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I2 7.7.94 8.

1 ZA5D ENGINE INSTALLATION The ZA5D engine is 8mm shorter compared with ZA5C; crank height is 90mm compared with 94mm - ZA5C; weight is 140kg no clutch, no exhaust compared with 153kg - ZA5C; max RPM is up to 15000 (by 1996) compared with 13900 - ZA5C. Initial ZA5D rpm:- Shift up: 14300; End of straight: 14000; Shift down: 14600 (I2) Engine is supplied c/with bolted machined aluminium top mounting brackets, that pick up on the original 109 top engine mountings, except that studs will change hand, ie long stud to LHS and short stud to RHS Front bottom engine mounting is a new position. The 109 chassis has an integrally moulded aluminium bracket to accept ZA5C and ZA5D bottom stud positions. The existing ZA5C studs and top hats will be removed. The top hats will then be re-fitted in the pre-drilled ZA5D position. New longer bottom studs will be required A variable trumpet system is integrated into the engine, know as pVIS (variable induction system). It is intended that the pVIS is powered by the gearbox hydraulic system utilizing engine oil at 112 bar. The existing 0.5cc/rev Komatsu pump is sufficient, as is the existing 80cc accumulator volume. The existing accumulator housing should be remanufactured in thin wall aluminium and then filament wound with carbon fibre




An addition a Moog servo valve will be required to control flow to the pVIS actuator The valve should be supplied by Honda. The location of the valve is as yet undefined. The pVIS actuator wil be fixed on the engine The pVIS will now not be fitted in 1994 - (I2) The engine intake and exhaust valves will be pneumatically operated. They will run on two 95cc pre-charged air tanks, that will be packaged on a manifold with a pressure regulator and pressure sensors. The unit will be fixed to the LHS (I2) radiator inlet duct. This will require a re-packaged manifold (by Honda) dedicated to this installation

There will be a pressure feed and return pipe to an integrated manifold on the front of the LHS (I2) cylinder head

The trumpet tray will be supplied by Honda in '94 Trumpet clamp rings not required (to be confirmed . Material should be inconel 625 The mock up engine is fitted with a LHS throttle linkage. Primary pipes will be O 50-52 bore and 475mm long. Details to follow.I2) Fuel dry break connectors fitted to cam cover No details on position of pa sensor yet details to follow New sensor cooling pipe not required . then the progression cam system will move from the back of the engine to the top of the RHS cam cover This linkage change will also affect the trumpet tray and the fuel dry break connector positions. return dry break RHS 8.2 ZA5C ENGINE AIRBOX. Tailpipe will be around O 75 bore.see Honda drawing 16th May '94.feed dry break LHS. This linkage should be moved to the RHS for the first test engine. This being the case. Details as shown on Honda drawings 16th May '94 - - RHS throttle . TRUMPET TRAY AND FILTER A new airbox will be required to suit the ZA5C trumpet tray The rear facing facing nostril detail as used on the 109-ZA5C will be carried over (I2) The 109 airbox pattern should be modified (extended) to interface with the ZA5D trumpet tray at the 6 x M4 bolts (not necessarily same positions) as 109 .A pressure regulator valve and pressure sensor unit will be fitted on the rear bulkhead adjacent to the top LH (I2) engine mounting This system is known as PVRS The exhaust system is as yet undefined.ZA5C ew trumpet tray required . Airboxes can be manufactured off this male pattern The first airbox and filter assembly is required for dyno testing in Japan on the 18th July (I2) Airbox flange and fixings .

the modifications are outlined in 1994 GEARBOX PROGRAMME I2 .airbox interface flange New profile 13mm thick K & N filter silicone bonded to new CFRP "T" section flange . Flywheel - - - .2 bar) oil tank in the bell housing.27.5 . option iii) and option iv a) plus the addition of 2 l dry sump tank in the RHS of the front cavity and a 2 l "potential" Hydraulic oil tank in the LHS The dry sump system (subject to rig test) will operate using a single rotor tri-lobal (Xtrac) scavenge pump from the new "tray" type oil pick up in the maincase through the filter and cooling radiators into the top of the pressurized (1. The case will feature in integral spacer (adaptor plate) and will be 8mm longer than the 109 .option ii).- New profile 1mm thick silicone gasket provided by TL bonded to trumpet tray .bolted in new position in airbox Underside of filter to be as Z 547 at front of trumpet tray curvature downwards towards back of trumpet tray to Z523 at same x station as trailing edge as 109 airbox (I2) Filter flange bolted to airbox by 7 x M4 bolts.1 GEARBOX CASINGS A new gearbox maincase is required. Flange to have threaded aluminium inserts in laminate Option for fitment of 17mm thick K & N filter - 9.109 maincase .38mm from engine interface to output shaft c ZA5C maincase pattern will be a modified version of the ZA5C . Oil is fed to the gearbox internals by pressure differential.ZA5C case + 70mm spacer ie 536.74 . A schrader valve for pressurizing and a pressure relief valve/breather will also be required in the top of the tank The ZA5D maincase will have longer base rear damper bracket pads and will require new damper brackets The ZA5D engine will be fitted with a 5" O AP racing triple plate clutch with titanium cover plate ref: CP 4333-1 HMCRV.4. The 109 clutch release parts can be adapted. The pressure pipe from tank to gearbox will require a solenoid valve to prevent the tank from emptying when the engine (and therefore the pump) is shut down.

but utilizing TL inner sleeve and TL specified oversize "O" rings All water pipe Wiggins connectors on engine to be Wiggins 16 size psi) 109 CFRP water accumulator to be utilized but fit to LHS (opposite to 109) Water system to be pressurized to 2.3mm from engine gearbox interface 6.ZA5C in same swept back position.5mm bore) All water pipe connections by "Wiggins" clamps.06 bar (45 No water additives and only distilled water to be used All radiators to be flow tested on rig time to flow 100l .friction face is same as ZA5C ie 10. Tanks re-shaped to suit ZA5D water inlets/outlets Single water pump on LHS flowing 165 l/min per side 170 KW predicited heat rejection to water Cross pipes built into front of engine LHS radiator to be double pass (opposite to 109 .ZA5C) RHS raadiator to be singe pass (opposite to 109 .5 bar All pressurized components to be proof tested to 3.not more that 109 Blanking panel arrangement as 109 .1 WATER COOLING SYSTEM Secan cores as used on 109 .ZA5C) Radiator mounting system as 109 109 specification (Secan) core heat exchanger fitted on RHS behind water radiator (opposite to 109) Water bleed system as ZA5D cooling system schematic Water pipes fabricated from 1" O x 20's SWG HT 30 annealed aluminium tube (23.

2mm bore) All alumunium pipe connections by "Wiggins" clamps but utilizing TL inner sleeve and TL specified oversize "O" rings Oil outlet on engine Wiggins .16 size Single scavenge outlet on RHS flowing 80l/min into heat exchanger Oil return from heat exchanger to oil tank into new boss.through back of engine bellhousing as ZA5C - . Dash 6 titeflex pipe from centrifuge pump outlet to enter oil tower tangentially -6 titeflex air bleed pipe from RH cylinder head to oil tower Utilize 109 CFRP oil tower but fit adaptor for -6 air bleed pipe to -8 oil tower connection New oil tank integral with dedicated ZA5D gearbox maincase c/with "cast-in" oil pick up .4mm bore) By-pass pipe to be fabricated from 0.- First set of water pipes to be fitted with 1/8" BSP bosses for the installation of pressure and temperature deflector to start Single de-aireator centrifuge pump on RHS.75" O x 20's SWG HT 30 annealled alumunium pipe (17.2 OIL COOLING SYSTEM Secan oil/water heat exchanger ."L" section core 150mm x 95 mm x 65mm (as used on 109) with new press formed tanks to suit ZA5D water and oil inlets and outlets Heat exchanger (opposite to 109) positioned behind RHS water radiator - ounting system of heat exchanger as 109 eat exchanger fitted with by-pass valve as used on 109 ll main oil pipes fabricated from 0. just below wishbone mounting .feed to engine .875" O x 20's SWG HT 30 annealled aluminium pipe (20. These will be placed at each water inlet and outlet All subsequent sets of pipes will be without 1/8" BSP bosses 6.

more or less as the 107B/Cosworth plumbing ii) .1 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM i) ii) The electrical hardware (including ECU) will carry over from the 109 . PO and PF The wiring loom will be new and will be dedicated to the ZA5C engine installation - 7. This will require blending with 25cc MO DTP (Mugen moly additive) per 1 litre of Mobil 1 Heat energy to oil estimated at 50 KW (as ZA5C) Heat energy exchangers to be flow tested on rig. normally fitted the water accumulator.- Start oil level at 6l .6 lines .measured through dipstick hole in LHS front of tank (requires calibrating) Use Mobil 1 15W 50 oil ref "RN 3407 BB Black Star". All subsequent pipes without 1/8" BSP bosses - 12.comprising of PW. will be fitted on top of the LHS radiator duct. The internal plumbing of the fuel tank will be modified to suit the submerged pump and . mounted off the tub rear bulkhead by an adaptor plate.not more than 109 First set of oil pipes to be fitted with 1/8" BSP bosses for the installation of press and temp bosses at each inlet/outlet. The PW sensor will be part of a combined sensor package . The bulkhead is already prepared to accept the pump/adaptor.ZA5C The positions and mountings of the hardware will be the same except for:The CDI box on the LHS inlet duct will move up to create more space for the PVRS bottle manifold assembly The PW sensor.1 FUEL SYSTEM i) Principal system carried over from 109-ZA5C except:Mechanical fuel pump will be fitted submerged inside the fuel cell on the lower LHS. but the fuel cell will require cutting out to suit The 109 fuel collector/rear hatch will be utilized. Time to flow 100l water through water and oil side .

6 titflex pipe through the rear hatch into the collector A solid steel (or titanium) square end drive shaft will be required to drive the mechanical pump from the front of the water pump. A 1. This should be in addition to the ZA5C position The 10mm Jabroc skid plate will be fitted for the first shakedown onwards The shakedown test will be carried out using the "std" 109 diffussor ie not the development Mk4 profile - .iii) The "Symetrics" dry break connectors will be positioned on the engine cam covers . The shaft will be driven at 6700 rpm maximum with maximum torque at 0.882 kw.6 Return RHS. This should also suit the ZA5C engine The fixing positions to the engine sump are specific to the ZA5D.1 UNDERBODY ASSEMBLY The basic underbody moulded surface will be exactly as used on the 109-ZA5C ie the wheel base is identical Core relief on the upper surface in the engine bay region will be specific to the ZA5D engine.6 Feed: LHS. with – 6 titeflex pipe through the rear hatch to the mechanical pump . with .3 safety factor should be applied and a factor for critical whirling speed if required iv) 10.