Operator dialogue terminals
VijeoDesigner configuration software for Magelis touch-sensitive graphic terminals XBT G
VijeoDesigner configuration software is used with the whole range of New Technology Magelis XBT G terminals to create operator dialogue applications designed for controlling automation systems. The VijeoDesigner software runs on PC compatibles equipped with Windows 2000 or XP operating system.





VijeoDesigner configuration software enables operator dialogue projects to be easily and quickly performed due to its advanced ergonomics using 6 configurable windows: 1 Navigator, 2 Object properties, 3 Object listing, 4 Library of animated graphic objects, 5 Information, 6 Report. VijeoDesigner configuration software also offers complete application management tools: v Project creation, a project being one or several applications for Terminal XBT G. v Cross-referencing of application variables. v Application synoptics documentation. v A simulation mode enabling easy testing of the application from the design office.




Graphics editor
The powerful graphics editor of the VijeoDesigner software enables easy creation of synoptics when developing applications: v Dots, v Lines, v Rectangles, v Ellipses, v Arcs, v Pie charts, v Polylines, v Polygons, v Regular polygons, v Bezier curves, v Scales, v Text, v Images, v Curves, v Summary of alarms.

Object animations
8 types of object animation enable quick establishment of animated synoptics: v Pressing on tactile feedback, v Changing of colour, v Filling, v Movement, v Rotation, v Size, v Visibility, v Value display.

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Architecture: page 36350/2

Ethernet Twido XBT G Modbus Micro Uni-Telway 36349-EN_Ver1. v Multiwindow management on the application screens for improved ergonomics. v Multimedia data management for the most common formats: .0. By simple "drag and drop" operation using the mouse. .Image display (JPEG and BMP files). in order to meet the new requirements of our customers: v Alarm or curve logs on the "Compact Flash" card for saving and transfer of data. 0 Scripts VijeoDesigner software enables the processing of information within the XBT G terminal using Java language scripts. for multifunction terminals. v the application itself. etc. v Multilingual management: applications can be configured in up to 20 languages.Text display (TXT files).fm/3 . lights. bargraphs. curves. Advanced functions Based on new technologies relating to information. the object is positioned on the synoptic being created. . v screens. v operator actions. 2 serial links + Ethernet can be active simultaneously. Ethernet and Compact Flash. automation of some tasks within the terminal and management of calculations in order to relieve the PLC programmes. a large number of advanced functions are available on Magelis XBT G terminals for processing a higher volume of data. The scripts can be associated with: v variables. This library can be expanded by adding the user's objects using the same simple "drag and drop" method.Presentation Operator dialogue terminals VijeoDesigner configuration software for Magelis touch-sensitive graphic terminals XBT G Library of animated objects The library of animated objects makes the creation of synoptics very efficient by using the numerous objects available: buttons. both faster and more reliably. v Multi-line communication. v Multimode application transfer: serial link.Sound message processing (WAV files). This function enables establishment of some complex animations.

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