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Winter Training 2011

The Maroon Lagoon
Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships
The UChicago Crew Team put forth an excellent effort at CIRC’s this year. Emily Greenwood, a lightweight novice, had the fastest 2k among all the other lightweight novices. As you can see by the screen shot from the race, below, Emily blew the competition away! Novice lightweight man, Alex Murray, also annihilated the competition in his category and received first place.

Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships (CIRCs) p 1-2

Chicago State University February 26th, 2011

Article by Aurelie Merlo p3 Erg-A-Thon Article by Sophia Arabadjis p4 Medal Ceremony & Other Pictures p 4-5 Compiled and Edited by Chelsea Steffen

The women’s relay team, consisting of 4th years Sonya Ringer and Kelly Wolenberg, 3rd year Chelsea Steffen, 1st year Erin Ferguson, and graduate student Ruth Anne Whitfield also did a great job representing the UChicago Crew Team but beating out the other competition, and placing a new record for the open relay event.

The men’s relay team was made up of 3rd years Kenneth Oshita, Sasha Ostapenko, and John Kohler, as well as 1st years Alex Murray and Hans Glick.

Overall, it was a great performance from the UChicago Crew Team! One of the best parts of erging is watching everyone’s faces while they’re doing it-check out even more pictures of the UChicago Crew Team on the official Chicago Indoor Rowing Competition site:

The photo above was taken during the women’s relay race, with Ruth Anne Whitfield ending the race with an amazing sprint. You can see the sea of maroon in the back left as the other members of UChicago Crew cheer on their teammates! Photos by Daphna Gall

The screen at left shows the place of each of the competitors in the lightweight novice event. Emily Greenwood’s time is represented by the top boat, far ahead of the other girls in her category!

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with Angela Hwangpo and novice Maddy Pendergast holding the straps down to help make the transitions faster. Jonson Berman. Alan McCormick. All photos by Daphna Gall .More CIRC’s Pictures Clockwise from top: First year novices Alex Murray and Matt Xu preparing for their 2k. 4th year varsity member Kelly Wolenberg discussing the 1k coxswain race with 2nd year and novice coxswain Rachel Richman (L-R) Novice men Robert Kramer. John Fallon. and Hans Glick Varsity women Angela Hwangpo and Anna Arsenault Varsity woman Sonya Ringer at the beginning of the relay race.

A week of training only gets you a minute in. coach Bjorn Boquist. not just any crew team. The thing I remember most from Winter quarter only lasted about 8 minutes. Dhruv Kedar. Get ready. I do it for the 45 other cause during the event we became a team. It was the first want to come in first! Medal Ceremony The men’s and women’s varsity squads both did exceptionally well at The Head of the Charles this year. Both of our squads did admirably well. by Aurelie Merlo time our novices felt like they were really a part of UChicago Crew.Eight Minutes at CIRC’s It’s funny. It people on our team who are cheering and comwas the first time we were not competing peting. Painfully memorable. but we’ll be cheering for a reason-we able to encourage one another. I did compete . I’m not even referring to the 8 minutes during which I was competing. but also the team cohesion we need to finish that long season ahead.and it did last a bit over 8 minutes and. I certainly was not on the relay team (ew sprinting!). Our women’s squad even won! But our team got more than a victory out of the relays. and Sasha Ostapenko. The women’s team took 3rd for the second year in a row and the men’s team placed 5th. with both teams placing and receiving medals. Spring season is here. I was cheering. It’s like that with crew. Now. l-r: Kenny Oshita. coxswain Lauren Fish. And yet the 8 minutes I remember best were the minutes spent cheering for our relay teams at CIRCs. it was memorable. but I was there to cheer our teams on. Photos by Emily Lo Page 3 . You train for 8 weeks for a race that will only lasts 8 minutes. John Kohler. At CIRCs we turned the page on the individual sport of erging to focus on the team sport of rowing. It was the first time because not only will our team be cheering the the Men and Women’s squads were together and loudest. against other UChicagoans. But in those 8 minutes I rememThe relays constitute my fondest memory bebered why I do crew. The varsity men’s team. yes. The 8 minutes I take away from Winter quarter I wasn’t really doing much. The medal each member of the team received is pictured above. We got the taste of victory that we need to tackle Spring season. So there you have it.

rainy weather created conditions that were not exactly conducive to our truck driver’s tires. and we got some pretty amusing pictures out of the whole ordeal. fundraising chair on the team’s student-operated board. as well as learn about the team in general. The bring a few rowing-machines or money raised goes to transpor“ergs” and row continuously for tation fees. Set up in the Reynstudents can donate coins to olds Club. erg-a-thon profits team hosted it’s 7th annual come in from penny-wars. and the freezing. 2011 by Sophia Arabadjis team captains and coxswains.. an “hour of power” on the ergs at some point during the day to Erg-a-thon also provides an opraise money for the team’s travel portunity for other students to and functioning expenses.This past The University of Chicago Crew March. where Erg-a-thon. the weather will be better and bringing our boats out of storage will be a pleasant.” says Aurelie Merlo. this past Erg-a-thon was our most successful event yet. we were unable to remove the truck from the muddy depths. Unfortunately. “It really helps raise awareness about the crew team on campus. All the boats made it safely back. talk to First year novice Won Huh during her hour of power at Erg-A-Thon Photo by Daphna Gall Erg-A-Thon March 2nd. “It also attracts potential recruits. Team couples with local high the school rowers from the Chicago Training Center to work the event. Despite the crew team’s considerable brains and brawn. and Regatta (competisquads. Photos by Emily Chen .. equipment mainte12 hours. race-a-rower on an erg. every year athletes their friends on the teams. alumni. and the driver resorted to calling a tow truck. Each athlete completes tion) costs. Along with pledges of support from various alumna University of Chicago Crew and parents.” Due to the efforts of students. and the University of Chicago Crew Team sends a warm thanks to everyone who donated to make this event possible! More Pictures From Winter Season The past two years we have stored our boats in Kankakee to protect them from the vicious Chicago weather. that was not the case this year. We always hope that by the time spring break comes around.. with an increase of 55% in total profits. wonderful experience. rotating through the nance. and parents alike. who complete the hourlong workout alongside the U of C athletes.

and novice 1st year Connie Lu Left photo. l-r: novice 1st year Alison Roberts.uchicago.steffen@gmail. back Check out our website for even more photos and updates: rowing. including the yummy donuts pictured abovebecause we all know the crew team loves their donuts-made by Sonya Ringer. novice 1st year Tony Domel. front row. Top photo. Gifts ranged from homemade goodies to veggie action figures. varsity 3rd year Lauren Fish. novice 1st year Alex Murray.The UChicago Crew Team had a holiday party with a Secret Santa gift exchange this Page 5 . we had a full spread of delectable holiday treats. l-r: varsity 4th year Kelly Wolenberg and varsity 4th year Sonya Ringer Photos by Emily Lo Please feel free to e-mail me with any comments or questions! chelsea. Of course. varsity 3rd year Kenny Oshita. l-r: varsity 2nd year Emily Chen.

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