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ROSEMOUNT 3051S TRANSMITTER SLIDE-1 Key Points: The heart of the 3051S Series is the supermodule which is a complete

transmitter in itself. The S stands for supermodule and scalability. This design platform sets the next generation of field device attributes in terms of accuracy, stability, turndown, long term reliability and the ability to scale up from a PV generator to a full measurement system.

SLIDE-2 This is a basic block diagram of the supermodule. As you can see all the electronics needed for a fully functional transmitter are located in the supermodule. If you supply power to the Supermodule, you can get the 4-20mA output without having any other electronics. This is one of the features of the 3051S, a solid Process Variable generator. The above module is assembled, sealed, helium leak checked and welded shut. Environmental changes do not effect the operation of the electronics that allows outstanding performance specifications and reliability. Basic operation is similar any smart pressure transmitter. Pressure is applied to the isolating diaphragms, the oil deflects the center diaphragm and the deflection changes the capacitance. As the capacitance changes the number of charge packets changes. The count of charge packets is converted to a pressure by capacitance to Digital converter and sent to the microprocessor. The Microprocessor reads the configuration out of ROM. It calculates what the output in mA should be and sends the signal to the D/A section. The D/A converts the digital signal to an analog signal and superimposes the HART signal on the 420mA output. All this is done by using two advanced ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology chips. These chips are located on a highly integrated single circuit board inside the super module. Single circuit board design with fewer parts and connections being hermetically sealed in the Supermodule provides very high reliabilty and performance. The inline versions of the 3051S are similar. The only difference is the inline uses a pizeoresistive sensor.

SLIDE-4 Key Points: One of the most significant improvements in the 3051S Series is the improved Saturn capacitance sensor. It is called the Saturn sensor and is a sensor technology patented because of the extra ring around the traditional capacitance plate. This new design decreases the overpressure effect to three times better than the current design. This new design has two capacitance plates. The inside plate is used just like in the original design, to measure pressure. The outside plate is the new addition called the Saturn ring. This ring compensates for any deformation of the center capacitance plate due overpressure thus vastly improving the total performance of the sensor.