Comcast Company Analysis Company Overview In 1963, the triumvirate of Julian Brodsky, Daniel Aaron, and Ralph Roberts

founded the Comcast Corporation. Roberts bought the first cable system in Mississippi, and was first known as American Cable Systems. Eventually, the firm was incorporated and revamped as Comcast when they relocated in Pennsylvania in the late ‘60’s. Industry pundits speculate that the company’s name is in reference to Communications and Broadcasting, thus the name “Comcast”. Arguably, the largest cable television provider in the world, Comcast is a considered as the world’s second largest Internet service provider in the world. Comcast is an adamant firm in the field of programming. The firm owns a plethora of cable channels such as: Comcast TV, Comcast Sportsnet, Style Network, Entertainment Television, and Comcast Spectator. The Comcast Network provides subscribers of Cablevision and Comcast, and brings them news around the United States though focusing on Pennsylvania and Washington areas. Comcast puts a premium on sports entertainment as well; it promotes Altitude Sports, which is the official telecast provider of NBA and NHL fames in the Colorado. The Comcast Entertainment Television has become a crucial and integral channel for the state’s Emergency Alert System, and aids Metro Denver residents in emergency situations. At present, Comcast employs more than 100,000 people, which serves over 50 millions of its subscribers that are divided into cable customers, digital cable customers, internet users, and voice clients. A commitment that Comcast adheres from its mission statement: “To seek out new communications technology, new opportunities, and more choices. To provide people with the communications products and services that connect them to what’s important in their lives.” (Comcast, 2009). 1

which resulted to the Comcast’s Internet service – AT&T Broadband. which in turn leaves firms line Comcast no further options to purchase commodities of lower cost. The firm has collaborated with MediaOne.Comcast Company Analysis SWOT Analysis Comcast perceives mergers as a crucial part of its external operations. In the broadcasting industry. Both firms agreed to the $60 billion merger in order to launch AT&T Broadband. The firm provides the much-needed technical assistance. Usually. The firm has proposed the building of a new flagship skyscraper in central Philadephia in 2005 called Comcast Center. 2009). At present. and named it the Comcast Center Arena. This aspect simply states that the buyer or the consumer has always has a “say” on the price of a 2 . The majestic Comcast Center is Pennsylvania’s tallest edifice measuring as high as 1000 ft. A broadcasting company like Comcast is usually responsible for improving the working conditions in their operating areas. Buyer power is considered the spending capacity of the consumer. these suppliers are responsible for the prices of raw materials to increase. which they purchased for $25 million. This gives the handful of suppliers to raise the price of raw materials. which generates a deliberate effect on the firm's part. which help augment the performance of both broadcasting consultants and floor employees. It acquired the rights and royalties of the University of Maryland’s new basketball stadium. digital cable customers. internet users. which serves over 50 millions of its subscribers that are divided into cable customers. Comcast stockholders have been clamoring for increased prices for raw materials used in their broadcasting and communications equipment. Suppliers are more manipulative whenever the number of suppliers is low. and voice clients (Comcast. Comcast employs more than 100. Comcast is adamant in acquiring large-scale edifices in order to promote their brand.000 people. Suppliers have gained the notoriety of manipulating the cost of raw materials. the buyer power is strong.

Furthermore.Comcast Company Analysis specific service like internet and cable services. Apple's renewed brand distinction has augmented the sales of Macintosh computers as well. Broadcasting giant Comcast is considered the “Coke” of the Internet and Cable TV industry. Comcast Sports channels have ushered potential market segments that complement the brand management of Comcast. The asymmetry between the buyer and the industry generates a handful of discrepancies. Buyer power has a relationship with supplier power as well. Furthermore. as well as augment a myriad of business processes for numerous firms.000 in net profit. Buyer power is quite a delicate matter to elaborate on. buyer power is considered crucial due to the fact that it has a deliberate impact on the industry. its AT&T Broadband and Adelphia acquisitions have catapulted its sales resulting to an increased in profit margins by $500 per share and $4. These intangible mutual contracts between the firm and its consumers have been apparent for quite some time now. broadcast firms such as Comcast has a discreet mutual arrangement regarding the aspect of buyer power. 2009). which contributes to an inconsistent market condition and prevents forward integration for a firm like Comcast (Comcast. Its brand is synonymous with innovative services that entertain people. Comcast opines for the cost of raw materials it acquires from its suppliers. 2009). Firms have been empowering consumers to augment their buyer power. 3 . However. Its linchpin for its sudden rise in the sports entertainment industry has been its Comcast Sportsnet channels. In 2005.300. contributing to the firm's revenue generation and increasing its profit margins (Comcast. Comcast’s wide array of cable services and channel providers has been doing well with its sales.

the firm has generated a myriad of opportunities for its services. A number of cable providers have always attempted to overwhelm Comcast's market share through attempts in cheaper price movements in terms of 4 . “lifestyle” in terms of what the firm has to offer with its products such as cable TV and Internet services. a client named Mona Shaw went to Comcast’s office. For instance. Notable media columnist. The firm has a plethora of investors due to the fact that the firm does not have any pending debts. a Comcast representative has argued with a client. Comcast is more than financially capable. This charismatic and apt brand management of Comcast has enticed more consumers that they patronize every service that is promoted by Comcast. It should be noted that Comcast owes its financial status to its equity. The firm’s customer service quality has been criticized in blogs and lobbyists’ website that bash the firm’s mediocre services. and wreaked havoc by destroying office equipment before being arrested. brand management is not enough to avoid the firm’s flaws in terms of quality assurance. The firm has made a poor performance in terms of quality control such as poor customer service. However. Comcast’s series of setbacks has been associated with some minor flaws in its customer relations division.Comcast Company Analysis Brand Management has been one of the strengths of the Comcast Company. and has enough funds to acquire any firm in order to augment the company's operations and its revenue generation. The apparent threat of alternative or substitute products is a common adversity for Comcast. Eventually. Cable TV enthusiasts and consumers consider Comcast as a lifestyle and not as a brand alone. has lambasted Comcast with harsh statements citing the firm’s inability to address the particular and isolated demands of its clientele. With this in mind. Comcast is considered one of the most recognized and established cable provider in the world. Its logo alone is etched on numerous minds of consumers. Bob Garfield.

5 . which will augment its operations in order increase their net profit margins and generate revenues. Comcast services have a myriad of opportunities.Comcast Company Analysis services in order for consumers to consider other providers such as Comcast. The outcome is a letdown in sales for Comcast. which to tend to constrained the ability of these companies to make an increase in prices. The industry where Comcast thrives is saturated by a bevy of substitute services. The Internet and Cable TV industry is always sporadic and innovative in terms of its Research and Development. which can draw consumers to purchase their products and services. The subject of price elasticity surfaces whenever the price change of an alternative service affects as the demand for such service.

(2009).Comcast Company Analysis References tml?lid=1AboutCorporateInfo&pos=Nav 6 . 2009 fromhttp://www. Retrieved May 11. About Comcast Corporation.

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