1. Call to Order Chair Sandquist convened the meeting at 3:00 pm (Eastern Time). 2. Roll Call Members present were Judy Francis, Dennis Sandquist, James Davenport, Robert Hill, Royce Maniko, Mike Kayes, Mike Harper, Tim Brown, Charlie Compton and Joe Scorcio. A quorum was confirmed. 3. Minutes of the March 10, 2011 Teleconference Brown moved, seconded by Francis to approve the minutes with the correction of the date, adding Mike Kayes as present and correcting the spelling of Maniko. Motion passed unanimously. 4. Finance Report Treasurer Harper presented the current report with a balance of more than $2000.00. He indicated that he has received 10 more renewals from the recent email blast with only 20 bounce backs. He will check any rebounds to determine updated addresses and will resend. Compton moved, seconded by Maniko to accept the report. Motion passed unanimously. 5. NACO Staff Liaison Update Charlie Compton indicated that he would be attending the upcoming Western Regional meeting and would take the steps to add Past Chair Sandquist as the incoming NACP representative. He also indicated that NACo had been using a digital agenda of the Western Regional meetings and that we should expect the same for the national meeting in Portland. 6. NACO Annual Conference James Davenport presented a report on a very full agenda of activities in Portland, including 5 sessions covering pipeline safety (Hill presenting), natural gas fuel alternatives, environmental stewardship/critical areas, economic development of parks and open space (Scorcio presenting) and traffic safety signs. He stated that he found many of these sessions overlapped each other and other important events. Two significant mobile workshops were also noted; focusing on wind energy and on local food production. Scorcio agreed to arrange for a dinner gathering on Saturday evening, July 16th. Davenport, Hill, Sandquist and Cubic were already scheduled to attend the conference, with Compton still uncertain at this time. 7. NACP Research – Wind Energy White Paper Davenport reported that the research was ongoing and that other priorities have delayed drafting of the white paper. Late summer/early fall funding to continue the work has been secured.

8. Website Update Francis indicated the same need for a volunteer to take over this important effort as with the CPD position. She noted that the webmaster/site host company has relocated to Raleigh, N.C. and that we should see the new address on the next billing. The company has been providing good service and that should continue. 9. Other Business Francis reported that APA has an intern working on updating resource guides and publications that work should result in a link to NACP. 10. Next Executive Committee Meeting Date and Time It was determined that the next teleconference meeting should be after the NACo meeting in Portland. July 28, 2011 at 2:00 pm Eastern Time was approved. 11. Adjournment The CPD meeting was adjourned at 3:35 pm.


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