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Esco CelCulture CO2 Incubator Features, Advantage and Benefits

Direct Heat

Temp. Control and Airflow
Direct attachment of heating wires on the chamber allows rapid temperature recovery The air space between insulation and outer wall provides better chamber isolation from ambient temp. fluctuations All 8 heaters are independently fired at different power ratio to provide precise heating, which guarantees excellent temperature uniformity in the chamber (<0.2 C) and zero condensation. Air circulates around to give better uniformity and faster recovery rate of temperature, CO2 and humidity. No disturbance to cell culture --Mixing of chamber and room air is minimized --Loss of Temp. and CO2 is minimized

Rapid recovery of temperature giving cells a more stable environment Better and more stable environment for cell growth --Temperature uniformity allowing better controlled experiments. --Zero condensation reducing possibility of contamination Stable environment for cell culture --Less room contaminants will enter chamber during door opening --Less CO2 consumption leading to longer CO2 tank life Long life reducing Life time operating cost

Air Jacket

8 heaters grouped into 3 temperature control zones

Forced Convection

Blower stops when door is opened Esco Signature!

Ebm-pabst Fan

Balanced rotor / motor system reducing noise, vibration and the operating temperature

CO2 Control
PID controlled temperature and CO2 injection systems Vaisala single beam dual wavelength IR sensor Smart prediction and feedback loops allows fast temperature (6 min.*) and CO2 recovery (4 min.*) without overshoot Presence of one test wavelength and one reference wavelength allows accurate detection of CO2 level by auto-zeroing. Minimal fluctuations in temperature and CO2 giving stable environment for cells to grow Precise %CO2 reading. Auto-zeroing and driftfree feature eliminating the need of servicing IR sensor.

Esco temperature and humidity *After 1 min. of door opening, to 98%

compensated TC sensor
This improves sensor response and reduces temperature, CO2 and humidity recovery times after door openings

CO2/temp sensors directly mounted in airflow path in the chamber Esco

More stable chamber environment means better cell growth


Humidity Control
Humidity pan is covered with bottom plenum and positioned in the air passageway Oversized base heater ULPA Filter Esco Signature! Covered humidity pan reduces chance of water contamination. Position in the air passageway allows faster evaporation of water for high humidity (up to 97%) Allow faster evaporation of water in water pan Better humidity and less chance of water contamination Better humidity

Contamination Control
Higher efficiency filters at 99.999 on 0.1 through 0.3 micro particulates. 10 times more effective than HEPA filter. Chamber air is maintained at ISO class 5 condition. HPA tested to kill both vegetative bacteria and bacteria spores effectively. Lower temperature causes less damage to electronic components. Chamber is cool and dry at end of cycle. Better filter at no additional cost ISO class 5 air reduces possibility of cross contamination Time savingovernight operation Removes contamination when it occurs. Longer life time of the incubator Ready to use after decon. User does not need to wipe down futher Prevents bacteria to proliferate on the surface of the incubator

SwiftCon overnight (15 hr.) moist heat decontamination cycle Esco Signature!

Decon pump

Chamber is thoroughly dried at the last stage of decon. Cycle. ISOCIDE ISOCIDE is Escos special Antimicrobial antimicrobial inhibitor that coating. Esco eliminates 99.9% surface bacteria Signature! within 24 hours of exposure. Isocide is integrated into the coating and cannot be washed out or diminished by repeated cleaning. Full stainless steel Good quality stainless steel for 304 interior with durability. coved corners Big coved corners for easy cleaning and prevent accumulation of debris Filtered Gas injection 0.2 micron in-line filter filters the *After 1 min. of door opening, to 98%

Durable incubator with easy cleaning

Clean input gases to


gases before they enter chamber. The filters are outside the incubator for easy changing

reduce chance of contamination

User Interface
Interactive 4 Line LCD display LED display of temperature, CO2 and humidity Full range, userconfigurable alarms for temperature, CO2 and humidity CelAlert alarm system CO2 tank depletion alarm Esco Only!! Big screen and intuitive menu. There is little need to study user manual first. Always lit, clear and big for easy visual. It is better than LCD display We provide large range of alarms and make them user configurable so user can choose according to their own needs CO2 tank depletion reminder in addition to CO2 tank low alarm. Automatic calculation of how much CO2 gas is left in the tank provides fail proof reminder that alerts user one week before the gas is depleted. ULPA reminder will alert user to replace ULPA filter using a timer.

User friendly interface Easy to read

User can select based on needs

This gives user some buffer time to place order for new tanks.

CelAlert alarm system ULPA filter reminder alarm 16Mb built-in flash memory for data and event logger records Esco Signature! One touch Mute Key

User will not forget to change ULPA filter No fuss over losing logged data due to the big memory

One touch Decon Key RS485 data output

data and event logger records all incubator parameters for on screen recall. 16 MB built-in flash memory guarantees long term storage of data. User can choose to mute the alarm. Couple with ringback time setting. User can choose how long they wish the alarm could be muted. No fuss--a simple two step decons. activation process User can use this output together with Esco Voyager software to monitor the parameters as well as download the datalogger data

Easy to use

Easy to use for the user For better monitoring and easy data downloading using a computer User convenience

Other Features
Magnetic door closure Easy to close and open

*After 1 min. of door opening, to 98%

Anti-tip shelving

The selves will not tip even when it is pulled out. It improves airflow in the chamber.

This will prevent accidental cell culture plate spillage Better uniformity Proven to last through many time of door openings User convenience

Perforated shelving Robust glass door handle ULPA filter removable without tools Ductwork, plenums, shelves, removable without tools Glass door removable without tools Sampling port in the middle of glass door Electrical enclosure is front/top serviceable Adjustable levelling feet Life tested to 180,000 cycles to guarantee reliability No additional tools required

No additional tools required

User convenience

No additional tools required

User convenience

For better sampling of temperature and CO2 (center point in the chamber) Easily accessible compared to locating the enclosure at the back (usually incubators are set up against the wall) This is to allow easy levelling of the unit

It allows better calibration of the parameters It is easy for service person to service and troubleshoot Levelling could help to make sure the culture plates and flasks are in horizontal position which will give more accurate t results Reduces CO2 consumption and cost This is for peace of mind

Feather edge gasket seals well 2 year warranty

Chamber is air-tight with 1 hour 10% CO2 leak-off rate of better than 0.5% Parts and labour

If you have any questions, please contact Mhyke Basa at 24 Dec 2010

*After 1 min. of door opening, to 98%