The Player's Handbook

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The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins

Not so long time ago certain military supplier succeeded to connect living brain into a computer. This was done with the aid of doctor Glowenko's designdrug, TAGAP (Tissue-Augmenting, Green, Addictive Pill). Glowenko then went crazy and decided stake on the world with an army of cybernetic PENGUINS! One of the penguins, codenamed Pablo the penguin, wasn't pleased of being used in "mad scientist" act and revolted against Glowenko, who soon decided to put a TAGAP-price on Pablo's head and sent his penguin army – led by fearsome Pedro the penguin – after him. Welcome to TAGAP – You are Pablo!

Game structure
Kill everything and locate the exit. Keep doing this until you face the big boss and nail it to win the game. Simple, huh? Now try it while being chased by dozens of murderous penguins, dodging the attacks of electric security gone berserk and from time to time ending up fighting with Pedro the penguin. [ 2 / 12 ]

Meet the Cast
Pablo the penguin
You play the part of Pablo, a cyber-penguin used in vile drug experiments and who's had enough of being guinea pig for Dr. Glowenko. Fueled by TAGAP and armed to... err... beak.

Pedro the penguin
Penguin just like you – engineered to be more intelligent, powered by TAGAP and operating lethal weaponry. He remains loyal to his master who surely will reward him with plenty of TAGAP for delivering your head. Pedro is truly a worthy adversary.

Zombie penguins
Your fellow penguin inmates doped to zombies with the green pills. Their senses have been so corrupted by the drugs they eat quite about anything – including you. Feed 'em lead instead. Some less-demented zombies can use weapons and other devices.

Killer robot penguins – just when you thought you've seen it all, eh? They eat bullets for breakfast and some even come armed with Uzis and plasmaguns.

Dr. Glowenko
Pretty much a text book definition of mad scientist, doctor Glowenko is planning to rule the world – or destroy it so no-one else can! That means you have two good reasons to blow him up!

[ 3 / 12 ]

Automatic 9mm sub-machine gun. Always equipped and loaded. When you find another you can wield two at the same time!

Sawed-off 12 gauge semi-automatic that can bring down nasties with a single blast. Secondary function loads multiple rounds into an high-explosive grenade shell, which can be bounced off the walls and to enemies beyond your aim.

Phased plasma rifle; Time to electro-fry some baddies! Secondary function creates a short-term plasma wall that blocks all incoming fire for as long as it holds. Also, waves of dumber enemies can be repelled by strategic placement of shields.

Napalm-powered burner that drinks fuel like light cola. Even though the range is limited it makes kebab out of nearly anything in less than a second. Secondary function uses enough fuel to set the floor on fire for a short period of time.

Rocket launcher
40mm rocket launcher comes with high-explosive power, just beware not to blow yourself with it. Secondary function enables the rocket guidance system, with which you can guide your rockets manually and chase those flying buggers.

This 6-barreled machine gun fires approximately 40 rounds per second, which makes it one of the most powerful conventional weapons ever conceived. Secondary function enables the weapon's automation, turning it into target-identifying mini-turret. It takes all the ammo, but you can pick it up again by pressing [Use].

Evolution of plasma weaponry, the OMG-20k uses fusion generator to ionize air, resulting a deadly stream pure energy that literary blows through every target. Deals excessive damage, but takes time to charge. The secondary function overcharges the weapon, causing a huge plasma explosion damaging everything nearby.

Though it's more part of a spaceship engine than an actual weapon, it's the most extreme solution; It doesn't only frag your opponents, it literary disintegrates their molecular structure! Being so extreme, even carrying One-Ups won't save your foes! Primary function fires the energy beam, while secondary function recharges the weapon.

[ 4 / 12 ]

TAGAP As an addict these equal your life. You can munch the pills and boost your ideal blood TAGAP level over 100% to result overdose. TAGAP level of your blood is shown at the top-left corner of the screen – when it reaches zero, you're wasted. One-up These pills contain super-dosage of TAGAP, capable of regenerating even the most serious combat wounds. If you have one of these when you die, you will be automatically resurrected. Speed Speed is a custom-made combat stimulant with which you won't even realize you're taking damage, rendering you invulnerable for a while. As a side-effect the world passes by at high-speed. Steroids Taking this allows you to perform unbelievable athletics, like run twice as fast and jump again while already in the air. Taking more than one causes an overdose. Overdose Too much is too much, especially in case of the narcotics. Eating too many pills causes an adrenaline-pumping, consciousness expanding mind-blenderof-a-trip. MedKits Wall-mounted first aid kits filled with drugs, bandages and injections; Everything you need to completely revive yourself. Quad damage Weapon module which multiplies the amount of fired rounds by four. This hitech device is based on alien technology and obviously designed after spending too many nights at the arcade hall, so stop asking how it works, okay? Credit cards Fastest way to gain credit points is to collect credit cards. There are three different types of credit cards – silver, gold and platinum. More expensive cards give you more credit points.

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Playing the Game

Status display
1. Ideal TAGAP level of your blood in percents, equals life. 2. Shows your current weapon and it's ammo. The list full list of weapons is opened while switching weapons. 3. One-ups, keycards, power-ups, overdose and possible objectives are shown at the top-right corner of the screen with their remaining quantity. 4. Your current score. You'll be rewarded with a One-up for each 150 000 points (or 100 000 points on Easy difficulty setting). 5. Amount of frags you've managed to score during the current Act. You score frags for maiming zombies as well as destroying hostile robots and vehicles. You'll be rewarded with Speed pills and Quad damages for every 100 frags. 6. Boss gauge that appears during boss fights showing boss' condition. The gauge will pulse white if boss is currently shielded and won't take damage.

Game screen
7. Pablo. That is you. 8. Targeting reticle and the exact point where Pablo will shoot. 9. Red flash around character and objects means they're taking damage – meaning you can shoot it up. This applies to you too; When you blink red, you're getting hurt. 10. Blue halo around character or object means they are invulnerable to all attacks until you blow up it's shield generators.

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Triggers, buttons and terminals
Triggers and buttons are used to activate and/or deactivate things like doors, elevators, platforms and cranes. More sophisticated devices are usually controlled by computer terminals.

Card locks
Use of some doors and elevators is restricted and you'll have to get a keycard to pass 'em.

Supply containers can be found everywhere in the game. Destroying them will often reveal hidden goodies, like TAGAP or standard weaponry. You'll recognize them from the “T” insignia.

These harmless miniature robots keep the facility. They save all valuable items they find laying around, so blowing them up always reveals some supplies.

Information stations that provide useful info about your surroundings and special items you're about to encounter. To use InfoComp, just stand before it and hit [Use].

Force fields
These plasma barriers are coherent enough to be used as energy bridges or to restrict access to some areas.

State-of-the-art hi-tech transporters that transmit matter at the speed of light. Operate one and you'll instantly find yourself in a different part of the level. Some units are broken and can't be used to get back where you came from.

Shield generators
They cover the weak spots of heavy machinery and they can be recognized from the blue glow. The shields fall when all the electric power generators have been destroyed, rendering the weak spot vulnerable.

Automated security turrets are everywhere and come with various payloads; lasers, rockets and some even teleport new enemies into the fray. Heavily armed gun turrets can't be damaged when they are on stand-by.

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Hints and Tips
Increase your Combo by taking down multiple enemies in short enough time. Higher the combo, higher scores you'll get from each enemy. Also each time you manage to take down five or more enemies in a short enough time you will be rewarded a TAGAP pill. Continue to gun down foes to gain even more pills. This way you can restore the TAGAP level and get into overdose. Credit points are rewarded from killing things, collecting credit cards, getting items and completing goals. Try to gain as many points you can – you will be rewarded with a One-up for every 150,000 points! Take cover always when possible. Floors and ceilings provide great cover when guiding rockets to their targets, while plasmagun's plasma walls and even other enemies provide some temporary cover. Everything is better for taking enemy fire than your feathers! Evasive movement is a must when facing armed enemies. Bouncing around not only makes it easier for you to dodge incoming fire, but also makes it hard for turrets and bots to lock on to you. Take advantage of your rewards. When things get too hectic for you to keep up, grind some cannon fodder to reach overdose – and pass the scene with ease. You can also time your frags to ensure you will benefit the rewarded Speed and Quad damages. Exploding objects inflict damage to everything around them as they go, so one fine shot with a grenade or rocket blows multiple targets to smithereens. Just remember; you can get knocked by the shockwave, too! Surrounded but never outgunned, you'll often find yourself besieged by swarms of enemies attacking from both sides and the usual direct fire can't do the trick. This is where your hi-tech arsenal comes in. First, you can aim in two directions at the same time with dual Uzis – that's more than enough for smaller groups. When facing more enemies, try using automated sentry mode of the Minigun; you can concentrate your fire on bigger foes while Minigun grinds through cannon fodder. Or repel the entire enemy wave with a plasma shield. And when everything else fails, you can always overcharge your OMG-20k. Keep an eye out for hazards. Zombies are quite dumb and can easily be maimed by flame burners, turrets, falling bricks, toxic waste or even gunfire of other zombies. Be innovative and you'll save a few hundred rounds of useful ammo. Save your game. Levels are split into two Acts and you can save any time to continue later from the beginning of the Act you're in – with the arsenal you have. Achievements are unlocked by completing specific goals, like completing a level. Complete the entire game to gain access to extra content, including Battle Mode, level selection, jukebox and design gallery! Change difficulty setting if the game feels either unfair or too easy. Normal setting gives you more TAGAP and One-ups, while INSANE! shares less One-ups and makes enemies react faster. Once you've completed the game, the extreme Necrophilissimo! difficulty is unlocked. Complete this ultimate challenge and you'll be rewarded with Disintegrator in you inventory at all time! [ 8 / 12 ]

Level Ups
For each completed level you'll unlock a “Level Up” achievement.

TAGAP Busted
Rewarded for completing the game. Getting this reward also unlocks new Necrophilissimo! difficulty setting and the extra content menu, featuring Battle Mode, jukebox, concept art and more!

You made a new hi-score.

Kill Ratio
Rewarded for fragging 500 enemies during one Act; That's gameplay between save screens.

Unlocked when you have died 50 times.

Rewarded for munching total 100 pills in the game.

Drug Abuse

Unlocked when you have spent total half an hour in Overdose.
TAGAP Addict
Unlocked when you have spent total 5 hours playing TAGAP.

Rewarded for locating the hidden Funky Penguin. You know what it is when you find it!

Rewarded for surviving Battle Mode.

Rewarded for completing the game on Necrophilissimo! difficulty. This also unlocks Disintegrator weapon to be used at any time.

Rewarded for unlocking all the other achievements.

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Default Hot Keys
Game controls
A D Mouse 1 Mouse 2 S W Space Q / Wheel up E / Wheel down R / Mouse 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 [Go left] [Go right] [Fire weapon] [Secondary weapon function] [Use / Pick-up Minigun / Go down *] [Jump / Go up *] [Peak forward] [Last weapon] [Next weapon] [Reload Uzi] [Select Uzi / dual-Uzis] [Select Shotgun] [Select Plasmagun] [Select Flamethrower] [Select Rocket launcher] [Select Minigun] [Select OMG-20k] [Select Disintegrator] [Move around] [Aim weapons / Guide rockets] [Jump / Go up *]


[Use / Pick-up Minigun] [Fire weapon] [Secondary weapon function]


[Peak forward] [Reload Uzi] [Weapon selection]


[Toggle menu]

*) When controlling flying vehicles or swimming in deep water

Menu controls
ESC Pause F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F12 Ctrl + X [Toggle menu] [Pause game] [Help] [Save game] [Load game] [Controls] [Setup] [Save screenshot] [Instant quit]

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Penguin Development Team:
Project lead / Design / Programming / Art

Jouni "Necrophilissimo" Lahtinen
Music / Additional design / Testing

Petja "Solid-Notes" Heiskanen

TAGAP is dedicated to Snowdrop (2002-2004), the albino African Penguin resident of Bristol Zoo Gardens. We miss you.

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Legal info
TAGAP: Copyright © Penguin Development Team. All rights reserved. TAGAP® is a registered trademark of Jouni Lahtinen. All rights reserved.

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