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The free home edition of the Avast antivirus which has free antivirus applications is very popular. But the paid Professional Edition is very good. There are plenty of good features available in Avast antivirus. It is very comprehensive antivirus software due to its effective security features. You can find great features of P2P Shield, innovative radio inference, PUSH updates and various skins. Scope of Protection There are several layers of protection included in the Avast Antivirus Professional Edition which can provide safety and security to your computer and resources from different angles. Avast antivirus can be very good as there is built in protection from rootkits, spyware, Trojan and other threats. You can easily protect your computer from malware with this antivirus. These malware can damage computer by spreading through email. You can detect these malware by scanning both inbound and outbound messages with Avast which also has an integrated IM shield. There is also protection available for many P2P file sharing applications in this antivirus. Effectiveness It is really effective antivirus software due to its great features. It has VB100% Virus Bulletin which is certified and can catch 100% of in the wild viruses. The proactive and reactive scanners of this software are also very effective with combine score of 7.14 and no false positives. Avast is top notch which is agreed by AV comparatives as it has one of the best detection rate in the industry which is 98%. Avast Antivirus Professional Edition is deemed as one of the 7 best overall solutions by AV Comparatives and it is given Advanced A+ rating. Ease of Installation The good thing about Avast Antivirus Professional Edition is that it is easy to install and setup. You might need to restart your computer once program is installed in order to run preemptive scan which can locate and remove deep rooted viruses interfering with setup. The installation of this software is easy and straight forward and there is no need of additional setup. The scanning engines of this antivirus are very effective but these will affect on the speed of your computer. It is a speedy program and this software is remarkable efficient with resources. The scanning of this antivirus is clocked by 17.4MB/second by AV comparatives which are on par with Norton and it is faster than many competitors. Ease of Use You can be able to do most of the work behind-the-scenes with Avast to provide protection to your computer without much user interaction. This software scans files in real time, on access every time you open without noticing it. The skin-able interface of this software is very attractive and easy to use. The advanced interface of this software is not very attractive rather bit cumbersome. The average users need to set scan schedules and running manual tasks in advance mode. The battery saving mode of this antivirus is very convenient feature for laptop/netbook users. You can easily optimize Avast by selecting few options. The scan will not start when there is low battery power of your notebook. It can automatically stop scanning during the process if there is low battery in your laptop. Features All essential features are included in Avast. The interface of this software is very unique element. There is a radio style interface in the default dashboard which has included all major components packaged in various buttons like scan button as play button. It is very easy to figure out when it is taking a minute to get down the control scheme and refreshing as well. The application of this software can be customizes very easily if you don t like this interface as there are 35 skins available ranging from Star Trek to Spiderman to Vista themed.

Updates There are updates available in Avast which is effective antivirus protection. You can receive regular virus signature updates on the daily basis which can be checked manually. The updates are delivered immediately by the Avast when there is new update on brand new zero-hour malware on Avast network. Avast initiate PUSH updates and speedy delivery of most up to date security measures are ensured. Help & Support There is support-in program included in Avast which is also available online. There are answers available to your question online with user guide, support forum or knowledgebase. Email can be sent to support department after registering if there is specific question. Summary Avast Antivirus Professional Edition is one of the best antivirus software available and it can be great choice. It is very effective as well as efficient software. The simple skinned interface of this software is very good. We will certainly recommend you this software due to its great features and better product support.

AVAST is a network vulnerability analysis tool that combines information retrieval techniques and domain expertise to transform computer security data into organized information with predictive power. The AVAST tool relies on the production of a Taxonomy of Security Analysis Terms - a hierarchical classification of computer security terms - to parse relevant security characteristics from source documents, reduce them to uniform terminology, and group them in a manner meaningful for statistical and trend analysis. AVAST transforms the information from network vulnerability sources into vulnerability understanding. AVAST enables analysis of computer security vulnerability data by means of quantifying characteristics of known vulnerabilities. Using AVAST, an analyst can reduce data overload in the study of potential computer security dangers lurking in the future based on current and past trends, as well as generic classes of danger flags and preventative actions. AVAST provides additional functionality to handle classified processing, document cross-references, mapped drive sources, push data sources, creation of mutually exclusive data sets. AVAST falls in the category of traditional Vulnerability Analysis (VA) tools but it also allows for domain specificity, semi-automated update capability, customizable taxonomy for data extraction, and introduction of homogeneous terminology classifying vulnerability characteristics not found in current approaches. The approach will be useful for network security specialists who are performing vulnerability trend analyses, vulnerability assessments, and planning new system architectures. There may be applications for ecommerce insurance applications as well. This technology has a working prototype and is presently in use in the information assurance groups at APL.

NORTON ANTIVIRUS Norton Antivirus is comprehensive security solution with plenty of exciting features and new approach of online security. There is continuous improvement in security of this great antivirus program. The new version of this program will certainly keep their customers happy. Symantec is one of the great players in the market and pioneer from the get-go software. There were some complaints about usage of resources in previous years which were resolved in the last year s edition. It has offered efficient resource management providing speedy solutions. The new version of this program is very impressive with addition of some exciting features to catch all types of harmful viruses even those which are not found by traditional security signatures. It has provided great features of system resources, security and simplicity. The protection level of this program is best. The strengths of this program are being used for advantage. There will be great user experience with this excellent antivirus program. This software works very well and there will be no need to sacrifice system resources. Scope of protection Norton Antivirus has provided great level of protection to the users. It can provide defense to your computer with its traditional signature. There is protection available in this program from viruses which are not present in signatures. The users can be able to keep their computer sage and secure from malware with its huge and growing database of known malware. The Insight technology is one of the best parts of this program with which files can be scanned which are at risk and trusted files are bypassed. It will not waste any time and will run quickly. SONAR 2 which stands for Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response is another advanced heuristic protection technology. The malware can be detected by suing proactive approach while observing the real time behavior of files in order to stop viruses. These viruses either managed to bypass from the signatures or they are new enough that they are not tagged as malware and they can infect your computer. Although advanced heuristics and traditional signature of Norton are very good but new technologies of Norton set it apart from other programs. The new viruses which are tricky and can not be caught by other methods can easily be caught by this new technology. This great approach is based on scanning and two other features which are Reputation Technology and Download Insight. Symantec has offered new Reputation technology for proactive security measures. A special algorithm is involved in it to analyze files and to determine their relative threat based on their source, digital signature, reputation, popularity and age. This is an overall approach which can work in conjunction of many Norton technologies providing balanced and efficient security solution. Download Insight can stop new malware which are downloaded accidentally. You can get information about any file before downloading it. You don t need to wait as it happens in real time. You can have access to lots of information about files with File Insight. You can also configure software to show only the risky files if you don t need extra information. The popup will appear only when you are downloading a file which is not trustworthy. You will get warning about the files or videos when you tend to download it. Effectiveness This program is very effective in protecting your computer. There is protection available from viruses, worms, Trojans, malware, sypware, rootkits and more. It has robust traditional detection method of matching signatures. It is updated on regular basis for your computer protection. The files can also be analyzed proactively. It has reputation scanning which is new technology to find new threats. There is advanced heuristic detection available in this program as well. This antivirus program is very effective and it is recognized as one of the most effective software. It has focused on speed and efficiency. You can get strength, security and speed with Norton Antivirus software. Ease of Installation This antivirus program is very simple and straightforward. There will be no need to wait with direct download for boxed copy to shows as it can start installation immediately. It has quick and easy process of installation and traditional Microsoft Windows installer is abandoned by it. There is use of proprietary technology for quick installation in this software. Ease of Use Norton Antivirus 2010 is simple and easy to understand. It provides easy navigation with its straightforward interface and you can get most of the program very easily. It is intuitive and streamline program and there will be no problem even while performing

advanced functions of this antivirus program. This is flexible software and can accommodate variety of users very easily. Norton can be great option for you if you are looking for set and forget security solution. It is robust and can satisfy the security pros very easily. The users can find lots of information behind the scene to take complete control of this software. The new System Insight of this program can make behind the scene controls possible. The users can be able to see performance from the back end with the help of this feature to flip the UI. You can also monitor your entire computer performance with this feature. You can get information about scans, security threats and download or installed programs. The detailed information and graphs can also be seen in this program. The system speed and overall performance can be increased by optimizing it with single click optimization button. You can also scroll over specific events to get additional details and information. Features Norton Antivirus 2010 has lots of features which don t have any effect on speed and performance of your computer. Each feature will provide ultimate security and protection to your computer. There is additional vulnerability protection available in Norton. There may be many security threats which can easily pass through holes in browsers, applications or OS. This program will help you to stay on top of most recent security updates and patches. Silent gamer mode is another great feature. You will certainly want to get rid of annoying popups and other programs which can slow down the resources of your computer. There will be no worry for you about these if you use Silent Mode. You can also delay the automatic routine scans with the help of Smart Scheduler of this program and scans can be performed only when computer is idle. It is very important to have bootable recovery disk if computer is crashed completely. There is bootable recovery tool available in this program which can boot and fix your crashed computer. Updates There are quick and easy updates available in Norton which are delivered after every 5 to 15 minutes. There are two distinct advantages of these Pulse Updates. The users remain up to date with most current patches. There will be no slowdown for users with these patches as these patches are very small. The manual LiveUpdate can also be run at any time with this program. Help and Support There is additional help and support available for users in Norton Antivirus 2010. There is in-product help available for users in the form of user s manual. The users can also access online help. The FAQs, product comparisons, tutorials and professional support center are forms of support for the users. There is personalized help available for the users as well. The users can get assistance about the removal of viruses and malware. There free email and phone help available for the users. You can also find active community of Norton users, blogs and additional resources in order to more information about security topics. Summary It is one of the best antivirus programs for users which ahs provided solid performance and protection. You can have all essential features and innovative technology in this program. This program is easy to use and install and users can have optimal protection about security. Norton antivirus is a great way to protect your computer whether you are looking for powerful security software or simple easy to use software. It has impressed with its exciting new features and performance.

ESET NOD32 Eset Nod32 Antivirus provides great security and protection with its advanced features. This program is very good for home users who need simple security. This software is easy to install and work with. This program has proved to be one of the best anti viruses and its new version Eset Nod32 Antivirus 4 also has same features. The standout features of Eset Nod31 Antivirus include small and unobtrusive updates, silent gamer mode, ThreatSense, heuristic proactive detection and SysInspector. Scope of Protection The scope of protection of Eset Nod32 Antivirus is on par with other top antivirus competitors on its security level. All essential features and technologies are included in this program to provide protection to your computers against viruses, Trojans, worms, malware, rootkits and spyware. It can also provide complete protection to online users. There is protection available in this program from adware, dialers and keyloggers from behind the scene. The email protection is made possible with scan email feature in this program for viruses and malware. It also scans files when external medium is plugged in to protect users from auto running external media. Effectiveness This antivirus program is near the top in independent tests for viruses to prove its effectiveness. It is very good in efficiency and efficacy. The reactive and proactive scanning of this antivirus program was very good without any false positives in recent tests from Virus Bulletin. But there were some false positives found in recent evaluation from AV comparatives. The detection rates were found to be 97.2% which is very impressive. This program was granted A+ rating from AV comparatives. Ease of installation Eset Nod32 Antivirus is very easy to install and implement and it can run easily from get-go. You can set manual scans and scheduling very easily in this program. It can also be setup in the background and can run automatically. It can also create bootable disk which can be used in case of emergency. The users can be able to delete infected files while working with Microsoft Windows Automated Installation Kit. Ease of Use This program is very simple and easy to use and it is very good for beginners. There is no need of tweaking or manual maintenance to keep running it properly. It has very simple and straightforward user interface. There will be no problem in navigating this program as there is logical setup available. The beginners can use default setup and advanced mode with more functionality can be used for standard or advanced home users. It is very easy to report logging, scheduling and adjusting settings in this software. There will be no need of much intervention in Eset Nod32 even there will be no need of your input. All security issues can be taken automatically by this program. The new keyboard shortcuts are included in this program for an easy navigation. Eset nod32 is very good in speed. You can find most advanced scanning technologies in this software. The security and advanced protection is maintained by this program and it will not have any effect on speed or processing power of your computer. The specific mode which is incorporated in this program can be turned to optimize performance for laptops. There can be great protection provided by this program in the form of energy-sipping battery mode without using laptop battery. Features There is comprehensive feature set included in this program. All basic features are available in Eset Nod32 which are helpful in enhancing protection. These features are simple to use. There is use of heuristic technology in Eset Nod 32 which can catch those viruses as well which are not present in traditional signature yet. There is proactive protection provided by this software from malware with its refined ThreatSense technology. It can also protect from viruses which can pass through signature very easily. The files can be scanned in real time or on-access when these files are opened or executed. It ensures that there will be no problem for computers with these malicious files. There will be no need to wait for Eset before opening any file. The real time scanning can start immediately and it runs in the background. There are many software companies which are using large community networks of their users to increase their numbers. The users can have quicker protection with ThreatSense network of Eset in which each user serves as watch guard for other users. If there is any virus detected on your computer, it is immediately identified to get protection for everyone. Updates There is use of multi layered security approach along with virus signatures in Eset. There are regular updates available which keep on running automatically in order to keep signature database current. These updates normally run in the background and there will be no problem for users as these are small enough.

Help and Support There is additional help and support provided by this software when it is needed. There is complete and detailed in-depth product manual available. The additional support resources are also available with in-program links. The users can be able to get answere of their questions from knowledge base of specific product. There are help forums available as well. The product manual is also available online. Specific questions can be asked by submitting online form which can be responded over phone or email. The fact is that the threats do not enter in the method that you expect. These have the intelligent scans compressed files that can help to search hidden threats. In the most initial time of the system the proactive protection will make sure that the computer is safe always. To make sure that the email is free from viruses as well as other threats these antiviruses can be a great help. This is the feature that is the most likely of anti-spyware software for Windows. These are some of the features of ESET Nod32 description that you need to know for anti-spyware software for Windows. NOD32 is powerful antivirus software produced in Slovak Republic by ESET Company. This software was tested in our laboratories and we found this antivirus a good and effective solution against viruses and other web threats. NOD32 is a good antivirus solution if you want a good software which is not very high memory consuming and it works without many settings. ESET launched two versions of this antivirus: Home edition and NOD32 Business Edition. Another versions launched by ESET are Remote Administrator and NOD32 Mobile Antivirus. This latest software is designed to protect smartphones against virus problems. Installation of NOD32 is fast and effective. This antivirus requires a little bit experience for a novice user at installation process because the install menu is not very clear.

PANDA ANTIVITUS Panda Antivirus Pro is a proficient antivirus which includes numerous boosted characteristics and instruments to cater protection to computers. This package is lenient to apply. A few of the commanding characteristics of Panda are worth regarding. Security Panda may render security to your computer from scourges of whole forms of computer viruses, exploits, root kits and mixture of additional scourges. This protection is constructed potential by integrating proactive heuristic detecting and conventional computer virus signatures with a structured firewall. You are able to discover a lot of comprehensive and boosted characteristics in the advanced packs of Panda online protection and Panda Global security. But Panda antivirus pro too allows adequate protection. Strength Panda has gained certification by the West Coast laboratories as it's really efficient for getting rid of spyware, and Trojans. Panda has, in addition to, ICSA credential for making out its essentials. There's latest protection applied science admitted in the package with encouraged heuristic catching and a firewall. It may as well proctor your wireless network to foreclose invasions. Installing The installing of Panda Antivirus is uncomplicated and aboveboard and its installing consumes just 6 minutes and there's no demand to restart your computer. Panda is none disturbing while it' not coursing a scan and it asks about 5MB of space. It, however, consumes 58MB while running down which is greater than most of the competitions software system. You are able to approach to totally all-important characteristics in Panda really easy and the package is set out. You are able to execute manual antivirus runs down and schedule it for interpolate really easy in this software package. This platform executes itself and it offers optimal security without perpetual supervising or updates. There's no alteration in the user interface of the software system. Characteristics of the firewall protection The main characteristics of the firewall protection include the following: Different protection levels based on the location of the computer: When your PC connects to a network, the firewall applies a security level in accordance with the type of network. If you want to change the security level assigned initially, you can do this at any time through the firewall settings. Protection of wireless networks (Wi-Fi): This blocks intrusion attempts launched through wireless networks (Wi-Fi). When an intruder attempts to access, a pop-up warning is displayed that allows you to immediately block the attack. Access to the network and the Internet: It specifies which programs installed on your computer can access the network or the Internet. Protection against intruders:It prevents hacker attacks that try to access your computer to carry out certain actions. Blocks: The firewall can block the access of the programs that you specify should not be able to access the local network or the Internet. It also blocks access from other computers that try to connect to programs installed on your computer. Definition of rules: This defines rules that you can use to specify which connections you want to allow and the ports and zones through which the connection can be established.

AVIRA ANTIVIRUS Avira AntiVir Premium is one of the best antivirus software as it provides excellent efficiency and advanced technology. Avira has large number of users all over the world as it has over 20 years of experience under their belt. The users like the free version of Avira and its paid version provides great solutions of protection. The standout features of Avira AntiVir include AHeAD (Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection), protection from drive by downloads and impressive detection rates. Scope of Protection Avirs antivirus software is very good as it can provide protection against malware, dialers, rootkits, adware, spyware and malicious scripts. There is advanced protection available in paid version of this software which can protect your computer from number of online threats, phishing scams and drive by downloads. There is an integrated email scanner available in Avira Antivir which can check malware and viruses sent and received through emails. You can consider upgraded Avira Internet Security Suite fro protection from bot networks and spam. Effectiveness Avira is one of the leaders when it comes to effective and thorough antivirus scanning. Avira is completely capable of protection your computer from 100% wild viruses. This software is also found very effective in recent tests of Virus Bulletin. The combined proactive and reactive protection score of Avira was 88.5% which is remarkably high. Avira is found to catch 99.8% of the malwares by the AV comparatives which is second highest after 99.8% from G DATA. There were over 20 false positives found in Avira due to which it got Advanced rating and not the A+. Ease of Installation You can be able install Avira completely within 9 minutes and installation process is easy and straightforward. You can be able to setup this software easily and first scan will start automatically in no time. Avira is one of the most effective as well as most efficient software. The scanning speed of the Avira AntiVir Premium was clocked at high rate of 14MB/sec. This software ran very low system resources usage when idle and it can ramped up significantly during scanning. It will not result in any slowdown of computer for most of the users and it is fairly resource conscious antivirus software. Ease of Use There is an intuitive interface available in Avira antivirus with easy-to-use controls. There will be no problem for the users to set schedule scans and customized scanning parameters. It can be very good software for the beginners as well as experienced users. There will be no need to use this program regularly as this software runs automatically to provide your computer protection without having constantly update or monitor the software. Features There are plenty of great features included in this antivirus software due to which security and performance of this program has increased. The scanner of this software can also work in real time. The files are scanned when accessed in no time before their opening. You can also be able to create bootable rescue disk with this software. You can easily burn a disk with this feature in order to use it in case of emergency. This bootable disk can be run in case computer crashed unable to restart properly. This disk can easily carry out the cleaning process of the malware so that you can be able to run your computer smoothly. There is use of advance technology in this software which provides constant security from virus. The files can be analyzed dynamically by Avira due to proactive AHeAD technology for specific behavior or characteristics appeared due to malware entering into your computer. The virus protection is made possible for those viruses which are not written in virus signature with this approach. Updates The computers can become efficient and less invasive with regular updates. There are ergualr updates available in this software which are carried out after every two hours. You can also set these updates manually. There will be no problems for proxy server users in updating and scheduled updates can also be done. Help and Support There is decent online support available in Avira. There is FAQs section and knowledgebase included in this software as well. The support forum can provide additional support to the users. There is no support available through email, phone or live chat. Summary This software is very good in business and there are number of great features available in this software. This software is very effective although you might not find some convenient features like silent gamer mode. There is need of low false positives in this software. You can see antivirus comparison in order to see its effectives as compared to other antivirus programs. We will certainly recommend this antivirus as very good security software.

BIT DEFENDER If one looking for effective protection of personal computer from all kinds of viruses and more, in such state of affairs no one deny the significance of BitDefender Antivirus. It is beyond any doubt that, BitDefender Antivirus is an antivirus which may capable to provide rock solid security along easy usability, authentic use of resources. There is another fact is that, a valuable pricetag BitDefender Antivirus 2010 is the feasible antivirus software according to an estimate. Great as well as authentic program are the part of 2010 edition, furthermore it includes few additional features that may capable to make improve the performance and protection of whole of personal computer. It is an obvious fact that online threats are consistently targeted various vulnerabilities. BitDefender Antivirus has built their arsenal and adopting the latest technologies to defend viruses and other sort of malware. It is to be noted that, BitDefender Antivirus 2010 is an antivirus which offering a powerful set of features and utility. The most significant fact is that, BitDefender Antivirus has quality to meet the requirements of various users. Whether one may advanced user looking to handle the all process manually, or a novice looking for a set and forget solutions, BitDefender provides the comprehensive utilization of security solution. In the light of above discussion one can easily analyze that BitDefender Antivirus has capability to provides not only pc s protection but also provide peace of mind. It must be kept in the view that BitDefender Antivirus is the embodiment of several standard feature like, real time s protection, intrusion detection is also be the part of Bitdefender Antivirus. Moreover, BitDefender Antivirus is an antivirus which includes Advanced heuristic Active virus control. It will easy on system s resources and BitDefender Antivirus has quality to optimized scanning. In the context of effectiveness, no one can deny that BitDefender Antivirus is strong and overall effective. Furthermore, BitDefender Antivirus is tested by the autonomous labs like hundred percent certified by the labs of ICSA, virus Bulletin and west coast labs. These certifications are the ample proof that BitDefender Antivirus is an effective solution. Secondly, in the context of ease of installation, BitDefender Antivirus is an antivirus which is consist on extremely simple as well as pretty intuitive, whether one consumed a copy of box or is installing the software from an electronic download. Moreover, we can also say that the process of installation of BitDefender Antivirus is not only comprehensive but also straightforward. Surprisingly enough, BitDefender Antivirus can perform automatically if one desire, it is possible after some approvals and quick downloads. It is to be noted that, for the purpose of most authentic protection of personal computer BitDefender Antivirus removes other software of antivirus due to potentially interfere. One may have to adopt from three profiles of users as part of the process of installation or levels of user. But there is no need to be confused if one want to look a novel interface layout associate with each, in this context one may easily change the mode from the menu of settings. Thirdly, in the context of ease of use. It must be kept in the view that BitDefender Antivirus is an antivirus which is so much feasible and comprehensive in utilization. In addition, BitDefender Antivirus software includes user profiles. The most significant fact that BitDefender Antivirus software can be operate from every kind of user. This is the reason that BitDefender Antivirus software provides you the three levels of operating like novice, intermediate and advance. In this context, novice mode is suitable for anyone who only wants to install security software. Intermediate user interface includes more utilities and options but is professionally organized and comprehensive in use. With the help of advanced expert interface provides the users access towards all of tools as well as features. It is beyond any doubt that, today an antivirus software considered an excellent software which has capability to update itself. In this context, BitDefender Antivirus 2010 is an antivirus which has capability to update itself even in every hour. Moreover, BitDefender Antivirus made important updates automatically. In the context of updates the most significant fact is that one may have no need to be worried that these updates can slow his personal computer.

KAPERSKY There is Kaspersky security software which comes from Kaspersky Labs and it has earned very good reputation. It is one of the best antivirus programs available for the users. There is BitDefender included in this program like many other programs. There is complete protection provided by this software from viruses, spyware, Trojans, bots and worms and other threats. This software has comprehensive security for the computer and there are very good features included in this software to fight new threats. There is option of 3 user license available for one year with which you can be able to protect your computer in a cost effective way. The standout features of Kaspersky include Gamer mode, antivirus for IM, use of iSwift technology to adjust scanning in case of computer load, and URL advisor for browser security. You can use Kaspersky Business Space Security or Kaspersky Antivirus for File Server if order to protect your computer in your small business and it is one of the best suites for small business programs. Scope of Protection You can be able protect your computer with the help of Kaspersky. This program guards your computer against Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits and worms. Your computer will also remain safe from keyloggers, dialers, exploits, malicious scripts, adware and more due to impressive arsenal. There is complete web protection available in KAspersky. The users can have full online protection with the help of Kaspersky URL Advisor. The warnings are provided by the plug in used in this software and works with browser due to which advanced protection is made possible during surfing. You can have more protection by using upgraded Kaspersky Internet security but Kaspersky program is very good for most of the users. Effectiveness It is very effective antivirus program as it is first to detect and protect the computers from new viruses entering into the computer. There is large user base of Kaspersky due to its security network. The users can lookout for other with this approach of community. If there is any new virus in your computer then this software will deliver this information to all other users very quickly and also provide protection. This software keeps constant eye on all security threats and it not only finds the malware but also removes them. The system and other application issues are checked by the integrated scan check which can help the users to reduce or eliminate the vulnerabilities. Ease of Installation You can be able to install Kaspersky very easily. It can be install by following the setup wizard for custom or suggested install. You can find this software in the form of box copy but it can also be downloaded and installed immediately. You can be able to protect your computer from threats for your files, computer, IM and web with the help of this antivirus program. All viruses and sypware are blocked by this program. The advanced white listing and other controls for applications are used in this program which provides protection when any application is opened. There is a gamer mode available in this software which can be used to play games uninterrupted. There will be no interruption from popups or security threats with this mode.

MCAFEE ANTIVIRUS McAfee is a eminent constitute in protection software system and VirusScan of the package is really dependable. You may not observe it the most flying or efficient only it has a few delivering characters which establish McAfee VirusScan Plus an eminent protection solvent. The jump out characteristics let in in McAfee is structured firewall, laptop computer battery economy mode and McAfee SiteAdvisor for secure surfing. Security The absolute security and advanced online protection suites are to a greater extent broad but VirusScan is as well really efficient. There's boosted 2-way firewall let in VirusScan Plus and it too allows security from malware. There is uninterrupted internet security with color encrypted safety valuations with the assist of SiteAdvisor admitted in McAfee. It allows accomplished antivirus solvents and protects your computer of primary computer viruses, worms, and Trojans. This antivirus in addition to observes dialers, cyberpunks, spyware, phishing scam and malevolent scripts. Strength McAfee is really skillful in shielding your computer of computer viruses. Computer virus Bulletin granted credential to McAfee for their proactive catching ranks were practically bluer than several other contenders on trials. This package is sanctioned through West Coast Labs as antivirus, anti-malware, antispyware and anti-Trojan. This package was observed really efficient by Antivirus comparatives and its catching rank was 98.7%. Simplicity The installing procedure of the software package is real comfortable. It may detect and extinguish scourges the minute it's set up because it's weaponed to ascertain protection right from the kickoff. The rapid set up is guaranteed by proactive catching with no barricading of spyware already exhibit in your computer. This package does not dissemble the resources but it's not most effective too. The skimming speed of McAfee was timed 7.5MB/sec on Antivirus comparatives screen which personified really honorable. The raking and updates by McAfee occurs in the background and users won't detect whatsoever serious encroachment use. Utilization The users may not experience whatsoever worry with schedule runs down and pulling off settings. The primary user interface of McAfee renders aboveboard and uncomplicated sailing. The users may easily approach whole components by the primary console. There's no demand for perpetual care in McAfee VirusScan Plus and it allows real time security while you approach files or surfs online. Characteristics There are list of further characteristics useable along with first-rate protection characteristics. Silent broad-screen mode is a distinguished characteristic with which you are able to do anything for instance demonstration viewing, picture viewing in full screen continuous. Protected file shredder is some other telling characteristic of the package which isn't found out in most of the antivirus packages. You are able to permanently erase secret lodges polishing off any hints with the assist of this usefulness. This package is as well really beneficial in protecting your laptop computer. You are able to switch off a lot of intensive runs down for future with the assist of particular battery economy mode so to preserve battery lifetime. Updates McAfee holds itself latest. There's a scheduled update subsequently every four hours. The mechanical update goes on day in and day out and drove into your computer as soon as they're useable. The real time security is really effective in the package to cater protection on the forefront.

AVG ANTIVIRUS There are number of compelling features available in AVG Anti-Virus 2010 which can keep your computer protected. There are great solutions available for the users with advanced protection and simple use. You can easily download free version of AVG very easily with most files for the computer security. If you want to get more benefits then you can get full paid version with complete AVG internet Security. The standout features of AVG Anti-Virus include integrated browser Surf-Shield and LinkScanner and identity theft recovery unit. Scope of Protection You can be able to protect your computer from different threats from number of angles with the help of AVG antivirus. There is antivirus and antispyware protection included in this software and it can also provide complete online protection against harmful sites and downloads. You can protect your computer against phishing scams, hackers, and malware coming through email or IM with the help of AVG. the outbound emails are also scanned by AVG so that you may not receive any malware, worms, Trojans and rootkits accidentally. There is cooperation with Identity Guard available with AVG for theft protection which is a great feature of AVG. You can be able to recover and restore your identity with the help of Identity Guard in case your personal information is compromised. Effectiveness This software is very effective as it provides adequate solutions of antivirus. The detection rates of this software might not be very good as compared to other antivirus software but still it is very effective software. The detection efficiency of this software is 95% and it is awarded advanced award by the AV Comparatives in their recent evaluation. There were 8 false positives found as the software overprotected multiple times. AVG is found as one of the most effective antivirus software for proactive and reactive scanning. AVG earned cumulative score of 80.6% and outperformed most of the competitors in their tests. Therefore you don t need to worry about the effectiveness of this software. Ease of Installation You can be able to install AVG AntiVirus very easily although it take longer time. You can let it do its business after its installation. There are number of protective measures and security features included in AVG and your computer won t be slow with these features. It can provide you fast scanning with consistent performance. But if you want to get fastest security antivirus then it is not good as it has shown scanning speed of 6.8MB/sec which as very slow as compared to 17MB/Sec from Avast and Norton. If you want to be then AVG can be an install and forget security solution. There will be no major slowdown in your computer with this software even with the intensive scans. Ease of Use This software is very simple and easy to use. You can work very easily with its streamline interface. The beginners can feel comfortable with great layout and graphical controls available in this software. There is no dynamic status bar in this software although scanning keeps on running in background and users will not notice it. There will be two AVG icons appeared in system tray when scanning is running and we were caught off guard with this element. Features There are plenty of great features available in this greta antivirus program which provide complete security to your computer. There is improved virus signature database available in this software which is updated regularly with new signatures. There is advanced heuristic used in this software proactively which can easily detect new viruses showing malware behaviors and also provide protection. Game mode is another great feature included in this software with which you can be able to enjoy games or do other things without any interruption from AVG. This software provides great security to your computer. You can find integrated browser scanning antivirus solutions in very few antivirus programs. You can have great web experience with Link scanner technology of this software. Yahoo searchbar is also included in AVG toolbar. There is security ratings provided by Search Shield for different search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing. Color coded icon will appear with which you can make decision about the site. These colors can be green for fine, red for bad and orange for caution. Updates AVG will provide up to date protection. This software automatically checks virus definition on regular basis. You can set this update in every hour. The default update is after every four hours. Help and Support There is user manual as well as in program help available for the users. You can also have online help in this software. There is knowledgebase and FAQ section in this software. You can also avail email support but there is no phone support. You can also avail more options with Premium Support with paying for it.

Summary AVG is one of the best antivirus software. It has very good level of protection as there are comprehensive features included in it which can provide great security to the users. It is rightly included in the list of our favorite and reliable antivirus programs.