1. Find out all companies where 2004 March sales is more than 500 crore and PAT (profit after tax) is more than 5 crores and sort the companies descending based on their sales 2 Select all Drug and Pharmacy companies from Prowess and find out what portion of their turnover they are spending on R&D( Both on Capital and Current R&D ) 3.Using prowess software find out all companies which were incorporated between 1980 ±85, 1986-90 (before LPG), 1991-95 and 1996-2000 (after LPG) and analyze which industry is gaining greater attention from entrepreneurs during each of these periods. 4. Find out the number of steel companies where the debt²equity ratio is less than 1 and between 1and 2 and analyze the impact of this ratio on their profitability/ margins. 5. Select all readymade garment companies whose raw material expenses are more than 10 crores 6. Find out all software companies where dividend payout ratio is more than 10 per cent in the year March 2004 7 select all metals and metal products companies and find out which are companies paying more than 8% dividend each year for the last 3 years (2003,2004 & 2005) 8. Select some 3 top companies from any industry and find out their 15--year Dividend payout ratio, ROCE, sales and Profit and analyse if there is any relation between these indicators. 9 select all paints and varnish companies and find out how many companies have ROCE more than 12 % continuously for the last 5 years 10 Find out how many sugar companies¶ working capital is more than 10 crores 11 select all transport equipment companies and find out top 10 companies in the following categories Average days of Debtors

Average days of Creditors Working capital cycle

12 Select your favorite company and find out top 3 business segments or products, which are contributing to their turnover 13 select one particular product and find out all companies manufacturing that product. Also find out their sales and profit (eg. Fans and Allied Products, Vegetable oils etc.) 14 select one business group from top 50 business houses in India and find out whether that group is concentrating on any particular industry or has diversified businesses. 15. Select top 10 Footwear manufacturing companies (based on their turnover) and run the query for their cost analysis statement. 16 select BSE sensex companies and sort them according to their number of outstanding shares 17 How many CNX NIFTY Junior companies¶ Beta is more than 0.75 and less than 1.25 18 Find all companies from B2 Group (BSE Listing) where the face value of share is Rs 5 or less than that, and for those companies find out the latest closing price 19. Find out all Edible oil Manufacturing companies and find out their Production Capacity, Production and sales quantity for 2004²05. 20. Select all ³Corporate Dispute´ related newspaper clipping for last 6 months 21 Select Commercial Vehicles, Two & three wheelers and Passenger Car industry and find out the growth rate of sales, PAT and assets for last 5 years

22. Select your favorite company and compare it with top 5 companies in that industry on the parameters of total industries sales, p/e, current ratio and debt equity ratio

23.Select your favorite FMCG Company and study their product portfolio and try to understand the horizontal and vertical product mix and also calculate the top 2 products contribution to their turnover in term of percentage 24. using prowess database make a comparative analysis of geographical classification of companies based on the natural resources availability, infrastructure and other factors like naxalite problem, power availability, and concern about natural calamities 25. Find out the common companies which are in both BSE and NSE NIFTY and take last 30 days share prices in both BSE and NSE exchange and find out was their any arbitrage opportunities 26. Select all companies from CMIE Technology index and find out the companies which have issued ADR, GDRs etc, capital issue date, security amount and number of securities and also study one particular company¶s asset and Liability structure 27. Select any three companies belonging to a particular sector and study their price movement in share market -- 15 days before and after the AGM 28. Select any three listed companies and see FII investment in that company for last 6 quarters and try to understand the factors, which affected their decision 29. From the list of BSE listed companies find out the number of companies which are clients of following management consultants and also find out the bankers name for those companies KPMG E&Y Delloitte PWC 30. Find out the electricity and energy consumed by the pulp and paper products companies for last 5 years and analyze the trend 31. Select all companies from S&P CNX NIFTY and find out the corresponding industry and see which industry has more weightage and analyse the reasons for the same

32. From the BSE MIDCAP Index select companies having yield more than 5 and 365²day returns more than 6 as on 31 march 2005 33. Out of all Information Technology companies find out all companies where foreign promoters share is more than 25% and also find out directors name 34. Find out all companies, which are merged and also find out the dates of BIFR Order for Merger, High court and RBI Approvals for Merger 35. Select all companies, which are using wheat and allied products as raw material and find out the products of the respective companies. Also find our state and business group to which they belong. Also see if these companies have any subsidiaries, if so, find them.

Centre For Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) 37. Ratio Analysis

1. What is difference between PAT (NNRT)/Sales to PAT/sales? 2. Why should we use PAT (NNRT/Sales) For comparison between companies and
Industries? 3. What is trend analysis and how can we analyse profitability ratio? 4. Give me analysis of liquidity ratio for ACC? 5. In profitability analysis why the margins of ACC has improved? 38. Industry

1. Industry analysis on executive summary of cement? 2. Compare between cement and steel? 3. Inter company comparison of cement industry? 4. ACC Vs peer group Vs cement industry? Do it your self? 5. How to save user defined set?
39. Shares &stocks 1.Closing price in vertical format of Baja auto, Wipro, Cipla, ACC? 2. Plot graph for X/Y/Z

3.explain the meaning of some of the graph i.e. RSI, MACD, CCI, envelop? 38.Advanced query

1. Calculate wages /salary>50%? 2. Tax<0 &why?

1. Select BSE B2 group companies and find out for how many days during the last
one-year, did each of these companies trade.

2. Select Central Government commercial undertakings and find out what is the
promoters¶ share in total equity?

3. Make a user template for the following financial indicators ± sales, PBDIT, PAT,
debt²equity ratio and current ratio.

4. Select a company and find out its segment²wise sales and PBIT.

5. Select a company. You need to find out its sales growth, PAT growth, current
ratio, net worth for the last ten years. Run this query in such a manner that the indicators are the column headers and the first column is the year.

6. Select a product and find out how many companies manufacture that product.

7. Select top 10 companies by turnover in Southern India and make a user set. Do
the same for the northern, western and eastern regions.

8. For the user sets made by you (question 7), find out the aggregate assets,
aggregate liabilities and current ratio for the set as a whole.

9. How will you find out the related news on the company that you have selected?

10. Select BSE-MidCap Index and find out what has been its daily return

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