kinds of games which kids would love. and have been prepared and processed in accordance with strict standards for purity. Selecta Ice Cream brand modified its 3-in-1 Ice cream with free mini Nips. Vhong Navarro.Page |6 RFM Corporation's mission is to produce and market better value branded food and beverage products for the greater mass of Filipino consumers everywhere in the country. They also offer Sunkist Healthy Heart. Selecta Ice Cream created a Premium Line of Selecta ice cream which is low-fat and best for consumers who is dietconscious. They also developed their ice cream by adding coco milk to its newest. Consumers can access easily to RFM products anytime to the nearest 24-hour stop shop. RFM take the pride in helping Filipino farmers. nuts. They also offer different flavors for various ages. In order to attain its mission through its predetermined objectives and goals.

the youth.Page |7 real squash. . keen management and good governance are the driving forces that steer RFM's recognized success. Selecta Ice Cream. endorsed by Chris Tiu. New Alo Youth is also offered to its target market. newest Sorbetes with coco milk. aggressive marketing. collaborated with Mang Inasal which they offer a 3-scopped ice cream or a halo-halo topped with Pinoy Sorbetes. Product excellence.

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