CTF FUNCTION CTF only receives receives the oil from GGS.

Two types of oil are received from GGS treated as well as untreated oil. Treated oil is directly dispatched to desalter plant through diapatch pumps,whereas untreated oil is sent to heater treater for the removal of water effluent from oil. Water cut of around 5% is maintained at CTF plant and the water cut is further reduced to 0.25% with the removal of salts at desalter plant. So the main function of CTF is to maintain water cut of fluid to 5% and it is sent to desalter plant for further treatment. The above installation is CTF Kalol.

Various operating systems of crude tank farm are as under MANIFOLDS Purpose: ¬To receive oil from GGS in controlled manner ¬Both treated and untreated oil are received from the manifold.

EFFLUENT PUMPS Purpose: ¬These pumps help in pumping the discharged effluent from effluent tank to ETP(effluent treatment plant) for its further treatment. HEATER TREATER Purpose: ¬Demulsification of oil into oil and water by chemical thermal and electrical means. OIL RECOVERY PUMPS Purpose: ¬In the effluent storage tank water effluent settles at the bottom and oil is recovered at its top. . Its whole process has been explained in GGS installation part. These effluents are removed from heater treater and they are directed to effluent storage tank. These oil recovery pumps help in pumping the recovered oil to the dispatch pumps.STORAGE TANKS Purpose: ¬They are used to store the treated and untreated oil from GGS ¬They help in taking measurements of oil collected and how much to be dispatched. EFFLUENT STORAGE TANK Purpose : ¬It is used for storing water effluent.

Gas from GGS is sent at 2-3 kg/m2 and received back at 41 kg/m2. Effluent water is sent to ETP and then to CWIP for its further treatment. This treated water finally from CWIP is sent back to GGS after its treatment to impart water injection programme for . Separated oil is sent to CTF for further treatment. gas and water. Oil is separated here in the form of oil.25%is achieved which is in accordance to the refineries norms and regulations.DISPATCH PUMPS Purpose: ¬They are in the final stage of the whole process of CTF plant. separated gas is sent to GCP through GCS in order to receive back compressed gas for gas injection programme for gas lift wells. GGS FUNCTION GGS (group gathering station) is an installation which receives oil through manifolds from its different assigned fields. Their main function is to dispatch or pump the oil recovered to desalter plant where removal of further salts take place and water cut till 0.

¬To divert wells to the required header through operation of valves SEPARATOR Purpose: ¬To flash the well fluid to separate into liquids and gas at a controlled pressure¶ . Both water injection and gas injection programmes are carried out and controlled by GGS. ‡Cruse oil water content is reduced 50%water . ¬To group the wells based on quality of oil.000m3/day of gas at 41kg/m2 for gas injection in gas lift wells. water cut is 50% Various operating systems are as under: MANIFOLD Purpose: ¬To group the wells based on their pressure . ‡Total oil processing capacity is 200m3/day ‡It receives 46.i. This installation is GGS-II Kalol which comes under surface area 1of ONGC Ahmedabad asset. ‡It receives oil from 44 wells.e pure or emulsion ¬To isolate any wells for testing purpose.i.different wells.e. ‡Crude oil is dispatched at the pressure of 5-10kg/cm2 to CTF.

To obtain optimum results proper dosing element should be injected.the fluid gets separated into lquid and gases. Process: ¬Oil is pumped from storage tanks to CTF by reciprocating pumps.Process: ¬Fluid enters tangentially and due to the sudden pressure drop to the set level.Baffles are fitted inside the separator to help in better separation of fluid.The fluid is given residence time to allow better separation. STORAGE SYSTEM: Purpose: ¬To store oil before pumping ¬To measure oil produced Process: ¬Oil from heater treater and separator is taken into overhead cylindrical tanks for measurement. CHEMICAL DOSING SYSTEM Purpose: ¬To mix demulsifier chemicals into emulsion ol before it enters heater treater. Process: ¬Demulsifier chemical is pumped into emulsion oil stream before heater treater. . OIL DESPATCH SYSTEM Purpose: ¬To dispatch oil from GGS to CTF.

This progressive action results in the separation of oil and free water. The heat further reduces the surface tension of individual droplets by which when they collide form bigger droplets. . The heating of oil emulsion oil decreases the viscosity of oil and water and reduce the resistance of water movement. Process: Basically there are three sections in heater treater. ‡Heating chamber ‡Middle chamber ‡Electrical chamber ‡Heating chamber.HEATER TREATER Purpose: ¬Demulsification of oil into oil and water by chemical thermal and electrical means.the fire tubes which extends upto this section are in a submerged condition in emulsion oil.

000 to 25. The oil in this chamber is controlled by oil level controller.the fluids from heating enter into this chamber through a fixed water.‡Middle chamber.000 volts. they become large enough to settle into oil and water layers by the action of gravity. The gas which enters heating chamber leaves from top through mist extractor. These plates are connected with high voltage supply of 10. Purpose: ¬Water coming from water injection plant is diverted to different water injection wells through different lines of wells. This attraction causes the droplets to combine. WATER INJECTION MANIFOLD Process: ¬To divert water in water injection wells. Process: ¬Effluent water is disposed by pumping effluent to effluent treatment plant through pipeline.In this section constant level of water is maintained so that oil is washed and free water droplets of water are eliminated before fluid proceeds towards electrode plates. ¬To monitor water injection in water injection wells. ‡Electrical chamber. It does not allow gas pass into electrical chamber. When fluid passes through these electrodes the droplets are polarizes and extract each other. EFFLUENT DISPOSAL SYSTEM: Purpose: ¬To dispose effluent water from effluent handling tanks to effluent treatment plant. .

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