Plato s Allegory In the Cave presents a very ironically remarkable concept yet surprisingly simple idea for such

a brilliant political philosopher. In light of such a contrasting view of his essay, let me enlighten the reader the reasons why I have almost instantly mentioned it on my introduction. It is a remarkable concept or analogy of presenting how essential it is to gradually embrace knowledge than to have a bombardment of information that man cannot comprehend in just one setting. Simply put, he was the first person to give us the logical and straightforward explanation that man needs to learn how to walk before he runs. This naturally would also make me conclude that Plato indeed is one of the greatest minds in the history of his time. For one, he knows the effect of what a profound knowledge without first understanding the basics can destroy a potential Einstein. The Allegory in the Cave, has also made me put things into better perspective. It has made me acknowledge the necessity of going to elementary school before I can have a doctorate degree. But that s just a simple logical connection compared to the ultimate insight that I have acquired. Men as brilliant as they will be will always fear the unknown. No matter how or when, the unknown will still be unknown and that no one will ever dare to venture it because fear itself has destroyed the slightest idea of venturing into the abyss. Yes, there are explorers who dive the deepest trenches of the ocean, astronauts who have roamed outside the earth and that men thirst for knowledge, and that very popular cliché in the academe, The more you know, the more you don t know, but if we reflect even harder on men s pretentious façade, we can discern the core reason why they search and search and it is because they fear the unknown. They have desires to answer and define the void but somehow the more the dig they still eventually end up being thirstier and hungrier because the ultimate truth is that THEY CAN T AND WILL NEVER HANDLE THE LIGHT. They cannot and will never be able to comprehend the truth and the reasons of their existence. That is what Plato is telling us, or at least, to me. Second point, it s surprisingly simple. Still I remain humble and submitted to the all knowing Plato however I cannot resist but critique how simple, unexciting and unchallenging his work is to dissect. Again there must be some cosmic reason why he presented it so unrealistically simple. Maybe because he wants, even laymen, to know that no matter how we thirst for knowledge a man is and will still be a fool and dumb for he is too ignorant and weak to learn the secrets of the universe. It s silly to bring into the light that recent movie of Indiana Jones, but I am afraid it has a strikingly similar point with what I am stressing. That woman who wanted all the knowledge in the world was in the end consumed by the vast knowledge and wisdom that she literally blew up. In conclusion, I love Plato. I should read it except I let my beautiful cousin do it. XOXO

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