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What is a disadvantage of configuring a firewall using permissive settings? 2011 (3) j k l m n Devices are exposed to attack. April j k l m n Packet transmission becomes complicated, requiring explicit access permission for all packets. (3) j k l m n The extra ports that are used by various applications are closed. CISCO i j k l m n The settings may cause a user to be locked out of the system. Which two methods help protect network cables? (Choose two.) c d e f g enclosing the cables in conduits b c d e f g enclosing the cables in cable locks b c d e f g routing the cables inside the walls of a building c d e f g leave cables exposed to reveal tampering c d e f g using RFID tags

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Which method of filtering traffic is used to monitor established network connections to allow only packets from established network connections? i j k l m n packet filter j k l m n proxy firewall j k l m n stateful packet inspection j k l m n wireless NICs Which characteristic of an application is used by the Windows XP firewall to determine whether the application is allowed to access the network? j k l m n file permission j k l m n port number i j k l m n IRQ j k l m n username

Which method can turn a laptop into a zombie computer? i j k l m n improperly configuring the BIOS setting j k l m n partially uninstalling the operating system


BezetsMakar: CISCO

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j k l m n j k l m n

reformatting the hard drive remotely controlling the operating system

Which feature is characteristic of a guest account? j k l m n It always remains active. i j k l m n It can be configured to grant extensive access to resources on a temporary basis. j k l m n It disables access to the Internet, e-mail, and any printer. j k l m n It must be specifically configured for each guest.

Which technique may be used to generate a message digest from a hash encoding process? j k l m n the use of a combination of identical encryption keys j k l m n the use of a mathematical function to generate a corresponding text value that is unique to the message i j k l m n the use of the SHA or MD5 algorithms j k l m n the use of a key that is agreed to by the sender and receiver A user can locate the setup for an application on the server but is unable to download it. The user requests the help of a technician, who looks up the list of common problems and their recommended solutions. Which solution should the technician try to resolve this problem? j k l m n Change the read permission granted to the user on the setup file to read and execute. j k l m n Grant system administrator privileges to the user on a temporary basis. j k l m n Inform the user that this is due to a phishing attack and then perform an antivirus scan. i j k l m n Verify that the MAC address of the computer is listed in the MAC address filter table.

A technician has been asked to format the drives of several Windows XP computers with a file system that can use file-level permissions to secure confidential information. Which file system should be used by the technician? j k l m n EXT j k l m n FAT j k l m n FAT32 i j k l m n NTFS

10 A technician needs to configure wireless networking on several new laptop computers. Which encryption method should the technician choose to achieve the best authentication and payload security? j k l m n MD5 j k l m n PGP j k l m n WEP i j k l m n WPA 11 What is the default setting for Windows XP operating system updates? i j k l m n automatic j k l m n only download updates j k l m n notify me j k l m n manual 12 Which encryption technique uses a mathematical function to create a numeric value unique to the data? j k l m n asymmetric encryption i j k l m n hash encoding j k l m n VPN j k l m n WTLS 13 Which right can only be granted by enabling the Full Control file-level permission? j k l m n change the permissions of a file


BezetsMakar: CISCO

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i j k l m n j k l m n j k l m n

delete a file overwrite a file run a file

14 What is the purpose of using hash encoding? j k l m n to ensure complete security of the message digest j k l m n to ensure that the data remains the same even if the message digest is tampered with i j k l m n to ensure that tampering with data is detectable j k l m n to regenerate the message digest when the original message digest is changed 15 Which two advantages are attributed to a hardware firewall when compared to a software firewall? (Choose two.) c d e f g It costs less because it is more efficient. b c d e f g It does not impact the processing performance of the equipment it protects. b c d e f g It always protects both the computer it is installed on as well as the rest of the network. c d e f g It is designed to protect more than one computer. c d e f g It is a free Windows operating system component.

16 After a technician collects information from the computer, which two sources can provide the technician with possible solutions for various types of network-related problems? (Choose two.) c d e f g paperwork that is provided to customers b c d e f g the manufacturer FAQ for network devices c d e f g firewall logs c d e f g network device logs b c d e f g technical websites 17 After analyzing and researching the problem by visiting several technical websites, a technician was unable to help a user to log in. Later, the user rebooted the computer and was able to log in. Which step did the technician omit during the troubleshooting process? j k l m n closing the issue with the customer j k l m n gathering data from the computer j k l m n gathering information from the user i j k l m n trying quick solutions 18 Which physical security technology uses an embedded integrated circuit chip to store data safely and is commonly used in secure ID badges? i j k l m n smart card j k l m n security key fob j k l m n storage area network j k l m n biometric device 19 Which Windows XP command performs a data backup? i j k l m n BACKUP j k l m n BUP j k l m n NTBACKUP j k l m n XPBACKUP 20 Which two NTFS file-level permissions allow a user to delete a file? (Choose two.)


BezetsMakar: CISCO

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c d e f g b c d e f g c d e f g b c d e f g c d e f g

amend delete full control modify write

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