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Joseph A Islam

Salamun Alaikum (Peace be upon you


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*+oes man think that he will be left aimless , in vain , uncontrolled (without a purpose
(Arabic S!"a(#$$%*

Situations will be presented- where we will be tested and choices between right and wrong
will have to be made. .any adverse situations will have to be borne with patience.

/+o men think that they will be left alone on saying- *0e believe*- and that they will not be

/0e did test those before them- and 3od will surely make evident those who are true from
those who are false , liars2

To differentiate the truth from falsehood underscores a very important purpose to creation

*And 0e did not create the 4eavens and the 5arth and what is between them for mere play
, sport. 'f 0e intended that 0e take a pastime- 0e could surely have taken it from the
things nearest to 6s- if 0e would do (such a thing7 +a,- We cas. .he .r!.h a/ai#s. .he
0alsehoo"1 so .ha. i. brea2s i.s hea"- and lo7 falsehood does perish7 and woe to you for
which you ascribe7*

3lease see rela.e" ar.icle 4(5 belo6.

.ankind was created to toil and struggle.

*!ertainly 0e have created man into toil , struggle hardship (Arabic 2aba"$*

Situations will be created to test our resolve to enable us to make the best decisions or to
bear with patience.

/And 0e shall try you until 0e make evident those who strive among you and persevere in
patience8 and 0e shall test your affairs2

Sometimes the tests will be very severe.

/9r do you think that you shall enter the 3arden (of bliss without such (trials as came to
those who passed away before you1 they encountered suffering and adversity- a#" 6ere so
sha2e# i# spiri. .ha. e8e# .he 9esse#/er a#" .hose o0 0ai.h 6ho 6ere 6i.h him crie"
:Whe# 6ill .he help o0 ;o" come%: Ah7 'ndeed- the help of 3od is (always near72

0e will be tested with wealth- children and health.

*A#" 2#o6 .ha. ,o!r 6eal.h a#" ,o!r chil"re# are b!. a .rial< and that it is 3od with 0hom
lies your highest reward2

*=e shall, be .rie" a#" .es.e" i# ,o!r 6eal.h a#" i# ,o!rsel8es< and ye shall
certainly hear much that will grieve you- from those who received the :ook before you and
from those who worship many gods. B!. i0 ,e perse8ere,- and guard against evil-
then that will be a determining factor in all affairs*

*A#" s!rel, We 6ill .es. ,o! with something of fear and hunger- and loss of wealth and
lives and the fruits (of your toil- b!. /i8e /la" .i"i#/s .o .hose 6ho, perse8ere*

4owever- no trial will be given to one which is greater than one can bear. 9ur !reator knows
the e;tent of our limits.

*># #o so!l "oes ;o" place a b!r"e# / .ha# i. ca# bear. 't gets every good that it
earns- and it suffers every ill that it earns. (Pray: *9ur <ord7 condemn us not if we forget or
fall into error8 our <ord7 <ay not on us a burden like that which Thou did lay on those before
us8 9ur <ord7 <ay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. :lot out our
sins- and grant us forgiveness. 4ave mercy on us. =ou are our protector8 help us against
those who stand against faith.*


>o calamity can occur without the will of 3od.

*>o kind of disaster (Arabic 9!siba.i#$ can occur- e;cept by the permission of 3od: and if
any one believes in 3od- 4e guides his heart: for 3od knows all things*

These disasters even befell the Prophet.

'f good befalls you- it grieves them- a#" i0 " (Arabic 9!siba.!#$ a00lic.s ,o!- they say:
'ndeed we had taken care of our affair before8 and they turn back and are glad. Sa,
:+o.hi#/ 6ill happe# .o !s eBcep. 6ha. ;o" has "ecree" 0or !s Ce is o!r a#"
o# ;o" le. .he Belie8ers p!. .heir .r!s..

*Say: 4e has the power that 4e should send on you a chastisement from above you or from
beneath your feet- or that 4e should throw you into confusion- (making you of different
parties8 and make some of you taste the fighting of others. See how 0e repeat the
communications that they may understand*

Some of them will be clearly due to what we have earned.

*0herever you are- death will find you out- even if ye are in towers built up strong and
high7* 'f some good befalls them- they say- *This is from 3od*8 but if evil- they say- *This is
from thee* (9 Prophet. Sa, :All .hi#/s are 0rom ;o".* :ut what has come to these people-
that they fail to understand a single fact1 *0hatever good- (9 man7 happens to you- is from
3od8 b!. 6ha.e8er e8il happe#s .o ,o!1 is 0rom .h, (o6#$ so!l. and 0e have sent thee as a
messenger to (instruct mankind. And enough is 3od for a witness*

>ote the phrase *all things are from 3od* which denotes 3od?s supreme authority- 4is
knowledge and will. 0ith regards evil- a specific clarification is given in the very ne;t verse.


<uqman?s advice to his son:

*9 my son7 keep up prayer and en@oin the good and forbid the evil- a#" bear, .ha.
6hich be0alls ,o!8 surely these acts require courage*

*And if 0e make him taste a favour after distress has afflicted him- he will certainly say: The
evils are gone away from me. .ost surely he is e;ulting- boasting8 EBcep. .hose 6ho are a#" "o /oo"1 .he, shall ha8e 0or/i8e#ess a#" a /rea. re6ar":

=>? 9A= +>T E+>W WCAT IS ;>>D I+ A SIT?ATI>+ TCAT 9A= A33EAR BAD T> =>?

As an e;ample- one may be required to fight in case of self defence- utter oppression and for
@ustice. This is no different from modern day troops that defend their borders or fight to
eliminate oppression.

*Aighting is en@oined on you- and it is an ob@ect of dislike to you8 a#" i. ma, be .ha. ,o!
"isli2e a .hi#/ 6hile i. is /oo" 0or ,o!- and it may be that you love a thing while it is evil for
you- and 3od knows- while you do not know*


:And among mankind is he who worships 3od on the verge so that if good befalls him he is
content with it- but if a trial befalls him- he falls away utterly. 4e loses both the world and
the 4ereafter. That is the sheer loss*


*So- indeed- with every difficulty- there is relief*

*'ndeed- with every difficulty there is relief*


Throughout one?s trial- one must e;ercise the best choices- upholding truth and @ustice and bearing
with patience.

*:y the (passage of time Surely7 man is in a state of loss- e;cept those who believe and do good-
and en@oin on each other truth- and en@oin on each other patience*

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