Site for VB projects........" 10"1. interactive feedback system 2.

railway project management system 3. employee loan management system 4. a inventory system 5. school management system2 6. hospital management system 7. snake 8. brilliant login system 9. mobile dealer managment system 10. a cyber cafe billing system 11. golf scoring system 12. accounting software 13. cyber cafe management system 14. school library system 15. customer info maintenance system 16. college management system 17. reservation system2 18. bank system 19. flight reservation 20. radio inventory system 21. decision support system 22. acccounts receivable for highschool 23. inventory system1 24. intelligent hospital mgmt system1 25. antilock breaking system 26. a unique video rental system 27. railway management system 28. prosvent inventory system 29. library managment system1 30. cabletv inventory system 31. simple payroll system 32. dining hall attendance system 33. call management system 34. employee management system 35. garment inventory system 36. restaurent system 37. a payroll system 38. hall boking system 39. hospital mgt system 40. a simple library inventory system 41. civil registrar system 42. inventory system 43. college registration 44. mymedi1 45. hospital management system 46. railway1 management system 47. booking system 48. crmb sales and inventory system 49. canteen management 50. student evaluation system 51. inventory sytem with report generation 52. boutique management system 53. college management 54. human recource manager 55. insurance information system 56. tech support system 57. employee management system 58. an excellent payroll system 59. internet cafe system

online quiz system171. computerized school bell system85. grading system template141. intelligent id system156. institute management system195 . library management system3205. student databa se management system101. inventory control system208. retail pharmacy7 8. restaurant pos70. report management systems102. payroll system1 62. library management system6188. multi form155. drop down menu system97. studentinfo management system197. reservation system1179. payroll s ystem2145. another typical datab ase system142. expenditure management system174. super . 30day registration trial system126. hostel database system172. computerize accounts reporti ng system181. customer maintenance86. integr ation of real help system81. airline reservation system105. school management system1201. reservation system180. data managment system165. grading system185. malolos library system173. a tire inventory system68. contact management ma liling134. state bank management system159. ins titute management system1124. library system complete74. payroll system116. automated ban king system198. employee database system120. artif icial intelligence control140. aclc registration system162. easy library management system75. library managment system149. contract system83. pizza management system90. simple billing system182. advanced particle system93. course registration system179. enrollment system194. laboratoty inventory system77. a simple user login system196. hostel informatio n system167.60. hotel management sy stem175. l aboratory management system129. bank management106. internet chat system65. computerized examinatio n system117. alarm system 63. ban king management system204. institute mgmt enrolment system123. iron's internet cafe system148. hotel management syste m1161. rastaurent management system153. mlm system191. a planet kids customer login system66. hospital management system207. library management system7128. creb software189. internet monitoring system125. library management system4127. clinic management system1 64. book shop management system147 . login authentication system186. inventory system3144. payroll management system192. provident fund system131. gradin g system192. a patient information system169. library management syst em200. hotel reservation system183. flight management system202. pc express inventory system154. hospital monitoring syste m103. accounts management system187. stores manager sales system194. nullsoft install system99. double entry accounting system138. pc cybercafe billing system91. billing sys . agri pos lending inv entory 178. simple payment system137. cellular automata system139. libara ry system114. registration system115. intelli gent hospital mgmt system170. hospital mana gement system73. payroll and trip monitoring system151. enrollment system119. library system new82. advance m ultiple choice quiz system190. course registration system96. a reward plus system107. computerized enrollment system133. computer management132. billing and invetrory system166. picture catalogue management72. basic registration system163. simple particle system168. payroll system with dtr71. retail inventory management system146. editor203. ayushcutter manag ement system150. student registration grading system 118.market158. payroll system using access database199. downloaded code management system104. hotel man agement system109. banks transactions mgmt system 61. office automation management system157. a simple farm management system76. online course registration112. aes advanced encyription system87. library mgmt system136. heat treatment processing system111 . blackvault database managment system80. payroll truck trip monitoring system113. a simple user log in system195. studentinform ationsystem67. a garage d b inventory system84. pizza ordering system110. patient information system108. library management system122. complete inve ntory system89. patient sys tem98. car rentel system130. acsat beauty pageant system176. dnms 1160. computerized school id s ystem152. inve ntory system2193. complete bank mangament system121. internet un blocking system184. expert system1 64. gate pass management system100. library system177. clinic management system69. financial management system88. seating management system135. library management sys tem2206. inventory and ordering system143.

library management system5214. hav logging system210. b illing system .tem1209. smart gym sys tem212. inventory system product expiration213. restaurant reservertion system211.

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