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I undersigned Miss. Abcdefghijkl a student of the First Year of B.B.A. here by declare that this project work presented in this report is of my own work and carried out under supervision and guidance of the This project has not been submitted previously to any other university for examination or any other university for examination or any other purposes.

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Date : Place : Rajkot.


Personal. a student of a B. And for this one has to be sharp. As a part of a curricular. As a B. We all have to pace with the rest of the world to compete. is a course. So as a part of my studies being a B. and Mar keting. good managerial skills. combining. Which presents a overview of business concern. smart and talent to compete the world.B. Production. has to visit a well managed industry and then prepare a project report on different department of the visited industry like General.World is widening up and we are not confirmed to just one place.B. taking this great opportunity to visit an industry I visited NIRMA LIMITED and I have tried my level best to represent a project in front of you out of the relevant information I gate from the company. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: -4- . Finance. possessing.B.A. of First Year. which specially designed to meet the needs of the managing sector for managing a world.A.A.

Last but not least. The project undertaken of such nature inv ites lot of intellectuality. I am also thankful to my family. ___________ Abcdefghijkl Place: Rajkot. would like to express my whole hearted thanks to all those who have directly or indirectly helped me to complete this project report .It is my pleasure to present this report. Date: PROJECT CONTENTS -5- . inspiration through the study work. I express my deep guide to my guider for his valuable guidance. principal . friends and the staff of the Nirma Limited ± Bhavnagar who co -operated us at the time of the visit. lecturer. and encouragement from all diverse background. professionalism. guidance. I thank all who helped me to get the necessary information regarding my project.

        - TITLE PAGE COMPANY¶S CERTIFICATE COLLEGE¶S CERTIFICATE DECLARATION PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENT PROJECT CONTENTS GENERAL INFORMATION Index Introduction History And Development Company Profile Organization Chart Size of the Unit Form of Organization Location of Unit Time Keeping System Index Introduction Products of the company Row Material Manufacturing Process Quality Control Quality Policy Organization Chart Production Capacity Types of Machine Index Introduction Organization Chart Recruitment and Selection Human Resource Planning Placement and Induction Wages and Salary Administration Training and Development Promotion and Transfer Performance Appraisal System -6- 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18  PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT 19 20 21 22 23 24 28 29 30 31 32  PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT 33 34 35 36 37 39 40 41 42 43 44 .

- Health and Safety Policy Personnel Policy Industrial Relation Provident Fund Scheme Other Facilities Index Introduction Organization Chart Market Segmentation Advertising Sales Promotion Competitors Marketing Research Pricing Policies International Marketing Strategies related to production Channel of Distribution Index Introduction Organization Chart Financial Planning Profit & Loss Account Balance Sheet Capital Structure Working Capital Ratio Analysis 45 46 47 48 49  MARKETING DEPARTMENT 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63  MARKETING DEPARTMENT 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73        AWARDS ACHIEVEMENTS SWOT ANALYSIS FUTURE PLANS SUGGESTION CONCLUSION BIBLIOGRAPHY 75 77 79 81 83 85 87 -7- .


3. 5. 7. 6. 1. 8.: INDEX : Sr. 2. 4. Particular Page No. 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 Introduction History And Development Company Profile Organization Chart Size of the Unit Form of Organization Location of Unit Time Keeping System INTRODUCTION -9- . No.

Nirma created an entirely new market segment in domestic marketplace. It changed the habit of the housewives for washing powder for washing clothes.10 - . with more number of a middle class people. 10 high of the competitors. Product was launched with an innovative.India is one of the largest consumer economies. where else cost of the other cheapest brand was Rs. It was a back in the 60¶s and 70¶s century where the domestic detergent market ha d only premium segment. quality product with a indigenous process. with very few players and was dominated by MNCs. HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT . Detergent power priced at an astonishing rate of Rs. diverse market place. It was 1969 when Karshanbhai Patel started door to door selling of the own manufactured product. powder. Nirma aptly concentrated on all its efforts towards creating and building a strong consumer preference towards its µValue for Money¶ Products. In such a widespread. Which is eventually largest consumer packet and quickly emerging a position which it has never since relinquished? Nirma became a one of the widely discussed success stories between the four walls of the B ± School classroom across the world.00 for a 1 Kg. In a short spam. and low profiled packing also the marketing. 13 which differentiate the price by Rs. 3.

ft. ³Nirma´ it was named after a daughter of Dr. he was making detergents in the 100 sq. Named Nirupama COMPANY PROFILE Name of the Company: Nirma Limited. Karshanbhai Patel. on his way to create history in the Indian market that was Dr. using bare hands an bucket once the mixture is ready he use pack them in a polythene bag and was doing door to door sealing. back yard of h is home. As the product became well accepted in the society it known to rest of is known to one and all. This is a success of saga of a first generation entrepreneur. a son of small timer former was trying to mix soda ash and few other intermediaries to make a detergent powder as qualification he is graduated in science and was working as junior chemist in government laboratory.In scorching heat of 1969. Karshanbhai Patel. As a moonlight activity. .11 - .

in info@nirma. Detergent. Sourcing Product and Some of Industrial useful products Phone Number: Fax Number: Url: E ± Mail: + 91 ± 79 ± 27546565 / 74. K.Hiren K. Patel. Edible Salt. ORGANISATION CHART .12 - . Ahmedabad 380 009. . Patel. Acquired Quality Certificate: ISO 9000 ± 9001. + 91 ± 79 ± 27546603.Shrenik K.000 Peoples. Bhalpradesh. www. Company Secretary: Auditor: Banker: Investment: Market: Year of establishment: Chairman: Shri Parekh Sheth.Registered Office: Nirma House. Large Scale. Ashram Road. Bhavnagar. 1969 AD. Main Products: Different Range of Products: Detergent . 14. Kalatalav. Bard of Director: . HDFC and BOB.nirma. Patel. 2500 Cr. Soap. Form of Organization: Size of Organization: Number of Employees : Location of Factory: Public National and International.Kalpesh A. K. Hemanshu Shah & Company.

An organisation chart help in understanding the organisational relationship. That shows the grouping of major activities in the department and the min lines of authorities and responsibilities among the entire department. it is easy to understand and to maintain relation of employee to the other. we can say that NIRMA LIMITED follows Line Organisation structure.13 - . Board of Director Managing Director Production Department Marketing Department Personal Department Finance Department Manager Manager Manager Manager Operator Operator Operator Accountant Workers Workers Workers Workers Seeing from the company¶s organisation chart. .

Medium Scale Industries Medium Scale unit is one whose investment in assets is between 3 to 5 Cr.14 - . 3. Large Scale Industries Large Scale unit is one whose investment in assets is more than a 5 Cr. Generally size of the unit is classified into following below mentioned size keeping the investment into the consideration: 1. Rupees. From seeing the standards of the differentiating a size NIRMA LIMITED can be considered in the sector of the large scale industries. In India. Small Scale Industries Medium Scale unit is one whose investment in assets is less than 3 to 5 Cr. . Rupees. generally the business unit is classified into three main categories on the bases of the size of the unit. Rupees. 2.SIZE OF THE UNIT The size of the organization is important to discuss for any industries it is necessary to have proper place to do work proper.

The below chart represents various forms of business organization are shown as under: Sole Proprietorship Co ± Operative Society Different Forms of Organization Partnership Public Limited Company Private Limited Company NIRMA LIMITED is the pubic limited company.15 - . which comes under company¶s act 1956. .FORM OF THE ORGANIZATION There are various types of organization.

16 - . (A) Primary Factors (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Supply of Raw Material Nearness to Market Transport Facilities Labors Supply Availability of power Supply of capital (B) Secondary Factors (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) Facilities Nature factors Political Factors Government Subsides and facilities Historical and religious factors Initial start and goodwill Personal factors Miscellaneous Factors . frequent changes in location of an industry is determined by taking in to consideration of the following factors. cannot be changed often. machinery and raw mater ials. The consideration of these factors requires careful analysis because the location once chosen. the success of business depends on the process of organization and planning. labors. Industrial organization means the combination and co - ordination of capital.LOCATION Industry is an activity which converts raw material and semi finished goods in to finished goods for sale.

17 - .On seeing of it NIRMA LIMITED has setup its factory at. Nirma Chemicals Limited. It is just 14 km away from the Bhavnagar city in a well location area. Kalatalav. Bhavnagar. . Bhal District. This place is not so far or so near to the city.

company is working its workshop for 24 hours.18 - . NIRMA LIMITED is very punctual in time.TIME ± KEEPING SYSTEM Time keeping system is very essential for the regulation of employees & for maintaining the productivity of the unit. In NIRMA LIMITED Time for all the level of staff is as follows as per its working place: For Office Staff: 09:00 AM To 12:00 PM 02:00 PM To 05:00 PM For Workers: 08:00 AM To 05:00 PM 05:00 PM To 12:00 AM 12:00 AM To 08:00 AM Every worker has to give its present time and leaving time to the in charge and make it register on the attendance sheet. .


No. Particular Page No. 1. 5. 8. 21 22 23 24 28 29 30 31 32 Introduction Products of the company Row Material Manufacturing Process Organization Chart Quality Control Quality Policy Production Capacity Types of Machine .: INDEX : Sr. 3.20 - . 6. 4. 9. 2. 7.

detergent and the industrial salt.INTRODUCTION NIRMA LIMITED have got good production unit.Philip Kotler ³Production is a process by which goods services are create.21 - . Buffa . ´ .E. Company has good infrastructure facility of the factory for the production. linear alkyl Benzene. it have two factories in the Gujarat. sops. ³Production means the conversion of row material in to finished productions wi th the help of certain processes´ . S. packaging. It has different production plants well infrastructure for the production of soda as.

PRODUCTS OF THE COMPANY Consumer Products Industrial Products          LAB ( Linear Alkyl Benzene ) AOS ( Alfa Olefin Suffocate ) Sulphuric Acid Glycerine Soda Ash Pure salt Vacuum Evaporated Iodized Salt SSP ( Single Super Phosphate ) Sodium Silicate .22 - .

There is various row material used in the Nirma Company that is different to the e ntire product like.

Spend Acid Hard Water Soda Ash Yellow Colour ± Aos Salt and other chemical

Bath Soap
Pam Oil RD Oil PK Oil D.F.A Glycerin Brim EDTA Ugater Caster

Detergent Cake
Palmate Salary Acid Silicate

- 23 -

Nirma Salt
Nirma salt is manufactured the state of art production facility of the high capacity machine vacuum drying process.

Salt is manufacturing under of fully automatic process first chemical process for cleaning the water after words it has been vacuum drying process for where the liquid converts into material form and it has been saudh Iodized Salt. At last it helps of conveyer belt. It has been move to packing machine that is known as pack one machine its working capacity is 800 tons which produce 48 packets in a one minute. The package of 2 Kg are been made to manually activity.

Company having automatic facility in both of this unit is in Bhavnagar and Baroda etc.

- 24 -

 Nirma Detergent Powder And Cake
To produce the detergent powder following below mention row-material have been used: 

FOR DETERGENT CAKE Spend Acid Hard Water Soda Ash Yellow Color ± AOS Salt and other chemical 

FOR DETERGENT POWDER Palmate Salary Acid Scilicet Blue

- 25 -

Manufacturing Process for detergent powder and cake: 

FOR DETERGENT POWDER Detergent is manufacture two different type of detergent powder that is super Nirma washing powder and second is popular detergent washing powder.

The process of manufacturing is fully manual. First of spend Acid and hard water color eddies been mixed in reaction bubbles form his generated and on it soda ash, yellow color, salt and other chemical has been mixed and detergent powder has been produce.

³Dudh si safedi Nirma se aye, Rangin Kapda bhi khil khil Jaye Sub ki pasand Nirma Washing powder Nirma´ This Jingle is used since last 35 years. To produce the detergent cake following below mention row -material has been used: - Palmate - Salary Acid - Scilicet 

FOR DETERGENT CAKE The material of washing soaps they some time are available as minced and from power but in prodder machine comprit process machine the soap to put in plants as 12 to 32 machines are available for packing 600 Ton production of Nirma Washing soap.

Type of the detergent Cake Blue Pink White Yellow
- 26 -

RD Oil and P. Nirma Bathing Soaps To produce the bath soap following below mention row -material has been used: Pam Oil R. Oil PK Oil Brim Edta Ugater D. Oil and some other chemicals proportion of Glycerin and D.A (Distai Fatty Acid) Glycerin Manufacturing Process Nirma Company is manufacturing different fragrant of soaps like Nirma rose.27 - .Pink . Company is having high efficient machine imported from Italy. To manufacture the soap row-material like Pam oil. Some of the material are also been import from Malaysia. sandal.Rose .Green . A (Distai fatty Acid) is 76% and other is 24% Type of Bath Shop .F. D.K.Sandal . pink and green etc.White .F.

ORGANIZATION CHART Board of Director Managing Director Production Manager Operator Workers .28 - .

29 - . punishing deadlines and a raging desire to be beyond competition roles sets the bar high.QUALITY CONTROL Pushing ahead with grueling schedules. To meet the most exacting requirements of the most demanding client. . for quality standards Each stage of production at NIRMA LIMITED reflects a profound presence of excellence in quality. The motive of the company is providing maximum satisfaction to their consumers. they have an array of sophisticated technology to ensure quality measuring instruments are used.

This shall be achieved through continuously explanting & developing new product & process.QUALITY POLICY Nirma is a customer focused committed to consistently affair better quality products & services that maximize value to the customers. ~ Maintaining effective quality management system. ~ Laying emphasis on cost effectiveness. ~ Team work and active participation al around. ~ Imparting training to all involved on a continuous bas is. ~ Complying with safety environment and social obligations. .30 - . Demonstrating belongings and exemplary behavior to wards organization is goals and objectives.

31 - .PRODUCTION CAPACITY The production capacity of the firm depends on the machine and the technology the firm uses Production capacity defers product to product as per target per annual Soda ash Vacuum Salt Clear Salt Pure Water - 400000 275000 900000 2200 .

32 - .Types of Machines 1. Nirma Soap Plodder Wrapper Machine Stamping Machine 3. Nirma Washing Soap Plodder Mixture Packing Machine . Nirma Salt New Pacona Old Pacona Micro Pacona New Micro Pacona 2.


7. 3. 6. 1. 8. 5. 2. 11. 9. No.: INDEX : Sr. 12.34 - . 13. 14. 10. 4. Particular Page No. 35 36 37 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 Introduction Organization Chart Recruitment and Selection Human Resource Planning Placement and Induction Wages and Salary Administration Training and Development Promotion and Transfer Performance Appraisal System Health and Safety Policy Personnel Policy Industrial Relation Provident Fund Scheme Other Facilities .

behavior. R. directing an d controlling the procurement. Terry. organizing. Personnel management involves planning. etc of the human resources in enterprise personnel management is the sub area of the general management. mentality etc.35 - . Humans have dynamic nature different person are having different nature. to G. It is concerned mainly with manpower recourses. Personnel management also gives such type of training & education to the employee.INTRODUCTION Manpower is heart of the business. ³Personnel management is concerned with obtaining & maint aining of a satisfactory & satisfied work force´ . Acc. Personnel management gives such type of promotion to the employee.

ORGANISATION CHART Board of Director Managing Director Personal Manager Operator Workers .36 - .

placement centers. 1. There are mainly two sources of recruitment. Employees agencies.RECRUITMENT & SELECTION RECRUITMENT Recruitment is the most important function of personnel department. etc are used local are and local market recruitment of worker and labor with the help of contractor.  Type of worker or labor Skilled or Semi Skilled Experienced . NIRMA LIMITED recruits the staff using both the method of but mostly through the external source. External source are campus recruitment. other professionals. rule.  Minimum Qualification For staff selection For Production  Age Limit Minimum age limit is 21 Years and maximum is 58 Years as per govt. ITI .37 - = = Graduation Graduation. contractors. Internal sources external sources Internal sources means to select the required person from the company it s elf. While external sources means to recruit the person from the outside the organization through advertisement. It is process of reaching for prospective employee and stimulating encouraging them to apply for the job in the organization. 2.

. Recruitment and selection proceeded of executive and export personal [mechanical engineer] is done at the head office of the Nirma Company. which is from recruit of once.38 - .SELECTION Selection is the process of the choosing the right person for right job.

The belief is that all this make an individual a better person which in turn leads to better productivity and a spirit of accountability and commitment in each member of the NIRMA LIMITED. . Developing human resources is continues process at Nirma involving overseas training programmers on the job orientation for the trainees in house computer education and personality development sessions.39 - .HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING Nirma not only make better product but also infuse the value which affect the perceived characteristic of the internal customer oriented environment of the organization. NIRMA LIMITED hires only the best people in their respective fields¶ people with a capacity to take on the challenges of realizing the Nirma¶s vision productive dynamic professionals with the expertise of the executive mega project would integrate Nirma into a conglomerate by providing the best in all the way.

which on accepted candidates is to be assigned and his assignment to that job an appropriate placement of a worker result in the reduction of employee. Hence he must know them. Placement is a negative as well as positive process.40 - . . Any neglect in the area of the induction would result into high labor turnover waste of time and expenditure. An employee has to operate with follow employees and his supervisor. Selecting and giving a job to the best one out of a applicants is a placement. In NIRAM LIMITED after the training is over the normally decides the final placement on the basis of performed and result output during the training. It means to reje ct improbable candidates and to recruit a probable candidate from an applicant. Their way of working and also the policies and practices of the organization with this he can integrate himself with the enterprise. INDUCTION Induction involves the introduction of an employee to the job and the organization. Thus placement is the determination of the job. Thus NIRMA LIMITED follows formal indication procedure they talk about the history of the organization and short discus with a representative of the personnel who may narrate the benefits plans of the organization.PLACEMENT AND INDUCTION PLACEMENT After passing through the selection procedure on last stage placement takes place.

Payment of wages and salary is managed by personnel department. In NIRMA LIMITED. II. Payment made to labors is generally said as wages. Salary means money paid periodically to persons whose output can not be easily measured such as clerical staff as well as supervisory and management staff. Wages and salary administration refers to the establishment and implementation of sound policies and practices of employee compensation.41 - . Various wage acts and labors acts are used in order to determine the wage of the employees. Time or Day Wage System. labors or workers are paid wages on the End of every month.WAGES AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION Wages and salary are given to the employee as reward for their contribution to the industries. . In NIRMA LIMITED. Wages can be paid according to two systems. These systems are: I. these employees are paid salary on the end of every month. The Piece-wage System.

Training and development of personnel is a follow .42 - .up of selection. By training the employees will acquire new manipulating skills. . ³Training is the act of increasing the knowledge of employees for doing a specific job´ Thus increasing the knowledge and skills of employee for better performance on job. . .First Aid Training.Safety Training. It is an improvement and enhancement of different types of skill so that employees can perform their job effectively. technical knowledge. NIRMA LIMITED trains the worker on the job. they are sent on the training programs held in general by some association institutes or seminars. There are two methods of training: .Off the job training method. Some of the higher levels executives are given training on external basis also i. Company also gives other useful training to the workers which are useful during a working time like. .On the job training method. It means they give training to the workers during a job to the selected candidates. Training is a systematic program of organization aims at increasing the attitude.Normal Training.TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Every organization needs to have trained and experienced employees to perform the activities to be done. etc. . skills and abilities of worker to perform specific job.e.

So for transfer sent from one branch to other branch or from one department to other relevant department. . As the time of promotion they see performance of personnel in terms of attendances.43 - . So it can be said that company do internal transfer. better environment. etc. NIRMA LIMITED has different units in Gujarat.´ A promotion is a vertical move in rank and responsibilities. discipline. skill. greater skill and especially increased rate pay of salary. regularity. which commands better wages. and authoritie s.PROMOTION AND TRANSFER The term promotion can be defined as ³A promotion is the advancement of an employee to get better in terms of responsibilities. In NIRMA LIMITED promotion of its employees and its staff is done on the basis of tow ± to ± three years experience. hours of work and facilities. An upward advancement of an employee in an organization to another hob. responsibilities. more prestige or status. higher opportunities. better status.

³Performance appraisal is a systematic evaluation of the individuals with regard to his or her performance on the job and his potential for development´ In NIRMA LIMITED performance appraisal is done by the head of department on the basis of performance appraisal report given by supervisor an appraisal grade is given to every year. . If employees get confirmation from company on before 31 st march then that employee is eligible for getting appraisal system.44 - . It is also described as merit rating in which one individual is ranked or marked in comparisons of other.PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM In the organization context performance appraisal is a systematic evaluation of performance by supervisors or other familiar with their performance.

Seminars.HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY 1) Productivity with safety is our motto safety and health aspects will be considered in process design selection of equipment and implementation of program. 3) Nirma will encourage our associate¶s contractor and suppliers to implement safe and healthy parties in their establishment. . 4) To fulfill our social responsibility will conduct programs. 2) Health and safety of the workers is an asset of the company continuous improvement in performance by training and rewarding will be ensured for maintaining a vigilant workforce.45 - . so as react timely and intelligently in case of emergency. 5) Above all Nirma commit to fulfill all statutory provision under the guidance of regulatory agencies. Celebrations and put up hoarding to make the general public aware.

. Their genesis lies in value. In word of Flippo ³A policy is man made rule or predetermined course of action that is established to guide the performance of work towards the organization objectives.´ Thus NIRMA LIMITED follows general personnel policies. It is established for co ± ordination and control and for the sound industrial relations etc. They give the general standard or basis which could give the decisions. Philosophy concepts and principles of an organization.PERSONNEL POLICY Personnel policies constitute guide to action.46 - .

47 - . In NIRMA LIMITED the management and the employees maintai n a good industrial relation. Where willing co-operation emanates from employees towards the achievement of organizational goals. . They both understand each other and there is no incident of any such dissatisfaction or strike.INDUSTRIAL RELATION The expressions industrial relations are used to express the nature of relationships between the employer and employee in an industry or an organization. there is said to be industrial relations. A correct perspective of the industrial relations position is possible on an appreciation of the stages of development through which a country has passed over a period of time to the present moment. There are many causes which have led to poor industrial relations and there are conditions which can generate goods industrial relations.

The main purpose of provident fund is to provide benefit to the employees by giving them certain amount of money at the time of retirement.PROVIDENT FUND SCHEME Provident fund schemes has been introduced in 1962 the government has made the law that any company must has to follow the provident fund scheme after the established of 5 years plan. NIRMA LIMITED employee¶s basis salary is scheduled @ 12% before also payment for provident fund. In 1950 this act was passed and then it becomes compulsory to apply provident fund scheme. marriage or in the cas e of accident or faces any type of defeat in this body Under the act the employee¶s provident fund and family person are same. .48 - .

 Medical Facility In NIRMA LIMITED if any accident occurs that time they provide medical facilities.  Leave: In NIRMA LIMITED employees are provided privileged leave. For this they should be given not only financial incentives b ut also non financial incentives and facilities. The company undertakes the following welfare measure to motivate the workers. So for better work performance they should be motivated. . Thus the company provides first air and medical expenses also. Casual Leave for 7 days. Lunch and snakes are being provided at subsidies rates at 350 Rs. per month.OTHER FACILITIES Employees are important assets of a unit. They also keep first aid box in company.49 - . so any small can be prohibited. NIRMA LIMITED is much concentrates on above facts and gives many benefits to their employees.  Canteen: In NIRMA LIMITED Two cups of tea/coffee are provided free of cost to all employees in each shifts. Sick Leave for 7 days. Privileged Leave for 24 days. casual leaves and sick leaves for the below mentioned days.

.  Gift On Different Occasions And Festival In NIRMA LIMITED Company provide gift on function and marriage.50 - . Loan: In NIRMA LIMITED workers are provided monetary facility at the time of requirement.  Transportation Facility In NIRMA LIMITED pick up and drop facility is given to the workers. Company¶s bus service is available for it. In marriage company provides a gift cheque of 1001 Rs. to the employee. Employees of the company are provided loans on the lower rate comparing to the market rate of interest. And on festival sweets are been provided to the employees.


: INDEX : Sr.52 - . 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 Introduction Organization Chart Market Segmentation Advertising Sales Promotion Competitors Marketing Research Pricing Policies International Marketing Strategies Related to Production Channel of Distribution . 5. 11. 1. 7. No. 2. Particular Page No. 3. 8. 10. 9. 6. 4.

customer is at the centre of any marketing plan. pricing. . In the large scale industries different staff ate been recruited for the marketing.´ The process of marketing starts with identifying the customer¶s needs and then developing a marketing program suiting the needs of the customer.INTRODUCTION ³Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception.´ Philip Kotler defines a ³Market as an area for potential exchanges.53 - . It involves the process of desig ning the products in such a way that it is acceptable to the consumers. In NIRMA LIMITED there is a different team working after the marketing its office is in Ahmedabad.e. Generally in a small or medium scale unit the function of marketing is car ried out by the owners of business or the marketing manager. Hence. product. promotion and distribution of ideas. price. goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals. Marketing includes four P¶s of management i. promotion and place or physical distribution.

54 - .ORGANISATION CHART Board of Director Managing Director Marketing Manager Operator Workers .

People have different needs and values there from a marketer can not desire maximum benefit from the analysis of market as whole.´ The reason for segmenting the market that the market that the market for most product is heterogeneous but not. . homogeneous. Each part demand schedule and represents a group of buyer with similar needs an d features.MARKET SEGMENTATION Market segmentation is sub dividing of the whole market in to different parts. According to Stanton ³Market segmentation consists taking total of heterogeneous market for a product and dividing it into several sub markets to be reached with a distinct marketing mix. There are several bases for segmentation the market w hich are as follows:  Geographic Segmentation  Demographic Segmentation  Psychographic Segmentation  Behavioral Segmentation In NIRMA LIMITED company is doing segmentation on the basis of demographic segmentation.55 - .

It is paid communication because the advertiser has to pay for the space in time in which his advertisement appears in recognized media such as Newspaper. magazines and Television advertisement. Mail or Internet. Television. Paid communication of goods services or ideas by and identified sponsor. Radio. Hoardings. With the help of advertising company can create the brand image into the market. NIRMA LIMITED mostly advertises through newspapers. .ADVERTISING Advertising can be defined as.56 - .

To promote the product NIRMA LIMITED gives sales discount or offer during some interval to the clients and special high commission to the intermediaries¶ achievement of the said prefixed target. .57 - . And also most important of the promotion is the sale promotion is instruments achieve good marketing results it is the process of and activity of increasing the total sales of the firm.SALES PROMOTION Sales promotion is only short-term incentive to encourage purchase or sales of product & services means related with promotion of sales consist of a wide verity of promotional tools design to stimulate earlier & more customers.

As there is competition in the market it is very important for the company to satisfy it s customers to the fullest and to live up to their expectations. Competitors of the company are as follows: -  COMPETITOR FOR SOAP: Lux. To survive in this competitive world. Medimix. Wheel .58 - . the company should try to satisfy the needs of its customers by providing goods and services at reasonable cost. Pears. NIRMA LIMITED also has many competitions in the market.  COMPETITOR FOR DETERGENT POWDER: Ariel.  COMPETITOR FOR SALT: TATA Salt. Rin Supreme. and Many More. Hamam.COMPETITORS Today¶s world is full of competitions. The company cannot compromise with its quality of goods. It is very difficult to survive in this competitive world. Wheel  COMPETITOR FOR DETERGENT SOAP: Tide. Dove. Surf Excel. Cinthol. Tide.

They do marketing research through market fours via customers and dealers. According to AMA ³Marketing research is the gathering records and analyzing of account about various problems relating to the transfer and sales of goods. Marketing research is concerned with all those factors which have direct impact upon the marketing of products and service it is the study of any part of total marketing process.MARKETING RESERCH Marketing research is the systematic gathering recording and analyzing of data about problems concerned with market place. service from producer to consumer. .59 - .: Problems relating market price. In NIRMA LIMITED marketing research plays an important role.e. i. promotion and distribution.

For E.60 - . Total Cost + Packing Cost + Profit = Net Price NIRMA LIMITED gives the plan for the manufacturing of the project to different unit and accordingly collects. Right price can be determined through pricing research and by adopting the test market technique.PRICING POLICY Price is an important element in the marketing strategy. Decision about pricing is very important task in every organization. A price policy is the standing answer to the firm to receiving problem of pricing. It also provides guidelines to the marketing manager to enclose appropriate pricing decision.g. The pricing of the product is like ³Blood of the Body´ the organization has fixed policy of the price. . The manufacturing cost data from the entire unit. Right selling price is essential for sound marketing.

Price. Promotion and Distribution). Firm must have well. that forms state to state and country to other country. promotion and proper distribution.e. NIRMA LIMITED consist international of the Middle East Asia i. . Russia and some of neighbor countries other then Asia it consist of African Countries. Marketing principles are common and are universally applicable. Products.INTERNATIONAL MARKETING International or world marketing follows some basic principles as do mestic marketing.e. Each market er must recognize the fact that the marketing environment varies from nation to nation. In any market firm needs blending of 4P¶s of marketing (i.61 - . China.

Packing Packing is also an important as produced the thing only production is not enough but they have to pack their product in attractive paper Nirma L td. But in case of any fault or if there is any complain received from the customer then they all are given replacement at a same product. NIRMA LIMITED follows strategies which are as under. After sales service After selling a product the work does not over for on industry. Each company have different strategies related it some company can not give after sales service we can sal e they will not allow to their customer to change the product. has rightly chosen its brand name as Nirma which is named on the name of NIRUPAMA a daughter the chairman Dr. packing is done as per requirement their customer.62 - . Branding Company should their brand name which is easy to remember to and it should not illegal A company brands is famous with the name of ³Nirma´ The Nirma Ltd.STRATEGIES RELATED TO PRODUCTION There are so many strategies related production. . They are also liable to give their customer after sales service Nirma also gives this type of facility to the customer. Krshanbhai Patel which is very easy to remember and attractive. customer is not providing after sales service ion a product which is small. They also selling they product after packing in retail or as per the requirement of customer packing process place vital role the point of view the customer because same people purchase any product to get prestige in a society.

CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION Distribution channel consists of sets of interdependent organization a product or service from the point of production to the user at the point of consumption. The channel of distribution of NIRMA LIMITED is as follows: Manufacturer Distributors Wholesaler Retailers Customers . Hence it can be said that it is the distribution available in market for consumption purpose the route of channels of distribution includes the manufacture and consumer as well as all intermediaries.63 - .


65 - . Particular Page No. 3. 7. 6. 4. 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 Introduction Organization Chart Financial Planning Profit & Loss Account Balance Sheet Capital Structure Working Capital Ratio Analysis . No. 2. 5.: INDEX : Sr. 1. 8.

organization or form. The finance in a modern business world is the life blood of a business. .INTRODUCTION It is universally accepted that all economic activity is based on the purpose of earning. It is impossible to imagine business without finance so it is said that ³Business men take money to make money´. Finance is like blood of any industry. ³Finance is like an arm. So. So be considering this we can say that money or finance is in the centre of the world without finance any industry is a selection having no life.66 - . leg you use it or loss it´ Finance provides base for the company NO company can run without sufficient finance. Finance management is necessary for any organizatio n and that is why finance department comes into existence In this department different finance manager perform the activities regarding rising and using finance to operate the business. In the word of Henry Fayol.

ORGANISATION CHART Board of Director Managing Director Finance Manager Accountant Workers .67 - .

Fi nancial planning is on important function of a business is big or small this function has to be performed.FINANCIAL PLANNING Finance is an important function of business the application of planning to the function is financial planning. . determination of objectives and procedure relating to the finance function. debtors etc.68 - . * Long term financing is generally needed for fixed capital requirement * Short term finance is generally needed for working capital requirement i.e. It is necessary to do financial planning for an existing as well as new business. It involves the policies. A financial plan should be formulated in the light of present as w ell as future development before raising finance it is essential to make estimates for long term as well as short term financial needs.

82 1084.40 (29.82 30.13 288.41 2617.43 114.Deferred Tax Profit for the year Less : Provision of taxation of earlier years provided during the Year Net Profit Add : Balance in profit and loss account brought forward Profit available for Appropriation Less : Transferred to capital redemption reserve : Transferred to general revenue : Final dividend n preference shares : Proposed dividend on preference shares : Tax on dividend Balance Carried to Balance Sheet 452.69 - .34 226.00 1049.78 31.17 63.08 3070.46 47.15 81.58 26. Interest and changes 1398.66 10.68 Nil 100.85 114.86 118.70 99.65 70.39) 93.00 29.65 25.60 0.70 7.13 63.19 60.Fringe Benefit Tax .96 2371.89 3030.50 232.06 323.92 1989.PROFIT & LOSS ACCOUNT *Rs.40 17.89 226.58 Nil Nil 226.03 Expenditure Consumption of raw materials Purchase of finished goods Payment to and provision for employees Manufacturing.86 2007 ± 2008 2650.00 0. Exceptional Items and Tax Less : Provision for depreciation Add : Provision of expense for earlier years written back Profit before Exceptional Items and Tax Less : Impairment of asset Add : Exchange loss on revaluation of ECBs Profit Before Tax Less : Provision For Taxation .33 13. administrative and selling exp.00 207.89 22.29 67.18 217.38 Nil 208.55) 229.73 12.17 8.66 10.04 (6.21 13.06 1.57 244.00 .78 318.43 2. In Crores Particular INCOME Sales Less: Excise Duty Sales Net Other Income Income / Decease in stock 2008 .2009 3354.48 382.00 0.65 814.46 Profit before Depreciation.Current Tax .55 71.00 0.79 100.

37 72.92 1 2 3 4 APPLICATION OF FUNDS Fixed Assets Gross Block Less: Depreciation Net Block Add : Capital work ± in ± progress Investments Current Assets.96 1911.70 - .12 85.73 305.47 2601.36 2502.14 11099.59 1918.27 250.94 3028.92 6 7 8 9 10 11 Less: Current Liabilities and Provisions Current Liabilities Provisions Net Current Assets Differed Tax Liabilities 12 .40 811.77 600.02 539.93 135.79 3734.83 3738.57 45.86 1425.21 1338.03.53 2129.67 1133.04 195.92 1826.08 82.69 1033.68 325.54 261.04 3734.65 500.08 2162.BALANCE SHEET *Rs.83 As on 31.16 216.61 2171.90 288.46 129.04 1048.85 635. Loans & Advances Inventories Sundry Debtors Cash and Bank Balance Loans and Advances 5 4048.28 325.49 213. In Crores Schedule SOURCES OF FUNDS Shareholder¶s Funds Share Capital Reserve and Surplus Loan Funds Secured Loans Unsecured Loans As on 31.40 443.50 3028.62 2584.98 182.94 243.96 259.03.09 79.94 189.59 1663.59 599.57 2521.

09 79.47 1048. funds are needed right finance plays an important stage up to end finance plays an important role in company¶s life. business suffers It is there fo re necessary that correct estimate of current and the future need of capital be mode to have an optimum capital structure. *Figures are in Crores. Estimation of capital is necessary but the formati on of capital structure is important. preference share capital and shareholder fund. which shall help the organization to run its work smoothly and without any stress.12 85.67 *Figure given here are as per the balance sheet provided on website.09 Capital Structure.CAPITAL STRUCTURE In order to run and manage a company. . The capital structure is made up of debt and equity securities and refers to permanent financing of a firm it is composed of long term debts.57 2521.71 - .03. If funds are inadequate. Capital structure of NIRMA LIMITED as on 31.03. Ownership Capital Share Capital Revenue & Surplus Borrowed Capital Secured Loan Unsecured Loan As On 31.

receivable etc.WORKING CAPITAL Business capital is broadly divided into two groups: 1) Fixed Capital 2) Working Capital Fixed capital refers to the funds invested in such fixed or permanent assets as land.94 ± 325.03.72 - . finish goods. ³Working Capital is descriptive of that capital witch is not fixed but the more common us of the working capital is to consider it as the difference between the book value of the current assets and current liabilities. while working capital refers to the funds locked up in materials. Gross Working Capital Gross Working is nothing but the total current assets of the company is considered as a gross working capital.´ .73 (i. 1663.27) . Gross Working Capital 2. Net Working Capital Different between the current assets and current liabilities is considered as a n et working capital. Net Working Capital 1.94 Crores 2.Hoagland The concept of working capital is future divided into broad parts they are 1.e. Net working Capital of Nirma Limited as on 31. Gross Working Capital of Nirma Limited is 1663. building etc.09 is 1338.

9% (In Crores) Net Profit Ratio The ratio is valuable for the purpose of ascertaining the overall profitability of the business and shows the efficiency or otherwise of ope ration the business. Net Profit Ratio = Net Profit X 100 Sales = = 230562 X 100 28272 72. The financial statement. a ratio analysis is used as a bench mark for evaluating the financial position and performance of a firm. ratio analysis is one of the most powerful tools of financial analysis. In financial analysis.RATIO ANALYSIS There are various methods and techniques for analyzing.09% (In Crores) .73 - . The ratio is defined as ³The indicated quotient of two mathematical expressions. It is a useful indication of the profitability of the business.´ ³It is an expression of the qualitative relationship between two or more numbers´ Gross Profit Ratio: It is the ratio expressing relationship between gross profits earned to net sales. Gross profit Ratio = Gross Profit X 100 Sales = 271254 X 100 28272 = 95.

´ Current Ratio = = = Current assets Current Liabilities 148.74 - .46:1 .59 1. It is also known as ³Working Capital Management.Current Ratio It is measure of working capital available at particular time and shows whether the business will be able to meet its current liabilities as and when they mature.69 101.

75 - .AWARDS .

76 - .In 2001 Karsan bhai was awarded an honorary doctorate by Florida Atlantic University. recognizing his exceptional entrepreneurial and philanthropic accomplishments. awarded him the ³udyog ratna´ award the Gujarat chamber of commerce felicitated him as an ³Outstanding Industrialist of the Eighties´ He has served twice as chairman of the Development council for soaps and Detergents. 2004) Selected as super brand of India for 2003 ± 04 Most popular brand in Detergent powders ± Economy Category (FMCG Awards ± 2000) . In 1990 the federation of Association of Small scale industries of India (FASII) new Delhi. Hans Ender Memorial Award Recipients ~ 1998 ~ 1999 ~ 2000 Bruce Evans Eugene Yang Rich Giska AWARD FOR NIRMA BRAND 9th among top FMCG brands of India (A & M ± mode ± 2002) 9th largest FMCG brand of the country (Ac Nielsen Retail Audit Brand Equity April 21.


Nirma has achieved a lot in lost years. Nirma has achieved full backward integration to support the business of detergents and soaps.78 - . Nirma is awarded by ICMA for ³Excellence in water Resource Management in chemical industry´ for the year 2002 -2003. The achievements of Nirma are as follows. . Nirma is awarded by Gujarat Safety Council for Gujarat safety aw ard for the year 2002.

79 - . Offering a bread portfolio of product at multiple price points in the detergent soaps and personal care products.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Strong brand equity Nirma is an Rs 17 billion umbrella brand. Market leadership in detergents market and fabric wash industry and second largest player in toilet soap industry. Produce a range of industrial chemical product which primarily used as row material or intermediates for soaps and detergents business. Wide channel of distribution network. .

.Emergence of small but strong regional players .High interest burden. toothpaste and fabric whiteners .WICKNESS . .Lock global tie-ups and thus lacking in export markets.Less presence in premium segment.Acquisition for strengthening its distribution tie-ups.MNCs coming to India particularly in toil et & soap industry.Entry into other categories like shampoos. .Export.80 - . . . OPPERTUNITITS . THREATS . .


Nirma is adopting a consumer oriented strategy as for as the price factor is concerned. All the benefits accruing out of economies of scale were passed to consumers in the form of value for money offers like ³Buy one get on Free´ The overall broad strategy of increasing the consumption was supported by appropriate promotion and market support. The selection of media and communication strategy was done with objectives of achieving the broad objective growth by gr owing the market.82 - . . where in the priority was on passing more and more benefits to ultimate consumers.


After going through practical training in Nirma for making the analytical report of a company I would like to conclude some suggestions in order to achieve the targets and to make its consumers brand loyal.84 - . They should go for promotional activities like sales promotion and personal selling and advertisement. .


The get trained in this company. .86 - . I have not only learned and viewed about the working of personnel and marketing but have also learned as for as the technical and manufacturing fields are concerned.I after having visited the Nirma Company have learnt and experienced a lot and it was a pleasant experience for me to know the internal aspects of the organization I have got a very positive and co-operative response from every one at Nirma.


Mr.88 - . In charge Detergent Department . R. H.Mr. finance & personnel etc.nirma. in practical.M. Assistant Soap Department . Patel. theoretical must clear in our Company¶s Executive L. Prasad Philip Kotler Philip Kotler R.Mr. which are as under Financial Management Personnel Management Marketing Management Production Department Company¶s Website (www.For getting the information regarding various aspects like marketing. To have kno wledge regarding various theoretical concepts. Paras Dave. I took reference of many books. Girish Joshi. Sharma Salt Department . In charge . S.

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