“PR Plan for ESSO’s Trace of Time and Place in Pakistan” Course Title Public Relations & Event Management Submission Date 22nd July 2011 Submitted To Ms. Mahlaqa Saeed Submitted By: Group 7
Zeeshan Hyder Magsi Muhammad Bilal Khurram Muhammad Taqi Hussain Saad Ahmed

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Esso has also used involvement with the campaign to motivate staff. some organizations are shy of losing their own corporate identity by joining together with others. Ketchum is accountable. The partners drive the campaigns and deliver the projects and Esso funds that. Research is fed in to inform what we do in the future. business leaders and also the politicians. including literature and PR support. Everything is covered in the staff magazine. and staffs have worked with organizations close to where they are based. Launch the campaign to the general public Promote opportunities to the individuals. Esso sees itself as making it possible for the partners to deliver co-operative projects. They have been able to target them and show that they are supporting something that can make a real difference. 2 |Page . It has made the partners look at long-term benefits of their activities and connect them to a strategy rather than just short-term actions. There is a master activity plan which lists the four main objectives of the campaign. and there are measures to assess whether we achieved what we said we would. to avoid alienating people. However.The main benefit of the campaign for Esso is that it has improved the company’s standing with opinion formers. Activities are not usually branded as Esso events. Some of the organizations involved have never worked together before. which includes details of what partners are doing to support each one. Target audience in Pakistan: The target audience for Esso in Pakistan would be the following: • • • Launch the campaign to environmentalists.

Khan Senior General Manager . Kiran Ghauri Environmental Expert Lunch: 3 |Page . Starting next week (Sunday June 24 2011). The Environment and Water Management Ms. Jenna Mack Country Manager ESSO.Media Relations ESSO Pakistan.Mr. and running throughout July and August. Forestry. Pakistan Mr. Amjad Khan Federal Minister for Agriculture. Speakers: Introductory speeches by: Ms.encouraging everyone to enjoy planting the seeds throughout Pakistan to make the environment go greener and also help in reducing the carbon elements within the environment. PRESS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT Press Conference Date Time Venue SUBJECT 22 July 2011 10 a. Karachi. Karachi Press Club Launching campaign of “Trace of time and place” in Pakistan What’s the better way to spend the July and August Holidays than going for a walk in the woods? And that's what Esso's “Trace of Time and Place” campaign is all about . the Esso Pakistan has organized loads of activities across the country to make a change through such activity which will not only help Pakistan to compete with the environmental changes and also develop awareness within the people of Pakistan for taking responsibility for the making the “change”.m.

the website also provides details and practical arrangements.esso. at 12. as well as in the coming days the key questions to be discussed during the conference.Media Relations 0092-021-300-1234567 Khan@pk. For further PRESS RELEASE ESSO launches campaign of “Trace of time and place” in Pakistan 4 |Page . Khan Senior General Manager . participants are invited to a lunch hosted by the ESSO at the Press Club. please consult the ESSO Pakistan website: http://www.esso.On Sunday. On this website. the final conference program can be found. the panels and the field trip of people will be open to the media. Contact: Mr. The conference.30. 22 July 2011.

Khan Senior General Manager . our business contributes to Canada's quality of life and energy For more information on ESSO Pakistan.Media Relations 0092-021-300-1234567 Khan@pk. About ESSO Pakistan ESSO is an international trade name for Exxon Mobil and its related companies doing this operation in Pakistan from more than a decade. partners. making and selling high-quality petroleum products. please visit http://www. Such as: 5 |Page .esso. Country Manager Ms. or investing in innovative research. 2011 – ESSO Pakistan is planning event “Trace of time and place” by combing its staff’s personal interests in responsible ecology with expertise. As an integrated energy company. Whether it's finding oil and gas. environmentalist. "We have taken extensive steps to reduce our company’s carbon footprint and are educating our clients./pakistan Targeted media for the Press coverage: We use here different type of media for our client. For more information on ESSO Contact: Mr. July 22.Karachi. Jenna Mack states.esso. horticultures and common people in an event to become the first multinational business company in Pakistan to start such an event where seeds of the Trees are planted throughout Pakistan and this event will be starting from Karachi. refine and market products essential to society. common people and employees on the environmentally friendly options such as planting the tress around them to help in reducing the carbon elements in the environment. we explore for.

1. Following category of the media will be targeted for the press coverage: Suggested PR Activities as follow up to Press Conference: We can do several activities as follow up to press conference Media relations Communicating with all the journalists who attended the press conference. speeches. Website like • • • Google Facebook Yahoo Reason for targeting these media is that our most of the targeted audience read. Through these media we can achieve our strategic goals. watch and visit regularly the websites as mentioned above. Broad Cast Media • • • CNBC GEO News Down News 3. External Communications Controlled and uncontrolled messages disseminated in the mass media as well as other communications media. as a PR manager we can have meetings with those journalists and keep on taking feedbacks Corporate Philanthropy Recognition of corporate obligations and responsibilities to communities by making monetary and other contributions to charitable organizations. brochures. non-broadcast videos. Print Media • • • Daily Down Time News Jung newspaper 2. etc. including pamphlets. 6 |Page .

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