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Those who were members of this comkittee were

At bout 11 on 18 September 2007, we performed the excommunication rite. At about 12:00, all the monks from all over the country gathered at the Kyaython Pagoda located at the eastern entrance of the Showdagon Pagoda.(this place is designated as a meeting poing.) At about 12:30pm,

nearly 6000 monks, people and students started marching along Bahan street No3, we passed tamwe Toundabout and Yazana Plaze towards Sule Pagoda. At 50;00p.m, we finished reciting prayers for compassion. At all these places, many people came to our monks, offering us with betal nut parcels, medicine and clean drinking water bottles. At bout 12:00 a.m on 19 September 2007, we marched from the foot of the Shwedagon Pagoda towards, Alanpya Road, Sule Pagoda< American Embassy, India Embassy and the vicinity of Theingyi market, reciting prayers for compassion. Then we marched back towards Sule Pagoda. On that day there were more than 100,00 monks and 70,000 students and people, marched and recited prayers for compassion. On that day at 4:00 pm, all monks, nuns , students and people. The occasion came to an end at 5.00 in the evening.

Those who were members of this comkittee were 1 . Ashin Kawwida ( Chairman ) 2 . Ashin Htarwara ( General Secretary ) 3. Ashin Naymida ( Information )

4. Ashin Sandimar ( Organisation [ Tecruitment, translator]) 5. Ashin Thanwara ( Literature ) 6. Ashin Eindaka (Finance) 7 . Ashin Zargara ( Disiplinary Activities ) 8 . Ashin Kaytharenda ( office in charge ) 9 . Ashin Tharthana ( Office in charge ) 10 . Ashin Yatha ( Office in Chiarg ) 11. Ashin Ottama ( Office in Chiarg ) 12 . Ashin Dhamanyarna ( Office in Chiarg ) 12 . Ashin Wizara ( ditto ) 13 . Ashin Lakhanar ( ditto ) 14 . Ashin Lakhanar ( ditoo) 15 . Ashin Htayrarwuntha ( ditoo ) The committee was successfully formed at Tangoon Sule Pagoda by these 15 representative monks were led by me ( U Htarwara ). When General Thihathura Myint Maung spoke to the Venerables from Maha Thanga Naryaka Council on 15 October, he lied that the monks from All Burma Monks Tepresentaive Committee were false monk and thai border and that they had contact with armed groups.

At about 12:00 p.m. on 20 September 2007, we started marching from the foot of the Shwedagon Pagoda, Bahan street No3 and Tamwe Toundabout to wards Kyaikkasan Pagoda in Thingangyun Township. On this day at the Kyaikkasan Pagoda, Grenera Myint Swe, Tangoon Division

Commander , under the order of his superior officers, held a rice offering ceremony for the monks in Kyaikkasan Township with the intention of destroying the excommunication rite ( Pattaneikkazana ) However , his ploy not successful because our monks announced that the local monks should not to accept any kind of offerings from the military clique because the excommunication rite has been performed by All Burma Monks Tepresentatives Committee.

On this day at 5.30p.m, we formed (a group of ) 15 male and female devotees so that four necessary things ( monastery , robes , alms and medicine ) would be offered to the monks. This group was for med successfully with the support of 120.000 members of the public.

On 20 September 2007 at at about 1.30 p.m, while our monks were marching along the route passing Sule Pagoda Toad, Chaukhtatkyi Pagoda, 100 members of USDA and lords of the power who are the military govemments henchmen used a variety of methods to harass the monks near Ngarhtakyi Pagoda and Chaukhtatkyi Pagoda. However, their attempts were not effective because of the unity of the monks. More than 220.000 monks , nuns,students and members of the public took part he march on this day which ended at the Sule Pagoda at 5.00p.m.

On 22 September 2007 at 12.00 pm, our monks stated marching from the foot of the Shwedagon Pagoda , passing Myaynegon. Burmese Broadcasthing Service, Hledan Junction, University Avenue Toad, and current Daw Aung San Suu Kyis house to reach the place in front of National League for Democracy Headquarters. More than 7000 monk and 20,000 people took part in the march. On this day, Daw Aung San Su

Kyis came out of her house and garden to pay homage to the monks from All Burma Monks Representative Association. Then all the monks recited in unison the sermon for the protection from evil and harm for about 15 minutes. We also said the prayer for compassion and love for Daw suu. We were extremely sad and heart-broken to see Daw suus tears and her crying bitterly while she listening to our sermons.

One significant event on this day was that we recited the sermon to prevent harm in front of the Pinma Hall in the University Avenue Toad while our monks were warching to wads Daw Aung San Suu Kyis house. While reciting the sermon, we were heart-broken to see people who were listening to our sermon crying sorrowfully.

We felt that their fear and hatred in their heart- what they felt and what they wanted immediately seeped into our vein. While going to Daw Aung San Suu kyis house, we encountered the complete blockade at three check points by members of the security police. After having explained thoroughly to the understanding of these security policemen they allowed us to spoceed to wards Daw Suus house. However, some members of intelligence forces of the SPDC took many photographs of our monks who are members of All Burma Monks Tepresentative Association.

It had been four years that Daw Suu had been incarcerated for security reasons since 2003 Depayin incident; I had heard that Daw Suu was in poor health; so, I felt sad and concerned that we would not even see Daw

Suu. However, we were elated when daw suu came out to see us immediately after she heard our prayers for compassion from her house. Daw Suu came out to greet our monks , students and people. At that time, we saw over 30 mumbers of security police standing and obstructing in front of Daw Suu.

Ashin.Htavara (General Secretary) All Buemses Monks Representative Committee.(ABMRC),, Bolg: