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series, it is worthwhile to compare th e features of the PIC18F series with those of the PIC16F. The architectures of most of the other microcontrollers in the PIC18F series wit h those of the PIC18F series. The architecture of the two groups are almost identical except that the larger d evices have more input-output ports and more A/D converter channels. in detail multiple fuctions occupy preferably beyond +) A technical essay is one of the most general styles of scientific writing, re quiring the writer to convey and explain facts about a subject in a clear cut, concise manner. +) comprehensive convey +) to be in favour of something: ung ho cai gi +) In the course of this essay I will look at the relative advantages and disava ntages of ech technology and conclude with a look at the future prospects for each. +) population +)However, with increased concern over environmental problems caused by the by-p roducts of the internal combustion engines, the dwilndling supplies of petroleum and the so aring automobile population, we may become forced to look for alternative power emissions, could be a solution. +) Alternative energy vehicles have been around for a long time. +)make sure that +) You need to come up with a good thesis for your essay which contains the main point or points that you want to say and to prove in your essay. +) Stand on +) narrow down +) worthless(adj) + This essay will examine the causes of traffic congestion in Abu Dhabi and look at some of the effects. +) discuss, analyze, examine, describe, outline,look at , explore, investigate. +) Delays in reaching your destination can mean lateness and reduced productivi ty at work, and more time in the car means lateness and recuded productivity at work, and more time in the car means more pollution for the enviroment to end ure. /******************************************************************************* ************************ Write an essay expressing your point of view: Traffic congestion in major cities is an increasing problem, yet there is an env ironmental impact to be considered when building new roads. What can be done about this problem? You should write at least 250 words.

/******************************************************************************* ******************************************************* For a long time, traffic congestion is a serious problem in almost of big cities in the world. The affect of traffic congestion consist of environmental polution due to unnecessary emission of greehouse gases in to atmosphere and was ted time and gases. The solution of this problem +) It is desirable that the LEDs only light when both a question and an answer b it are touched.