Woman’s Day aDvertorial

Pina colada



Raspberry daiquiri

This is the time of year to enjoy the company of friends and delicious, tempting cocktails made from fabulous Original Juice Co. juices

Shake it up

Three fruit iced tea

Grapefruit spritzer

Apple, peach & apricot spritzer

Apple & guava cosmopolitan

pureed 1 cup chilled ORIGINAL JUICE CO. and juice of ½ lime into a cocktail shaker and shake well. combine juices and passionfruit pulp. stoned. Grapefruit juice pulp 4 passionfruit crushed ice 1/3 cup mint leaves TOP TIPS ■ If preferred. Midori and lime juice in a blender or food processor. Combine wine. In a large jug. MAKES 6 PREPARATION 5 MinuTes 2. 1. Pour evenly into glasses. Peach & Apricot nectar if preferred. ■ Use 4 cups of ORIGINAL JUICE CO. 2. place 1 cup ice. Add sugar. Chill overnight. coconut milk. TOP TIP ■ If liked. but you can use any flavour you prefer. thinly sliced 3 cups chilled ORIGINAL JUICE CO. peach & apricot spritzer 750ml bottle sparkling wine 2 peaches. puree and nectar in a large jug. MAKES 6 PREPARATION 5 MinuTes ¼ cup brown sugar 12 sprigs fresh mint 3 limes. For each cocktail. TOP TIP ■ Lemon juice can be substituted for lime if required – or use half and half when limes are expensive. 1. 1. 2. Repeat for each cosmopolitan with remaining ingredients. Apple Guava juice 180ml vodka juice 3 limes 3. Pour between tall glasses to serve. Top with lemonade. pureed 2 apricots. 2. stoned. Apple. or plan ahead and make lots at home to have on hand in the freezer. thinly sliced 1 ½ cups chilled ORIGINAL JUICE CO. Place all ingredients into a food processor or blender. Set aside for two minutes. Peach & Apricot nectar 2 cups chilled ORIGINAL JUICE CO. use a 170g can of passionfruit pulp. Add the ice and lemon and lime slices. TOP TIP ■ Puree watermelon flesh in a food processor. TOP TIP ■ Purchase ice from the supermarket or bottle shop. to serve MAKES 6 PREPARATION 5 MinuTes 2 cups crushed ice 1½ cups chilled ORIGINAL JUICE CO. thinly sliced 2 limes. Fill each glass with an even 1. if liked. 1. stir in nectar and remaining lemon slices. 30ml vodka. Apple & Kiwi Fruit juice 1 cup coconut milk ¼ cup Malibu coconut liqueur ¼ cup Midori liqueur ¼ cup fresh lime juice pineapple wedges to serve until combined. TOP TIP ■ Use fresh raspberries or strawberries. Discard tea bags. ¼ cup each watermelon puree and juice. chilled. Place ice. Pour into cocktail glasses and serve. Serve over ice. Blend Tropicana Raspberry daiquiri 2 cups ice 1 ½ cups chilled ORIGINAL JUICE CO. Pour wine into flutes. thinly sliced 4 cups lemonade 8 drops Angostura bitters MAKES 6 PREPARATION 5 MinuTes 2. Top with a sugar cube. Garnish with a pineapple wedge. Use a fork to crush the mint into the sugar (see tip). Process until well blended. Grapefruit juice ice 2 lemons. Divide the sugar and half the mint between serving glasses. Apple & guava cosmopolitan MAKES 6 PREPARATION 5 MinuTes 6 cups ice cubes 1 ½ cups watermelon puree (see tip) 1 ½ cups chilled ORIGINAL JUICE CO. Combine the juice and rum in a large jug. Apple. Peach & Apricot nectar 6 sugar cubes MAKES 6 PREPARATION 5 MinuTes 1. Add ice and top up with soda water to serve. Divide juice between six tall glasses. Three fruit iced tea 1 litre boiling water 4 tea bags ¼ cup caster sugar juice 2 lemons 2 lemons. 2. In a large bowl. TOP TIP ■ We used black tea. Add a few drops of bitters and serve. Grapefruit juice 1 cup white rum 1 cup crushed ice soda water. 1. peeled. 1. Apple. Stir in lemon juice and half the lemon slices. stirring until dissolved. combine boiling water and tea bags. Apple. TOP TIP ■ Puree fruit in a food processor or use a hand blender. Apple & Forest Fruits juice 150g frozen raspberries ¾ cup white rum juice 2 limes MAKES 4 PREPARATION 5 MinuTes 2 cups chilled ORIGINAL JUICE CO. use a muddler (usually wooden) to do this. Apple. quartered. Place crushed ice into serving glasses. 2. 3. Grapefruit spritzer ½ cup chilled ORIGINAL JUICE CO. Top with an even amount of juice mixture and mint. peeled. Pour into chilled cocktail glasses to serve. 4.Mojito Pina colada amount of lime wedges and remaining mint leaves. . juice. Peach & Apricot nectar ice to serve SERVES 8-12 PREPARATION 5 MinuTes Allow to cool. Malibu. When ready to serve. 2.

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