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Jaguar celabarating it’s 75 Anniversary


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garments and accessories appeal to those with a refined sense


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women, men, families and local businesses joined together

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“Love That Dress!”

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writing at the early age of 10









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Floridians do to get into the holiday spirit


Living with Art

By Michael Beauchemin The art we live with creates a bonding relationship between the owner of the artwork and the artwork itself. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a college degree in art history, or that you never visited an art museum in your life; art is a very personal experience that transcends the fundamentals. Once a person gets over his aversion of selecting artwork, the next question is: “where do I put this in my home”? Here are a few tips to keep in mind, when you have made the decision and bought your artistic pieces. For large artwork allow ample wall space, so that the painting can breathe and have suitable floor space, so as not crowd large sculptural pieces. Large art is diminished if crowded by smaller art creations, or placed amongst other clutter. It’s also best to hang paintings at eye level so the piece feels comfortable to view, while remaining anchored to the room. Most importantly, make sure there’s adequate lighting to bring out all the details and rich colors of your masterpiece. Halogen lighting gives off the cleanest light and spotlights help put the focus on the artwork, not the entire wall or floor space surrounding the piece. It is suggested that the artwork you select have a thematic blend with your décor so that the environment compliments the piece. The exception to the rule is if your interior design is eclectic, in which case you have license to do just about anything, and it will still look fantastic! This supports the argument that everyone’s home interior should be eclectic, because if you mismatch something in your living room -- who cares? It’s eclectic, and that’s all good. As most people know, small artwork such as framed renderings, prints or photographs can be clustered together; but this may require some symmetry or consistency in subject matter, color, or theme; to make the grouping of artwork successful. Before randomly and repeatedly hammering numerous nails into your pristine walls, try to find that perfect place where you can take your time to arrange and re-arrange your items until the display feels satisfying to your eyes. The floor or a large table top does suffice for this important step. Once you’ve got your arrangement the way you like it; measure the space between the framed pieces, as well as, the hanging wire height behind each frame. This is accomplished by pulling the hanging wire upwards at the center with the end of a measuring tape, until the wire is taut. You’ll end up with a more accurate measurement to hang the pictures more precisely. The use of a carpenter’s level is also recommended. Continued on page... 29

For some people purchasing art is taxing. Concerns that the art selected might invite criticism from friends with taunts like, “What were you thinking?” Though fear not, as truth will have it: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The fact of the matter, is that the choice of artwork to be displayed in one’s home is personal and requires no explanation. A few of my friends, due to indecision, simply live with blank walls in their houses calling it a minimalist, uncluttered look. Thus, their houses remain empty in a way that seems to be missing the depth of who they are. Some people I’ve spoken with are apprehensive about displaying artwork in their homes because it may clash with a sofa, or it may not perfectly match that plaid bedspread in their room. Other people are disconcerted as to if an art collection in their home would convey pretentiousness or appear incongruent amidst their perfectly thoughtout décor. They wonder if their quaint artistic collection might beckon the rest of their family to recommend a garage-sale. There is no room for fear, when it comes to self expression. Selecting art that is meaningful to you is all that truly matters.

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Does it get better than this...
yundai, known for long bumper to bumper warranties and sensible cars, has entered yet another segment within the automotive industry. Over the years Hyundai has shown time and time again that it can deliver on its promise to improve and the 2011 Equus is proof that it has. Like the Genesis, the Equus brings it up not one but several notches in the high end luxury market. Starting with a 4.6 Liter V8 producing 385 HP, six-speed transmission, Continuous Damping air suspension, quiet cabin and features found within such names as Audi A8, Lexus LS460, Mercedes S-Class and Maybach 57. The Equus has more leg room than the Audi A8 and 7-Series BMW. Hyundai stands behind the Equss with Valet service and 5 year/60,000 mile maintenance. The Equus has more than enough potential to be as good, if not better than the competition. The others aren’t looking in their rear view mirrors anymore, but more though their driver’s window. Once inside you first notice the new badge, feel the leather wrapped seats and placement of the controls. I don’t think you will find much passengers sitting next to you as they will be flipping coins on who sits in the rear seat. If equipped with the Ultra-Luxury feature, not only will you get 50/50 split rear seats (which are cooled), but thermoelectric rear console refrigerator and massage system. The Hyundai Equus will certainly be within a unique class with the other vehicles. It will impress and pamper you and your passengers luxuriously enough to make them look twice. Starting price $58K, Ultimate package $64,500
By Dan Myricks


Cornerstone Lenders
Provides a single low cost, solution for commercial loans from $5M - $1B Dollars.
Preliminary Commitments are issued within as little as 48-72 hours.

Group, Inc.


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Looking For A Drop-Dead Gorgeous Swimming Pool That’s Also Maintenance-Free?
Let us send you our FREE “Pool Idea Guide” DVD. It’s loaded with photos, ideas and friendly advice to make sure you make the best decision possible. Plus, we’ll send you the Latest Report On “Zero-Maintenance” Swimming Pools.

Po Ide ol Buy a Gu er ’s ide

124 Pun 10 Tam (88 ta Gord iami T ww 8) 45 a, FL rail w.F 8-3 oun 70 3395 Co mm 5 tain 1
e rc ial Lic ens

Poo ls





8 88-458-370 1

Visit Our Showroom at 12410 Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda, FL 33955 Or call

As one of the leading pool builders in southwest Florida, we’ve designed, built and consulted on well over 2,000 swimming pools. We specialize in designs that are both unique and a delight to own. But we do more than just swimming pools: • Screen Enclosures • Renovations • Fences & Railings • New Construction • Pools, Spas & Water Features • Sunrooms • Hot Tubs by Sun Belt • Pool Repairs & Service • Lifetime Guarantee at Every Pool • Safety Inspections

With a $5 million dollar bond rating, a state-of-the-art showroom facility, and a long history of highly satisfied customers, you know you’re talking to a builder you can trust. Whether you’re looking for better health, more living space, a prettier backyard, or just a private place to relax, you can trust Fountain Pools to make your dreams come true.

by Doug Heslep & Ed Zeim


alking into Budda, aka. SWFL Premier “Live Music Night Club.” I didn’t know what to expect. Only that I have heard about this legendary and highly talented band: A200. Three members of the band are setting up for the night: checking connections, and testing the equipment. It is obvious they are well acquainted with preparations, as they do what they do, to get ready. The ready crowd is taking their seats, as they anticipate awesome entertainment. A200 consist of five members, Keith Clanton (Vocals/Guitar), Bob Tabarrini (Guitar/ Vocals), John Housely (Guitar/Vocals), Vic Vimenez (Bass/Vocals) and Ed Zeihm (Drums/Vocals). Each band member has a unique talent and an interesting character all their own.

They give raise to how good they sound during the evening, as the first song kicks off. All fears of A200 just being your run off the mill band disappears the moment John Housely’s guitar staggers out the speakers. A200 sounded thrillingly clear and intense with no drop-off. It possessed a funky rock sound, that had people dancing and tapping to the rhythm, at the very first song. Listening to A200 play live, is more than I anticipated. That sense of awe was deepened, as I found out just how much they like to “play it forward”. A200 is part of LEWIS TABARRINI CHILDREN’S OUTREACH PROGRAM, ( a non-profit organization that provides lessons to children between the ages of 12-16.

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They teach youth to play a guitar who otherwise could not afford lessons. Not only do they provide the lesson, but when their pupils complete the classes, they are gifted a guitar, so they may continue their love of music.

Photography by Heather Koenig

From Ft Myers to Sarasota, several clubs in SWFL utilize A200 on a weekly basis. Check their show schedule by visiting Listen to the terrific new song “Never Too Late”. Anyone who’s heard music by A200, knows exactly how artfully alive they sound on CD. You can pick up a CD of their latest album “Stray From Here,” by ordering it on itunes. Keep your eyes wide open, as new material is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2011. I have come to discover that A200 is more than a band. They do not just get a crowd on its feet, but they also get the beat thumping inside their hearts. They display an obvious passion of their love for guitars, music, and entertaining their delighted crowds. Any person that has listened to A200 play will surely agree.

Cheeseburger Cocktail
1 oz Flor de Cana 7 yr rum 2 muddled Roma tomatoes 1 oz Iceberg lettuce water 1 oz Beef (well reduced) 2 tbsp Toasted bread crumbs 1 tsp Dry mustard powder 2 tbsp Aged cheddar 1 large Kosher dill pickle Salt and pepper to taste

by Trevor Burnett and Whitney Munro

Muddle tomatoes, add ice, and slowly poor lettuce water. Stir rum and beef jus together in stainless shaker. Float rum mixture over ice. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Garnish: Cheddar frico and pickle knot. Garnish instructions: Heat pan to medium heat, sprinkle in cheddar and use sides of spoon to gather cheese into a circle. Brown and remove from pan to cool on plate. Mix bread crumbs with dry mustard. Wet rim of glass with pickle juice, dip glass in crumb mixture.
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Mariane Lobaugh, Stylist

I wondered what people were going to think about me when I lost my hair,
Jane Kapp Model Brigitte Hareshal Model
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Gerry Nichols, Model Maggie Wasmer Model

S W F L ’s

pin Green Spin een S Gr Gr
10/10/10 was a day for the environmentally savvy to rejoice. All around the world going green activists held events to increase the public awareness of our individual ecological footprint’s and to create an opportunity to show the worlds’ citizens fun, resourceful, and innovative ways to help our planet become more sustainable. The founder of this global event, which stretched over 188 countries, is an organization by the name of A group whose self declared mission, as stated on their website, is “to inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis—to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet.” So how did SW Florida leading environmentalists at U Gotta Go Green respond to this noble call to action? They responded with a fashion show, of course. The “Trashion-ista” Fashion Show Bruncheon was hosted at the Bravo Restaurant in Naples at The Mercato off Tamiami Trail. The event boasted some of the most affluent woman in all of Naples, with careers ranging as widely as their choice of ensembles. The thread stitching all of the 20 outfits together, was that this is not those garbs first time in circulation. A requirement for submission into the fashion show was that all pieces of clothing and accessories must be either consignment, hand-me-downs’, or made from another article entirely. “Sustainable fashion is not a trend. It is way of designing clothes in a fashion that sustains our future,” U Gotta Go Green explains the idea behind the show. The local Neapolitan Fashionista’s met the demands set out by the shows stylist,

By Chay D. Baxley

gorgeous handbags and dazzling jewels to attractive pantsuits and elaborate dresses all in equally brilliant and flamboyant color schemes and patterns. Some pieces displayed at the “Trashion-ista” Fashion Show held a precious story behind them. Several models wore items such as their grandmother’s pearls, a vintage pill box hat from an old friend, or a sweater of their mothers from the 1950’s. It was these “trashion-ista’s” choices that casted the phrase “you are what you wear,” into an entirely new and far more respectable light, having little to do with vanity. “These garments and accessories appeal to those with a refined sense of personal style and an aesthetic value that strives to follow heartfelt ideals that are in harmony with the natural world,” says in regard to their “Trashion-ista” Fashion Show Bruncheon. Admittedly, “going green” is the in thing these days. But there’s power and hope behind the idea. As U Gotta Go Green slogan says, “It’s Hip, It’s Hot, It’s Happening… and It Helps.” One of the shows patrons, Richard Perron, perfectly captured the essence of the “Trashion-ista” Fashion Show when he said, “That’s ambitious and beautiful.”
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“going green” is the in thing these days

Mariane Lobaugh, with great enthusiasm, raiding all their local thrift stores and grandmother’s closets’. The majority of the fabulous finds were from Options Thrift Shoppe on Second Avenue in North Naples and New to You Consignment on Creech Road also located in Naples. The apparel gathered from these two hot spots ranged from

Healthy Kids Festival
The Harold Avenue Recreation Center has served the community in multiple ways. The Healthy Kids Festival was an opportunity for the community to come out and get educated about health and safety. The importance of health and safety are important for kids to practice at a young age and for parents to learn how to help their kids practice a healthy lifestyle as well as to be safe.

helping the patrons sign in to screening of the eyes, hearing and diabetes. Fire fighters Wally, vice president; Mike and Patrick gave demonstrations of safety at home in a demo. This was hands-on learning for kids to know what to do in case there is a fire. The FBI agency distributed a compact ID kit that include fingerprint, wallet card and DNA swabs for parents to have on hand at home. Other patrons such as The Boy Scouts and First Baptist Church were present giving out promotional item and nutritious snacks. Some activities that children could participate in were face painting, a chance to enjoy the bounce house, art work and get stickers from Ronald McDonald.

The event was sponsored by many organizations such as the Punta Gorda Fire Department, The Sheriff’s Office, Early Learing Coalition, 4-H Youth Organization, Autism Speaks, Habitat for Humanity, The Children’s Hospital of Southwest, Florida, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union and much more. Also present were volunteers from the Lion’s Club who participated in

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Reale stated, “I want people to be educated while they also enjoy what they hear and see. I don’t remember how I picked this whole thing up, but I do remember not liking the fact that I had such plain white shoes on one day. I found myself picking up fabric paint markers and just going wild. Inspiration is all around me, whether it’s on the walls that enclose a room, or the people who bring their own style into my life; I look to those things to get me going.” As an active member of a number of clubs, Reale is currently working at Florida Gulf Coast University, where she hopes to develop more ideas for shoes. She aims to benefit organizations such as Relay for Life and Florida Gulf Coast’s GSA programs. She also hopes to coordinate a fundraiser in the near future, that will not only serve as a great get together; but will also raise a lot of money for organizations through the sale of her pieces.


Jackie Reale, an eighteen year old freshman at Florida Gulf Coast University has quite a unique and genuine passion for designing the exterior of old, characterless sneakers. Jackie draws on shoes to make statements. The young artist believes in the fusion between art and fashion as an method of expression.


By: Kayla Dacosta

Most recently Reale has designed a pair of sneakers focused on the Human Rights Campaign. Depicted on the shoe is the word: equality, along with the infamous Human Rights Campaign two, yellow bar logo. Jackie used the logo as a familiar symbol to raise awareness and gain support for the campaign.

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utumn is upon us again, and it is time to get into the holiday spirit. The days are getting considerably shorter, and we do not have nature’s delightful signal of leaves changing from yellow to orange to brown - under a cold gray sky - to remind us that a dreadful winter is ahead. We have sunshine during harvest time; so, what should Floridians do to get into the holiday spirit? It is simple, the same thing everyone else in the country does. Christmas music will be playing over the radio, and decorations will be hanging on Christmas trees. Frosty the Snowman… Forget about it; let’s face it Southwest Florida, its hot here. Sorry Frosty, you wouldn’t stand a chance. If you are having a hard time realizing that it is time to get your Christmas shopping finished, here are a few motivational tips that are sure to get Jack Frost nipping at your toes.

Kelly Brown - “To me the holidays are definitely all about family. It’s a time be together and spend time with people that you don’t get to see a lot of through the year. For thanksgiving, I’ll be in Largo, Fl with family. This will be the second year in a row that my roommate and I brought our families together for thanksgiving dinner. Christmas, I’m not sure yet, but my dogs will all get presents [laughing]. As a tradition, we always get our dogs gifts. Last year they smelled the bones and ripped the wrapping paper off before anyone had woken up!” As Kelly explains about her new apartment with excitement, she says, “If I could have anything that I wanted for Christmas it would be a gift card from IKEA, so I can decorate my apartment.”

Josephine Slade - “The Holidays definitely mean spending time with my family and family means everything to me. Mine’s huge so we love to get together. I’m from Michigan, but I’ve lived here for seven years.” For thanksgiving, she goes to her grandmother’s house. “It’s a potluck and everyone brings a dish to pass.” When comparing Christmas and thanksgiving in Michigan, to the season in Florida, she says, “It definitely looks a lot different. You don’t have the color changes in the leaves, and you definitely don’t have snow for Christmas!” She does not believe that cold weather and snow are necessary for the holidays. “Christmas is just in the person.” As far as what she wants for Christmas, “I’d like to go back home to Michigan and visit my family.”

Glendy Emmanual - “The holidays approaching mean spending time with my family, presents, and new clothes. All of my family comes from Virginia, Ft Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, to one table for thanksgiving dinner. We say grace and eat turkey - two “big” turkeys [stretching his arms apart in an excaudated manner]. For Christmas my intermediate family gets together for dinner.” Glendy is from West Palm Beach and is accustomed to Florida’s warm Christmases, and he jokes by saying “maybe it will snow this year!” If he could have anything that he wanted for Christmas, “I’d like to get a system for my car.”

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Try tuning into a local radio station that plays holiday music to get you humming Jingle Bells. Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace, love and happiness for everyone; so, do something nice for someone. It is the season of giving, so make someone a batch of holiday treats – you can reach anyone’s heart through there stomach. Also, spread the word about Christmas by calling and talking to family and friends; let them know that you are thinking of them. As the weather begins to cool down, grab a quilt or cozy blanket to curl up on the couch with to watch Christmas movies. The true holiday spirit is not about materialism it is about kindness and love. With the absence of a cruel frost and silent cold winter, this is how local southwest Florida residents feel about the festivities approaching. By: Daniel De Brun

Ashley Kilanowski - “My family has very strong religious beliefs, so we spend a lot of time in church praising the lord during the holidays. We’re very polish so we don’t eat turkey, and we don’t eat ham. We eat Kielbasie sausage and stuff like that. This year is my first year in Florida during this time of the year. It’s going to be hard to be away from so much of my family, but I still have my dad and my two brothers to share it with. When we celebrate up north, there are sixty-five members in my family, so it’s a big dinner, and we shoot fireworks off on Christmas [laughing]. It does not really feel like thanksgiving is almost here. There is no changing season, so I don’t get a sense of Christmas spirit.” Ashleigh says that she has everything that she needs and has nothing to ask for as a Christmas gift.

Justin Adam - “The holidays mean lots of fun with the family and the kids no matter where you’re at. I’m from Detroit, Michigan, and I’ve been in Florida for ten years. The biggest difference between holidays here and back home is the snow and changing colors of the fall leaves.” When asked if he had trouble getting into the spirit he replied, “Yes, I find it difficult. Especially my first Christmas when I went to the beach and I saw people swimming on Christmas day! Thanksgiving rituals for my family include going to my aunt’s house and watching football games on T.V. We get together every year for turkey dinner.” Justin is traveling back to Michigan this year to visit his family and to enjoy the snow. “If I could have anything for Christmas it would be for my kids to get everything that they want from Santa.”

Natasha Wakey - “We [family] usually always get together for thanksgiving at my aunt’s house, because she has the biggest dining room table [laughing], and they do all the cooking. For Christmas, my mom and I usually go to my grandmas for a small dinner. Each year is different; I might have to work this Christmas.” Being a Florida native, Natasha has no idea what a white Christmas is like. “I wish I did. I have always dreamed about what it would be like to have a snowy white Christmas. We use a fake Christmas tree, I don’t even know what one smells like [laughing]” It is easy for Natasha to get into the Holliday spirit, “it is for me, because it’s all I’ve ever known. People decorate here and everything; but, I’m sure, for others maybe not so much, because of the weather. It’s really hot.” Natasha speaks firmly when she states that she needs a car for Christmas. “A Prius would be my dream car, but I know that is farfetched for this Christmas”

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Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center

Powerhouse for the arts, education, and celebration!
The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, located on the banks of Fort Myers’ Caloosahatchee River, recently celebrated their second season of supplying the community with world-class performances, educational opportunities, and above all-amazing exhibits! Their contribution toward enriching their community through the arts is astoundingly spectacular. The center, which was originally constructed for business in 1933, has an opulent and impressive history. During the depression, the building was developed to serve as a post office. Due to the economical climate of the time, funding for the building was in short supply. Apart from help donated by President Hoover in 1929, it is rumored that Edison took part in a majority of the building’s funding. After serving as a post office for thirty-two years, the building was slated for demolition. At this time, the center was remodeled to serve as a courthouse, and equipped with federal offices. By 1998, the building was once again vacated and for six years remained unused, until it was acquired by the city. Jim Griffith, director of the center, approached the city of Fort Myers with the intent of turning the building into a center for the arts. After an extensive lease negotiation, the center was turned over to him. Today, the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center serves as a hub for breathtaking visual performances, phenomenal exhibits, collaborative educational programs, and special occasions. During its first year, the center had over 65,000 visitors. Jim predicts that with the ensemble of future events, this number will rise exceptionally. The center’s future is packed full with continued restoration and expansion and crowd pleasing events. During the last week in November, the center will host the fourth annual Festival of Trees event, which will benefit the Goodwill organization as well as the Sidney & Berne Davis Center. The art house will include a Shakespeare Festival as well, during the month of November. Futuristically speaking, the first ever Film Festival will take place in March! What films will be shown then? It may be your turn to tell us what you see.

By Kayla Dacosta

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Local musicians flood to over three dozen venues nestled in downtown Fort Myers to highlight their talent and get the crowd moving. Music Walk takes place every third Saturday of every month and is not limited to one particular genre of music; artists feature acoustic, blues, rock, jazz, and experimental to name a few. The differentiation of this event definitely attracts the crowds, with an estimate of over one thousand visitors! In addition to music, the event features extended viewing hours at art galleries and an array of gourmet restaurants to visit.

Local artists, and dancers, such as Angela Hicks add unique flair to the event! Angela, an art major at Florida Gulf Coast University, has been actively involved in Music Walk since its birth. Hicks has worked and practiced as a belly dancer for a number of years. The wild beating of drums gather crowds around her and spectators drop their jaws as she balances a sword on her head and moves to the beat of the drums! Artists volunteer their talent in an effort to promote the artistic climate of downtown Fort Myers. All participants are arranged with a venue for performance. If you are interested in getting involved, feel free to contact the River District Alliance.

By Kayla Dacosta
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Naples – Ft. Myers

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Port Charlotte

Charlotte Sport Modelers Society an AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) Chartered Club offers the help you need to learn to fly RC aircraft. (left to right) Denis Kirk (Club President), Roger Jernigan (Pilot), Mark Hilliard (Club Vice Pres.), SGT Jill Roguska and Ken (AMA member), at ‘Fun Fly” event.


Ft. Myers

Annette Trossbach & Kim Becker at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center along the River District.

Ft. Myers

Chelly Joseph (Merrill Lynch) and Ginny Cooper (Cooper Group) supporting “Love That Dress” at John Marazzi.

Punta Gorda

No Dowt, (left to right) Cheri Carr, Craig holder, Bobby Ricci, Bobby Richmond at AQUASOL.


Teresa Balin and Shauna Kelly at the “Trashion-ista” Fashion Show Bruncheon at the Bravo Restaurant.

Sarasota – Punta Gorda


FOCUS of SWFL 2010 21

(left to right) Richard Lesniewski, Marge Nehlsen, John Ryder (Officer of the day), Maurleen Buttery (Secretary - VMCCA), Arlene Lesniewski, Dorothy Doman and Paul Saisselin are all members of the Veteran Car Club of America, Southwest Florida Chapter. The Largest and most active antique car club in the region with over 600 cars.

Punta Gorda


Fire Fighters and Police officers for Pink Heals “Cares Enough to Wear Pink” at St. Armands Circle.


Krystine, Angel, Anneli and Nikki from MarkAngel Salon & Spa at “An Afternoon of Health & Beauty”.

Punta Gorda

Tire Kingdom grand opening with Paul Richards, (Team owner) next to the Tire Kingdom nitro funny car


Liz & James Young from Artistry at Serendipity “For The Cure” in support of Susan B. Komen Foundaton

October is not only representative of pumpkins and harvesting; but it’s also the month of something altogether important to millions of people across the country: breast cancer awareness. Chances are that you may already know someone who has had to battle this ravaging illness. In the midst of hopelessness one learns; that living takes determination,


stamina and a whole lot of encouragement from those who dare to forge forward in the pursuit of healing, along with you. The vision toward achieving healing from breast cancer started back in 1982; and it has now grown into an international campaign. This campaign’s goals are to raise awareness, funds, and support; with the ultimate outlook being of one day having a world free of this disease. Shopping this October may have found you amongst the Fall decorations and holiday trimmings; though did you notice that there were lots of pink themed items and that the symbol for breast cancer awareness: the pink ribbon was also readily available right besides all other harvest products?


(left to right) Ann

Stegner, Carol Silvwright, Paul Wharen, Sharon Szepi, (kneeling) Monica Young (Education Chair) and Miriam Ross (Executive Director) For Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation SWFL.

Sharo n Seren Petrik and T dipity erry P arsons “For T he Cu for re”.

nd stigators a reast Inve Society. ng for B n Cancer Angela Lo r America mpton fo JoAnne Ha

Being the global leader and activists investing over $1 billion dollars since 1982; Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure®, along with sponsors and supporters has become the largest nonprofit fight against breast cancer. One can say that they definitely know how to raise the funds! The awareness for the breast cancer race started September 30th and ran through the month of October. It continued with fashion shows, fantastic luncheons, Spa treatments, dinners, Arts and crafts; to name a few of their choice methods of fundraising, toward their cancer free cause.

Throughout Southwest Florida during the month of October women, men, families and local businesses joined together for one great cause. They all supported the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® to help find a cure for breast cancer.
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Pink Heals –“Cares Enough to Wear Pink” started off with their annual road trip across Southwest Florida. Terry, Sharon and Brook from Serendipity in Sarasota, along with other Salons, Spas, advisers, Doctors and other healing and health advocates started off with an afternoon of Beauty and Health. They provided manicures, massages, facials for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure®. Serendipity “For The Cure” continued through the month with “Tennis For The Ta-Tas”, “Beers for Boobs” and more!

Tessa Ju all for S tella & D Brooks Carson ot, for Sere Julia Ho ndipity ppe for and L Boutiq ue & Sp a.

h na S Tatya alon. S Shoe

Geor for T bim arou



Lynn Bodner fo r Artistic Work & Marilyn Snodell for Mos aics by Marilyn.

be more pro-active, in regard to caring for their family and their finances. In all, awareness and early detection are key. The advances in medical technology makes breast cancer easier to detect within earlier stages. Effective interventions toward healing and recovery are now a fact of life. There is a higher success rate than ever before. This many people in action with a heart of compassion, leaves one with a sense of awe, intermingled with much hope toward the present future. Indeed, there is much to be thankful for...
By Pilar Corona
FOCUS of SWFL 2010 23

There was something for everyone. What a joy to see everyone reaching out to change a world around them. People like Susan Long and JoAnne Hampton (a survivor and volunteer), Miriam Ross, Monica Young, other numerous volunteers, sponsors, and supporters; worked endless hours. They focused on educating young and older people alike by encouraging them to take better care of themselves; as well as motivated their audience to

Collaboration took place as many helped others prepare their RC for flight. Most importantly all the members got involved, including the children. These youngsters are great pilots! Flight instruction is most definitely a strong characteristic of CSMS. I even learned a few things myself. What a privilege it was to meet a few of the younger pilots like Josh, who fly’s an electric 58” trainer and has been flying for over a year. Joseph Almeida and father Dominick fly a T-28. Carl and his Banchee and all the other young pilots and their families were just as remarkable!

Carlton with Extra 260

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October has a way of bringing on the fun, for the Charlotte Sport Modelers’ Society ( and the Charlotte County Sheriff’s department: fabulous fun is just what they got! They held a “Fun Fly” event for all interested parties, at the CSMS field; which is located off Kings Highway in Charlotte County. A gathering of people attended to show their support and enthusiasm for flight and all pilots. This was no formal competition, though there were a few stages throughout the day in which pilots were to fly their different aircrafts in full view of their spectators. The Fun Fly was not just an aircraft showcase, but it was also a tutorial for all friends, families, and interested individuals. It was a perfect day for instruction and insights; all information truly uncovering tidbits of extra knowledge. One did not just learn about the RC-aircraft, but also partook of the banquet of food and laughs. A good time sums the Fun Fly event up.


Jake with Sopwith Pub B1 Wing an

Most of the aircrafts run on electric motors, though it is split down the middle between electric and gas powered. Speaking with the President of the Charter Dennis Kirk, CSMS encourage’s young adults to learn about aviation and get involved in flying. One of their youngest pilots is only 6 years old! It is not an expensive sport, with RC craft starting as low as $200 dollars for a electric ducted fan aircraft (more advanced) to a complete ready to go T-28 at under $300 dollars. Brian and Mike Hague (941)625-5524, owners of a hoppy shop in Port Charlotte are a great resource for anyone interested in the hobby

Carl and his Banchee

Mark & Annette
Wilf Tobin with AT6

nd Brian Hague with Fokker DR1
Robert and Nicole with Pulse XT 60


By Dan Myricks

and can help with finding a flying field near where you may live. As you learn, you have the capacity to grow and involve yourself with different aircrafts such as helicopters, gliders and larger RC’s. The RC’s can be as large as 35% the size of the full size aircraft, while still others are a lot larger. Robert and Nicole had several aircrafts. One of their aircrafts was a gas powered Pulse XT-60. Carlton Davis was flying his Extra 260 with a DA100 twin cycle motor, and Wilf Tobin had his AT6 Texan. Josh and Thersea
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The event was spear headed by Mark Hilliard and Annette Calo, who went the extra mile and dressed up in their spooky costumes. Their goal was obviously to make sure that everyone had a good time! As Mark directed aircrafts on the runway, Annette worked the crown into a “Fun Fly” scare. Barry Wilhite the announcer, kept spectators and pilots informed of what was happening minute by minute. All flight procedures were covered, including the “full size” Sheriff helicopter as it taxied and took off down the runway. It was piloted by Roger Jernigan and co-pilot Sgt Jill Roguska. Amazing, is all I could say. Spending the day at the “Fun Fly” was most definitely educational and enjoyable!

Food& Family

Honey Glazed Walnut Gorgonzola Salad
½ cup walnut halves ¼ cup honey or sugar 4 cups mixed spring greens 1 cup spinach ½ cup dried cranberries 4 steamed asparagus cut in halves ½ cup fresh raspberry 1/2 cup crumbled Gorgonzola cheese 4 tablespoon raspberry vinaigrette 1 teaspoon olive oil DIRECTIONS: 1. Place walnuts and honey/sugar in a skillet over medium heat, stirring constantly until the walnuts are coated with honey and no longer sticky; or sugar dissolves into a light brown liquid and coats the walnuts. Remove walnuts from skillet, and spread them out on a sheet of aluminum foil to cool. 2. Wash, drain and place the spring greens and spinach in a large salad bowl. Add cranberries, vinaigrette, raspberries and olive oil. Toss gently. Dish out into 4 salad plate, add honey glazed walnuts, asparagus and cheese. Fresh ground black pepper(optional) Tips Serve with warm garlic bread

f you are in the business of getting the family together, simply say what will be on the menu. Whenever there is family there has got to be food. Food warms the heart and invites a great atmosphere. So here are some great recipes that are sure to bring the family around the table for the holidays. A menu that is sure to keep the memories for years to come is a few entrées that is delicious and has quality presentation, side dishes that are appealing to the eyes, a spectacular dessert and a special drink. So why not try something new, artistic and fun? Even if your culinary arts are limited, you still are able to bring a wow effect even in doing a special side dish that will leave everyone talking about how great a cook you are. So go ahead try something on our menu for the holidays. Bona appetite.


By A. Charles

INGREDIENTS: 3 eggs ¾ cup milk 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking soda ¾ cup vegetable oil 1 ¼ cups white sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 2 ½ cups shredded carrots ¼ cup raisins ½ cup flaked coconut ¾ cup chopped walnuts ½ cup crushed pineapple with juice 1/8 teaspoon salt DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour 8-10 4 or 6 inch ramekins. 2. In a medium bowl, sift together flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon. Set aside. 3. Combine eggs, milk, oil, sugar and vanilla in a large bowl. Mix well. Add flour mixture and mix well. 4. Using a large wooden spoon, add carrot, coconut, raisins, walnut and pineapple to batter. Fold in well. 5. Place ramekins on a sheet pan, spoon in mixture into ramekins, bake at 350 degrees 45 hour. Check with toothpick. 6. Allow to cool for at least 20 minutes before serving. Cream Cheese Frosting 1 8oz package cream cheese, softened 2 tbsp unsalted butter, softened 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/8 teaspoon salt(optional) 2 cups confectioners’ sugar Directions Combine all ingredients in a large bowl except the confectioners’ sugar. Mix until smooth. Gradually beat in sugar. Refrigerate until ready for use.

Carrot Cake

4 6-8 ozs drinking glass 1 bottle Sparkling Apple juice ½ cup fresh Raspberries 1 lime thinly sliced Crush fresh mint leave Add crush ice into glass Pour 4 oz of sparkling apple juice into each glass Add fresh raspberries and I piece of lime to each glass Garnish with fresh mint leaf

Drink- Kids favorite

Tips Top individuals carrots cake with a tablespoon of frosting. Drizzle with warm Carmel sauce and dust with confectioners’ sugar.

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Spicy Crab Cakes
1lb of canned crab 2 tbsp of diced red and yellow pepper 1 egg 1/2 tsp ground black pepper 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper 1 tbsp of chopped parsley 1/4 tsp chopped garlic 2 tsp of coarse mustard 5 tbsp of mayonnaise 1 tsp of Old Bay seasoning 1 cup Pando Directions 2 tbsp Olive Oil 1. In a medium bowl combine all ingredients except the crabmeat and panko. 2. Mix well and set aside. 3. Open and drain excess water from canned Crabmeat, add to mixture. 4. Add cup of panko. Fold in well 5. Add remaining panko on a cookie sheet, form mixture into loose patties and place on cookie sheet. 6. Coat crab patties with the panko. 7. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. 8. Gentle place crab cakes in skillet and cook for about 4 minutes. Turn and cook for 4 minutes longer, until cooked through.. Squeeze fresh lemon or lime and serve. 9. Serve with a remoulade sauce or tartar sauce. Serves 4

Stuff Lobster
4 (four) 1 or 2lbs Lobsters Salt to taste


or the holiday décor, design by your inspiration. You may choose from a variety of ideas; candles, orbs, gold or silver ribbons, red and green confetti to mistletoe center pieces. The choice is yours but make it the special dinner that you visualize and everything will be picture perfect. Play around with the décor and the fun will lead your imagination.


You will need a large pot with a lid. 1. Pour enough water in the pot to cover the lobster completely. 2. Add 2 tbsp sea salt for every 2 liters (4 pints) of water. 3. Bring the water to a fierce boil. 4. Grasp the live lobster behind the claws and drop it in headfirst into the boiling water. 5. Cover the pot. Once the water has started to boil again, start timing. 6. Boil the lobster for 10 minutes for the first lb of weight and then 3 more minutes for each extra pound. (2 lb lobster will be done in 13 minutes.) 7. Remove and place in ice bath to halt cooking. 8. Bring one lobster to the board and using your chef’s knife, cut the lobster straight down the center, from head to tail. Remove tomalley and discard. Remove legs and claws. Using a rolling pin, roll over legs to extract the meat. Roughly chop the meat. Set aside.

• • • • • • • • • •

1 tbsp chopped parsley ¼ tsp finely chopped rosemary 1 tsp finely chopped thyme 4 tbsp of butter 1/2 onion, diced ½ tsp lemon zest 2 tablespoons sliced scallions 1 ½ crumbled buttery crackers Salt and pepper to taste 2 tsp olive oil

2007 DuMol “Isobel” Russian River Chardonnay($65.00+) 2008 Varner “Amphitheater Block” Santa Cruz Mountain Chardonnay($38.00+) 2008 Alta Maria Vineyards Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay($22.00+) 2009 Kalinda Santa Barbara Chardonnay($18.00+)


Preheat broiler on low. Melt butter in a large sauté pan over medium heat. Add the onions and stir. Add remaining ingredients. Once onions are translucent add chopped lobster meat. Then add the crackers and toss, Remove from heat; let it sit until all the liquid has been absorbed. Spoon filling into the open lobster shell. Brush tail meat with olive oil and place on a sheet pan the claws. Broil 5 to 8 minutes or until the stuffing and tail lightly browns. Serve immediately.


Lobster can also be served with melted butter. You can get fancy and whisk in a little lemon juice in your butter.

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Farmers Market

Punta Gorda

By Dan Myricks

Take a relaxing seat in the garden and watch one of the local artists like Charlies Peck and Mary Taglieri painting. Enjoy the music and humor from Lou Canoe’s Blues. Take a walk and look at Hernandez Farm Produce or the many other vendors covering products from Homemade Pasta, Jewelry, fruit trees, Asian Produce, French artisans, Beef Country steaks, sausage, clothes, Cupcakes, Imported Cheese and authentic French baguette. Punta Gorda has long been a central location for events, food and entertainment in Charlotte County. During the months from May through April, every Saturday morning the Punta Gorda Farmers’ Market is open for business with fresh fruits and vegetables; a flavorful and colorful variety of produce and freshly baked breads and pastries, flowers, gourmet appetizers and much, much more! Just the thought makes many mouths water for the fullness found therein. Think you are done? Check out the beautiful home decor for your residence from such vendors like Mickey and Mike of M & M Creations; how about some jewelry and summer clothing? With so much to see and sample, this Farmers’ Market is sure to give you all the tastes and freshness for your kitchen, as well as lend you a delightful shopping experience that is unique. Schedule : May thru September - 8am until Noon October thru April - 8am until 1pm Ph: 941.391.4856 www.

Punta Gorda Farmers Market has been named the 15th best small market in the U.S. and recently won a contest becoming #1 in the State of Florida. This should come as no surprise as all of the venders and patrons are so friendly that they add to the enjoyable shopping experience. You cannot help but say, Jerry Presseller - Market Manager “good morning” to Jerry Presseller, who is the Market Manager for the Farmers Market.

Steamed Fresh Asparagus
16-18 spears fresh asparagus 3 tbsp. butter (optional) Salt to taste (optional)

Family After Dinner Coffee/Drinks
6 oz Coffee 2-3 oz Bailey’s Irish cream Creamer and Sugar to taste Topped with Whipped cream Dash of cinnamon Drizzle with chocolate syrup Served (hot or cold)


Ruby Red Roasted Potatoes

(continued from page 27...)

1.12 to 16 small new red potatoes 2. 2 tbsp olive oil 3. Salt and pepper to taste Heat oven to 400 degrees Scrub potatoes thoroughly with a vegetable brush. Wash and pat dry Place the potatoes in a large square pan. Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Turn potatoes so all sides are coated. Roast uncovered for about 1 hour, stirring occasionally or until potatoes are tender when pierced with a fork.


Cut off tough ends of asparagus. Rinse under cold water. In a large skillet place just enough water to cover the asparagus. When it comes to a boil (add salt) add the asparagus and cook 2-5 minutes, depending on the size of the asparagus, or until tender. Do not overcook. As soon as it turns bright green, it’s ready. Drain well. Transfer asparagus to a serving platter. Dress with butter and serve. Serves 4.


Serve hot.

Asparagus can be served with a creamy sauce as well. Place asparagus in ice bath to halt cooking and maintain color until you are ready to serve. Reheat in hot water.

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Center for Girls

By Chay D. Baxley

On Wednesday, September 22, 2010; the PACE Center for Girls held a thank you party for supporters of their recent fundraiser, “Love That Dress!”. The celebrations took place at John Marazzi’s Audi Jaguar Land Rover dealership in Fort Myers off Tamiami Trail. The party was by invitation only, and the turnout was fabulous. The guest list included some of the most prestigious business men and women in the community, local donors, and friends. The guests were doated on in appreciation of their philanthropy by attendants serving an assortment of hors d’oeuvres and wine. Entertainment included a photomontage and video clips of the “Love That Dress!” event.

“Save That Dress!”

Next Year’s “Love That Dress!” will take place August 31, 2011.

Tha nk Y ou . . .
Living with Art

Melissa Simontis Director of Development

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Likewise, when placing your pottery and smaller sculptural pieces in a display space; whether it be in a glass showcase, or on a table top, or in a series of art pedestals. You want to make sure that the placement of each piece doesn’t crowd, overshadow or distract from the other pieces. If your art collection happens to be unique, or otherwise notable; it would be suggested that you have it appraised by a licensed appraiser, photographed and documented, to support its value. This is vital in obtaining the right amount of insurance to protect your investment. Most local art gallery and frame-shop owners in Southwest Florida offer free consultation services for selection and placement of artwork in your home or office. They can be a great source of information when decorating your home with art. Whether you’re a serious art collector or someone who just enjoys art for fun, living with art in your home, truly adds to the art of living.
For more information or comments about living with art, please contact:
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By Kayla Dacosta

etunias of Naples clothing store, located in Downtown Naples, right in the heart of 5th Ave., hosted an all day breakout wholesale event. Loyal and friendly customers piled in all corners of the store, hoping to get their little slice of creativity; before the store restocked with a whole new fall look! Claudette Willis, owner of Petunias of Naples, has been providing products, services, and programs to individuals, non-profit organizations and corporations in the Southwest Florida area for over fifteen years. Petunias of Naples is a very out-of-theordinary boutique that hosts artistic fashion and accessories. Rami and Kattan produce clothing with inspiration from European fashion and lavish French fabrics. After speaking with Rami Kattan, “the uncle of the designer,” Elana Kattan explained her complete line of clothing showcased at Petunias of Naples is made in the United States of America. It’s nice to know that there are stores hosting American made goods. Customers, who are great friends and loyal shoppers, explain that the best part of shopping at Petunias of Naples is the genuine concern and care they receive from Claudette and associates. Customer service is at the top of the priority list at this location, as one can assess from this client’s remarks:


“Claudette is an amazing business woman. She has the rare talent of being able to pick up on individual style. She will tell me if she thinks that something will or will not work. Making a sale is not her first priority, rather building valuable relationships is.” [Jackie Mears]

In addition to today’s event, Petunia’s of Naples will be hosting another show on Black Friday! Fashion fun and expertise in looking your best may find you visiting this little nugget. Seeing into the future; Petunia’s of Naples also hosts Psychic Saturdays. Though keep in mind that it’s all about keeping Southwest Florida looking great!
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of Opportunity


2301 First Street In Historic Downtown Fort Myers

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Experience the...
by Pilar Corona

Put down the iPhones and Blackberries and stop by “The Alliance for the Art’s weekly GreenMarket” for a delightful seasonal surprise. Take a walk through the exotic colors and flavors of the GreenMarket and pick your deliciously healthy produce. Isn’t it time you too partook of the latest in edible trends? You are indeed what you eat: not just what you do; nor are you made up of the fashion accessories and latest technological gadgets you carry. Ask anyone of the vendors about the fruits, vegetables and produce; and you can plan your week’s meals based on your tasty palette. Should

you be a miss as to what to do, simply ask the experts as they’ll be sure to offer their wise advice. Frozen dinners and fast food meals will be an item of the past, as you embark on this new venture. Though be warned, it’s quite delish! You never know what amazing things you might find at the Alliance for the Art’s weekly GreenMarket located at 10091 McGregor Blvd in Fort Myers. It is open from 9am until 1pm every Saturday morning. You’ll have plenty of time to take your newly acquired fun foods home and make a flavorful meal that exhilarates your taste buds. Should you need a change from your daily routine, this may be the place you need! You will see everything from fresh cut flowers, pottery, art, decorative gifts and household items. You can also buy directly from the people who

grow, raise and farm a huge variety of organically grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You’ll be one step closer to a greener healthier life! What not let it be you? No worries, if you have children. This is a child friendly location and they always have activities provided specifically for the kids. Take a seat, relax and enjoy an organic meal; while you listen to the local entertainment, explore the current exhibit by diverse artist’s and receive information about upcoming cultural events. Chances are is that we’ll see you there!

he Music industry new breath of fresh air is only 17 years old, born in Portland Oregon and currently living in Petersburg, VA. Her story, her life and her struggles are parallel to her debut album “The Way I See It”. Contrast to her image of what people see, she’s embraced her life difficulties and turned them into a lesson of growth through her music and songwriting. Miko began singing and writing at the early age of 10. Not being the typical youth, she was different and unique among her peers. She’s the middle child of six siblings. Her mother realized early on that Miko had been blessed with special gifts. Learning to play the guitar only enhanced her talent and songwriting skills, which created and developed her unique sound. With her determination and dedication to music, the release of her new Album, “The Way I See It” with Artistry Choice Entertainment Inc. Miko has arrived.


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by Darryl Jones



By Dan Myricks

impression of an exotic “floating” roof. A panoramic glass roof, standard on all XJ models, enhances the sense of light and space inside the all-new XJ. Inside the XJ, the clean, bold architectural wood sweeps forward from the rear doors through the front doors, meeting at center of the upper dashboard. Luxurious leather adorns all of the main interior surfaces, including the seats, the instrument panel, door tops, center console and armrests. An analog clock inspired by luxury wristwatches is located in the center of the lower dashboard. Also a 12.3-inch high-definition screen displays “virtual gauges” to provide the functions of traditional instrument dials. When required, the tachometer fades to temporarily display a required warning message or menu -- for example, if fuel is running low, or to operate the Interactive Voice control. With Jaguar celabarating it’s 75 Anniversary. The XJ’s driving character has changed to show how much more improved Jaguar has come with bringing the XJ beyond the 20th century.


aguar has introduced an all-new XJ for 2011, which is very much a driver’s car, agile and spirited, but without compromise. Models range from the XJ with a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8; the XJ Supercharged with a 470-hp supercharged version of the engine, and the limited-production XJ Supersport powered by a 510-hp supercharged version. An XJ Supersport can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds yet delievering ride comfort, an optimal balance of body control and ride quality. The nose of the XJ follows Jaguar’s new design language, with a powerful mesh grille and slim standard xenon headlights creating a strong road presence. The wrap-around rear window gives the

Homestead Motor Speedway - Miami, FL December 6th - 10th

EVENT: XJ City Takeover

Specialists in luxury real estate financing from $1 Million up to $20 Million
     SUPER JUMBO up to 80% LTV/up to 89.9% CLTV pc. Stated Income Alt. programs Primary, 2nd Homes, Invest. Prop. High Net Worth – special lending programs NO DOC up to 50% LTV/60% CLTV Foreign National loans up to 70% LTV/ 75% CLTV

Commercial and Asset Loans (many programs nationwide)

 Const./ Const. Completion 90% LTV to $250 Million 4.875%  Professional Office Buildings & Warehouse 80% LTV 4.75%  Stock Loans, Jet Aircraft & Yacht Loans, Gems, Art, etc.

We also offer 95% No PMI Conv., FHA, VA Jumbo and many other lending programs

Steve McRory
Prior Service U.S. Marines


NMLS# 204296

Email: Website:
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Over 70 of the most harmonious legs in the entire world will soon be on their way to SW Florida. The Radio City Rockettes are scheduled to perform The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, presented by Chase, at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers, November 11-28. The public should be pleased to know that although most of us won’t make it to the Big Apple this year for the holidays, we’ll be able enjoy all the splendor that The Radio City Rockettes have to offer right here in sunny Fort Myers, Florida . The consistency of The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is part of what makes it such an alluring American tradition. Stand assured that every teddy bear will dance the same dance, that the Rockettes will still wow you with their jaw-droopingly high kicks, and that the reindeer will always fly. “We are really looking forward to our premiere engagement in Fort Myers this holiday season,” said Don Simpson, EVP Productions, MSG Entertainment. “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is a beloved holiday tradition for millions of families across the country. We realize that not everyone can come to New York for Christmas, so we’re thrilled to bring Christmas to you Fort Myers.” world’s most famous precision dance troupe, The Rockettes have been one of the most illustrious forces in the entertainment business, with a history rich in skill and dedication to their craft. In 2009 the Radio City Christmas Spectacular entertained over 2 million people. Due to popular demand, in 1994 the productions schedule was broadened to include markets outside of New York. Since then the show has reached over 69 million people. In 2010, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular will travel to 21 cities. By Chay D. Baxley

In addition to the traditional favorites, The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is revitalizing its stage with some very impressive new dances, “The 12 Days of Christmas,” a sizzling Rockette tap number, and “Christmas in New York,” a high-kicking Rockette number direct from the stage of New York City are sure to impress the crowds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Radio City Christmas Spectacular it’s truly what the title implies – spectacular. With an enormous 100 person cast and over 75 years of theatrical experience in the making, the talent, expertise, and dedication of the ladies and gentlemen in this production are unparalleled. All generations will appreciate this performance. Both the young and the young of heart are sure to be filled with the joy of ChristmasTicket Informationng for themselves this All-American classic. The Radio City Rockettes have been kicking their way into the hearts and souls of Americans since 1925 when they made their debut in St. Louis as the “Missouri Rockets”. Undisputedly declared the

Ticket Information
• The Radio City Christmas Spectacular will perform at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, November 11-28 for 38 total performances. Tickets for the 2010 edition of The Christmas Spectacular starring the Radio City Rockettes are now on sale at the box office from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. and beginning at 10 a.m. at the box office by calling (239) 481-4849 or online at Prices range from $39 to $82. Groups of twenty or more, call Lois Soscia at (239) 4893033, x 3122. Season Tickets range from $136 to $398.

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Grand Opening

by Dan Myricks considered a family affair, as their two sons are also professional drivers.

Dan, Samantha and Bill, the managers at Tire Kingdom; and their crew are also passionate about cars. Who better to service your vehicle, than a total crew that enjoys what they do! Tire Kingdom has been around for a lot of years. They combine an old-time feel for customer service, with the latest in products and vehicle knowledge. The new location was designed to serve from basic vehicle maintenance, to car enthusiasts thoughout the area. Speaking with Samantha showed me just how much experience and insight their entire staff had regarding automobiles. VMCCA Members came out showing a very nice variety of restored antique cars during the Grand Opening. John Ryder, Officer of the Day for the Veteran Motor Car Club of America; answered questions and organized activities, during this pleasurable event. Tire Kingdom extends a greeting: that you and your families have a safe and happy holiday season!

Everyone in the community was invited to another perfect day in Southwest Florida, as Tire Kingdom Celebrated their Grand Opening in Punta Gorda. Guests were able to check out cars, have hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks and chat with good friends. Tire Kingdom, located at 2500 Tamiami Trail, is now serving Punta Gorda and it’s neighboring communities. Should your fondness be cars, the two NHRA race cars that exceed 300 miles an hour, were sure to tantalize your interest. Who do these acceleration commodities belong to? One is the Tire Kingdom’s nitro funny car. This nitro is driven by Dave Richards and team owner Paul Richards. The other is Norton Racing’s, which is part of the NHRA Summit Racing Series owned and driven by Jerry Norton, a three time track champion. To get a glimpse of Jerry attend any racing track throughout Southwest Florida. Jerry Norton is also the General Manager for Tire Kingdom Stores along the Southwest Florida coast. Jerry and his wife Teresa share their love of cars. Racing undoubtedly is

210 Maud Street Punta Gorda, Florida 941.639.8810

Faces & Figures
(human - form only)

December 6 - December 29 Reception: Thursday, Dec. 9, 7-8:30pm

Harvest of Art

Four Artist

November 1 - December 2 The 22nd year for the Prestigious annual juried exhibit Reception: Thursday, Nov. 4, 7-8:30pm

December 3 - January 3, 2011 Artist: Joy Carol, Duane Irman, Joyce Dickson and Kate Howe

Big Italian Wedding Reception
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22nd Annual Photo Arts Expo
January 3 - January 28 Reception: Friday, Jan. 7, TBA

November 13, 7-10:30pm ($50 ticket required) Great Italian food, drink, music, dancing and entertainment

Short Do’s
You don’t need to be a hair stylist to know what cuts and colors are in style. To say the least it is bold, sharp and edgy. Today women and men alike are going bold in their hair do’s. To define some of the new do’s you would want to use words such as creative, colorful and artsy. Some of the styles that have been most common around town are the fro hawks and mo hawks. The colors on these do’s may be shades of reds, purples, blues, pinks or even a little bit of everything. Do not judge a person by their hair do. Hair do’s in the past have been defined by a person’s ethnicity, age and intelligence. But not today; hairdo’s may be defined by a new attitude: an 18th birthday, a divorce that has been finalized; perhaps the children have left the nest or just plain tired of seeing the old you. Hair, whatever the length, color or shape, there is definitely a story behind it.

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AQUASOL 2010, benefiting Susan G. Komen and her quest for the cure of cancer, held poolside on the roof of the Wyvern Hotel in Punta Gorda, Florida, started at noon on Saturday, October 23. The event, filled with water, sun, and tons of fun, made a great impression. The turnout was great, and the party went on all day and well into the night.


By: Daniel De Brun

The Crashers, Tequila Tom, Kim Jenkins, and Radio Rage. DJ Ekko and DJ Manny C also contributed their musical talent for the cause.

Guitarist for No Dowt, Bobby Ricci, was in preparation for his evening’s performance when he explained, “This is actually our first show as a “No Doubt” tribute band. We’ve been practicing at Deans by adding No Doubt songs into our top forty set, and it has been going over very well.” Cheri Carr, who is “Gwen” for No Dowt adds, “This benefit is wonderful and I love the cause, I’ve known Jamie [Ogden] since junior high school and we have stayed friends ever since. I’m proud to be part of this.” Mingling in the crowd of attendees, Dennis Clune, the drummer from Radio Rage speaks loudly over the music of No Dowt, “Tonight is great! I loved coming out here in support of breast cancer awareness! I’m having so much fun!” Be sure to mark your calendar for next year’s AQUASOL event. You do not want to miss it.

Jamie Ogden, from Rogue Entertainment, speaks on the events behalf. “Today is National Make a Difference Day, and it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month; so, naturally we wanted to make a difference by being unique and targeting a diverse crowd. We have five live bands playing this year and also two DJ’s to keep the music playing for the pool party, so everyone is having fun.” There were also a few mermaids hanging around the poolside. Jamie includes, “The mermaids are here to promote the “water and sun” theme for the event. No Dowt, a No Doubt tribute band, are all in costume and looking amazing, and DJ Ekko will close the night down. This will be an annual event; it’s a perfect way to show people a wonderful time and still make a difference while donating.” The bands who donated their time and talent were No Dowt,
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Angelo Vieira and Jamie Ogden (Rogue Entertainment)

A leader in the minimal footwear industry, ZEMgear creates Performance Protection for Bare Feet. We deliver minimal footwear with maximum protection to men, women and children. ZEMs allow your feet to do what they were designed to do best in their natural, barefoot state: While wearing ZEMs you can spread, ex and articulate all parts of your foot – getting everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our 4-way stretch Lycra uppers and soft molded rubber bottoms allow the foot to move with complete freedom. Six unique high-frequency tech bands are welded across the top of the foot to keep the ZEMs securely in place around the foot.
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