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April 2011

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April 2011

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Trend Micro Technology Play in Physical Safety and Security By Rakesh Goyal. F5 Networks [People Manager] 58 Roadmap for IP Based Surveillance Systems in India By M. Govind Rammurthy CEO & MD The biggest event for Startups is here Highlights Come. Silvan Innovations Lab [Technology] 44 46 26 Cloud Computing’s Toughest Obstacle! By Amit Nath. passionate geeks Platinum Sponsor [Guru Talk] 8 In Pursuit of Excellence in Technology By Naresh Shah. McAfee India [Technology] 28 30 [In Focus] 10 [VC Talk] 16 Naresh Shah [Top 100 B Schools of India] 32 [Event] 38 Cloud Security Challenges in Securing Enterprise Web 2. Bangalore This is an exclusive business forum for entrepreneurs to meet investors. Cisco Systems [Tech Products] 58 [Event] 62 Overcome New Security Challenges with an Information-Centric Approach By Shantanu Ghosh. Sanovi Technologies [Business] 48 Over 150 Startups to showcase their products More than 40 VC rms to attend & judge the presenting Startups Awards to Best Startups Signi cant presence of partner companies and potential customers Over 6000 delegates to attend the product demos at booths Real Estate Partner [Buyers Perspective] 50 [Event] 51 Betting High on the Enterprise Software Market Marketing Strategies Galore at SiliconIndia Marketing Symposium By Akanksha Ravindran Silver Sponsor [Tech Buzz] 14 Now The Best Time to Start an Internet Company in India By Suvir Sujan.Girikrishna. Symphony Services What Developers Should Or Should Not Do By Anil Pochiraju. Nimhans Convention Center. Novell Say Hello to the new ‘Consumerized IT’ Workplace By Ambarish Deshpande. Longcheer India [Technology] 40 [Event] 41 Building Expertise in Specialized Technology Offerings 200 HR Professionals come together @ Silicon India HR Symposium By Akanksha Ravindran Exhibitors 17 SiliconIndia’s SoftTec Probes Deep into IT Testing By Akanksha Ravindran 54 [Venture Beat] 18 [Technology] 24 42 Women in Leadership: An Insight By Akanksha Ravindran Beyond Onboarding Integrating People with the Organization By C Mahalingam. technology partners. we45 Solutions India The Need for Disaster Recovery Management Solutions in Indian Banks By Lakshman Narayanaswamy. energetic. Symantec Understanding Web Apps at Siliconindia Web Apps Conference 2011 By Akanksha Ravindran The Smart Techie |6| April 2011 For Speaking and Sponsorship opportunities write to . Basil Growth Fund Siliconindia MAC Mumbai divests an insight into Indian Mobile Market By Akanksha Ravindran [Buyers Perspective]52 [Event] 53 Technology Partner Media Partner The android Mania By Arvind Sharma.resellers and potential customers. Nexus Venture Partners Emerging Trend – Potential for IT Service Providers to Obtain PE / VC Funding By Rajeev or call 080-43112181 Register now at www.Two Decades of Securing Enterpises By Vimali Swamy Micro World 20 COVER STORY Contents -April 2011 siliconindia May 28 2011.0 Applications By Abhay Bhargav. Meet the 'cool startups' Watch live product demonstrations Get a peek into cutting edge technologies Lay hands on the best-of-breed solutions Meet young.

the switch this may make sense. parents typically trend in encouraging the job hopping cul. retaining their skills neers) to pursue both paths. young daughter is passionately interested drive many professionals to change jobs. like new product innovation and product architecture. technical Technical Ladder vs. Technology is evolving at a fast pace. Their expertise re- mained intact despite them embracing the managerial path. there is a dearth of technical experts in the industry who have chosen to remain individual contributors and can perform critical and high value chain tasks. to defy norms and bridge the gap in the IT industry. More than 90 percent of reer opportunity such as engineering or IT professionals have probably changed medicine. their knowledge of a particular do. Organizations today require managers with sound technical and managerial capabilities in IT. In India. And for us to stay ahead of the value chain. Naresh Shah echnology leaders around the world maintain a high standard of technical competence along with diversity in their manpower. jobs at least once in the last five years. novation is not likely to matedamentals. Technical and managerial ladders are indeed very different career choices. technical depth implies that one has spent years developing expertise in a domain and the skills may not be easily transferable from one technical job to another. By definition. Also. to keep pace with the evolving industry. India can stop resting on its laurels of product development and execution and truly move into a new realm by building impetus towards product conceptualization and futuristic technologies. they offer premium salaries entertainer and push her in to a “safe” cato attract talent. job responsibilities. Young engineers are gener. Look at the career progression of money/prestige quotient vs. Gordon Moore and not an oprialize unless there is a tion that many can passionate heart pursuing it. and so in a sense it is all about potential. Additionally. leadership.lieve. which is the very reason why many of them choose to pursue engineering in the first place.strong technical ideals. one keeps rising successfully to senior These competent leaders had very management roles. On the bright side. It is always recDual career ladders ommended to avail of the opare present in many ortions which present the largest e technology at the ganizations. IDC & Vice President. Novell GURU TALK By Naresh Shah e number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. should continue to remain engaged and up-to-date with technological advances. And needless to state. Global Engineering Strategy. As people move away from technology. these specialists are bound to have many more opportunities with greater rewards being offered to them in the technical arena. The managerial ladder comes with a status symbol. the lesser it gets. school. In India. “When you innovate. but inimportant thing is having good funis not as easy. leading edge changes so though.ciety has been raised to rationalize one’s edge in such situations as engineers move choices in life by looking at the number from job to job acquiring a ‘jack of all of opportunities available in an area and trades. if a the family members and relatives. India can boast of a large pool of potential workforce in software development. TIME The money factor becomes a differen. Schmidt and the latest sensation. and the higher they The IT industry today has a number of ascend in the ranks. he/she can guide the organization in a new and visionary direction through their skills and conviction. her parents often in a very different industry vertical will let her pursue her dreams. etc. here is the and yet moved along the managerial dilemma in choosing an option: the stream. rather than pursuing one’s pasrapidly that you have to keep people can move sions and dreams. highly respected individuals who have excelled at leading their companies to the Engineers’ Dilemma heights of glory.the technical stream. and groom technically competent people who remain committed to technology. communication. the IT industry needs a fresh brigade of technically sound people. ally interested in acquiring skills. with ca. But after just needs to be examined. and hope than their incumbent role. The role of parents and relatives in shapand in the process improving their own ing the careers of their loved ones also marketability in the industry. somewhat incorrectly. It lets people be productive. Aland safest set of opportunities. The Smart Techie April 2011 |9| April 2011 . I think probably the most ders.The author is Managing Director. the pursuit Bill Gates. One of the biggest challenges the industry faces is the dire shortage of skilled professionals with vertical domain expertise. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before. Many engineers be. managers. Cultural Factors aspiring to take on greater responsibilities. It lets people be creative. then pursuing it. only by individuals pursuing their passion and by building strong technical proficiency. partly because technical insights become less critical as one The Smart Techie T of Excellence in In Pursuit Technology |8| advances in their career.discourage their daughters from pursuing ture in India. you've got to be prepared for everyone telling you you're nuts” Larry Ellison The Way Forward The Indian IT industry will benefit with increased innovation.Leadership and Technology main diminishes. Steve Ballmer. and more However. The new era beckons people to step forward. suit. The rationale for choosing an option is often influenced significantly by myths and perceptions of the opportunities available in both paths. now more than ever. When a leader has really strong technical expertise. At the same time. demands honing strong technical skills while picking up several other soft skills such as people management. and role expectations which are much better understood and recognized by the society than the technical ladder. and more Engineers in turn need to rise to the challenge and pursue a career in technical competence. we need to groom experts who are versatile with emerging technologies in this evolving segment. This could be a factor for fewer professionals pursuing the technical path. When companies want to the option of becoming a journalist or an grow quickly.sionals. and technological advancement. There are examples of Assuming that an engineer has the ca. Nevertheless. especially younger managers. that there reer mobility and its related expectations aren’t sufficient roles on the technical among engineers are escalating at an side for the more experienced profesalarming rate. in piano music or journalism. comparisons to tends to push people into more traditional “my college classmates”. testing. Managerial Ladder Engineers face a dilemma as they forge a path in their careers and are up against a fork. The Indian society a few years. Looking at it current a er you get out of between both ladfrom a balanced perspective. Balancing the scales between leadership and technology is a daunting task for those aspiring to climb the senior management ladder. In the West.magazine’s 2010 person of the year Marc tiator for the managerial ladder only if Zuckerberg. Steve Ballmer support. IT professionals are typically impatient and job hopping has become an industry norm. questions from and proven professions. The task for leaders of technology companies in India today is to encourage. learning about the products they are working on. peer pressure. Steve Jobs. Leadership usually takes precedence. Eric of knowledge and vertical excellence. One road leads up the technical ladder and the other is the managerial ladder. in theory. Engineering excellence cannot be achieved without inspiring employees to truly follow their heart. master of none’ reputation. develop. the perception among IT professionals is that a smaller number of jobs are only available in the technical arena. and for a leader to envisage the future IT roadmap of the organization. It Generation after generation in our sois hard to develop deep technical knowl. India is found wanting when it comes strategic and innovation led solutions that drive the sector and this is mostly controlled by the West. IT companies that she will become a concert player or a also need to share responsibility for this star journalist. This will increase the organization’s capacity to forge ahead in the technology race. creativity. This.successful business leaders who followed pability (which is not true for all engi.

Gita The Smart Techie Many Indians gain position in the Young Global Leaders list merce market and is expected to grow to Rs 37890 crores by December 2011.598 crores by 2010. mobiles and MP3 players contribute Rs 389 crores. the people who received the Young Global Leaders award received it for their professional accomplishments. According to the in Net commerce in India to reach Rs 46. According to the report Indian online users have exhibited willingness to make purchases over the Internet and this attributes to the growth in net commerce industry. including its annual meeting in Davos. Sanjay Chandra. Tripathi said “It would be my distinct privilege to lead our remarkable university. the application of technology. The list includes Indo-American personalities like Nikki Haley. computers and computer peripherals account for Rs 560. SourceTrace Systems Co-Founder. and customer service. who was born in the village Patna of Uttar Pradesh. Chancellor Zimpher said. buying movie tickets. Chetan Maini. In December 2010 this industry stood at Rs 25. about 80 percent of the total ecom- T any Indians and IndoAmericans are included in the list of Young Global Leaders for 2011. Narayen holds a bachelor's degree in electronics engineering from Osmania University in India and got his MBA from the Haas School of Business of the University of California. Vivek Kundra. Mahindra Reva Deputy Chairman and CTO. which is about Rs 1. She also named Tripathi as UB's officer-incharge. Harvard University economics Professor. It would make Dr. Indians like. affordable education and engage in research that helps build vibrant communities at home and across the globe. and the forum's regional meetings worldwide.8 percent of the market size.210 crores.258 crores. Tripathi will provide outstanding leadership for UB as it carries out this important mission.520 crore by end of 2011. This opportunity will make him. CEO at Web products marketing company Directi. Priya Hiranandani-Vandrevala. Switzerland. UB's 15th president and the first born outside the United States and leader of the largest public university in the state during what's considered a critical time in its history. 2004. Financial Inclusion Network and Operations CEO. cars.S. The report said that the market which was at Rs 8. HCL Technologies. are also part of the list. global strategy. The 2011 honorees will now be part of a broader forum of 668 Young Global Leaders worldwide. The online travel industry was Rs 6250 crores in 2007 contributing about 77 percent of the industry then. Financial service transactions over the Internet comprise nearly 7. The board gives advice with a particular focus on productivity. Tripathi is recommended by Chancellor Nancy L. Hirco Group Founder and Co-Chairman. This was indicated in a study by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). Satish Tripathi as the next president of the University at Buffalo." Shantanu Narayen The Smart Techie April 2011 |11| April 2011 . Tripathi is an internationally recognized computer scientist who joined UB as Provost .52 crores while cameras. They will participate in World Economic Forum’s events. 2010. South Carolina Governor. food delivery and gaming subscription is estimated to be Rs 1. the President's Management Advisory Board was established by Executive Order on the 19th of April. and Bhavin Turakhia. the annual meeting of the New Champions in China. Chancellor Zimpher has requested the State University of New York Board of Trustees to convene a special meeting in April in Buffalo to formally consider Tripathi's appointment for the post. with all of the responsibilities and authority of a campus president.” Speaking at the occasion. Members of Parliament Meenakshi Natarajan and Deepender Singh Hooda. n a bid to provide advice on implementing best business practices on matters related to federal government management and operation.550 crores. Other major contributors to net commerce include online classifieds (jobs. the overall industry is set to experience a high growth in the next couple of years. President Barack Obama recently appointed Adobe Systems CEO Shantanu Narayen as a I Shantanu Narayen is now a member of President's Management Advisory member in this Board. the first Indian American to head a Research University which is a part of the University of Buffalo gets its first Indo-American President U |10| Gopinath. Tripathi's international reputation as an accomplished researcher and transformative leader in higher education makes him ideally suited for this Satish K. which is recognized for its tradition of excellence and has an extraordinary future ahead. founding Partner and Head. Ramakarthikeyan Srikrishna. Ambulance Access for All Co-Founder. Berkeley in 1993.the university's chief academic officer on the 1st of July. and Saleem Ali. sales infrastructure. Chief Information Officer. effective immediately. Manish Khera.520 crores in 2011 he Indian ecommerce industry is expected to grow by 47 percent and touch Rs 46. U.540 crores. after serving as dean of the Bourns College of Engineering at the University of California. commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world. M niversity of Buffalo’s Provost Satish K. Prior to taking the post of CEO of Adobe he was the President and COO of the company. Sandeep Chatterjee. Riverside. He also holds a master's degree in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green. Dr. University of Vermont environmental studies Professor. Tripathi. "It is my great pleasure to recommend Dr. Public research universities like UB provide access to high quality.146 crores in 2007 came a long way from there and reached an estimated Rs 31. Given the increasing awareness and acknowledgement. real estate and others). Dr. online matrimonial. In eTailing. The list by the World Economic Forum consists of 190 individuals from 65 countries. Zimpher of the State University of New York as the next president of the university. Shaffi Mather.82 percent share which equals to Rs 1. American Association of Universities. Ocimum Biosolutions Founder and CEO Anuradha Acharya. Ohio. second to online travel comes eTailing with 7. The report also points out that it is the online travel industry that is leading the market. Tripathi post. Managing Director of real estate firm Unitech. As of 2009.

bumpers. April 9. 2011. water. will be made of nano-sized fruit fibers in the future. 30 percent lighter and 3-4 times stronger than plastic. and oxygen. spilled gasoline. and Patrick wo Indian-origin professors are among the four to have been named 2011 MacVicar Faculty Fellows for their outstanding undergraduate teaching. also directs the SPURS/Hubert Humphrey program at MIT for midcareer professionals. Diamond Sponsors team at Sao Paulo State University in Brazil claims to have developed a more effective way to use fiber from plants to make a new generation of automotive plastics. George Verghese is a professor of electrical engineering and has been part of the MIT faculty since 1979. ThoughtWorks India • Tarun Dua. mentoring and educational innovation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. They are light.” MIT Provost L Rafael Reif said during a reception at Gray House. Stony Brook in 1975. they will help reduce the weight of cars and that will improve fuel economy. He received his B Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology. Kevlar and other plastics which are made from petroleum are not eco friendly. “The properties of these plastics are incredible. and more eco-friendly than plastics in use says team leader Alcides Leao. E2E Networks • Vivek Merani. lighter. This year's fellows are deeply committed advisors and mentors. For one thing. which is used to make armor and The Smart Techie Green Cars from Fruits are in the Making A Platinum Sponsors |12| bulletproof vests. The fibers that come from delicate fruits like bananas and pineapples will make the plastic stronger. He added that nano-cellulose reinforced plastics also have mechanical advantages over conventional auto. Bishwapriya Sanyal. Senior Vice President. Bishwapriya (Bish) Sanyal of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. which include more resistance to damage from heat. CTO. who re- MIT honors Two Indian American professors T ceived his PhD in urban and regional planning from the University of California at Los Angeles. “It is certainly in the spirit of Margaret MacVicar's commitment to students that we award these prestigious fellowships and recognise the creative efforts of MIT's outstanding teachers. Technology Evangelist. they have led important curriculum changes and made significant contributions to programs in student life. 2011 New Delhi Delhi on April 9th. Magnon International • Ganesh Sahai. all in electrical engineering. whereas the nano-cellulose fibers are. Sanyal.motive plastics. and George Verghese of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science were honored along with Christopher Schuh of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. including dashboards. Madras in 1974. We believe that a lot of car parts. his MS from the State University of New York. and his PhD from Stanford University in 1979. Some of these nano-cellulose fibers are almost as stiff as Kevlar.” says Leao. Quality Manager & Quality Leader. Amazon Exhibitor April 2011 43112195 . Adobe • Janakiram MSV. joined the MIT as a faculty in 1984 and served as the head of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning from 1994 to 2002 and chaired the MIT faculty from 2007 to 2009. but very strong. side panels. SPEAKERS Expo Sponsor • Ajey Gore. currently the Ford International Professor of Urban Development and Planning. Head of Technology.

“With the launch of Studio-I.S. to expand regional presence and also expand clientele in the financial capital. SAP Labs has shown the way forward to the corporate sector with their pioneering efforts by including their employees and partners in this initiative. Zinga India will recruit engineers.” says Kadavil. it is up to 50 percent faster in today’s newest DX11 tessellated games. customize. reserved parking space and routine maintenance and service. Point of View. FarmVille. the Zynq-7000 family tightly integrates a complete ARM(R) Cortex(TM)-A9 MPCore(TM) processorbased system with 28nm.” says Ferose.” he added.Asvini Kumar. As a result. Managing Director. Xilinx claims this series will achieve the levels of processing and compute performance required in high-end embedded applications in markets such as video surveillance. “As the leader in PC gaming hardware. GeForce GTX 550 Ti. Mumbai. and includes L1 and L2 caches. low-power programmable logic for system architects and embedded software developers to extend. The company which is listed in the National and Bombay Stock Exchanges specializes in helping Global Financial sector firms to improve the quality of their applications.Compiled By Hari Anil SAP Labs India launched a unique and compelling car policy to encourage its employees to Go Green. IT budgets are only going to increase over the years as many organizations will have to go in for large implementation of information systems. In collaboration with Mahindra Reva the company is providing an opportunity for employees to own and operate electric cars at a minimum cost.” added Maini. we are expanding our capabilities to leverage the amount of creative talent based in India for new features within Zynga’s popular games. They help their clients to narrow timelines and reduce software product life cycle costs. and differentiate their systems. Chief of Strategy and Technology. Thinksoft Global Services. Senior Vice President. Supported by a vast ecosystem of tools and IP providers. as well as extend the features of the processing system by implementing additional peripherals.and power-effective solutions based on the capabilities of the Artix-7 FPGA family. to more comprehensive and performance-oriented solutions on the higher end with devices based on the Kintex-7 family. and 38 percent faster in previous-generation DX9 and DX10 games. This studio will also engage in full life-cycle game development. Thinksoft opens new office in Mumbai Financial software testing company Thinksoft Global Services opened a new sales office cum delivery centre at Andheri.” said Drew Henry. This studio will develop new game mechanics and will focus on innovative game development to create new features. “We congratulate SAP Labs on implementing a path breaking policy for adoption of emission free cars. The Smart Techie |14| April 2011 The Smart Techie |15| April 2011 . VR Ferose. game designers. optimize. Xilinx unveiled industry’s first Extensible Processing Platform (EPP) the Zynq7000 family in India. The company had recently expanded its India infrastructure by adding Delivery centers in Bangalore and Chennai. “In India. memory controllers. a global research program initiated by SAP AG to test the use of electric vehicles powered by en- SAP with its New Car Policy Encourages its Employees to Go Green ergy generated exclusively from renewable sources.” says Shan Kadavil. This is the largest Zynga Studio outside the U.” says A. SAP Labs India and Chetan Maini. Zynga’s India manager. and commonly used peripherals. SAP Labs India is aiming to be the largest contributor to this initiative with its lineup of 35 electric cars. Application developers can take advantage of the programmable logic’s massive parallel processing to handle large amounts of data across a wide range of signal processing applications. MSI. “The GTX 550 Ti paired with our 3D Vision technology provides gamers with an amazing low-cost platform that delivers an awesome immersive experience. Zynga studio is famous around world for its games such as CitiVille. The offer for the employees include an attractive monthly cash incentive and benefits such as free charging points. which will propel the company towards its sustainability vision. Worldwide Marketing and Business Development at Xilinx. “We are looking for more people with an entrepreneurial drive combined with engineering and artistic skills to join our excisting and growing teams. software and systems. Each Zynq-7000 EPP device is built with an ARM dual-core Cortex-A9 MPCore processing system with NEON and Double Precision Floating Point engines that is fully integrated and hardwired. As part of the policy Mahindra REVA will extend the warranty and servicing period to 36 months against its standard 24 months. The Studio also plans to double the headcount in India during 2011. We hope to be prepared to capitalize on these coming opportunities. and senior managers to support this expansion program. Sparkle and Zotac. Managing Director. general manager of GeForce GPU business at NVIDIA. “We expect this forward-looking policy packed with attractive incentives to provide the initial thrust to our employees to choose electric cars over those powered by fossil fuels. compared with the closest competitive product. I thank our employees and partners who have taken the first step in our global journey to reduce energy use. Galaxy. India has made exciting advancements in technology that have truly improved efficiency for the entire company. The office in Mumbai is intended to help them strengthen their regional presence and serve their local clients with greater efficiency. “Our Zynq-7000 family offers designers a comprehensive platform that enables them to create their own customized standard products that scale from very cost. YoVille and FishVille. ASUS. factory automation. we are excited about the future of PC gaming and how we can make those experiences as immersive as possible. Gainward. artist. Leadtek. Xilinx’ with Zynq-7000 s Extensible Processing Platform Zynga Studio-1 sets up in Bangalore Social game developer Zynga launched their Zynga Studio-1 in Bangalore. “In only one year. there are mega plans as the BFSI sector in the country is yet to exploit the potential of IT deployment. New GPU from NVIDIA NVIDIA launched their new graphics processor unit (GPU) the GeForce GTX 550 Ti. including.V. Palit. The GTX 550 Ti is the latest in NVIDIA’s Fermi line of consumer GPUs. automotive driver assistance. product managers. Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles handed over the first batch of electronic cars to four employees. SAP Labs Green Car Policy is in line with “Future Fleet”. MafiaWars. and many others.” said Vin Ratford.” he added. The company claims that the GTX 550 Ti delivers the fastest performance in its class for DX11 games. The GTX 550 Ti is available with most of the add-in card partners.

but make sure you have enough capital to back you because it might take over a year to figure out the business model and may be even longer. Think about how big you can make your company and target huge markets. as the revenue growth is tightly coupled to the staff strength. Out of. there is a fair bit of broadband in the office and cybercafés. The biggest challenge that an Internet company might face in India will be competition. of which 20 million are in social networks like orkut and Facebook. internet will be pervasive in this country. Talk about who you got and why. Acquiring & retaining quality staff is a huge challenge that most of the IT majors have been trying to overcome. the successful IT Service providers of tomorrow would be the ones that provide value to their clients using a mix of pure play services with accelerators that reduce the time to adopt / deploy new solutions. To survive this you need to have a lasting power and staying power and the only way you can get this is by raising a substantial capital. Sales & Marketing. offshore and onshore mix. While home broadband is slowly increasing. global IT Service spending in 2010 was approximately $800 billion but there seem to be very few. The barrier for entry into the internet space in India is very low presently and as a result so many entrepreneurs coming up with internet ideas. Open Source.000 other players. we are seeing an in- A The author is Managing Partner. since mobile penetration in India is much higher. Very few IT Services companies have been able to cross the chasm to becoming a great “big” provider of niche services.The author is Co-Founder. Integrated Customer Interaction Management are some of the niche areas where we see tremendous opportunity for IT Service providers to compete on a level-playing field with the IT majors. still he luxury of waiting is absent because the competition would come an eat into your margins. ‘Gartner Predicts 2011’. There are also two global trends that are coming to India. in their report. see a tremendous potential in providing growth capital to IT Service providers that have a very focussed and niche offering with a proven business model that has a potential to scale. approximately 60 – 80 million Indians use internet. basic commerce for the country and basic community for the country. a 1000 entrepreneurs with internet startup ideas about half a dozen to a dozen are getting VC funding every quarter. and turns over a huge $ 1 Billion in terms of online transaction. but when the socialization of mobile internet happens. Identity & Access Management. The challenges faced by the promoters vary across: lack of professional management. This lends unpredictability to the growth of the service provider . Now there is no need for vernacular communities in the country as all the users of Facebook and orkut are English speakers. There is a very strong need for ecommerce across almost any vertical. The tremendous success of a winning product ensures that there is a huge non-linear / exponential growth to both the top-line and bottom-line.a major deterrent to obtaining investments from PE / VC firms. The focus of any PE / VC company is to ensure a huge upside for its investors and the only way to ensure the same is to invest into an IT product company that would become the next “blockbuster” product. Travel has proven the propensity of Indians to transact online. We are still trying to figure out what the trends are. Then the second part is you have to start thinking big. critical to driving huge valuations. at Basil. highlighted that by 2015. The ability to think big is important because venture capital and angel investor guys would go on taking the risk early and invest in a company that has huge potential to grow big. The Smart Techie Rajeev Srivastava April 2011 |17| April 2011 . You cannot go to an investor and say I am going to do something that will be a small business in five years. which is basic content for the country. My advice to entrepreneurs is that there is no better time to start an internet company in India than now! ccording to Gartner. but I do expect in the next 24 months there will be some critical mass in this area and entrepreneurs will come out with plans for the community area. Web 1. then vernacular communities will make a big difference. If you have an idea launching it quickly is very important. But one future trend for sure will be finding ways to socialize the mobile phone which actually hadn’t happened yet. Basil Growth Fund VC TALK By Rajeev Srivastava Emerging Trend – Potential for IT Service Providers to Obtain PE / VC Funding creasing interest in adoption of SaaS. mobility and video. These are the two main questions we always ask ourselves. The key is to convince the investor that you can execute this idea the best. which is basically a video adds network that monetizes video streams across mobile and the internet and we are looking for further investments in the video and mobility area. Ecommerce players that will control the The Smart Techie T Suvir Sujan Now The BesT Time To sTarT aN iNTerNeT CompaNy iN iNdia |16| last mile customer experience like warehousing. Cloud Computing and Open Source technologies that are likely to increase the role of the IT Service providers. ensure you interact with the partners in the fund and their past investments to understand their valueadd across Strategy. growth model. The need of the hour for CIOs is a partner that is best fit and solves a very specific problem for them — someone who they could trust completely to solve the problem at the earliest. figure out what your go to market strategy is and why you will succeed in this cut throat internet environment where there can be 10. Cloud & RIM. Gartner. lack of access to a group of advisors who could be the sounding board with skin in the game geographical spread size of company to provide confidence to major enterprises to entrust key projects We. and more. logistics and payments will win. When facing an investor the focus should be on the team and it has to go beyond just having an engineer on your team. niche offering with accelerators to provide value to your clients. Convince the investors that this company can become very large and this is the right team to back it. So the challenges are which companies can attract capital investors to finance their business and then figure out their business model over time. With global enterprises looking to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of their IT assets. People are now coming out with entrepreneur ideas to do what every country in the internet space has gone through.0 is migrating into other areas such as regular e-commerce. as opposed to eventually. We have already invested in a company called Vdopia. Other important factors that drive valuations are differentiated service line. Clearly. if any. With wireless broadband hopefully around the corner and the 3G rollout. they are seeking alternatives to existing IT strategies. Our experience with this model has convinced us that gone are the days when one could create huge organisations providing generic IT Services (this would have been relevant in the 80s and 90s). Despite of bandwidth problems and low broadband penetration YouTube remains to be among the top sites in India. both on the b2c and b2b spectrum. tools and automation will eliminate 25 percent of labour hours associated with IT services. Finance & Administration and HR & Recruitment. Many of the internet applications across content community and commerce which should have been created in the 2000s but were not created because of the dotcom bust are being created now. I think all kinds of applications in video and mobility will take off in this fashion. The country right now is going through gaining critical marks in the internet. may be. Our advice to promoters seeking investment would be to ensure you have a differentiated. Nexus Venture Partners VC TALK By Suvir Sujan he decade of the internet in India has arrived. It is very early for vernacular communities now. constant worry on working capital. Enterprise Mobility. IT Service providers are very dependent on strong hiring and training engine to drive the growth of the company. PE / VC firms that invest into IT Service providers. As a result. Prior to aligning with a PE / VC. Another challenge for small and mid-sized IT Service providers is the “plateau” effect.

raised `25 crore from Sequoia Capital in its second round of funding. Founded in 2007 by IITians . raised `26. The company which is targeting the growing Indian Internet savvy consumers is planning to use this fund to increase their offerings and to improve their customer reach.000 transactions it is registering per day being sportswear.3 crore in its second round of funding led by Tiger Global. “Competition operates on a lead referral model which involves intrusive calling from call centers to consumers’ cell phones to sell loans. K12 Techno Service Raises `25 Crore Funding K B BankBazar. K 12 Techno Services says “With the `25 crore.000 cities and towns in India. The opportunity to fundamentally shape financial services delivery in India lies ahead of us and we will bring on board the best talent globally to drive this change. Nike and Reebok. while operating in the $1 billion market. Co-founder & CEO. infrastructure development. This round brought the total funding raised by Myntra to `84. Ashutosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena.” adds Shetty while talking about the competition. Raises `27 crore in Series A ankBazaar. The funds will be utilized to bring 25 schools in Andhra Pradesh. funded the first round of `70 crore in K12. Venkatnarayana Venkatnarayana.Compiled by ST Team -commerce firm Myntra. “We have been growThe Smart Techie Myntra. It also runs an International school brand the ‘Orchids’. has partnered with banks like Last year Sequoia Capital along with Song Investment.Mukesh Bansal. “Customers have been asking for new things to purchase. education service provider. primarily to have computer and language labs.000 registered users and a reach of raised `62.” says Mukesh Bansal.6 crore. they have also partnered with CfBT UK and Brilliant Tutorials for spoken English and IIT training. we expect to add 25-30 more schools across the Andhra Pradesh in 2011-12. Managing Director. Tiara Consulting Services Silver Sponsor Yogesh Bhatt Principal Technology Architect. BankBazaar offers real time integration and rate quotes in a non intrusive process. Deutsche Bank. In the next three years. 12 Techno Services. The funding will be used to invest in technology. Its existing investors IDG Ventures and IndoUS Venture Partners also participated in this round of funding. and ICICI Bank to offer real time interest rate quotes and approvals on loans. Abacus Mathematics facilities and the like. pre-school management. CEO. Following consumer demand for more items. Adhil Shetty April 16 MUMBAI Gold Sponsors Speakers John Soliveres Managing Director and Co-founder. Myntra claims to have 500.” says Adhil Shetty.” he added. but the priority will be on lifestyle and casual fashion brands such as Lee. Sequoia’s KP Balaraj and Ravishankar GV and Song Advisors’ Vishal Vasishth joined the board of K12 Techno. a Hyderabad based. Personalization is a niche market and we decided we need to go mainstream. Infosys April 2011 43112195 . and marketing solutions to educational trusts. “We will also leverage this investment to grow our world class team of financial services and technology talent.” K-12 Techno Services is a school management company which manages over 70 affordable English-medium schools run by 15 different trusts under the Gowtham Model School brand. Axis Bank. Myntra is in the process of repositioning itself as a lifestyle portal. we grew 200 percent and this year we are targeting a 3x raises `62 Crore in Series B Funding E |18| ing very fast. teacher training. an online provider of customized rate quotes on loans and insurance products. supply chain and marketing. we want to be a $100 million company. It also ships to 40 countries globally.7 crore in a Series A round lead by Walden International.Last financial year. Quick Report Software Naveen Prabhu IT solutions Manager. Kotak Mahindra. The cricket world cup season proved to be a blessing to Myntra. Standard Chartered. BankBazaar. The company’s services include curriculum development. It will continue to offer personalization to BankBazaar. Myntra. with over 50 percent of the average 1. ING. Following the first round.

It required a security solution that not only provided end to end secured network but also provided faster scan speeds. Moreover in this era of mobile workforce. productivity enhancement and operational excellence. while it is of necessity that mobility devices be given access to company’s network. hackers are also redesigning their tactics to target these networks. And this is the opportunity we want to tap in. the total size of the security market is worth Rs. a pioneer in the management and application of electrical energy with a diverse portfolio of products for both industrial and consumer segment. with the increasing number of machines. thwarted the competition and sealed its position in the antivirus front nationally as well as internationally. better detection rates of new generation malware along with effective re- Govind Rammurthy CEO & MD April 2011 . in the last decades has grown leaps and bounds. the company had been aggressively investing in eScan. product certifications. Moreover. And that’s why security solutions enjoy maximum priority in the IT investments of companies. AntiSpam. To meet high quality standards and to ensure customers receive the best in class. there came a dire need of having a highly secure network. the awareness for need of network security has been comparatively lower in SMEs/SMBs. Mumbai headquartered Microworld.” says Govind Ramamurthy. R&D. As these changes take place. administrators needed a visual description that would help analyze the deployment status and protection status of all PCs within the network. Founded in 1993. Enterprises and SMBs alike Unlike the IT industry. thanks to undisputed connectivity of social networks and mobility devices like smartphones and tablets. installation had to be done without a break in workflow and without disrupting business continuity. While most large enterprises have embraced IT security as a part of the corporate culture. 2. With its prime product The Smart Techie Micro World W By Vimali Swamy |20| Securing the Individuals. Thus the company finds itself in a sweet spot by being a prominent player in advanced security solution specializing in AntiVirus. product quality.COVER STORY Two Decades of Securing Enterpises e are in an era where the amount of data being churned out is increasing multifold in corporate environment. Similar was the case with Crompton Greaves. Content Security and Network Intrusion Prevention solutions. Today phishing and spam continues to increase on social/corporate networks as users migrate large portions of their Internet activity such as e-mail to these properties. the company has reached out to not only large enterprises but also SMBs and individuals across Tier 1. The very structure of work environment is undergoing rapid change with workforces going mobile and accessing corporate network from remote locations with VPN and other devices. many small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) have been as unguarded as small-town residents who keep their doors and windows unlocked. CEO and Managing Director of MicroWorld Technologies.300 crore. it is quiet a challenge to monitor every device that connects to the network and what information transacts. For long it did not see the need for a strong security solution but with the increasing rise of threats /malware.650 crore and capitalization has been only Rs. “More than 12 banks had been phished in the past few years in India including ICICI and Bank of India. This is really a matter of concern. In addition. and 3 cities. According to Gartner. The need to secure all endpoints and maintain logs on files accessed/transferred to USB based devices was of utmost importance as information breach was not an option.

300 people strong and a vast footprint across all segments. Email Gateway and Proxy Server Manufacturers. amongst others. claims the company. UTM Vendors. Today. Malaysia and South Africa. free antivirus. Spam and Phishing mails along with comprehensive content Security. the default settings of the Antivirus and Endpoint security module are sufficient enough to keep all managed machines safe and secure from malware. Networking Vendors. Securing its footprint globally When the company started. eScan Web Console features a Client download link. It also developed customized solutions for different kinds of mail servers. eScan implements a web based console that allowed administrators to securely login to the eScan management console from anywhere within the network using a browser. eScan also allows administrators to quickly secure and deploy machines on the network. This allows administrators to deploy and setup the client directly from the web console. In addition to this. For corporate and SMBs. the client setup file comes embedded with the server IP address.” Rammurthy explicates. Thus. “You always go the extra mile and no matter how it seems. it has its presence in more than 90 countries and the software is available in more than 16 languages. Recently. Suse Linux and Red Hat. “People have started using Internet to a large extent. Continuing with its legacy of innovating and tapping potential market and opportunities. In addition. the product offers protection against Virus. Software Developers.moval of known/unknown malware. with endpoint security (EPS) enabled and by implementing the necessary policies. Anti-Spam and Content Security solution for Mail Servers – MailScan 6. “For tackling Spam and Phishing. In addition to gaining insight into application usage of clients. MicroWorld employs a unique technology named Non Intrusive Learning Patterns (NILP). MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL) Technology developed by MicroWorld is an innovative technology which can work between the Winsock Layer and application layer. Co-Branding and Bundling. The company will shortly launch the eScan version for mobile phones. before it enters the application layer. It is essentially focused on partner-driven sales. Some of the OEM partners include Hardware Manufacturers. A special mention about the support team – they were quick and efficient to resolve the initial issues as well as the small teething issues with eScan.” says Ramamurthy. So. A-class and few B-class towns. ruling out the need to carry the installation file. penetrating the world market. With Internet threats creeping in. we will launch products for Blackberry and other OS. With the implementation of the dashboard network administrators can review the overall status of all connected machines. by continuously improvising and innovating its Technology and Solutions. The Smart Techie April 2011 |23| April 2011 . the Indian antivirus industry especially the SMB segment was not as evolved as it is today. such as Microsoft. In addition EPS also maintains a log on all files that were modified and transferred to otherwise whitelisted drives. Today with the increased awareness of IT across all sectors. MicroWorld is currently in the phase of launching several new products over the next three months. The software has evolved with time and various new features have been added to tackle new threats in the wild. “At a time when more and more mission critical operations are fast moving on to web based models and emails becoming the lifeline of businesses. Furthermore. The company also has a range of OEM and customized Information Security solutions for companies interested in licensing its technologies.” he says.” says Rammurthy. this is what most of the customers’ say on MicroWorld’s products. clients were not ready to pay for antivirus. client issues could now be resolved in a matter of minutes as administrators could now remotely connect to the desired machine and troubleshoot. This adaptive mechanism can analyze each email according to the Behavioral Patterns of the user and can take an informed decision there after. followed by its ability to customize product as per the market needs. Having deployed eScan for five years now. most SMEs have been as unguarded as small-town residents who keep their doors and windows unlocked. There are three types of OEM opportunities available for companies interested in becoming MicroWorld’s OEM partners — Re-Branding. people have realized the importance of antivirus and security. Thought the company was not very aggressive on the domestic market. It works in tandem with them to ensure that MicroWorld’s products provide comprehensive protection to all systems running these platforms and solutions. there has been tremendous activity. comprehensive protection for Enterprises becomes the key to Business Continuity and Operational Stability. Distributors and ISPs. Furthermore. He feels that the company’s biggest strength nationally and internationally is the technology. eliminating the need to physically attend individual machines. MicroWorld is the sole company to have developed MailScan for more than 32 different types of mail servers and is available on both Linux and Windows platforms. Citrix. |22| What is next? MicroWorld as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) is part of the partner programme of major software and hardware giants. This instigated it to focus on the international market. Senior Manager (IT). Crompton Greaves. They are proactive and even go off the track to provide solutions for any security related issues. Shirish Pai. the way the company is accelerating it hopes to cross the Rs. since last five years. we have started building up the channel and channel confidence and today have large team focusing here. With its consistent growth over the years as a testimonial. Apart from the comprehensive next generation security. the implementation of the dashboard allowed administrators to view the deployment and protection status of all machines managed by the eScan Management Console. including metros. the necessary reports can be mailed as and when they were generated.1 and eScan Version 11 for corporate use. Today. it recently launched eScan version 11 which has enhanced features and is extremely user friendly. MWL allows MicroWorld products to stop unsafe content at the transport layer itself. Furthermore. I greatly appreciate you”—Needless to mention. Using the dashboard. emphasizing increasing its engagement with channel partners and resellers. Today the products from MicroWorld have passed several rigorous tests conducted by reputed. the company has released a new version of MailScan range of AntiVirus. The company recently rolled out 26-city road show to cover all the major towns of India. administrators can easily set policies to specific clients with ease. “We have been satisfied with eScan as a security solution in Crompton Greaves Ltd. It was a perfect match as eScan used whitelisting and cache technologies that enabled faster scans and did not impact the performance of the managed clients apart providing from end to end security. Employing an array of intelligent filters and equipped with artificial intelligence based NILP technology. Intel. Followed by Android. administrators can block applications from running and also put a curb on data theft by restricting usage of external drive. India has become a prime market.100 crore mark soon. The company also introduced eScan remote support for customers through which it can remotely connect to the customer’s computer and provide support immediately. eliminating the need to manually enter the IP address of the server during client installation. But the company understood that the scenario internationally was completely different. This not only allows network audits to be carried out with ease but also The Smart Techie helps in deploying additional eScan clients when needed. The company is well on the track to consistently deliver Security Solutions that one can rely on. From the myriad of products flooding the market. “Smartphone is the next big thing in corporate environment and we hope to tap this opportunity immensely. Crompton Greaves decided to deploy the corporate version of eScan. It has been installed for more than 5 years and has worked flawlessly. this target does not seem farfetched to achieve. The automatic reporting feature helps administrators to generate a more detailed report of all managed computers within the network. The Innovation The core difference between MicroWorld and other companies in the segment is the innovation it brings with in its approach at securing the network. and independent evaluators of the security industry. IBM Corporation. allowing network administrators to review only machines that are of importance. Every assembler or every small system integrator (SI) was selling hardware with While most large enterprises have embraced IT security as a part of the corporate culture. is extremely pleased with the products performance and stability.” Rammurthy explains. network administrators can not only view the overall status of the clients but also view the group they were currently assigned to. Having said that. To further enhance client side deployment. and thus protects Information Systems effectively. Mac systems and other Android-based devices. Using this newly implemented feature administrators can deploy and manage endpoints at remote locations. The company went ahead and started its operations in the US and since then has subsequently expanded its footprints in Germany.

As the importance of autonomous large scale surveillance system continues to rise. The market share of IP-camera market is steadily increasing. CCTV systems are deployed over a number of remote locations and are monitored by security personnel at a central location. IP-camera volume is projected to take over CCTV (analog) camera volume. Various reports suggest that the total India surveillance market is around Rs 2500 Crores. In the case of network failure. Following all this. Of that the IP camera market is Rs 300 Crores and the CCTV camera market is Rs 1500 Crores. A distributed video surveillance solution greatly reduces operational cost while increasing the availability. Railway Stations and Bus Stations as well as large campuses including places like IT Parks to prevent as well as limit the impact of terrorist attacks. government regulations. detect relevant events. The fact that the video is streamed over the network can result in delayed response times to events that require immediate action. It would be desirable to provide a distributed video surveillance system that has cameras with the ability to address situations involving lack of power and limited or no network. monitor. Cameras will need to have both battery backup as well as local storage to provide for an eventuality where either power and/or network are unavailable or limited. the camera should have the ability to analyse the video. In particular in the case of power failure. An analytics-enabled Video Management Software (VMS) addresses the three big scalability challenges of enterprise video deployments — human resources. the camera should have the ability to decide the resolutions and the frame rate for streaming the video over the network. accident and mitigation which require real-time event recognition. Silvan Innovations Lab TECHNOLOGY By M. especially in homeland security. Such a passive system cannot help with crime or terror prevention. While providing battery backup on the camera is an obvious solution for enabling cameras to continue to work in the absence of AC power.The author is CEO. Typically. video analytics is bound to take a pivotal role. Embedded video analytics provides a win-win situation. detect specific events and trigger alarms. it is an urgent necessity to come up with video analytics that can autonomously track. As a result such a surveillance system becomes highly available and reliable. This system ensures that the camera is the only point of failure and the other cameras in the system can takeover if one camera fails. storage and bandwidth — more effectively and cost-efficiently than a system without this capability.Girikrishna roadmap for ip Based surveillance systems in india T The Smart Techie he terrorist attacks of 26/11 and beyond have heightened the security concerns of the country and also highlighted the limitations of analog CCTV based surveillance systems which are very prevalent in India. The success of autonomous surveillance system solely depends on video analytics. scalabaility and performance of the system while allowing centralized administration and monitoring. the camera should have the ability to store the video images locally and the video content can be synchronized with the central location on resumption of normal services. by enabling security personnel to prevent crime instead of investigating it after the incident. In such systems images from multiple cameras are streamed to a video monitor that can be viewed by a security person. algorithms will need to be implemented to support multiple situations. power utilization and optimization will be required to extend the charge on the battery so that the cameras continue to function even if power remains unavailable for extended periods. and starting of ‘surveillance as service’ business by few service providers will create a bigger discontinuity in the market. analyse and verify real-life situations in order to alert in the event of any abnormal activity without any delay. in a centralized surveillance system. In the case of network bandwidth being a limitation. In IP based surveillance systems. cameras need to have a local independent power source that will ensure that the camera continues to function. The software is the equivalent of having a tireless. unblinking person watch each camera. The surveillance systems deployed currently are not yet capable of autonomous analysis of complex events. which is the brain behind cameras. To support the effective utilization of the battery backup and local storage. and by 2012. The Smart Techie April 2011 |25| April 2011 . the effectiveness of such a system is determined by the availability of the network as well as the bandwidth available with the network. The video analytics has not yet picked up the demand in commercial surveillance market. the potential for the security personnel to miss a significant event increases. In view of its importance. Today. The video management software (VMS) in the system will have the intelligence to make decisions with respect to usage of storage and generation of alerts and alarms. an urgent need |24| has been felt to move away from traditional systems and towards digital IP based surveillance systems as they are expected to provide the ability to respond to events as they occur and also enable remote monitoring even as the affected areas remain inaccessible. the video feeds from millions of surveillance cameras are just recorded to facilitate post-event forensic analysis. Video surveillance on the digital IP-based network environment is highly dependent on availability of network bandwidth. This constraint needs to be addressed by relocating the intelligence from the remote analytics center to embedded intelligence in the camera thus providing alerts in real time with high levels of functionality with significantly lower costs and bandwidth requirements. reliability. There is a possibility that critical video information is lost and important events are missed whenever there is network or power failure. As the number of cameras increase. This technology can transform the way enterprises plan and deploy IP video surveillance systems. To improve response time to specific triggers or events. but there are specific needs in Defence and Traffic management. The device at the edge should have analytics that can detect events in real-time and stream video over the network for secondary processing on the server side. Clearly an opportunity exists to create products for the Indian market that meets this need but also to grow the market at a rate that is much faster than projected. growing at the rate of 2530% per year. The Indian market is mostly served by imported cameras. The number of failure points in such a system can also lead to an ineffective surveillance system in conditions where bandwidth is limited and power availability is an issue. Systems with these features can be deployed in public places like Airports. and make decisions on what events to store and when to stream video. This article clearly demonstrates that there are specific challenges that need to be addressed to enable a seamless and smooth transition from analog systems to digital IP based surveillance systems in the Indian market. Video analytics addresses infrastructure challenges by enabling contentaware storage and routing. The market is currently catered by numerous small service providers/dealers who do the system integration and installations of mostly imported cameras. The key problems in deploying an effective IP based Video Surveillance system in a developing market like India is the availability of 24/7 power as well as network bandwidth and the need of highly technically skilled support staff. Recent security issues.

While malicious insider data breaches by disgruntled employees are increasing. Authentication also enables organizations to protect public facing assets by ensuring the true identity of a device. exploring 19 standards and frameworks. today the infrastructure is becoming almost irrelevant – it is people and information that are driving technology. data has become critical to the bottom-line. Unstructured data stores are also typically less secure than other data repositories. standards and business practices were earlier a requirement only for a few Indian enterprises that had global operations. an increase from 65 percent three months ago. Organizations should implement testing methods that are non-disruptive and they can reduce complexity by automating failover.The author is Vice President. automating processes to streamline efficiency. All these security risks are aggravated by the explosion of mobile devices in the enterprise. informationcentric and operationalized across a well-managed infrastructure. India Product Operations. Authenticate identities by leveraging solutions that allow businesses to ensure only authorized personnel have access to systems. as users access confidential data stored on the cloud through a variety of devices. poorly managed systems and poorly protected infrastructure. Symantec’s State of Enterprise Security Survey 2010 revealed that 54 percent of Indian enterprises feel external attacks are growing. and much more difficult to manage and secure approach to protecting information is key in knowing who owns the information. to directives for telcos from the Intelligence Bureau. Stuxnet confirms that cybercriminals are targeting four key areas of weakness which puts enterprise environments at risk: poorly enforced IT policies. This is aggravated by the fact that the volume of digital information that is being generated is also exploding. causing internal data spills. From new regulations by the RBI governing the way tech- nology is used in the financial sector. where sensitive information resides. falling victim to social engineering tactics. IDC predicts the growth of unstructured data to con- |26| tinue at over 60 percent per year. no matter where it is used or stored. From intellectual property to customer records. A recent Symantec survey found that Indian enterprises are. use a full-featured archive system and deploy data loss prevention technologies. Organizations also need the visibility and security intelligence to respond to threats rapidly. the well-meaning insider threat to data has also grown. distributing and enforcing patch levels. documents and emails – that does not reside in traditional databases. it is becoming more important for enterprises to trust that the applications. Moving forward. businesses need to manage risk proactively. This means that enterprises need to: Develop and enforce IT policies and automate compliance processes. The Smart Techie April 2011 |27| April 2011 . Organizations are struggling with multiple point solutions to manage and secure their data and need technology to work together to solve problems. making them more vulnerable to data loss from both internal and external threats. and much more difficult to manage and secure. easily reads like the latest blockbuster. In such a scenario. and monitoring and reporting on system status. This prevents individuals from accidentally disclosing credentials to an attack site and from attaching unauthorized devices to the infrastructure. enterprises are also facing regulatory pressures. protecting not just the infrastructure that data resides in. However. The survey also revealed that 23 percent of Indian enterprises experienced data breaches due to malicious insiders and 31 percent experienced data breaches to insider negligence. Compounded by trends such as cloud computing and virtualization. Protect the infrastructure by securing endpoints. Security and compliance is starting to be seen as a business investment as regulations are being proposed for Indian enterprises across various sectors. The increasing mobility of the workforce and the resulting heterogeneity of enterprise environments mean information today is more dispersed. According to industry reports over 80 percent of Fortune 100 companies are using or testing a tablet. Ensure 24x7 availability. many of which are not sensitive. It also signals a shift in the cyber security landscape – attackers who were earlier motivated by fame or financial gain. While compliance. certification and adherence to laws. who has access. Data loss by well-meaning insiders occurs due to employees accidentally disclosing confidential data. The dynamic nature of threats from a multitude of sources now means organizations have to effectively reduce risk and ensure data is protected at all times. implement deduplication everywhere to free resources. but also the information itself. 42 percent feel internal The Smart Techie M malicious attacks are growing and 52 percent feel internal unintentional instances of data loss are rising. Indian enterprises also need to secure themselves against the growing insider threat to data. An organization’s most valuable information – its intellectual property – is often buried within a growing volume of unstructured documents. system. messaging and Web environments. poorly protected information. are today aiming to sabotage real-world systems. the scenario is changing. Symantec’s Enterprise Security Survey 2010 also revealed that 73 percent of Indian enterprises are witnessing a growth in smartphones connecting to the network. eight of which they currently comply with. Taking a content-aware The increasing mobility of the workforce and the resulting heterogeneity of enterprise environments mean information today is more dispersed. the case of Stuxnet – the first computer worm to affect realworld infrastructure. on an average. spreadsheets. Develop an information management strategy that includes an information retention plan and policies. or application is authentic. In fact. Utilize encryption to secure sensitive information and prohibit access by unauthorized individuals. Information explosion in enterprises today is particularly in the form of unstructured data – for example. Organizations need to stop using backup for archiving and legal holds. This is the first publicly widespread threat that has shown a possibility of gaining control of industrial systems used in critical infrastructure and placing it in the wrong hands. Additionally. Protect information proactively by taking an information-centric approach. or bypassing key company processes. This deluge of unstructured data is much more difficult to manage and secure. and in many organizations it accounts for more than 80 percent of all data. Manage systems by implementing secure operating environments. enterprises today are struggling to manage the mounting volumes of information stored and accessed across multiple devices and locations and facing attack from outside and within. enterprises require a security strategy that is riskbased and policy-driven. Apart from the pressing need to secure information. At the same time. global Indian enterprises today need to comply with a mix of local and international regulations. Symantec TECHNOLOGY By Shantanu Ghosh overcome New security Challenges with an information-Centric approach ost of us who watch action movies where a skilled hacker holds an organization or even a country to ransom will dismiss it as fiction. users and devices connecting to the network are authentic. trying to undermine security. and how to protect it as it is coming in or leaving your organization.

siliconindia. CIOs will need to objectively consider such pathbreaking approaches to technologies to trigger greater productivity and innovation in organisations. “ Jaimon Jose Distinguished Engineer. professionals. McAfee India TECHNOLOGY By Ambarish Deshpande say hello to the new ‘Consumerized iT’ workplace T he rapid proliferation of smart devices such as smart or call 080-43112195 .com/events For speaking and sponsorship opportunities write to events@siliconindia. Enforce remote encryption and wiping of information and applications for company owned smart phones and other mobile devices to protect data in case the device is lost or stolen. And new threats have kept you on your toes. employees can access company appli- cations and data on personal devices. PDAs and laptops is more than just a marketing and technological success story. However the security risks pertaining to this trend have made many organizations firmly oppose it by restricting the introduction of personal devices into the workplace and attempting to lock down data. user-selected applications. Deploy integrated endpoint security with a centralized management console to ease the effort required by security administrators and enable them to easily manage all endpoints in the system. using all these devices interchangeably for business and personal activities. If a remote device falls into the wrong hands or a transmission is intercepted. and security analysts. Security Conference 2011 provides an excellent opportunity to meet and network with delegates in a professional learning environment whilst demonstrating your commitment to community and the industry. Consumerization: To adopt or not to adopt According to a McAfee survey conducted in 2010 with global IT decision- makers. However the ubiquity of smart devices is also posing as a major challenge confronting organisations today. consumer applications for banking or travelling and business applications such as CRM. But with Information Technology having undergone a paradigm shift in the last decade.. making transactions. This however could be deemed as an escapist approach. but the application infrastructure and data remain on corporate servers behind the firewall. administrators. It is however important to note that this approach is difficult to use with users’ personal mobile phones and computers. So how can organisations leverage the productivity and cost benefits of this trend without being affected by its security challenges? McAfee recommends the following strategies for organisations to lift their veil of uncertainty around this trend and leverage it as a productivity catalyst: Deploy host and network anti-malware to reduce infections and protect company systems. Cyberoam K. RSA Vijay Mahajani Sr. By deploying virtual desktops. encrypted information is unusable. the willingness to embrace ‘Consumerization of IT’ presents an opportunity for companies to save their capital expenses by leveraging their employees’ pre-existing investments in such powerful devices. Users can carry this computer-ona-stick to any public or shared machine. and data. Wipro Consulting Services Vaidyanathan Iyer Sales Leader. Mookhey Principal Consultant. Use a firewall and network intrusion prevention system (IPS) to control traffic to and from key assets. Like most technologies. Having grown up in the age of iphones and iPads. seeking products.The author is Director Sales. and others interested in the latest advances in the security of computer systems and networks. plug it in. When the drive or card is removed. Compliance legislation. Blueinfy Cloud Security Partner Internet Security Partner Kartik Shinde Senior Manager . Data breaches. You'll get the answers to these and many more questions: · What must I know about the evolving technologies of information security and related disciplines? · How do I become a more e ective security professional? · How do I technically secure applications.Advisory Services Ernst & Young The Smart Techie |28| April 2011 Kamal Sharma Technical Sales Consultant . Novell Parag Deshpande Principal eGRC Consultant. centralized strategy is always more efficient and effective from a cost and performance standpoint than deploying a series of point solutions. Ensure VPNs for secure connections to corporate networks. An integrated. The way to make this trend work in your favour is by understanding the needs of an organisation and building a suitable strategy that incorporates this new future of work. Malware incidents.” in which thumb drives (USB drives) or memory cards store a customized interface or launch pad. downloading entertainment – anywhere and anytime. the key drivers of Consumerization of IT are increased employee productivity (58 percent) and greater flexibility and turnaround time (52 percent). job hopping professionals is increasingly insisting on using their own devices at their workplaces to ensure uninterrupted access to company information and faster turnaround and productivity to meet the imperatives of today’s competitive workplaces. At the core of this phenomenon is the fact that these powerful devices can serve as a single point gateway to accessing information. mobile. it’s difficult to enforce data encryption on employee-owned PCs and Macs. NAC can control guest devices and other unmanaged endpoints and ensure access to resources or infect your network. Vice President. Manager. Organisations need to use network access control (NAC) to ensure that employee-owned devices have installed proper security tools and are compliant with IT standards prior to accessing the network. or handle security for my industry speci c requirements? · What is my career path within or outside my current company/agency? · How can I communicate my value to the business more e ectively? The conference brings together practitioners. This certainly implies opening a Pandora’s box of issues associated with unauthorised access and subsequent data thefts! This phenomenon that is redefining the functioning of workplaces is referred as ‘Consumerization of IT’ and is touted to be one of the most radical and irreversible transformations in Enterprise IT. 2011 Mumbai Speakers Abhilash Sonwane Sr. These compact multi-functional devices have been responsible for changing the economic and social fabric globally by being an integral part of our daily environment. and begin working with familiar tools and personalized settings. Security Conference siliconindia April 9. IBM Security Solutions Tejas Lagad Director of Product Management Nexus Technology Shreeraj Shah Director. Implement encryption for information at rest and in motion. Very few companies realise that productivity benefits aside. Trend Micro India Register now at http://www. today’s ‘Generation Y’ comprising of technologically savvy. What are some more of the unsettling things that need to be addressed? And how do you survive and advance in your career? Siliconindia's Security Conference 2011 will address the challenges and issues at the forefront of enterprise security. Keep in mind that while this strategy is practical for company-owned laptops and employeeowned smart phones. there is no trace of the user’s work left on the PC. K. But imagine a scenario when an employee uses three to four smart devices to juggle between various applications such as social networking sites. Consider a relatively new development called “PC on a stick. databases etc. Today’s changing security landscape means you can’t leave anything to chance. Consumerization of IT is a mixed blessing with some incredible advantages bundled with unforeseen risks. consultants.India & SAARC. Network Intelligence Cybercrime.

Furthermore. However. which uses Adobe Flash objects to display and interact with the user based on content. Web 2. The services are located and described using the WSDL (Web Services Description Language).0 applications usually consist of the following technologies HTML5 – HTML5 is a revision to the existing HTML 4. However. Software-as-aService (SaaS). Web 2.0 and Cloud applications and how organizations have to consider security seriously before they develop/deploy these applications for their critical business requirements. For instance. |30| Evil API based Attacks – Many Web 2.0 applications as well. provided by Facebook’s API. These applications are built for high interconnectivity.0 has become a phenomenon ever since it was coined in the year 1999.0 and Cloud Applications is to build security into the SDLC and ensure that security is a high priority throughout the development and deployment lifecycle of the application. Flash is another popular Client-Side Technology. the users of the application. where an attacker can potentially get access to the database using crafted SQL queries in the application input. in Web 2. Video Sharing Sites. This is especially popular with social networks and is gaining a great deal of traction with Business Applications as well. applications should also be subjected to Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (where they are attacked from an attacker’s perspective) where coding flaws and configuration vulnerabilities are identified. A variety of tests should be conducted for these applications before they are deployed in the environment. which may affect the other users of the application. The data is present in the JSON request or response in an array format.0 apps work based on the API model. Organizations must also test these web applications early and often. without having the refresh/load the web page again.0 applications for many reasons.0 applications are supposed to provide quicker results and a higher level of interaction with the user. the client (browser) receives a great deal of business logic.The author is CTO. For instance.0 and the Cloud have opened up new avenues for enterprises experience the full power of the web. can result in XSS and other injection attacks. A few of them are: Client Side Business Logic – One of the key elements of several Web 2. Discovery and Integration). Hosted Services. This has been seen extensively in attacks perpetrated by third party applications against the users of social networks like facebook and twitter. The attacker can also send malicious scripts in the request over JSON and perpetrate Cross Site Scripting attacks (XSS).0 Attack Surface Typically most of the attacks that affect traditional websites and web applications still apply to Web 2. a real estate website can use a mashup containing content from Google Maps and its own real estate listing content to draw a map of different properties that are on sale for greater user interaction and flexibility. which is XML based. The organization decides to provide its API to external developers to create mashups or promote development of value-added applications that run on top of the organization’s application. The Smart Techie April 2011 |31| April 2011 . A malicious developer may write an application that uses the API of the host web application to perpetrate attacks against The Solution – Web 2. The organization must develop a strong practice of incorporating security into the lifecycle for security issues to be nipped at the bud. Wikis. For instance an attacker may inject: <video poster= javascript: document.0. This article focuses on some of the attacks against Web 2. because Web 2. Web services allow application developers to utilize services provided by different service providers in order to create integrated web applications or mashup applications. interaction and interoperability with users and other applications. Web services can be located with the UDDI (Universal Description. therefore security is a critical priority. and this has been a marked increase from the traditional websites and web application from the Web 1.0 applications. Social Networking Sites. However. Applications should be subject to white-box testing techniques like code review and analysis at regular stages of development. Mashups and so on are some examples of Web 2. These API files are usually discovered by attackers through a simple process of crawling the target web application. the attack surface is greatly increased in Web 2. For instance. Flash and RIA – Web Applications today are expected to provide a greater user experience than ever before.01 language. This is made possible by Rich Internet Application technologies like AJAX and Flash. However.0 era. we45 Solutions India TECHNOLOGY By Abhay Bhargav Cloud Security Challenges in Securing Enterprise Web 2. Flash applications contain a great deal of business logic implementation in modern web 2. It is usually seen that the API is seldom validated for coding practices. Web services are traditionally accessed using the SOAP protocol. There are new tags like <video> and <audio> for multimedia content Web 2.0 applications. where anything from hijacking a user’s session to. treading carefully with security as a key priority is my advise to enterprises. AJAX is ‘Asynchronous JavaScript and XML’. HTML5 Insecurity – The HTML5 provides a great deal of features for Rich Internet applications. In many cases standard JavaScript API files used by the application can be called without authentication to provide access to privileged functions in the application. This is so.0 phenomenon has a serious security flipside. Every organization that wants a web presence today wants a Web 2. petrate an attack against the database. Blogs.0 is everywhere. as a result of which an attacker can potential send malicious SQL queries in the JSON request and gain access to sensitive information in the database and per- only used for games and videos. The new tags introduced by the HTML5 like <canvas> or <video> can be used by the attacker to inject JavaScript code and perpetrate XSS attacks. There are myriad ways in which an attacker can compromise Web 2.0 applications is that there is a great deal of application business logic present at the client side as opposed to the server side. Several developers do not validate the input sent to the server or validate the response sent by the server to the client. The client receives the data in JSON format in a response and parses it to be displayed to a user. The new features of the HTML5 can also be used by the attacker to perpetrate Cross Site Scripting attacks (XSS). However. Developers often commit the error of sending more data to the client than necessary.0 Apps – A Brief Introduction Web 2. The Smart Techie Web Services – Web Service is a software component that is made available over a network. in recent times the move is towards an API model using the REST (Representational State AJAX. but today business applications and complicated business logic is also delivered via flash for web applications to provide a superior user experience.0 Applications eb 2. cookie// This attack may result in the user’s current session id to be hijacked by the attacker. The attacker can identify the requests made by the flash object in the web application. Over time. The attacker can send crafted web requests through the flash objects and if the application does not validate or filter input. we have seen web applications being highly interactive and interoperable. which is like a directory service for web services.0 application and would like to exploit the power of the Cloud. the Web 2. Attackers can inject malicious JavaScript into the application’s input and attack other users of the application or even cause a Denial-of-Service of the application. providing high level of interoperability and a greater set of features for their users. Earlier flash was Transfer) accessed using HTTP Request and response messages with the XMLHTTP-Request with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). which provides improvements to the language as well as a great deal of features with respect to multimedia and rich content. W Web 2. Facebook apps are examples of API based applications. Other injection based attacks like SQL Injection can also be perpetrated. which enables asynchronous communications between the user’s browser and the web server using the XML-HTTP-Request. an AJAX application uses the JSON to hold the data in a request and response.0 applications. AJAX is also used to create mashups of applications where the web application can access different external web services and provide the user with the presentation and content using content from different web services.0 and Cloud Apps The best solution to protect critical Enterprise Web 2.

NIRMA MICA XIMB IMI 14. For the first time in India.5375 hools Sc A OF INDI 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Kozhikode Mumbai 12.08 7.64 7.03 7.51 17.6 6.95 6.584 14.06 6.39 15.29 10.042 11.74 14.025 Great Lakes Inst Of Mgmt 9.865 Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Goa Bhubaneswar Anand Delhi Goa Institute of Mgmt IRMA NMIMS TAPMI K J Somaiya IIT Rorkee ITS Mohan Nagar IIT Chennai BIMM Welingkar ITS Noida LIBA IBA 11. The report also includes couple of other exciting rankings like Top New Generation B-Schools and zonal rankings of B-Schools with best earning potential Apart from IIMs The survey has been conducted by SiliconIndia independently without any direct inputs from the colleges that have helped in giving unbiased stats.46 9. SiliconIndia has done a survey to highlight the most important element of management education and i.68 16.171 12.673 Fortune Inst of International Business ITM Loyola College XIME Hyderabad Delhi Mumbai Chennai Noida 7.98 14. We assure you that the salary figures and other stats represented in the report are very close to the reality.27 IIM Ahemdabad JBIMS IIM Kolkata FMS Delhi Jamshedpur Ahemdabad Mumbai Kolkata Delhi Delhi Mumbai Lucknow Indore Delhi S.81 8.“For the first time in India.93 7.125 8.32 7.87 6. perceived value of B Schools Graduates’ in the job market post 5 years of their MBA.291 Amity Business School Manipal Inst of Mgmt SIBM Pune IIPM Bangalore Manipal Pune Bangalore Ghaziabad Delhi National Inst. Of Magmt.No 100 W TOP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 College Name IIM Bangalore XLRI Location Bangalore Avg Salary 18. Of Industrial Eng.178 Before you let this thought precipitate that this is yet another B-School Survey and it will probably deepen your dilemma in short-listing the B-Schools.95 9. Of Mgmt.407 Aicar Business School Bangalore Mumbai Pune Pune Pune Bangalore Gurgaon Alliance Business School Infinity Business School IMDR IBS SCMHRD Poona School Of Business 7.Jain Inst. perceived value of B-Schools graduates in the job market post 5 years of theirMBA” Mumbai Manipal Rorkee Mumbai Ghaziabad Chennai Chennai Pune Mumbai Delhi Delhi Noida Chennai 10.7 11.64 10.33 11.12 9.53 6. we would quickly like to tell you why this survey is different and why it make enormous sense going through a complete report. Of Mgmt IIM Lucknow IIM Indore IIFT 10 MDI Gurgaon IIM Kozhikode National Inst.610 management graduates of 2006 batch across India. 8.928 15.e.55 6. 2011.88 9. who participated in the online polling conducted on SiliconIndia from 1st February May.18 6.453 8. this Report will help MBA aspirants in mapping the colleges based on the salary & career Growth. To be precise.96 11.283 8. The average salary data have been collated by SiliconIndia by sampling 20.409 8.4 11.982 8. IMT Ghaziabad . SiliconIndia has done a survey to high light The most important element of management education i.67 14.075 8. elcome to the second edition of SiliconIndia’s comprehensive salary and career growth survey of management graduates from TOP 200 B-Schools of India.63 8. 2011 to 15th March.21 6.P.0625 Fore School Of Mgmt Lal Bahadur Shastri Inst.e.

725 3.44 5. Bhubaneswar IBMR Skyline Business School KIIT SOM Bhubaneswar Bangalore Jaipur Taxila Business School Bhubaneswar Bangalore 3.205 5.9 3.86 5.4 5.075 6. Of Mgmt Acharya Inst.TOP 100 B-SCHOOLS OF INDIA No 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 College Name IFMR Amrita Business School Kirloskar Inst of Mgmt GITAM IPE Loca on Chennai Harihar Kolkata Pune Amritapuri Visakhapatnam Hyderabad Mumbai Pune AvgSalary 6.458 3.425 4.905 4.2 2.09 5. MET Institute of Management IMS Ghaziabad BIM Tirchy K.065 6.36 5.94 5.959 3.91 3.71 5.73 3. Sc.004 5.C.65 Integral Institute Of Advanced Management Bangalore Management Academy Asan Memorial Inst.05 5 5 EMPI Rai Business School Dr. EIILM IBMT Visakhapatnam Bangalore Chennai Kolkata Bangalore Bangalore Delhi RCM.163 Asia Pacific Inst. Mgmt.905 3. D.83333 Acharya Inst. Of Mgmt.93 IISWBM 4. IILM IME 5.11 4 4.147 5. 3.12 6.4 4. Of Mgmt Gurgaon Mumbai Delhi Delhi Pune 5.07 5.2 5.42 4.Y.1 5.81 5. Patil Institute of Management & Research Indira Institute of Management Pune XISS TISS Mumbai Ranchi IFIM Mumbai BIMT Bangalore Gurgaon Kolkata Delhi Pune 4.College of Management Studies Varanasi Bangalore Mumbai Tirchy Delhi Delhi Coimbatore Ghaziabad 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 The Smart Techie New Delhi Inst.711 4.68 5.512 5.216 Apeejay School of Marketing TASMAC NIILM IPEM IFTM Vellore Inst.23 4.8925 Globsyn Business School Symbiosis Inst Mgmt Studies Banaras Hindu University ISB&M PSG Christ Institute of Mgmt.7 3. Sc. Of Technology April 2011 |34| .925 3. Of Technology SRM School of Management Jaipuria Institute of Management BIT Ranchi Vellore Delhi Chennai Ghaziabad Lucknow Ranchi Jaipur Moradabaad Jagan Inst.443 3.775 3.25 4.158 5. Of Mgmt.

which. For almost all B-schools. is an average 25 per cent upsurge in average domestic salaries across top rung B schools. Bain and Company. Booz and Company. shows some signs of recovery. this year saw consulting firms hiring on an increased rate as compared to that of last year. PSUs preferences take a nose-dive. PSUs which last year saw lion’s share of graduates opting for it. although do not compare to the 2008 standard.P.. centure Business Consulting. took a dip this year. 2010 saw the return of Banking and Finance as the major recruiters although the numbers did not match to last year’s statistics but still they continued to be the ones to catch hold of majority of MBA graduates. Of Industrial Eng. KPMG. Deloitte. Droege. We at siliconindia. Alliance Business School Loyola College More Pre Placement offers and Lateral Placement offers this time: In what came to be deemed as an impressive prelude to this year’s final fulfilling placements. with the industry bouncing back. Of Mgmt IIM Indore National have carefully consolidated the crucial facts and figures from the placement press releases as issued by the top B-schools. witnessed a significant rise (20 per cent approx. This year’s placements have A Global blue chip firms pitch in profusely: With the resurgence of global economy. students were offered increased offers of pre placement offers and lateral placement offers.TOP 100 B-SCHOOLS OF INDIA Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TOP 100 B-SCHOOLS OF INDIA Location Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Ghaziabad Noida Lucknow TOP B-Schools in North India College Name FMS Delhi IIM Lucknow IIFT IMI MDI Gurgaon ITS Mohan Nagar ITS Noida LBSIM FIIB Fore School Of Mgmt placements 2010 see 20 percent hike in salary TOP B-Schools in East India Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 College Name XLRI IIM Kolkata XIMB XISS Globsyn Business School IISWBM EIILM Location Kolkata Kolkata Ranchi Ranchi Kolkata Kolkata Jamshedpur Bhubaneswar Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TOP B-Schools in West India College Name JBIMS IIM Ahemdabad S. AT Kearney and Oliver Wyman. Consulting firms surface up: PSUs had witnessed a robust crowd of students at its doorsteps last year but this year the interest in this sector seems to have taken a plunge whereas consulting firms were back with a vengeance this season. Bhubaneswar Goa Institute of Mgmt NMIMS Bhubaneswar Mumbai Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TOP B-Schools in South India College Name IIM B IIM Kozhikode TAPMI Great Lakes Inst Of Mgmt IIT Chennai LIBA IBA IBS Location Bangalore Kozhikode Manipal Chennai Chennai Chennai Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore Hyderabad look at the placements of 2010. “Profiles offered clearly took precedence over salaries and incentives. In a major shift of trends. Simultaneously. Nirma MICA IRMA Location Mumbai Mumbai Indore Ahemdabad Mumbai Ahemdabad Ahmedabad Goa Anand BIT Ranchi RCM. Gallup Consulting. The Smart Techie Job profiles given more priority over perks: A very interesting trend that seems to be emerging is that of giving more preference to better and befitting profiles. the dipping global economic health. 2009 had been a nightmare with gloomy placement scenario. This year. came innumerable offers from international companies like Mckinsey & Co The Boston Consulting Group.Jain Inst. however. Overall. and many more global firms showed faith in Indian brains and flooded them with international stints. Hewitt. Cognizant Business Consulting. Monitor Group. This further strengthened the emerging perception of a fast paced economic recovery. this sector continues to rule by absorbing the majority across the top B schools. are significantly higher than true figures of 2009. Ac- Finance and Banking bounce back as the major recruiters: Finance and banking sector is in vogue again. Courtesy. Spearheading this recovery. students of business schools have fresh smiles on their faces…placements are coming back to life. the placements 2010 come as a breather for all that suffocation that had settled in last year. picking up a sizeable chunk. PricewaterhouseCoopers.” |37| April 2011 . The average salary figures. Firms like Mckinsey & Co. still the signs are yet not as good as 2008. In spite of this year’s lower statistics hinting at a slower revival rate. infested by the virus named “recession”. etc. Bristlecone. This year’s placements are marked by a major shuffle in the sector wise preferences. and drawn out following major trends this year: A crystal clear upturn in average domestic salary: 2010 comes as a whiff of fresh air to all those concerned about the credit crunch in the Indian market last year.) in the salary offered.

Prasad Ramanathan Associate Vice President (Software).” Krishna Durbha Head Customer Value Management. good and upward trending track records. handset/OEM and off-deck platforms. Paymate. Software workshop. After the phenomenal success of the ‘Mobile Applications Conference’ in Delhi and Bangalore. The event then moved on to the VC perspective on opportunities for entrepreneurs in the mobile space. Clarice Technologies.” At the event. Hakuna matata. Spardin. Mobango and Hara Prasanna Kar Director Business The Smart Techie S Siliconindia MAC Mumbai divests an insight into Development . Inventus Capital on the panel. the human race. this edition of the conference explored the new opportunities that are emerging in the mobile market in 2011 and shed some light on where the industry is headed and how entrepreneurs and developers can take advantage. and then we gave this additional organ to ourselves. Sequoia Capital. mPortal said. Mobile2Win.EVENT By Akanksha Ravindran iliconindia in keeping with the tradition and core philosophy of creating a platform for experts in the industry to share their learning with other stakeholders. IDG Ventures India. Technology. Patni Computer Systems and Viswanath Ramachandran Chief Technology Officer. Tech Solutions. Bharti Airtel followed by a session on ‘Mobile Web Development’ which was addressed by Mohit Saxena Founder & Vice President. Define Labs. Envision Mobility. too: Where will they go?’ Sunzay Passari. What’s different. Tritonetech and Webonise Lab. InMobi. information and entertainment. Clarity of vision is critical. Sam Gulve Managing Director . Prasad Ramanathan from Patni Computer Systems felt. Karan Mohla Senior Associate. what solution you are offering and who your customer is. It is also very important to know what problem you are solving. Blackpepper. we should really think about how we can make life easy. The other panel discussion at the conference was on ‘Carriers and Handset makers want a piece. God gave us five sensory organs. and most importantly a passion. The panelists were Alap Ghosh Head of Sales. what has changed? Is the app craze a fad or will it continue? The panel on ‘Mobile applications explode. VC’s look to invest in companies which are solving a pain point with a perspective that is neither too narrow or too broad. We- Mobile Marketing bonise Lab. And when one thinks about an application for this new organ. a new tongue that we have got. the major brands and advertisers now realize that mobile is the next big thing. One97. application distributors. He exhorted the developers to fulfill an existing need by an application rather than creating an application and then creating a market for it. IDG Ventures India said. It’s almost like a new eye. The event started with a keynote address on ‘Enterprise Mobile Applications’ by Vinod Gadiyaram. Some of the presenting companies included Ayansys. Ponnapa PG CEOEmerging Markets. themselves. Mobiz Infotech. Essar Telecom Group while speaking on this said. Nexus Venture Partners and Samir Kumar Managing Director.Telecom & VAS. CanvasM. operators. Manoj Gupta Principal. Karan Mohla Senior Associate. fast and efficient for The Opportunity: It used to be ringtones — now what? nities within the mobile space especially in the areas of mobile app marketing and advertising as the app market is proliferating across the carrier. especially for the CEO when evaluating the strategic options for the company. A sizeable customer base is ready to consume a VAS / App but is very tentative in navigating the maze on their phone. advertisers/ content aggregators. a new ear. Genius Port. Shailesh Lakhani Vice President. Sam Gulve started by saying that mobile technology has got most integrated into our lives and has become the Sixth Sensory Organ for the human race. Hence ‘Home screen widgets’ will play a critical role in the future of content discovery for this large segment”. Executive Vice President . “When there are far too many applications very few of them reach the audience. Who wins and who loses?’ discussed about "the ecosystem battle for developers and their consumers" and how it affects every player in the mobile ecosystem — from carriers and handset makers to the application developers. organized the Mobile Application Conference in Mumbai on February 19th. VC’s look positively at backing teams with a complementary set of skills. Major shifts are changing the game including open platforms and new entrants. providing insight to developers and technology providers who are looking to reach the mass market. There are a several emerging opportu- Indian Mobile Market |38| This was the topic of a panel presided by Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan Chief Technology Officer. “India remains a large non-smart phone market and will remain so for the foreseeable future. But how do you execute mobile campaigns? Shardul Mohite CEO. the benefits to consumer and enterprise users.e.” The Smart Techie April 2011 |39| April 2011 . Probir Roy’s session carried opportunities in traditional VAS going forward in a 3 G scenario and also that the use of the Mobile for payments and financial transactions wraps around nicely with its current use for communication. The discussion explored the potential of mobile applications. And being able to get the perspective of different stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem (i. We had VCs like Ishan Gupta General Manager. some of the coolest mobile startups showcased the apps that they built. Spice Mobility and Probir Roy Co-Founder. Mobuute. Webaroo Technology shared their experiences of how the big brands have turned mobile marketing to their advantage. ‘Mobuute Technologies’ walked away with the ‘Top Mobile Apps’ award. application developers. Organizations are no longer merely dipping their toe in the water. Reliance Communications felt that the interesting facet of this conference was the opportunity that it gave the development community to interact intensely with Venture Capital companies & Operators. Money-on-Mobile. Regional Voice Head. Speaking on challenges of Mobile Content discovery. Omni-Bridge Systems. Dot Com Infoway. venture capitalists) in one place was a great value addition. and what it will take to transform a great application into a real company. “Having the right team is most crucial in any venture. The developing companies should keep in mind this when developing their applications where their chance of success is far more. “Overall the conference was great platform from the standpoint of learning about the consumption patterns of mobile applications within the Indian context.

touch screen etc. which is a closed system. You can decide the look and feel of your homepage. Toshiba etc would be unveiled and Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android would fight their wars on new frontiers. The recent Android 2. Google Voice and more. can come in the way of the gigantic Android wave. your applications. Android is open source and hence. in partnership with hardware manufacturers like Motorola. While other smartphone leaders like Apple. Features in OS One of the features that all iPhone or Blackberry users don’t have and Android has. Blackberry and Nokia themselves manage the hardware and softwares of their devices which limits the number of devices their software run on. Nothing. whenever someone talked of a business phone.” In the early to mid 2000s. Phone users are certainly not complaining. Google can easily take pride in the fact that the Android OS is activating close to . The objective of this summit is to bring all the leaders from top construction and real estate companies on single platform to discuss the latest or call 080. So with an Android you can ‘speak’ your SMS. which aren’t present in other devices. Using this strategy. which ran on Mac OS X custom built for its phone.siliconindia.2 update. the OEM has to concentrate only on the hardware specs. ease of use etc of the iPhone or any other hot selling smartphone. unlike Apple’s iOS. Every other manufacturer is readying up its own version of the tablet before it’s too late. is also because of the options consumers have. Open development Google. which support the Android OS and are out in the market. Android based devices can be customised to your liking.43112191 Register now at www. tablets from Dell. its app store and its network of developers and the future looks bright for Android. which turned the tables. These two developments completely revolutionized the mobile space. architects. There are a number of factors that work in favour of the Android. and network providers like Ver- SiliconIndia is organizing the ‘India Infrarealty Leadership Summit’ on April 28th in Bangalore. You can also speak your start and end destinations to the Google’s voice based navigation system. real estate. construction. Longcheer India TECHNOLOGY By Arvind Sharma izon Wireless formed a consortium called the “Open Handset Alliance” that encourages open source development of Android. Google too announced its foray into the mobile OS business with the Android. Panel Discussions on: The new drivers for Construction market Construction Going Green Emerging Opportunities in Construction Industry Project nancing Importance of Design & new building materials Silver Sponsors For speaking and sponsorship opportunities write to events@siliconindia. This summit will witness one of the largest convergences of Infrastructure. you would inadvertently think of a Windows or a Symbian based device. In the coming months. urban planners. The summit is an ideal platform for today's eminent leaders to meet and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. ndroid has hit the world like a massive tsunami and with every passing day its appeal keeps getting stronger. And a few The Smart Techie “A |40| April 2011 android Mania The years back. real estate and construction leaders across the country brainstorm on the burning issues in Bangalore.siliconind www. Calendar entry and much else. The situation has only gotten tougher with the consistent process of software and hardware upgrades by the brand. Asus. Email. 000 devices everyday! Android invasion The first Android OS or the phone was nowhere in comparison to the look and More Options in Hardware One of the prime factors working in favour of Android has been its sheer omnipresence across all kinds of devices. in addition to the OS sporting features. interface. In this process. Note. which offered few state-of-theart features like GPS. A recent IDC report claims that Android is the only OS. while Google keeps its focus on development of the OS. However. which has always believed in having an open environment for software development. feel. With the launch of iPad. This established Google as a serious player in the mobile OS race. Using this you can use your phone as a WiFi hotspot. Part of the decision to have its own mobile-OS was the increasing trend of accessing Internet on a mobile device and their considerable presence in web based apps like Maps. is packed with some innovative features like USB tethering. Already there are tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and OlivePad. Android has been gaining market share with tremendous speed across the US and Western Europe. and HTC. Google has strengthened the OS. This mega event will bring together CXO’s from Infrastructure. and much more. omestic & foreign investors. they are busy enjoying the ride. when Google unveiled its own smartphone called the Nexus One. Android devices are available across all price categories and in all possible form factors that gives it an edge over others. which has registered positive growth. Google. This onslaught. This is a platformfor evoking thought leadership in a global business environment.The author is VP. it seems. source code of the OS is made available to developers to work on and make interesting applications. With every passing year. Fast forward to early 2010. is the one that allows users to issue voice based commands. hospitality and all concerned with the real estate sector in India. In 2007 Apple unveiled its smartphone. Apple has created a new segment in the industry. challenged the might of the iPhone and today.

you will have them whether you have someone handy to repair them or have to call a service in to repair them. so unless your staff writes network drivers. You are hiring them to make apps the business can use. Much of it would have to be rewritten with each product/platform/OS. The second reason is just as straight-forward. not network protocols. Fifth is re-use or the lack thereof. even though the new way of doing things might bring a lot of benefit to the organization. You do not own the source to a whole bunch of your applications.4 percent) and Latin america (12. according to Gartner. or Security solutions are specialists in their respective areas. and do not ask them to be a specialist for a short amount of time on a highly complex topic – they get enough of that already.5 percent year on year. Some are specialized closer to the metal. Of course you could insist that your vendor do in-depth catch-all security or implement web app acceleration in their product. probably not. In all of these cases. simply because they are not on the wire detecting things. and went through this entire discussion then. we have a whole team with nothing better to do. This is not what you hire developers for. That may change again in the future. since they are in the code and creating the network traffic. They won’t be as good at is as a dedicated staff. Is it a wise use of someone who is extremely proficient in the tools you use and has developed for your vertical to write non-business code? Not really. The things that a developer can do well are vast. Do not force them to reinvent the wheel. Chances are you will fall somewhere on the spectrum closer to “You are not our only customer… No” than to “Oh yes. Of course the latter is a better choice if you have a choice. And keep them primarily focused on building solutions that make your business responsive to the market and your customers. There are a few Web App Acceleration developers in the wild. Even though he could prove that he saved the company a lot money. and the problem domain you are taught to write it for is “everything”. Get them training in network communications protocols – while installing a WAN Optimization solution. The same is true in different ways for Security (SEIM for example) or Web Application Acceleration (you do not optimize QuickFacts putting the final touches on a year of worldwide server market growth. Or more to the point across streams. Some like my self have done a bit of it all. but I honestly do not know many enterprises that keep breadboard level repair staff around these days. so your developers can’t do these things. Web App Acceleration.5 percent). because we do not really have vertical market developers. Even knowing that you will have unexpected failures.The author is Managing Director. So do not push things onto developers that they are not in a position to deliver. and they won’t update it as often as a dedicated staff. all regions.” Again. F5 Networks TECHNOLOGY By Anil Pochiraju ecently I was in a conversation where someone seriously suggested that Web Application Acceleration and WAN Optimization should be the job of developers. Developers are not security experts. others are specialized at more business development. Some code that would suit these needs would be highly reusable. Oh there are a few. From a geographic perspective. They are development experts who are very good at turning ideas into applications. Get them training in developing secure software – while you install a WAFS and other security tools. they are speaking a development language. but there’s no schooling to be a utility company developer or financial services developer. shops that make these products. a friend of mine who repaired complex systems for a retail chain was laid off and his job eliminated. fourth quarter 2010 worldwide server shipments grew 6. The Smart Techie April 2011 |43| April 2011 . So developers really cannot effectively write this stuff into an application. but most have gone to the place where they can utilize their specialty full-time. And fourth? Well fourth is a question of possibilities. there’s schooling to write software. At first I was taken aback by this suggesThe Smart Techie What Developers Should Or Should Not Do R |42| tion. a point hinted at above. And get them training in optimizing web development projects – while installing a Web Application Acceleration product. as long as your apps are meeting SLAs or business expectations. India and SAARC. but not on vertical market. And that is reason number one why it is not something developers should be doing. You differentiate based upon languages or operating systems in college. they are dealing with data on the wire also. streaming or logo download per-app unless there is a specific reason to). Why? Because the specialty of making and repairing breadboards is centralized in a place where that is all they do. asia/pacific (22. but not complete solutions for all these issues. or checking for buffer overflows and SQL insertion attacks before deploying code? Certainly but overarching security or Web App Optimization? No. and a few Security developers in the wild. grew in revenue with the three highest growth rates shown by North america (24.4 percent. they are software development experts ers for. it is reasonable to expect a certain level of proficiency be built into your purchased apps. But only those working for companies that make WAN Optimization. I was a manager of a small team of developers and admins when Web Application Firewalls first started to be bandied about (though I don’t think they had the fancy name then). they are software development experts. There is a similarity here. But that does bring up the question. and some places want experience in their vertical. It just is not. nor are the WAN optimization experts. The third reason is a bit more esoteric. not making fifteen trips across the network when two will do it.3 percent). At least not and get the benefits offered by tools readily available today. making it much more cost-effective than every enterprise keeping someone on staff for the eventuality of a breakdown. we’ll start re-architecting right away. It is just too easy to buy extended warranty plans or replace gear before it is worn out to warrant paying someone to do that job anymore. or you could let them develop features your business needs to get the job done with their software. And that is both a plus and a negative. it was no longer seen as cost effective to maintain a test bench and the tools necessary to fix complex computer systems. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d revisit it on the much grander scale mentioned. At a minimal level. what happens when a better way to do something in one of these specialized areas comes along? Do the developers trained in these things drop whatever they’re doing to respond? In the case of security I would say “yes” for the other two. Putting that functionality somewhere that sees more than a single application’s streams is necessary to get the benefits. And finally. In WAN Optimization. while revenue climbed 16. What is best left in the hands of app developers and what is not? Not so long ago. with the exception of Japan. some of the solutions are across applications. They are not Web App Acceleration experts. And it is not what your vendors are hiring develop- Developers are not security experts. there are some optimizations/solutions that just cannot be achieved from within the application.

So. it can be said that Cloud Computing has truly entered its stage of growth. and all of a sudden a shadow has been cast on Cloud’s originally bright future. tablet computers 160 percent. Germany.Technology: By Amit Nath odern life is becoming more and more inseparable from cloud computing. and smartphones 26 percent. the Cloud market has already surpassed $37.000 consumers in eight countries in both emerging markets and developed economies: Brazil. private or hybrid clouds. ensuring that they are the only ones who can access sensitive data. virtualization and VDI. The main reason springs from the sense that they do not feel they have a good control of the data out in the cloud.8 billion and is continuing to grow towards $121. with shipments of virtu- As more enterprises use virtual servers. In addition it will secure their cloud environment effectively. Japan and the United states. China. private or hybrid clouds is ideal. Such solution the user is outside the perimeter of the enterprise. As more enterprises use virtual servers. About author Amit Nath. it also addresses the challenge of control. the most obvious example of this being the widespread acceptance of the social network. France. however. russia. This is because. they will be searching for security solutions that will protect the server hosting the virtualized environment. With data center consolidation. alized servers growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14 percent from 2009 to 2014. This tells us that information security is an extremely important cornerstone in the development of Cloud Computing! The prospect of data security in cloud computing has security professionals and CXO community taking a cautious approach. the hypervisor. It is also critical for CXOs to look at a solution that can help them to avoid vendor lock-in. A hosted key management and data encryption service will help the enterprises to go out there and take advantage of the cloud economics and the flexibility that the cloud has to offer. The continual growth of the Cloud market is absolute related to the explosive development of the “end products”. respectively. attracting investment from many different sources. One of the more critical issued is the relative lack of control of end user. As per IDC. ebook readers 133 percent. The survey focused on usage and spending on 19 different consumer electronics technologies among more than 8. and shield the virtual servers from malware and hacker attacks CXOs are skeptical: The prospects of the Cloud market are looking promising. If one looks at what the cloud does in terms of controlling data. a solution as mentioned earlier is designed to stop all that by leveraging encryption key-management technology as a service. A hosted key management and data encryption service designed to give enterprises more control over data stored in public. by 2020! With industry needs and each national government’s promotion. works by giving enterprises control over their own encryption key. along with the rise of cloud computing. Improve delivery of applications/services Security Reduce operating sta /expense Lower total cost of ownership of hardware infrastructure Improve productivity/mobility 26% 26% 9% 29% 34% 38% Enable consumer devices in corporate network Dont plan to change IT at campus/edge Don’t know / NA 7% 38% 0 10 20 30 40 What they need to look at? It is important for the CXO community to look at products or solutions that are designed to give a security boost in virtualized and cloud environments. it is expected that the robust growth in server virtualization will continue through 2014 as datacenter adoption is increasingly considered mainstream in mature economies and as organizations in emerging regions look for datacenter efficiencies. and according to research data from 2010. and shield QuickFacts The consumer purchase rates for personal computers and mobile phones (excluding smartphones) will decline by 39 percent and 56 percent this year compared with last year. the hypervisor. Trend Micro April 2011 The Smart Techie |45| April 2011 . india. India & SAARC. Security is the main driver for going cloud: IDC’s recent report further reaffirms the growth in the virtualization space. anyone without that key would not be able to access the infrastructure. By contrast. over one billion users have been accumulated since the beginning of the Internet’s speedy growth in 1999 through 2010. Solution that is designed to give enterprises control of security for data stored in public. So. enterprises are left holding the bag in the case of a cloud security breach. while cloud service providers have responsibility. says a new accenture survey. the number of total Internet users will increase to 10 billion in only another 10 years. more and more computing power and data itself are moving into virtual world. there is a common concern about information security. data security in this environment has become more critical. buying rates of 3dTVs (three-dimensional TVs) are expected to rise 500 percent. they will be searching for security solutions that will protect the server hosting the virtualized environment. everyone can acknowledge that using Cloud Computing will allow data transmission to become quicker and more easily managed. A hosted key management and data encryption service will certainly facilitate the movement between the datacenter and the cloud and enterprises can decide when and where keys are released and secure volumes are accessed as well as establish accountability over data access and key deployment with logging and audit functionality. It is expected that The Smart Techie M |44| Cloud Computing’s Toughest Obstacle! due to universal mobile device usage. Country Manager. especially when the virtual servers from malware and hacker attacks.1 billion in Y2015. it poses some new challenges. so at this time. Needs have catalyzed growth. In the eventuality of a breach.

while long-range camera deployments can benefit from the complete elimination of fiber multiplexers and distribution amplifiers. Vice President – Advanced Services. and can easily be integrated with products from various other agencies to meet specific requirements across industry verticals such as education. It enables the integration of video surveillance with access control and intrusion detection without the need for a centralized server. Product and package shipment operations can also use recorded video to help track and validate the movement of cargo or locate lost packages. The availability of a common format for video that is transmitted across the IP network also provides the ability to add new functions such as video analytics anywhere in the network. Whether at the edge of the network. Multivendor interoperability ensures that these solutions can be used to enhance other building management system capabilities thereby reducing capital and operational expenditures.such as people entering the field of view. An integrated. is forcing organizations to lay greater emphasis on physical security. to be used by other safety and security applications. Such services must also provide the support needed to plan for and implement the new solution components and/or migrate existing systems. increased accessibility and mobility. along with the associated fear of terrorism. heat. and reduce both risk and cost of ownership. In addition to physical security. Fourth generation video surveillance systems are supported by the Video Surveillance Manager (VSM) software which provides a browser-based user interface to collect. scalable platform for integrating security helps organizations to increase operational flexibility. embedded in the camera. fourth-generation video surveillance provides additional benefits and advantages over preceding generations. greater utility (any camera to any monitoring or recording device for any application.. the direction of an object. VSM allows for easier integration with other network applications including third party command and control software. As security risks increase. Fourth generation surveillance solutions also extend the capability of video surveillance gateways (enhanced encoders and decoders) and the network video recorder (NVR). increases the effectiveness of security operations and reduces the chances of responding to false alarms. i. Since IP-based surveillance provides the ability to access data/ footage from any remote location over the internet. or unify the surveillance system with other alarm systems. and sound detection sensors as well as sophisticated video analytics. The value of video surveillance has grown significantly with the introduction of motion. Video analytics which enables computer processing and analysis of video helps to alert operators or generate alarms based on specific events. transportation facilities including airports. the digital infrastructure is scalable and there is no limit to the number of devices that can be added to the network. or serve to alert the management when the number of checkout lines need a change. video can be helpful in identifying customer movements in the store. or any other browser equipped device in remote and mobile environments. Services that help to design and test various security solutions deploy the solution and its supporting management systems. proof of compliance / audit purposes. When the NVR also supports a webbrowser-based graphical user interface and is complemented with video transcoding capabilities. and cities. access control. The Smart Techie T The author is Sr. As part of an open network. Information gathered by each agency is readily available to every other agency involved in an emergency. April 2011 |47| April 2011 . manage. Physical security solutions that combine IP video surveillance. Compared to traditional CCTV cameras. and allow legacy matrix switches to be replaced by standard and typically lower-cost Ethernet switching platforms. as well provide the detailed operational plans add to customer benefit. By converging various applications and technologies on the IP network. a Services for video surveillance In order to provide the required level of physical safety and security that fourth generation surveillance solutions promise. Today the availability of the fourth generation video surveillance systems has made it possible to provide enhanced security wherever required. modular physical security solutions that are both best-in-class and interoperable. Fourth generation video surveillance systems are characterized by interoperability which helps video surveillance system gateways convert or translate proprietary vendor-specific video signals and formats into a common format and share video information with other systems via that common format. Cisco Systems TECHNOLOGY By Rakesh Goyal Technology Play in Physical Safety and Security Video surveillance and security Organizations that deploy video surveillance stand to benefit from being able to monitor a facility’s environment. people. and services to comprehensively deliver safety and security that meet the customer needs. or centralized in the monitoring center. in the encoder. This enables operators and users to easily access live or recorded video using a PC. The Ethernet switch environment provided by the network infrastructure integrates the video stream provided by the NVR when used with PCs for monitoring and reviewing video. transport. a common format enables the same video analytics program to be used for reporting and can varied based on specific circumstances. These next generation video surveillance architectures provide increased reliability. These solutions provide a unified interface that gives safety personnel a higher level of situational awareness and allows intelligent decisions to be made more quickly. In transportation for example. hotels. anywhere). these solutions reduce the complexity and lower the cost of deploying a video surveillance solution. an alarming increase in crime rate and theft. video monitoring and surveillance can come of use in many other areas as well. there is a need to integrate the most effective designs. schools. Some video analytics packages even offer the ability to identify a liquid spill on the sea and generate an alert enabling faster response by custodial services. Investments in physical security become more effective and can cost less when tied together over an existing IP network and organizations can benefit from early threat detection. higher system availability. video surveillance monitoring and reviewing can be provide first responders and their centralized safety and security command control with an unparalleled level of information and collaborative capabilities. hospitality. operators can create policies allowing the inherent value of the video.e. This ability to integrate. Video encoders can make use of the pervasive IP network cabling infrastructure instead of the redundant cabling infrastructures. as a source of information. with video surveillance. The flexibility of where video analytics can be deployed and who can use it gets enhanced when used on an IP network because the network provides the video to be analyzed and also generates reports that can be distributed anywhere the network goes. services-led solution approach helps to effectively provide emergency response systems for corporate campuses. BFSI and education. as well as other nontraditional business applications. video surveillance systems can help to monitor traffic congestion. and each agency can respond accordingly. Since they help to collapse video switching functions onto an existing Eth- |46| ernet switch environment. the need to visually monitor and record security events in an organization’s environment is growing in importance and video surveillance is becoming a key component of physical safety and security in sectors like public transport. as well as executing and recording the results of the acceptance tests that validate successful deployment. They also provide video surveillance system owners with the flexibility to design solutions tailored to their unique requirements. security or other authorized personnel can have faster access to relevant information during emergency. thereby reducing deployment costs. products. They are based on open standards. Availability of a comprehensive communication solution. and assets in real time and record events for subsequent investigation. an integrated response management system enables greater interoperability and better co-ordination between various security agencies and personnel for suitably managing emergencies. are easy to manage and support. in retail. improve protection capabilities. Using the network as an open. but also in its deployment. retail and healthcare. faster response. or the removal of an item from the field of view. airports. thus avoiding a slip and fall situation. For instance. and incident response. record / archive and distribute video from multiple third party video encoders and IP cameras. and enhanced collaboration with local law enforcement organizations.oday. Additionally. The Smart Techie security officer can correctly determine if the source of a ‘door-forced alarm’ was a gust of wind or an intruder. Customers can build cost-effective. With time video surveillance has evolved not only in its application. critical infrastructure sites.

where time and work are digitally driven.The author is Co-founder & Vice-President . Similarly. The Reserve Bank of India. Remote Management and Service Integration and more. Private and Social sector organizations to align their social and commercial goals for the benefit of the rural population of the country through a combination of IT-based as well as non-IT-based services. I have my email. and tough in the face of competition. banks have to demonstrate compliance to RBI’s mandate once in six months. if it goes down.000 villages of India. The objective of the CSC is to develop a platform which can enable Government. Citizen Information/Services Portal. in addition we need to add the right to have citizen’s information protected and available in a timely manner. There is lot of personal data that the government holds. G2C and G2B services. SEBI follows regulations which would require depositories who participate in the market to demonstrate their risk management system including the disaster recovery capabilities of IT applications. The recovery point is a measure on how much information can be lost without adversely impacting the service. Core banking enables the bank to offer customer services anywhere across the globe. recovery and build appropriate technology solutions and process to ensure citizen’s rights and expectations are met. A state wide area network (SWAN) is been assigned to network states and district head quarters. as citizens we may have to wait up to two hours for the application to be available again. The Smart Techie April 2011 |49| April 2011 . it took up a lot of time. Closely linked are the securities market.Products at Sanovi Technologies. There are two important metrics that dictate how soon data and an IT application will be made available. The regulation must require the government agency to demonstrate the ability to continue business within specified recovery metrics after a disaster strikes. my photos. State Intranet Portal. Some of the big projects are: National Citizen Database – UID project Passport. Secure Data Storage. especially with recent economic concerns. information and process are captured and implemented using IT applications. The stock exchange is sustained and driven by IT applications. and this enables them to offer customer service across the globe kind of information recovery metrics each of these projects are aiming to satisfy. Online Delivery of Services. but what about the rest of the information that keeps life humming along? Banking details. Immigration Income Tax E-Courts Land Records While the detailed scope and requirement for each of these projects. technology and globalization. and it is not surprising that we have moved ahead in terms of economy. like any other city where they have the capability to bring up their IT applications if the primary site goes down. This is not the case in the present scenario. songs and few documents in my server for easy access. most of it is on paper but there are huge amount of egovernance projects moving us from the paper to the digital world. State Data Center’s goals are to consolidate services. the need is now for regulation of e-Governance projects where citizen information and services are at stake. Deployment and other costs. if the application becomes unavailable. There are several complex projects that have the potential to change and enhance the way of getting our work done with the government. SDCs also provides better operation and management control and minimize overall cost of Data Management. The Government has approved a Common Services Centers (CSCs) Scheme for providing support to establish 100. buying or selling shares will have a DMAT account. If one could sit and analyze the radical transformation from the past to present. As we gradually move to an e-governance model. Various states are in- vesting in State Data Centers (SDC) as a key enabler. Disaster Recovery.Cap banks have deployed IT applications for core banking. you tend to panic and hope no information is lost. Going forward. If you are transacting at a bank’s ATM and if the ATM application crashes. BUSINESS By Lakshman Narayanaswamy A The Smart Techie The Need for disaster recovery management solutions in indian Banks official data manually and undoubtedly. In this case the Recovery Time for the land records application is two hours. else your bank account may not be accurate. I am eager to understand the Almost all listed banks and Mid.000 Common Services Centers in 600. There are projects initiated by central government and some are introduced by state government. applications and infrastructure to provide efficient electronic delivery of G2G. driving license. Globalization has been both – key in expanding the opportunities available to Banking sectors. The National e-Governance website has tremendous information on ongoing egovernance initiatives. it is quite astonishing. passport. Data which includes customer account details are replicated from the primary site to the alternate site on a regular basis. Such a regulation must mandate recovery metrics based on the nature of information and sensitivity of the services provided. Most of the banks have a primary location where their IT applications run and they also have an alternate site. The banking industry is perhaps on the forefront of using IT enabled services. which involve citizen’s data is not available. it is imperative that we have regulations that forces government agencies to consider information protection. State Data Centre will provide many functionalities and some of the key functionalities are Central Repository of the State. There was a time where one had to manage all the personal and |48| risk management solutions. almost all listed banks and several mid-cap banks have deployed IT applications for core banking. Considering the land records application. The market regulator for the stock market is the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Regulation in banking has gone a long way in ensuring that banks have business continuity and Disaster Recovery plan that protects integrity and security of customer information. income tax and insurance details and other important documents which are essential for your business. The Right to Information act is a momentous step for citizens. In this case the Recovery Point for the ATM application is zero. the regulatory body for banks has set up mandates to deploy disaster recovery and business continuity plan and ensure that all banks have access to the n insider’s view on the state of information management in the Indian Banking sector and the need for a strong Disaster Recovery Management (SRM) strategy in the space We are in the 21st century. IT Resource Management.

Hence. We appointed 5 VARs across India who implement and also enhance our solutions as per customer needs. CDC Software wants India to be a profit centre from presently a cost centre. according to a study by Aberdeen Group. an exceptional event which assisted marketers to approach National and International Marketing challenges with fresh thinking. interact and engage with consumers in interesting and innovative ways”. but we provide enterprise class products at affordable points for verticals like FSI. including high technology products. and how marketers need to become more creative and different to get noticed in the Social web. Apart from the existing verticals.e Talk. 90 percent of the 6. Currently we have about 18 clients in this vertical including ICICI. wellness (preventive healthcare). F&B (food and beverage) is the largest market globally since With FDA in the US and similar regulatory bodies in European countries keep a strict vigilance in terms of quality of food materials being imported into their country. the differentiating factor amongst them is customer relationship/ retention and satisfaction. we have franchisee partner programs wherein we invest in small start up reseller companies. M By Akanksha Ravindran arketin Strate g ies iliconIndia Marketing Symposium was held in Bangalore on Feb 04th. Secondly. The Smart Techie April 2011 |51| April 2011 . Government. The estimated growth for ERP. we have made three acquisitions and would be interested to do some more if the right opportunity presents.BUyErS PErSPECTIVE traction in the BFSI segment. Apart from this. What are the future plans? We see huge opportunity in India as a market. process manufacturing which includes life sciences and steel and natural products. Which are the major areas of interest for CDC Software? For CDC. when an emergency strikes. This conference addressed different marketing & branding topics in both consumer and business-to-business contexts. The enterprise class feature set of CRM is expensive. For example. MD. We also hope to expand in terms of work force this year. United Breweries says “Social media is rapidly evolving and marketers cannot ignore it. ZipDial. The event kick started with the ‘Market Research for Brands using the mobile’ by Sanjay Swamy. major marketing challenges will be based on the impact of technology on communication with target audiences – current and prospective.Making a case on that we had Kaushal Veluri. Ravish from Regalix shared his thoughts on this at our event. Hence. In such a case. Hence. execute and measure” Then the conference moved on to the social web trends for marketing and how to leverage these trends. manufacturing units. otherwise the number of "DND" (Do not Disturb) requests will increase and the number of responses decrease. SEBI and more. retail chains and others. risk manageThe Smart Techie The enterprise market in India is seeing a pivotal rise. services. With the competitiveness amongst the major players increasing day by day. There is more commitment as these partners are more focused to work with single vendor. We are keen to align with partners who believe in enhancing the services business of their customers. How do you target the potential customers? The broad strategy is to appoint two to three specialized partners per product. These innovations majorly find their way in the US and other developed markets but many of our products are now paving in roads to Indian market. e-governance (RTI) are promising areas of opportunity. There is a big evolution in the customer services landscape across enterprises. With advent of cloud computing.0 version of Pivotal was being developed in India and taking it ahead. currently. goal. For CRM. Deputy President. the turn around rate of customers is quiet delayed here. Chairman. organizations must follow the will start finding ROI in Social Media. professionals and practitioners at the single platform to explore effective marketing methods and Strategies. we see a large potential in the SME segment. the event witnessed an audience of 500 marketing professionals. Another important aspect is the Social Media Marketing. Nagaraja Prakasam |50| What are the challenges when venturing into Indian markets? In India the major challenge we find is the lack of stringent regulations. A potential client may understand the benefits of deploying an ERP solution but there continues to be a lack of urgency amongst them. and manufactured goods. Other key focused offerings include Ross Enterprise –a suite of ERP for process manufacturers and CDC factory. we are in the process of evangelizing large retail chains and corporate houses in this sector about the advantages of deploying an ERP/CRP solution like ours. Finally it is the BFSI sector which also sees GRC playing an important role. Nagaraja Prakasam. Since 2009. CRM and SCM solutions are expected to grow by 23-25 percent between 2013 and 2015. The conference proved to be an eye opener about how for next three years. the prime verticals of interest are those where governance. On the contrary. Also the two issues that sales and marketing face in their alignment are ‘perception’ & ‘Communication’ to get them to align. in case of F&B there is not a standard regulatory body that keeps a vigilant eye on vendors. the next version would be 100 percent made in India. recall of a particular brand/batch of products is quiet a chaotic process. The prime focus in India has been the ‘Pivotal CRM’ offering since past seven years. Organizations in which sales and marketing are aligned see a 20 percent growth in their annual revenue. CDC Software hopes to strike right and capture a chunk of this pie. we have lauched several new products and have been growing both organically and in-organically (through acquisitions). CDC Software India talks about company’s plan of action. S Galore at SiliconIndia Marketing Symposium TAG’EM process i. We are identifying partners with strong domain knowledge across a particular vertical. The audience as well as the speakers found it a great platform for interaction. as customers desire to provide more customer services and gain a competitive edge through CRM. In terms of product portfolio. Max New York Life Insurance. We had Krishna Kumar. is the second largest market. agree. higher education. With opportunities galore. Then it moved on the alignment of Sales and Marketing. This event brought in several marketing leaders. Director Marketing from Citrix who said “It is critical that sales and marketing align for the overall success of the organization. At 250 strong workforce. Reliance ADA groups telling us about how the customers permission is absolutely necessary whilst doing any kind of mobile marketing. EVENT Betting high on the enterprise software market How is CDC Software positioned in India? CDC Software India is the company’s biggest development center across the globe and with 75 percent of development work happening from here. we have seen quite a ment and compliance (GRC) plays a major role. Shekhar Ramamurthy. a lot of innovation in the company’s product portfolio has been happening from the India center. To harness its potential you have to listen. Vice Overall. there has been a lot of demand for our CRM solutions. so that their businesses President. But this is a case majorly in the F&B segment. In a candid conversation with SmartTechie. Indian marketing scene really looks bright for the future. Additionally we have been making some minority investments of up to $3 million in promising companies that compliment our product portfolio.

Smart HR managers adopt a structured approach for making their life easy while hiring new people and retaining the existing ones. we are one of the first companies to start an R&D division six ears ago. The event was sponsored by Quadmo Solutions. The Smart Techie April 2011 |53| April 2011 . Prithvi Information Solutions. This is the problem that small and mid size companies in India are grappling with today.BUyErS PErSPECTIVE EVENTS By Akanksha Ravindran Building expertise in specialized Technology offerings Founded in ‘98. Nitin Vyakarnam. We see customers in the U. HR Professionals re you a Smart HR Manager? This was the theme of the one day Siliconindia HR Symposium held on Februrary 26 in Bangalore. Personnel administration. The HR processes that do not lend themselves to be outsourced are culture building.from searching talent. Rohit Rawal. Among the other aspects of HR technologies and competencies that were addressed at the event. the prime being Business Intelligence. in order to enhance employee retention.S. Nagaland and Maharashtra governments for their respective e-governance initiatives. Human Resources. We can beat the best in the world in these areas. Retail and Healthcare. How do you stay ahead of competition? Every mid sized company in India is a competition to each other. in terms of maintaining and running networks for companies. HR Professionals. The event provided exceptional networking between the Human Resource executives. AVP . Lead Consultant Corporate HRD from Wipro. Hiremantra." The other partners who helped bring this event to a successful culmination were Adrenalin. Senior Vice President. 200 How is the U. Nitin Vyakarnam What are the future plans? We hope to become the pre-eminent provider in India for telecom engineering services. Next is the ability to bring a differentiation to the customer’s plate as compared to the competition which we have fairly done successfully. Canada. and other countries. there has been emergence and adoption of new technologies. The Smart Techie |52| bring an edge. Cloud computing and business process management is other areas of opportunity. the traditional R&R policies have not yielded the desired results and employees all across are now expecting something really refreshing in this space. and Brazil is important and we are working on lot of new technologies like long term evolution. The R&D division churns out lots of solutions.S. We also see that Cloud and SI as a service line would start to play a much bigger role in the way emerging markets go forward. Prithvi Info Solutions is rapidly growing IT services provider with specialized focus on telecom engineering and services. Academicians. The event had Prithvi Shergill. brought all of them on a single platform to explore various aspects of the theme “Smart HR Managers of 2011”. challenges and new areas of opportunities mid sized companies. QuadMo Solutions said. Director Human Resources. Telecom engineering services is one of the major offerings for this market and hence the U.Accenture India who shared his expert views on this at our event. many of which have converted to expert business solutions. Director. What are the challenges? Though spending amongst clients is increasing but the challenge we see is in the margin pressure. learning is more holistic now and the emphasis on making them learn "Why" first before "How" In a scenario where emphasis has shifted from employment to employability you will not exist if you do not learn and develop continuously”. For example. sector there is tremendous traction. Because. “To any process that can be standardized and therefore needs to be repeated again and again without any change is ripe for being ‘outsourced’. What was quite exciting to us as a firm was the excitement and the eagerness among HR practitioners to launch innovative rewards & recognition initiatives in their firms. Resume Fox and Aim Plus Staffing Solutions. we are building three data centers in India for Haryana. The company went public in 2005 and today has emerged to be a $400 million multinational information and communications technology company. In next five years we would see these areas pushing and becoming a larger pie of the revenue. WiMax and more. said. talks about the current market scenario. The IT spend by companies has increased. Inclusion and Diversity . Citrix Systems who said. The same will be the case in India. At Prithvi. This has become a big differentiator in terms of the quality of services we can offer in these specialized areas. A come together @ Silicon India HR Symposium A session on ‘Organization’s Future: Employee learning & development’ was addressed by Dr Pallab Bandyopadhyay. Manpower management.Global Marketing and Aliances. Overall it was an enriching symposium for all HR professionals. The top five IT/ITeS players can handle this but the mid sized companies will have to improvise to handle the demands. was the topic ‘Outsourcing: A strategic solution’ for which Nayana Prabhu. For us it is the specialized services where we Where do you see the next big opportunity in India? Indian IT industry is an exciting place to be and can be categorized in 2 parts: e-governance and private sector. managing talent and talent engagement. "It was a great event. Researchers and the speakers. The symposium gathered over 200 HR professionals who came in discuss the implementations and impact of HR technologies. Consultants. In the govt. in analytics. TataMcgraw Hill. We feel that developing expertise in niche areas like analytics and mobility services will help us increase our margins. our clientele includes Fortune 50 companies across verticals like Telecom. In a candid interview with SmartTechie. BFSI. with many eminent HR speakers and experienced HR professionals in the audience.S. Brazil. and Industrial management from excellent speakers who gave in their expert views and presentations on different topics. which provided an exposure to diverse areas such as Organizational management. In both India and U. creating the originations identity & the talent building processes”. so trainers are out and facilitators are in. Prithvi as a services company has a R&D division where we have do researches solving customer problems.S. U. “Current trends in Learning and Development is to make people learn in a manner so that they feel they are in control. market post recession? We see spending rebounding. Today.S. clearly. 3G. especially in the IMS space. This structured approach to talent management involves systematic processes at each stage of human resource management. wanting to do variety of services but at a lower rate.

the stress that we feel in terms of ‘balancing’ is best dealt through the mind . Participation in social initiatives which reach grass root helped me become a better manager and a better human being. Performance and hard work matters. and community health. family. Ascending the Corporate Ladder Moving up is a challenge. Vice President ERP & IT. TCS. family and kids. it brought in the perspective that juggling is not necessarily restricted to working moms and each one of us juggle every day and try to give our best with the changing priorities. It is essential to know which ball to drop at any point in time when things get out of hand. Maarga Systems. “What makes women leaders distinctively different is that their (inherent) true self nature always keeps them centered in their being. Once we decide on what is lesser priority. the challenge of balancing should be treated as only transactional. exercise the power of choice by embracing those which nourish you. “There is no pride in cooking every meal on your own. then letting go should not be a painful process.” said Ranjana Maitra. ability to multitask and delegate. gave an example of how she has extended the IT concept of “Daily Huddle” in her family and how this helps them in managing their expectations and have clarity on what needs to be addressed. “Balancing is an act that we grow up doing — from early years at school. Having said this. it is important to say that it is not a question of who is better. Mphasis drew an analogy on how an average women juggles her act with the various tasks at hand and it is not a novel idea that the IT industry has brought it. Never carry guilt” said Ramani B Shetty. Vice President. You need to make a conscious choice at these times and be satisfied with these decisions. Tech Mahindra said. The Smart Techie Much has to be done to support women in the mid parts of their career to ensure that they reach higher echelons of management.EVENT By Akanksha Ravindran Women in Leadership he history of women in leadership roles always speaks of struggle and hard work.Global Head Healthcare & Manufacturing BPO. “Your work life balance is in your hands. Ask for higher roles. professional and social commitment and excellence is interlinked and non-exclusive. What does it take to make the cut? How to break through the barriers? Speakers shared their good times and not so good times. as they examined the formulas for success. While focusing on these attributes they explained how some of the inherent qualities help women in such positions and talked about the need for understanding and bridging the gap. VP. which is self determined. so pick the choices you want to run with and do them very well. The Smart Techie April 2011 |55| April 2011 . no matter what age or stage in life. shared their views on “Ascending the Corporate Ladder” at the Chennai event. VP. “Personal. and releasing those which drain you and Experience more energy and power in your life. Adding to this Padmini Sundaram.Reddys Laboratories said. that will ensure one spends time only on important aspects and that will give time for self and growth. “Women are competent. ambition and abilities to be influential have led her to be a leader. qualified and are able to excel in several fields and have broken the myths of glass ceilings and walls. so cultivate relationships with people whose judgment you trust and go out and network. and pressures.” Women’s Work: The Great Juggling Act Every woman. get help where you need it. guilt or negative impact. Challenges surround her from her early childhood. and the qualities that women need to work on to enable ourselves in the level playing field at that level. Dr. You get what you negotiate. At the Chennai event. Concluding. While making a choice. Sr. to higher education. “To ascend the corporate ladder be loyal to yourself.” Sudha Gopalakrishnan. Delhi. Your network is your job. charm. and I think this will certainly happen with time. come to peace with it and then stay convinced about it. for instance. powerful and guilt free. Vice President. friends and professional network is the key to maintaining this balance. You will have the life you want and not the life you end up with. but always come back with renewed energy to take on more responsibilities. Work life balance is a state of well being that a person can reach. It is not humanly possible to be good at everything. and which allows one to manage multiple responsibilities at work. In India. Director. Head Marketing. The event saw over 600 corporate delegates—mid and senior level women executives in each city come together to celebrate the great strides women are making in the business world.” explained Purnima Menon. Wipro at the Mumbai event. Male or female leaders are as adept. Building bridges and nurturing the circle of family. Gita Ramachandran. or as bad. the balancing act is a lot easier with the social structure and support system that we women have. and enlightened those who do not already know about the mountains they still have to climb. relationships. Polaris Software) and Valsala Vijaykumar. A mentor knows best. be it through family or hired help. Life is about the choices that you make and you need to be aware of the choices you have and then be happy with whatever you decide. Gayathri Viswanathan. T An Insight Put yourself first in any competitive work environment.” said Shireen Alam. you will have times when your career takes high priority and your personal life takes a back seat and times when the opposite happens. It is always the man or woman in question. emotional. shared her experience when she worked in a village as part of an NGO and how an uneducated lady (called “The Administrator”) juggled things in her life to raise her three daughters and served the NGO too while being a part of it. Devi Jayaraman. Bharat Petroleum said. Bangalore. HSBC bank said. The more you realize that your life is created by your choices you become more energetic. empathy and collaborative approach. Support of the family is extremely important. Priya Ganesh. finds herself juggling many priorities. either as a tech lead or biz lead. Chief Transformation Officer. responsibilities. These are critical traits that help women professionals prioritize both at work and home. When the rest of the panel spoke about how women juggle between work.basically a lesser priority will need to be let go. Pramila Hari Center Head AM. Therefore. Make sure your home is set up in a way to support your career aspirations. but she is intelligent and sharp. General Manager . stress . her wit. Mumbai and Chennai and on March 12th in Hyderabad. and in community effectively and which supports physical. profession and work. They both echoed the thought in unison that at those levels it is more about how well the team does and no more a question of how capable an individual is. One need not be liked by all. in addition to the stereotype traits that a male leader brings to the workplace. home. Logica India brought in the perspective of the amount of planning and scheduling that is required to juggle the various acts. or creating a ‘so-called balance’. CapGemini. |54| “Women are naturally endowed with empathy. Vice President Delivery. Seema Grover. we will surely have to let go of something . Have mentors. discern and say ‘no’ where required and ask for help as necessary. SiliconIndia organized the Women Leadership Summit for all ‘her’ achievements on 25 Feb 2011 across five cities in India at Pune. Asst. GM. Sapient. Be assertive. Infosys. Global Solution Architect.take a decision. ask for higher responsibilities. “Learn to prioritize and delegate. Ultimately.” The panelists also cited instances of how they divided work and inculcated support from children as well. Women still give family high priority while making career decisions. thus bringing high levels of sensitivity and intuition.” To strike a balance be aware of what gives you fulfillment and what causes you stress. but without grief. Spend at least 15 minutes in a day for one self. Associate Director Mergers and Acquisitions. Sujitha Karnad. Canara Bank. You need to prioritize different things at different times of your life.

Global HR Director. “It was a heartening experience to meet. it is important that women speak up when they encounter gender discrimination. Rohini Shankar.HR Head – BPO. a good CEO. NGOs to name a few.P & Director. Vice President and Head. A few syndromes that women get caught while handling an adversity are – ‘Why Me Syndrome’. Lead . General Man- am the Victim Syndrome’. we are blessed with a family support system which is better than many other parts of the world and this should be leveraged to bring semblance in life. different industries are discovering new particles which are being utilized in altogether different industries for example Nano research in the super conductor industry is paving the way for smarter drug deliveries. ager. Another important aspect of Innovation is to incrementally improve on processes and products on a continuous basis. were brought to the fore and this helped open up new channels of thinking. patience and diligence to be successful researchers and innovators.accept the situation. Srividya S. A case in point is the areas of Nano particles. ‘Poor Me Syndrome’. Accepting and adapting to change or adversity is the first step towards benefiting from it and turning it into opportunity. It is heartening to see 100s of women leaders come together to learn and share in events such as this. Intelligroup who said. Sr. from the automatic dishwasher to life saving medical inventions. sharpen your instincts and move you forward.” said Veenu Jaichand. A case point here.” It does not matter how many times you get knocked down. said. Motivation – with respect to wages. Nevertheless.” “Innovation is when the three meet — what technology can accomplish.Positive Framing . Manager. It is imperative for women to take an active role in research and innovation. as good humans and not necessarily as superwomen. control your mental resistance.” at the Bangalore edition of the event. imbalance of recognition and adequate support with excessive difficulties.” Here is what she thinks is important: The application of innovation in everyday life is what will improve quality of life/comfort and in most cases should be coupled with costs and values. HCL Info The Smart Techie tive mindset and positive approach to life. When in a difficult phase . Kavitha Dhar. A sense of confidence in one’s identity and professional capability will help turn adversity into advantage.Women use a more participative or democratic and a less autocratic or directive leadership style . society. Innovation has to be done on all fronts – Technology. with posi- systems said. market those ideas and create their patents in the society. interact and share stories with so many bright and enthusiastic women professionals at the Women’s Leadership Summit on Friday.R&D. Dell. “It was indeed a pleasure to be there among some eminent industry leaders and hear them talk. In today’s context it is important to understand the applicability across different areas. Nothing fazes her and adversity is her middle name”.” expressed Nivedita Jain. Pricing and Offering. authenticity. Global Branding and Advertising. overt and covert. Senior V. be focused on work and not necessarily live up to someone else’s expectations. Women empowerment – Self-defining. helps us move to something we would not have thought of if we did not face the adversity” said Akila Jaikumar. Business . Vice President. creativity. Women inventors are responsible for a wide variety of inventions that we all encounter in our daily lives. c. Sujata Puranik Rakhra. Ramco Systems.Connecting – Engaging. I was delighted to see that most of us have self belief in our capabilities and are willing to challenge the myths associated with women leadership. Leader. Education. What matters is how often you get back up. topics that are usually considered sensitive or close to heart. Giving a different perspective on Innovation. would be the innovative application of TeleHealth which has been in existence for some time. Hope to see a lot more men participate in upcoming events to brining in different perspectives to the discussions!” said Nandini Sabanayagam. The Women Innovators Throughout history famous female inventors and mostly have contributed enormously to the world of invention.” “The contribution made by women innovators as patent holders and inventors is only around 10 percent across the globe.a pattern well suited to 21-century global organizations. COO. Global Accounts.” said Shyamala Jayaraman. Allow adversity and change to wake you up. create new ideas. work-life balance. Women as innovators / entrepreneurs bring value to enterprise in a rapid changing world. Multi Commodity Exchange of India said. ‘I Sharing Thoughts and Experiences Deepa Deo. What is the driving force for women innovators that motivates them to excel? Panelists all across the cities shared their personal experiences and advice. have an optimistic mindset then nothing is impossible. which led to rich and engaging discussions with the audience. self so that there is a meaning to what one does and finally engage in voicing your thoughts. Senior Business Analyst.India Leadership Development.” said Nandini A. The Smart Techie April 2011 |57| April 2011 . Self-efficacy . More often than not.” said Sunitha Lal. job security. Innovative organization is one which is nimble. Vice President . Gender diversity is not about men against women but about women finding their feet at their own rhythm. freedom to express ideas and innovations without constraints and d. Adversity is a call to action. bold and has an engaged work force. Process. I had a good time sharing advices and my experiences with other women folks and really got a good opportunity too to network with couple of successful ladies from different organizations and domains. speaking on the same topic said. Adversities are inevitable. “Innovators are forward thinking. It was also interesting to see that most of us face similar challenges and forums like this always enrich our experiences and equip us better to face them in our work life” said Jaya Singh. For such a large gathering. Women have all the characteristics such as intelligence. “It is critical that we recognize that we are different and celebrate our differences without being diffident or defensive. The key is that lots of money is globally being spent on R&D across private and government sectors and as result disruptive invention is being created in silos. Some times what technologies have been prevalent for a long time and yet remained peripheral become mainstream due to multitude factors including market readiness. Mphasis. Director. although the challenges men and women face may be different. UST Global. and in retrospect. Bodhtree Consulting. TeleHealth will impact the lives of millions of people in a positive way. ThoughtWorks shared her views on the overall event and said. what is desirable to users and what is vi- able in the market. AVP. One needs to find meaning in what one does. these 5 dimensions of leadership help an individual with juggling multiple roles. knowing that “This too shall pass”. manage energy so that one has it when one needs it. make choices and be responsible for what one chooses. but suffering is optional.” |56| b. this needs to evolve at a natural pace and I think the speakers at the forum were able to put up this thought with conviction. Senior Manager. “The Summit was a great forum for women to network and share viewpoints. growth of complementing technologies etc. stay in touch with the environment. L&T Infotech. Group Corporate Social Opportunities.In our Indian context. said. “Women have all the qualities of a good leader. the situation is not as bad as we mentally make it out to be.” “The summit had a good mix of women professionals from various walks of life including Healthcare. IT. help them understand that they have to live their lives to the best of their capabilities and aspirations. Ness Technologies.Women’s self-efficacy is correlated to achievement and positive interactions and it is hypothetically proved that high self-efficacy women are likely to excel and engage in more innovative behavior. Some of the driving forces for women innovators to excel are: a. GlobalLogic Achieving Success: Turning every Adversity in to an Advantage Sarita Bahl. the strong sense of community and fellowship in the room was amazing! I am sure a lot of us left the Summit with a rejuvenated sense of purpose. Adversity is not gender specific. “Adversity is as inevitable as taxes or death. assess the best and worst case scenarios and take positive steps. intrinsic motivation. It will allow women to pick a place for themselves in the complexity of their lives at work and at home. Leadership style . The ideas discussed during the Summit will also help reinforce women to stand by their beliefs. Worldcon Technologies. “It was a very enjoyable experience for me interacting with the aspiring women leaders from diverse backgrounds and sharing our own experiences. increased diversity in thinking. “Women handle adversity different from men and their reaction to adversity is very diverse. “Innovation — many people link this word straight away to invention (and this is right in many cases) and a perception comes out of a disruptive nature.Managing Energy . “Meaning . and would otherwise not be discussed in all forums. Centum WorkSkills (A Bharti Associate & NSDC) at the Delhi event. With the boom in telecommunication technologies and integration of medical and other devices with software applications. Texas Instruments. working condition et al. Common barriers to women’s advancement as innovators – lack of definite development opportunities. take risks. ‘Not Good Enough Syndrome’ and others. stressing on this we had Tanuja Abburi.

_______________________________________on bank___________________________branch__________________________drawn in favour of SILICONMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.P Magendran Tel: 80 41510601 or email at subscription@thesmarttechie. Well. Of all the reasons why early exits take place despite great moments of truth during recruitment. The recruiters do their best which more often than not turns out to be not good enough for the challenge. it would skip away from Earth’s atmosphere beyond redemption. This module designed to sustain two people for two days now had to sustain three people for four days. out of their ignorance or more often their underestimation of the task of integration. I will cover this with more insights and ideas. 124.c@symphonysv. Underestimating this can reduce effectiveness Trap 5: Living with the legacy actions: The new manager often has a plateful of issues either created or left unaddressed by his or her pred- ecessor. Kindly mention your name and address on back of the cheque/DD. the good news is they are right. Allow 2-3 weeks for processing your subscription. Cancellation /Refunds are not allowed. Seven Deadly Integration Traps: Studies in the area of new employee integration suggest that there are several traps that must be recognized and avoided to “soft-land” the new hire. this involves a precarious situation where the new manager goes through euphoria for the first few days of joining and thereafter all the smiles and support vaporize! It is business as usual for everyone else. Surya Chambers. but does not substitute the role of HR or the immediate Now you can also subscribe through credit card: visit www. understand?” Trap 7: Finding the right balance Trap: This involves a situation where the manager is told either his actions are too much too soon or too little. we do not seem to understand the lessons either! In the next couple of columns. the integration beyond the induction is left to the junior most HR executive or worse still to a buddy assigned to the new employee. Subscription Helpline . This spaceship was crippled by a major failure in the cryogenic The Smart Techie O |58| oxygen system._______________________dated ___________for `. The Control station in Houston decided to ‘slingshot’ the spaceship using the gravity of the moon. This reminds me of what the world witnessed with the Apollo 13 launched in April 1970. this was a situation that had no room for any error either on the ground or in space! If the spaceship’s trajectory was even a bit off. He can be reached at mahalingam. Our organizations have systematically underestimated the importance of employee integration and have paid a huge price. Symphony Services. Airport Main Road. Bangalore 560 017 *This offer is valid in India only. you are often approached by the head waiter with a question: “Sir. but sitting in air-conditioned offices. Not paying attention to these traps leads to precious loss of hard-hired talent. No. not quite really. Headwaiter Mentality! Sir. Not recognizing the fact that the new joiner needs encouragement and guidance rather than discouragement and criticism is Who owns the induction any way? Many HR and business leaders will answer this right even in their sleep: The immediate manager! Well. this becomes even more complicated with the candidates’ often noticed tendency to exaggerate their capabilities! Trap 2: Thrown into the Ocean: New employee comes on board and discovers that he is required to swim across the ocean and not a swimming pool Trap 3: Team – leader styles mismatch: Excessive control or hands off style of the newly hired manager creates a set of challenges for the team and managers themselves Trap 4: Relationship with Key stakeholders: The newly hired manager requires building strong relationships not only with the team that reports. The headwaiter actually is much more sincere in asking this question! The next level manager just goes through the motion to get some guilt off his chest! Recognizing the importance of integrating the key hires is the first simple step towards arresting the hemorrhage of the talent even before they spend 6 months into the system. This is one of the major issues in our organizations today in the absence of defined processes for documenting discussions and promises before an incumbent manager leaves the company Trap 6: Lack of organization support: Quite common. it is left to the recruiter to handle this.thesmarttechie. but with peers and senior managers and other key stakeholders in functions like procurement. My personal mailing details (IN BLOCK LETTERS): NAME ________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________CITY______________________________ I would like to receive the newsletter and updates Yes No TELEPHONE_____________________________ EMAIL (Mandatory) _______________________________________________________ STATE_______________________PIN___________________ Age in Years__________Occupation __________________________________________ Education ________________________________ How did you come to know about The SmartTechie? __________________________________ Date I would like to Receive Online Newsletter Yes No April 2011 Payment acceptable in cheque/DD favouring: SiliconMedia Technologies Pvt.The author is Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer. except the new hire! The new employee is left to fend for themselves or told that “you should catch up fast to be successful here. finance. Often times. Lessons are as obvious as sun light on a bright day. But experience shows that no more than half of new hires. Bad news? It stops there! More often than not. Take advantage of this special offer and get 12 issues for only ` 250 and save 20% off the news-stand price! 2 years at ` 450 (24 issues) 3 years at ` 650 (36 issues) 20% I am enclosing the cheque/DD no. but I have only listed the most common ones that newly hired managers go through in the first 3 months of their association. both the line manager of the new hire and the HR leave it to the ‘buddy’ to induct and integrate. in the management roles really “settle Signature . Ltd. business development and sales. In organizations where a buddy system exists. What a wasted effort! I would like to discuss this key issue in this column to explore how business and HR leaders can work on this to save precious time and money and induct people better. often the cause of this trap In reality. particularly. Mahalingam Beyond Onboarding Integrating People with the Organization rganizations and managers invest a lot of time and effort in selecting and offering right candidates with the hope that the selected candidate is excited about the role and the opportunity and will settle down and contribute for a fairly long time. excitement and uncertainty requiring careful PEOPLE MANAGER By C. Many of these are present in almost all the organizations. how is everything? When you go to dine in any decent restaurant. Lunar excursion module was modified to become the sort of “lifeboat” for the astronauts. South Block.” This is increasingly becoming the trend also with hiring individual contributors. 2nd Floor. Let us list them here: Trap 1: Minimizing the challenge: Often done with good intention not to intimidate the new hire. irrespective of size and geography. The planned lunar landing had to be aborted. It has all the challenge. one can recognize several traps that organizations walk into. On boarding key employees (or any employee for that matter) is no less challenging than the scene described above. there are many more traps. Subscribe today & save I would like to subscribe* to The SmartTechie for 1 year at ` 250 ( 12 issues) The Smart Techie is a monthly magazine. In short. It is important to realize that the buddy’s role is critical. how is everything?” Often the immediate manager takes on the role of headwaiter.

11 b/g and Bluetooth v2.195 AMD IN MARKET WITH RADEON HD 6990 GRAPHICS CARD AMD launched the new Radeon HD 6990 graphic cards. The 10.1 Championship gaming headset. duel LED flash. Bluetooth 2. barometer. Its headband construction with mesh padding allows improved airflow.5GB internal storage which can further be expanded up to 32GB using microSD memory card.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display with 320×480 resolution. LG LP500.1 CHAMPIONSHIP GAMING HEADSET FROM CYBER SNIPA Cyber Snipa comes to market with its new high end headset series. which is also an inaugural Honeycomb tablet of Google.2 (Froyo) based mobile. It also features a Unified Video Decoder 3 (UVD3). This 3G touch phone also has a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Price: ` 1. in India. At 27 db the cooling pad’s fan is virtually silent. Xoom also features proximity. advanced image quality features. Radeon HD 6990 graphics cards include AMD’s second-generation.5 W-hr battery provides up to nine hours of browsing time on 3G. NEW 3G SMART PHONE FROM HTC LOGITECH’S COOLING PAD N120 NOW IN INDIAN MARKET Logitech brought its cooling pad N120 to India.TECH PRODUCTS Compiled by Hari Anil Price: ` 25. Wi-Fi. 4 in each ear cup including a subwoofer and an in-line controller that allows independent control of each channel. Only 1000 units of this Android 2. online video and Blu-ray 3D quality. Cyber Snipa’s 3D positional audio software provides gamers with better sound effects. ALL SET FOR INDIA Price: ` 3. It features 1GB DDR2 RAM and up to 32GB internal memory.1 inch tablet that runs on Android Honeycomb platform is powered by a dual-core 1GHz Nvidia Tegra SoC processor. and 14 days of standby time. The headset features 8 individual speakers. It has a 512MB RAM and a 1. Price: ` 44. It delivers a single graphics card score of P11865 in the industry standard 3DMark11 benchmark.15 megapixel camera. Its 1300 mAh battery gives a talk time of up to 400 minutes on WCDMA and 590 minute on GSM. EDGE. The phone which is powered by a 600MHz processor features a 3. Price: ` 12. will hit Indian market by May 10th.990 LIMITED EDITION LG LP500 OPTIMUS ONE MOBILE PHONE LG unveils a new phone in its Optimus One series. April 2011 Price: ` 35. It has an in-line media controller which is located on its three meter long USB. and a micro USB port. The LP500 also has got a shiny gold World Cup logo on it back. and autofocus. ambient light.2 Froyo run phone will be sold.0. up to 10 hours on wifi. SONAR 5. a 3. The 3G tablet has a 2 megapixel front facing camera for video conferencing and a 5 megapixel rear side camera which is capable of 720p HD video recording. gyroscope sensors. comes with HTC Sense and is powered by an 800 MHz CPU.615 The Smart Techie |60| Motorola’s tablet Xoom. Microsoft DirectX 11-capable architecture. This Android 2. The 3. Desire Z. The Smart Techie |61| April 2011 .590 DESIRE Z. up to 10 hours video playback time. and an internal memory of 170 MB. Apart from 3G. connectivity options include GPRS. a dedicated video playback accelerator that provides better HD video. and a 430 hours of standby time.990 HTC unveiled its new phone. The pad comes with a 3year manufacturer’s guarantee. the SONAR 5. Wi-Fi 802. Its 24. For connectivity it has GPRS.000 MOTOROLA XOOM.7 inch screen gives a 480X800 WVGA resolution. EDGE. The cooling pad has a USB powered fan for improved airflow around the laptop and it features rear air intake. Desire Z features a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. and AMD PowerTune intelligent technology to enable higher clock speeds and faster gaming. The pad can be used with laptops of up to 39 centimeter display.1. Its maximum power consumption is 5V at 200mA.

” The sessions later covered the whole spectrum. Techno point Multimedia and Josh Software. This process aims to optimize the most important application performance trait. ‘Performance engineering is the process by which software is tested and tuned with the intent of realizing the required performance. Josh Software spoke on how ‘Ruby on Rails’ has emerged as a the game changer for web application development.EVENT By Akanksha Ravindran Understanding S Web Apps Conference 2011 iliconIndia organized the ‘WebApps 2011’. Then moved on to more open source (the open source libraries) and a vibrant community and it is no wonder that it is being adopted rapidly by most web professionals. Enterprise Solutions Performance Analyst. The conference brought together web developers. V P Engineering from Net Magic Soluwhich was delivered by High Performance On Demand ( HIPOD) specialist Bharathraj B Keshavamurthy. defining SOA conventionally and the myths associated with it. A session om ‘SOA & Cloud . Co-founder and Director. technology enthusiasts. user experience”. April 2011 . Ruby has plenty of gems The Smart Techie |62| tions. where Gautam Rege. Head of Technology from Thoughtworks. who spoke about how cloud scalability helps build scalable SOA infrastructure are like a match made in heaven. IBM’s unique capability to build solutions across a broad array of software capabilities and industries.their Synergy’ was addressed by Shriranga S Mulay. The event was sponsored by Big Rock. vendors. A lot of large web applications are built using plain machines that inter-operate via open-source libraries. was exemplified through their session on "Performance engineering methodologies for WebApps" The open atmosphere of the conference helped technology professionals and community members form an interesting dialogue amongst the web development community. deploy them and scale them. right from development and deployment practices to scalability and performance tips to trends to bank on for wannabe entrepreneurs. “Ruby on Rails is an open source Ruby web framework that makes it easy to build web applications. The event helped in fostering communication among the technical communities and also helped promote the understanding of new technologies.the Web Application Conference in Pune on Feb 26th. and users. He said. showcasing some key web technologies. innovators. IBM India Software Labs. Web Apps at Siliconindia web application frameworks like ‘Ruby on Rails’. web designers. He said. He also talked about the synergy between SOA and Cloud and how they complete each other. The event kick started with the inaugural keynote on ‘Continuous Delivery’ by Ajey Gore.

KARENG/2006/16955 . No. KRNA/BGE-1046/08-10 RNI REG.NO.Regn.

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