(Vendor) sold 2 parcels of farmlands to Wonderland Food Industries (vendee), wherein they executed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) where the vendee would pay P5 M as follows: P1M cash, P2M in shares of stock of Vendee Corporation and P2M in installments + 18% interest per annum. Afterwhich, the vendor, wendee and respondent Bank executed an Addendum to the previous MOA. The new arrangement provide that the P1M cash payment and prepaid interest of P1.36M (18% of P2M) would be incurred as debt from the BANK by the Vendor as authorized by the Vendee. Provided however, that said loan shall be made for and in the name of the VENDOR. The VENDEE thereby agrees to pay the full amount of P1.36M directly to the VENDOR. It is understood that while the loan will be secured from and in the name of the VENDOR, the VENDEE will be the one liable to pay the entire proceeds thereof including interest and other charges. Petitioner-vendor issued PN payable to the Bank, but the former failed to pay such obligation so the Bank filed 3 cases of collection. Thus the Bank endorsed the PN for collection. ISSUE 1. W/N Petitioner-vendors is solidarily liable with Wonderland (vendee) to pay the bank (creditor). 2. W/N the Addendum signed by the Bank, the Vendor and Vendee constitutes a novation of the contract by substitution of debtor, which exempts petitioners-vendor from any liability to pay the PN they issued to the Bank. HELD. 1. NO. A subsidiary contract of suretyship had taken effect since petitioner-vendors signed the PN as maker and accommodation party for the benefit of Wonderland (vendee). Petitioners became liable as accommodation party. An accommodation party is a person who has signed the instrument as maker, acceptor, or indorser, without receiving value therefor, and for the purpose of lending his name to some other person and is liable on the instrument to a holder for value, notwithstanding such holder at the time of taking the instrument knew (the signatory) to be an accommodation party. He has the right, after paying the holder, to obtain reimbursement from the party accommodated, since the relation between them has in effect become one of

NO. The surety’s liability to the creditor or promisee of the principal is said to be direct. In order that a novation can take place. And the creditor may proceed against any one of the solidary debtors. and 4) There must be the validity of the new contract. 3) There must be the extinguishment of the old contract. the accommodation party being the surety. and as between the two who are bound. in other words.principal and surety. . Novation is the extinguishment of an obligation by the substitution or change of the obligation by a subsequent one which extinguishes or modifies the first. one rather than the other should perform. the concurrence of the following requisites are indispensable: 1) There must be a previous valid obligation. 2) There must be an agreement of the parties concerned to a new contract. he is directly and equally bound with the principal. Suretyship is defined as the relation which exists where one person has undertaken an obligation and another person is also under the obligation or other duty to the obligee. or by substituting another in place of the debtor. or by subrogating a third person in the rights of the creditor. either by changing the object or principal conditions. primary and absolute. The addendum did not effect to a novation of the obligation of petitioner-vendor to pay the PN by “substitution” of a new debtor. Wonderland (vendee).i 2. who is entitled to but one performance.

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