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es POLICE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT COUNTY OF MONROE | COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA vs. Magisterlal District Number: 43-2-01 DEFENDANT: (ame and ADDRESS) MD) Hon. KRISTINA ANZINE JOHN ROBERT CAFFESE agaress; 823-A ANN ST. ro STROUDSBURG, PA 18360 | 1595 SPRUCE ST STROUDSBURG, PA 18360 Teleghone: $70-420-3492 Di Fam Fa Tae 2 rom Ue S- eany rena extaanan Deerm, E]D- Mademeaner Ne Erraioon 3 Feony Surounding States © A Msdemeanor Ful 1D E- sereaner pening Bie peony No tst Die. Macemeanr uted EF misereanor Pending tration Stern. TNDANT IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION See TET peep *ASthineseaa nore? SnD SERRE MORO aaa TESST ty 2 2a TE Bais -C oz20728M0338 | ves NO oa ‘008 07/18/ i9g6) | P08 ~NEW YORK | Aac'l. 008 Co-Defendants? 1 Wale | aa aaa a 1 DFemaie | Ax Ae

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