Various prizes can be won depending on the number of points earned by the customers. The number of Reward Points earned can be verified by sending an SMS containing the word: POINTS to 797 or by dialing *141*797*2#. Zain Nigeria. Registration is free and customers will earn points irrespective of whether they use the airtime to make voice calls. 3. The prizes that can be won by any customer is determined by the number of points he has earned. According to Shamel Hanafiz the Chief Commercial Officer. collect prizes and enjoy discount when they would have accumulated enough points. send SMS (Short Message Service or for texting) or for Internet browsing. ³this is a way to please our customers and he added that the introduction of the new scheme is in line with Zain¶s policy of empowering Nigerians especially its customers as well as its brand philosophy of enabling Nigerians enjoy a ³Wonderful World´. Zain Nig. Customers need to register for this Scheme. a customer earns a Reward Point. 4. Customers are to register by sending SMS containing the word: REWARDZ to 797 or by dialing *141*797*1#.00 spent on any Zain services. To qualify for this Scheme: 1. Usually the customer¶s account will be credited after 24 hours. For every N10. . 2. Now have come up with her first loyalty scheme which gives customers of Zain an opportunity to earn points. Is one of the companies in Nigeria that provides mobile telecommunication services.A LOYALTY/REWARD SCHEME BY ZAIN NIG.

11. 9. customers can choose to accumulate ³Reward Points´ and ³Level Points´ and therefore. ³PRODUCT CODE´ of the item(s) of choice to 797´. On the other hand. Zain website.. The catalogue or Zain Rewardz Catalogue is available at selected Centers across the country. All cards are valid for one year and validity will elapse every December 31st. Qualified Reward card carriers will be contacted automatically by Zain for their personal details and their preferred delivery options. 6. 7. Under the terms of the program. All vouchers are valid for up to six months. A special catalogue which indicates codes and points to be earned to redeem each item has been created by Zain to serve as a reference material for customers. Prizes to be won: 1. 10. Zain will send SMS customers who redeem GSM related items such as airtime. Prizes that can be won include trips to Dubai (the United Arab Emirate). confirming the transaction and their phone number would be credited directly with the right amount of airtime redeemed. redeem big tangible rewards. .5. SMS and data bundle. Customers who redeem non-GSM items will receive ³Voucher codes´ via SMS which they can present at designated Zain µRewardz Partner Stores¶ to receive their item of choice. 8. customers are required to send by SMS ³RD´ followed by space. and at the company¶s business partners¶ outlets nationwide. To redeem any item in the µZain Rewardz Catalogue¶. then.

By default. Customers who register for the Loyalty program will also have an opportunity to enjoy special discount and privileges such as 30% discount on accommodation at the Federal Palace Hotel. To enjoy discounts and privileges at all Rewardz Points. Silver and Gold Card carriers get additional 20% and 50% extra on all Reward Points and can confirm their Level Points by sending µLEVEL to 797 or by dialling *141*797*3#¶. 4. 8. enjoy discount at exclusive restaurant and receive first-class priority service at all Zain Shops as well as get priority treatment when they call 111 or Zain¶s toll-free customer care line amongst others´. 6.2. 5. Level point of 3000 will earn the customer Silver card while 6000 points is required to reach the Gold category. Analysis: . airline tickets. 7. a weekend in Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross Rivers. 9. 3. iPods. Silver and Gold categories depending on the number of points (µLevel Points¶) they have earned or accumulated. Registered customers are classified into Bronze. all newly registered customers are placed in the Bronze category and can move to other categories as they use more airtime. Refrigerators. and a variety of other items. use Airport VIP Lounge and get priority check-in at the international wing of Murtala Mohammed Airport. Victoria Island. Plasma Televisions. eligible customers will be required to present their Silver or Gold membership cards and another valid means of personal identification a valid form of personal identification.

However the program has this inherent problems: y Communication problem on the part target market especially the non-Zain users: this is because of how technical the nature of the offer is and could thereby be perceived as too complicated to be easily understood. This offer is not going to very expensive for Zain because they are producing another product for this reward rather they are using they already available product for the offers. To be able to fulfill the entire offer they are proposing to give to the consumers as rewards. and the rewards definitely will be generated from the money that customers pay for the services they get. . y Consumer disinterest/apathy/fatigue with the program could arise because of the difficulty in understanding and comprehending the offer to be at their finger tips y Cost of incentives: though the telecommunication firms have a wider opportunity to revenue generation but I still find it difficult to agree with the ability of Zain Nig. This Loyalty program can have a significant impact on retaining the Zain customers and their purchase behavior.1. This is because consumers: y y y y y y Respond to rewards they are not asked to pay a dime for Respond to offers perceived to be rewarding Respond to offers perceived relevant to them. also attract new Zain users. Respond to offers perceived to be attainable Respond to offers that are convenient to use.

y It may result to slow response from consumers because it may be perceived to be too good to be true .

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