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Motion Shifting No Huddle Deception—Teams that Hide the Football Unbalanced Formations Players in Space—1 on 1 tackling

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A GAP—C--G B GAP—G--T C GAP—T--TE D GAP—TE—Sideline(biggest gap to defend). Money play is the sweep.

Gene Beck invented. Phil Moss taught to Speckman. WHY FLY?
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No Book On It—people don't understand it Adaptable to any offense Adaptable to any personnel Not a precision offense—very forgiving Doesn't demand a lot from linemen for successful plays Opponents only have 1 week to prepare Is team oriented—even “stars” must fake and it builds character Has a progression Helps all parts of passing game—simplifies protections Deception is a lost art in football Create an image

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Eliminate turnovers Eliminate sacks—protect QB Have ability to be balanced (Run, Pass, Field) Stop the swarm Get ball into space Score points against any defensive scheme Cause defense to play vanilla

WILLIAMETTE U. OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY  Deception “Even a dead man can fake”  Difficult to key one player

st  Yellow Light (Read TE. FORMATIONS (4 Edges)--Design 3 sweeps for each edge  TE (no flanker) Red.. When you run it out of 2 backs. The only way we don't sweep to the #'s is because #2 (force player) boxes and makes us cut up inside. Yellow. 1 back. 5 Technique is really the only problem technique. This is Power in the Single Wing. Sweep to the #'s.When in doubt. Green Pro's & Con's to each Unbalanced can create another edge TEACHING OFFENSIVE STRUCTURE (Don't talk about plays)  Backs = Paths  OL = Rules  Concepts = WR's SWEEPER TERMINOLOGY –aim 1 YD behind QB th  Approach--4 Gear  Mesh  Slide Step  Catch—outside hip of Back  Set up Block—have a plan . Yellow. Yellow. Green  TE w/ flanker Red. Base way is for all OL to get to 2nd level. Green  No TE. 1 to teach?). Green  2 WR's Red. You run this when they give TE a 7 technique and wide 9 technique. then QB is deceptor.. the HB is a deceptor. then cut up.    Difficult to simulate in practice Logical progression—must stop sweep Simplicity within complexity—Few plays/lots of formations Fun THE SWEEP  Key play-Hallmark of Fly Offense  Many ways to run from many formations  Red Light—Designed to cut it up. If you see the butt.. Play breaks down when the TE does not give you a read. Yellow. just SE Red.  Green Light—Designed to get outside.. then take it out.

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