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PSALM 125:2

surrounded AS THE MOUNTAINS SURROUND JERUSALEM, SO THE LORD saucer safety All of this adds up SURROUNDS HIS PEOPLE BOTHsomething FOREVERMORE. to The city of Jerusalem Safety is NOW AND comforting (PSALMS 125:2 have the was set in a saucer of we all crave. Some NIV)
conviction that, while we surrounding hills. Those home burglar alarms, will be wounded in this mountains were some a guard dog, life, we never need fear dependable, others might take a the forces of evil. Our unshakeable (v1) and course in self-defense. souls are safe, hiding protective. In the same The home insurance with and in God. The way the Israelites saw business is worth billions prayer Jesus urged us to God being their of pounds, and we are pray - deliver us from dependable protector. easily alarmed about the evil one. (Matthew Thus the mountains threats to our on-line 6:13 NIV) - will be reminded the pilgrims of personal data. answered. God, but they did not All of this is quite Indeed, we live with replace God. Their faith understandable, but we the confidence of the was in the God to whom all know that complete defeat of evil. All we the mountains belonged, safety is unattainable. need to do to be safe is not in the mountains Fortunately, there is to, Put on the full themselves. another kind of safety armour of God so that The need to on offer from God. you can take your stand remember the true Here are just three of against the devils source of our security is the promises available; schemes. For our just as relevant today as i. Angelic support struggle is...against...the then. Our spiritual The angel of the spiritual forces of evil in blessings as Christians LORD encamps around the heavenly realms. should always point us those who fear him, and Therefore put on the full back to God. The he delivers them. (Ps armour of God, so that fellowship and 34:7) when the day of evil friendships we enjoy ii. 24/7 support comes, you may be able within the community of God is our refuge to stand your ground. faith are signs with an and strength, an ever(Ephesians 6:1113 NIV) arrow pointing in a present help in trouble. Remember - you are certain direction. And (Psalms 46:1 NIV) in a saucer of safety that direction is God. iii. Jesus support surrounded by Gods Let us never come to My prayer is not that power and perpetual love the blessings more you take them out of the protection. As a result than the blesser. This world but that you Malcolm Cox, email: | ICC Missions onheart and your lift your facebook | Psalmist got it right - let protect them from the head and face the us imitate his evil one. (John 17:15 challenges of life safe, perspective. NIV) surrounded and secure.