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UCLA Checklist By Aimee Kazan

So I did some researching, copy/pasting, and editing. Here should be all the details of everything we really have to take care of before orientation and before enrolling at UCLA. If you don't need any details there's a list with the deadlines at the bottom. ^^ Hope this helps you all~ :D Oh! The link at the below is for a PDF version of it all if you wanna download it. :3 Orientation Check-in begins at 7:45 AM at the west entrance of Sproul Hall. After you have checked into Rieber Terrace and dropped your luggage off in your room, you will want to walk down to Sproul Hall to check into Orientation. If you do not arrive by 5:00 pm on the first day of your session, your session enrollment will be cancelled and you will still be responsible for all fees. THINGS YOU SHOULD BRING
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All official records you have received from UCLA, including your session confirmation A photo ID (e.g., a driver's license or student identification card) Your BruinCard (if you sent in a photo and had your BruinCard mailed back to you) Comfortable clothes and shoes, a pen, a #2 pencil Money (to pay for parking and/or any souvenirs) Copies of transcripts, test score results and catalogs from any post-high school institutions (to assist in planning your coursework for the Fall) Backpack or bag to carry items on campus Toiletries, a towel, and an alarm clock (sheets and a pillow will be provided) Family Orientation The Family Orientation session activities are held separately of the student session and coincide with the last day of the three-day First Year session. Family Orientation begins at 7:30am and will end approximately at 5:30 pm (the same time students will be ending their respective orientation session). BruinCard

Visit the Online Card office at and click on Apply for Card on the left menu. You must have a UCLA logon ID and password to access the online application.

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Photos must have a white background and be of high resolution (like a passport photo). Check for the requirements of an acceptable picture here: Your online application must be received no later than 5 business days prior to your orientation session in order to ensure timely processing, and must meet the predetermined criteria. If you apply for the card on time and the photo submitted is approved, you be able to pick up your Card at Summer Orientation. You will be asked to present a government-issued photo ID (ex: Driver s License, Passport, Military ID, etc.) for verification. BruinCard will not be mailed and must be picked up in person by the cardholder. If you are not attending orientation, obtain your Card at the BruinCard Center located in 123 Kerckhoff Hall anytime in September. Math Placement Exam The exam will take place the first day of your orientation at 3:30 PM. You may also take the exam during the fall. Follow the following link for dates. Calculators are allowed but will not be provided. The Mathematics Diagnostic Test is a 90-minute multiple-choice exam that tests pre-calculus skills. Students receive the results in a format that includes individual test results for eight specific pre-calculus areas. The result-sheet indicates which skills the student has mastered, which skills require review, and which require substantial review. The test scores are used by the Registrar as one of the criteria for enrollment in Math 1, Math 3A and Math 31A. Test scores are valid for one academic year. Students who have taken the AP AB Calculus exam and received a 4 or lower must take the Math Diagnostic Test. Students who have taken the AP BC Calculus exam and received a 3 or lower must take the Math Diagnostic Test. Music Theory Placement Exam All students admitted as music or music history majors and those who are considering changing their major to music or music history must take the Music Theory Placement Examination. You should also make an appointment to speak with the music department counselor before Fall Quarter enrollment begins. The exam will be offered on the first day of each First Year Orientation session from 3:30 - 5:00 pm in Schoenberg Hall. To contact the departmental counselor in Music, call (310) 825-4768.

Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) The following are six ways to meet the UC Entry Level Writing Proficiency Requirement before enrolling:
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A score of 680 or higher on the writing section of the SAT I (given March 2005 and thereafter) A score of 30 or higher on the combined English/Writing section of the ACT Assessment A score of 680 or higher on the SAT II - Writing Exam (given May 1998 and thereafter) A score of 3, 4, or 5 on one of the Advanced Placement (AP) tests in English A score of 5 or higher in the Higher Levels of the International Baccalaureate (IB) test in Language A1 (English) A score of 6 or higher in the Standard Levels of the International Baccalaureate (IB) test in Language A1 (English) Four quarter units of a college composition course that transfers to UCLA as English Composition 3, with a grade of C or better You still have to take the AWPE if you have not received your score for any AP English test that is a 3 or higher. If you don t you risk not being able to enroll in classes that need the writing requirement met. You can still enroll in classes that don t need it though. CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS The 2011 Universitywide AWPE was administered on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at test centers throughout California. If you missed this test date and need to take this exam, the next AWPE available at UCLA for California residents will be during the second week of Fall Quarter. If you have any questions regarding the exam or the UCLA composition requirements, counselors at Orientation will be able to assist you. If you have any questions regarding the May AWPE, please contact the AWPE Helpline at (800) 839-8507. OUT-OF-STATE STUDENTS If you have not met the Entry Level Writing Requirement with one of the criteria previously listed, you can take the AWPE for out-of-state residents only during a First Year Orientation session. This exam is being offered as part of a special arrangement by UCLA Writing Programs, and will be held during session 102, Tuesday, July 12, 2011 from 8:00 - 10:00 am. There is a $90 fee for taking the exam; you must bring a check with you to the exam. Only students who live outside of California and who sign up in advance when reserving an Orientation session will be allowed to take this test. When you come to the testing room, please be sure to bring a valid photo ID, your UCLA student ID number, and a $90 check with you. COLLEGE SUMMER INSTITUTE (CSI)

The AWPE will also be offered the evening of Saturday, July 30. When you come to the testing room, please be sure to bring a valid photo ID, your UCLA student ID number, and a $90 check with you. Official Documents 1) A final, official transcript showing your entire high school program and date of graduation must be sent from your high school to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools (UARS). This transcript must be received by July 15, 2011. 2) Official ACT Assessment Plus Writing, SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Test, Advanced Placement (AP) Exam, and International Baccalaureate (IB) Exam results must be received by UARS by July 15, 2011. Mandatory Health Requirements HEPATITIS B IMMUNITY Students 18 years of age or younger must provide proof of immunity to the Hepatitis B virus prior to enrollment. If immunized against Hepatitis B, or if you have proof of antibodies in your system, you will need the name, address and phone number of the clinician or clinic with proof of this and the dates of the vaccinations. Enter your compliance information online at ( On-Line Services menu -> Hepatitis B page). DO NOT send paper proof of immunity. You will need your UCLA student ID and URSA (University Records System Access) security code. INSURANCE Health insurance is a requirement to enroll at UCLA. The cost of the campus medical insurance plan (USHIP - Undergraduate Student Health Insurance Plan) will automatically be assessed as part of registration fees each term (about $200 each of the 3 terms). Spring Quarter enrollment includes Summer coverage. The USHIP does not include dental benefits. USHIP information is available online at, under Insurance . Enrollment is permitted through October for Fall, January for Winter, and April for Spring. An annual enrollment option is available in the Fall. Fees are automatically billed to your BAR account. If you already have health insurance that meets the University s minimum requirements, you may waive out of USHIP. You must do this online during the fee payment period for each term (September 1-20 for Fall, December 1-20 for Winter and March 1-20 for Spring). There are no paper waivers. During the Fall fee payment period you will have the option to waive out of USHIP for the entire year. If you choose this option, the waiver will be submitted for you

automatically in Winter and Spring. You will need your student ID number and your URSA security code to access the website to waive out. AlcoholEdu All students planning to attend UCLA must complete AlcoholEdu, an online alcohol education and prevention program. There are two sections that need to be completed within the time frames. About one month after completing the first section of the course, you will receive an email reminding you to complete the Part 2 of the course. Part 1 should take about 2 hours to complete and part 2 about 15 minutes.
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You can begin logging onto AlcoholEdu on June 15, 2011 at Part 1 (must be completed by July 30th) Part 2 (must be completed by September 17th) There is some discrepancy on the dates when you can log in and when you have to complete AlcoholEdu by. The dates stated above are what are stated on the orientation site. The dates below are what is stated on the AlcoholEdu site. You can begin logging onto AlcoholEdu on June 27, 2011

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Part 1 (must be completed by July 18th) Part 2 (must be completed by September 20th) Checklist Before attending UCLA: 1) Complete AlcoholEdu 2) Complete all mandatory health requirements Before your orientation session: 1) Submit all your transcripts and test scores The deadline is July 15, 2011. 2) Send in your picture for your BruinCard No later than 5 business days prior to your orientation session. 3) Sign up for the appropriate placement exams offered

- The Math Placement Exam will take place the first day of your orientation at 3:30 PM. It can also be taken during the Fall on September 19, 2011 at 8 AM and on September 26, 2011 at 4 PM. - The Music Placement Exam will take place the first day of your orientation from 3:30 - 5:00 PM in Schoenberg Hall. 4) Print a copy of your session confirmation for your records