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Sheppard, Chelsea ‘November 17, 2021 Page 2 Your termination of employment is effective as of the date of this letter, November 17, 2021 Please be in touch with your department chair to complete the Faculty Departure Checklist and to make arrangements to vacate any office space and return any University-owned equipment, as appropriate. Dr. Sheppard, I understand that this decision may be difficult to bear. I know it has significant consequences for you, and I made it only after careful consideration of all of the facts, review of the process, and review of our policies. I have not come to this decision lightly and I have nothing but regret that we have come to this place. m Pony v L M. Elizabeth Magill Executive Vice President and Provost ce: Dean Melina R. Kibbe, MD Attachments: ‘+ Faculty Senate Peer Review Panel Report ‘* Letters of Notification to Dr. Sheppard

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