The underlying cause of dental cavities and gum disease is lack of proper nutrition, but remineralising with the kinds of foods originally eaten by indigenous people can prevent and even reverse these problems.

In Search of a Cure for Cavities o longer do we need to allow ourselves to be fooled into believing that dental treatments, fluoride, tooth-brushing and toothpastes are the only cure for cavities. No longer should people suffering from gum disease or tooth infections have the truth of the real causes of these afflictions hidden from them. Originally, I never spent much time thinking about teeth. I assumed that my good diet would keep me free from cavities for my entire life. Yet the glass of my limited beliefs was shattered the day my partner and I observed a small, light-brown spot on the top of a front tooth of our one-year-old daughter. I wondered to myself, "Is this a tooth cavity?" Days, weeks and months went by, and to our horror the spot grew and grew. Every day I would look at my daughter's teeth with dreaded fear as this cavity rapidly progressed and other teeth began to decay. Being a natural parent, which includes keeping my daughter free from chemicals in the forms of processed junk foods, Western drugs and vaccinations, I was extremely concerned with taking my precious little girl to a dentist for a dental treatment. Wanting to avoid traumatic anaesthesia and surgery for my daughter and not wanting to have her teeth pulled left me in a grave dilemma: either I had to subject her to a dental treatment, which to me was inappropriately violent for a small child who was not experiencing any pain or suffering, or I had to find the real cause of cavities. Only through grace, persistence and hard work did I find a cure, and I share an important part of it in this article. At the peak of my daughter's tooth decay, her teeth disintegrated so rapidly that the one decayed tooth crumbled apart within a few weeks' time. Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with four new cavities, and I was not prepared to have more synthetic materials added to my overburdened body. Also, these four cavities did not even address the places on my teeth where I felt a great deal of sensitivity: on the sides of many of my molars near the gum lines—a condition which I now know is called abfraction. Today I write nearly three years later. My teeth, once sensitive and loose in my mouth, are now firmly embedded and strong. The sensitive spots have hardened dramatically. Although my daughter's teeth continued to decay to some degree for a while, her teeth have protected themselves. Even with two teeth worn to the gum line, she has no pain, no sign of any infection and no problem eating hard foods like peanuts. These results are not by way of some special product or dental treatment, but by food alone. Your Teeth are Not Designed to Decay I started to find hope when I read and re-read the research of the world's greatest dentist, Dr Weston A. Price. In 1915, he was appointed the first research director of the National Dental Association (its name was changed a few years later to the American Dental Association). Dr Price did not seek to find the injurious factors that were causing cavities in his patients, but instead sought to understand why indigenous people around the world were immune to cavities. (Note: Not all indigenous people are totally immune to cavities, but many groups are.) In the early 1930s, he began a multi-year survey of indigenous peoples around the planet to seek the true nature of their immunity to cavities. About 70 years ago, in the very same Journal of the American Dental Association that now promotes amalgam fillings, fluoride and other chemical treatments for teeth, Dr Price revealed the formula needed to cure cavities. He wrote regarding his field studies: "All groups having a liberal supply of minerals, particularly phosphorus, and a liberal supply of fat-soluble activators had 100 per cent immunity to dental caries."1 Dr Price visited the people of such places as the high plateaus of the Andes, the isolated
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The solution to the infected tooth root is first to remove the top of the tooth and then clean the inside of the tooth with chemicals. In this "modern" affected by decay. native tribes in Florida.36 "Tooth decay. the modern system of dentistry has developed. is our modern system of dental care. in general caused by bacteria (identified as Streptococcus mutans a n d the more they are flossing. the real and government officials will confirm this new "evil spirit" which cure for cavities seems still elusive. tooth-pulling. New Zealand's Maori.. thus leaving the inside of your tooth bacteriologically clean."2 . This gets worse: follows—and this is from the American Dental Association: by the time you reach the age of 60 and over. which takes away responsibility from the individual for On average. a good scientific debate since that time. tooth-brushing and toothpastes were the proper on these foods. clear."3 decay over time.nexusmagazine. CDC end. We would see a decrease over time. science. But no matter how much these evil spirits now have a new name. thus requiring root canal filling. the superstition about tooth decay is as person's mouth having been affected by decay. Dr Price realised that something fundamental is radically wrong 3) You must floss to eliminate the missed bacteria and food with the way we live. and Eskimos and Canadian Indians in far North America. Are we to assume that teeth to erode. provide two telling examples of groups of people who were living 30 • NEXUS www. over 90 per cent of the population is not following the prescribed According to this modern system: protocol? Or is something fundamentally wrong with this 1) You must brush your teeth all the time to eliminate these "modern" approach to halting cavities? dangerous bacteria. in our world As you can see from the chart. dentists money people spend on dentists and dental treatments. it was a common habit must be removed—and a fake tooth or no tooth is what is left. he met hidden tribes throughout the depths of Africa. you must have the bacteria infestations removed from your mouth by a dental drill. not cure the problem. thus causing the physical structure of they are following the prescribed protocol. 6) Finally. Pasteur. islanders in the South Seas. The theory way to halt. the darkness. but an indication of our divergence from Nature's fundamental laws of life and health. this "science" has higher the likelihood that your Figure 1. some types of micro-organisms With reference to figure 1. pop. exist outside the body.4 (sugars and starches) such as milk. producing acids as a result. mass water frequently left on the teeth. then we would not see this increase of tooth these acids destroy tooth enamel. since the mouth and produce acid. root canal fillings. with some slight variance at the amount of corruption and 1999–2002. Over a period of time. brushing and having their teeth drilled. such as Tooth Decay over the Lifespan methods for treating teeth do viruses and bacteria. or at least So. I guess that not enough is believed to be the cause of our people have noticed that these ills: micro-organisms. he could conclude only one thing: "Tooth decay is not only unnecessary. Lactobacillus acidophilus) and the belief that bacteria eat foods in So.000 lowered. there is another modern medicine. this traumatised tooth is filled with a synthetic material. raisins. 45. After visiting these groups of different genetic lineages and finding that they were highly immune to cavities. many people have spent disharmonies. promoted a they are the best option for theory of disease that is now some people. resulting in tooth decay. But for the the basis of most forms of majority of us. it follows that their tooth decay should not get worse. doctors. prevent and even goes that pathogenic bacteria or remineralise decaying teeth.occurs when foods containing carbohydrates per cent of all teeth have been affected by decay.4) When those three options do not work. the tooth with various types of ailments and diseases. based on the combination of the belief that tooth decay is the level holding steady. In fact. native Australian Aborigines. conducted from invade the body and thus cause 1999 to 2002 in the United disease. CDC's Graph of Tooth Decay in the USA remained the status quo without teeth will be decayed. To help you understand what is wrong. on average 62. The germ theory of disease modern treatments limit some became cemented in our minds pain and suffering while your due to the so-called pioneering teeth continue to decay. Next.. 5) When a dental drill cannot remove the bacteria and the bacteria progress. People of the world still do this today. The result of Pasteur's the statistics for people over the age of 40 in the USA are dismal. 2) You must rinse your mouth with chemicals to eliminate more Lack of Proper Nutrition: The Real Cause of Cavities dangerous bacteria. except that thousands of dollars on dental care. thus leaving your mouth bacteriologically clean. when here you see the results of a the body's defences are large study of about 16. because the older people get. treatment for cavities. the tooth root can become infected.89 per cent of all teeth in this age group have been disease.com APRIL – MAY 2008 Outer Hebrides off the coast of Scotland and remote villages in the Swiss Alps. cakes or candy are If dental drilling. which is filled with a substantial Source: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. To be work of Louis Pasteur. States by a government agency. I particles. when all those procedures fail to keep your tooth A Mediaeval Theory of Disease Hundreds and thousands of years ago. National Center for Health Statistics. when people were afflicted alive from the supposed onslaught of bacterial invaders. That average is nearly half the teeth in each theory of dental disease. the bacteria can individuals. the older you get. Unfortunately. to blame evil spirits as the cause of these diseases and By the time the sixth stage is reached. I am not opposed to who was more like a salesman dental treatments: sometimes than a scientist. Bacteria that live in the mouth thrive fluoridation. Scientists. rather.

"8 "We studied some children here whose parents retained their We can see. milk of goats or cows.com NEXUS • 31 . exactly why. who say that butter is bad for our health replaced their carefully prepared whole because of its high levels of saturated rye sourdough bread with white-flour fat and cholesterol. The modern Swiss who vitality through His butter and cheese. he found only 0.9 peaceful existence. Being in the life-giving qualities of butter was not that they did not brush. told Dr Price about schoolchildren in modern parts of the butter and cheese made with a high Switzerland."6 their teeth. so is the food. But they also added new foods to their diet that were large a portion as the slice of bread). But in the Loetschental Valley. because Bread is something that many dental associations believe to be a they have no need for them. raw goat's and cow's milk."10 (Emphasis added in italics. The people of the valley decay.3 per cent lived in harmony with nature. His presence.) Meanwhile. and. In 1931 and 1932. The people see and On average. during the same time period.065 teeth that Dr Price analysed in another study. they have neither policeman nor jail. in Switzerland in the 1930s indicates an important key to unlocking the gift which He gave them: the gift of health. Dr Price wrote of the Loetschental people: So. In spite of this they have no tooth decay. the pastor of the tooth decay was a major problem for one church in the valley. some children did have a high immunity to tooth decay—the capable of a higher type of manhood in which the material values ones who still ate their native diet. saturated fat and far cry from today's dietary dictators. suffer from tooth decay. APRIL – MAY 2008 www.5 per quality within themselves. thank the kind Father for evidence of his The cause of cavities in these modern children dietary dictators. eaten with the fresh. which resulted in a seemingly of all teeth affected by decay. and without exception those Nature in the description of the people and environment of the who were immune to dental caries were eating a distinctly different Loetschental Valley.280 teeth of children living in the high Valley in the Swiss Alps. Modern Swiss children grazing cows: of a similar genetic lineage. the Loetschental people were highly immune to cavities and "They have neither physician nor dentist because they have so yet a significant part of their diet was a sourdough rye bread. Reverend John Siegen.. they must also see and know this divine Of 2. seeking the cause and solution to one of alpine valleys. The natives of the valley are had to do with the lack of vitamins in the butter is bad for able to recognize the superior quality of industrialised. but builds minds and hearts areas. suffered from tooth qualities of the butter made in June when decay. the modernised Swiss had a rate of tooth decay know the divine quality within their butter. is a cent had been attacked by dental caries and many teeth had result of a way of living in accordance with Nature's fundamental become abscessed (infected). Dr Price travelled to the remote Loetschental In Dr Price's study of 4. little need for them.12 laws. commercialised foods their June butter. They cholesterol. without knowing our health because they were now eating. The This harmony is also evident in the production of food: people of Loetschental Valley did not floss and did not brush their "While the cows spend the warm summer on the verdant knolls teeth. had a high degree of tooth decay still ate many similar foods to The diet of the Loetschental Valley people in the early 1930s those on the indigenous diet. He gathers the people together to of the children—with no relief from cavities.) their native diets of whole rye bread. canned vegetables. 25. The people did not seem to know why."5 primary cause of cavities when it is left stuck on the teeth. paid to butter is a cows have arrived for pasturage near the and even tried regular exercise and suntanning far cry from today's glaciers. living in modern "He told me that they recognize the towns with access to the most advanced dental This "due homage" presence of Divinity in the life-giving techniques of the time. I hypothesise. And the people see evidence and are reminded of their own The difference between the two diets of the people of divinity by seeing the "Father" and His "Being". Dr Price wrote: they have a period of high and rich productivity of milk… This "[M]any primitive races have their teeth smeared with starchy cheese contains the natural butter fat and minerals of the splendid foods almost constantly and make no effort whatsoever to clean milk and is a virtual storehouse of life for the coming winter. They even had typical deposits in their mouths but did not and wooded slopes near the glaciers and fields of perpetual snow. jams. This "due homage" paid to butter is a summer butter and cheese. They substituted their summer In reflecting on his time in butters and cheeses with margarines. Loetschental Valley. "One immediately wonders if there is confections and fruits. and fresh. raw largely uncommon in the area: sweets. and not that who say that and cheese when the cows eat the grass near they lacked access to modern dental care: it the snow line. aliveness and the body's ability to remineralise cavities. Dr Price noted: of life are made secondary to individual character. products. pay it due homage . Not only are the animals and the land food from those with high susceptibility to dental caries. quality in the butter. " 7 The modernised Swiss no longer ate of its high levels of (Emphasis added. with 85–100 per cent of the degree of harmony from the milk of the population affected."11 honoured in a sacred manner. And to see this eight times higher than those who still followed their native diet.4 per cent had been attacked by our number one diseases: tooth decay. They ate bread and butter and drank consisted of whole rye bread. They ate meat once a week. all of which had not something in the life-giving to be transported to the area. he found that 3.nexusmagazine.. feel and hear a high degree of harmony with primitive methods of food selection. But even in these modernised within which their souls reside. Dr Price stated: marmalades.virtually free of tooth decay and how they lost this immunity. They grew vitamins and minerals of the food that only a limited supply of their vegetables builds not only great physical structures locally. summer butter and cheese (about as milk. This knowing.

Good food may not be able to restore everybody's body We are left with a potent warning from Dr Price. as they're windows into our bodies. Yet the modern wrong. influence of the white man. we can reconstruct children developed irregularities of the dental arches with them. that the average decay rate of all teeth of modernised Aborigines such as B and C. the can demonstrate so great a contrast in thousands of photographs he took and his physical development and perfection of body nutrient analyses of various diets show us that as that which exists between the primitive our modern diet does not provide our bodies Aborigines of Australia. "It is doubtful if many places in the world Dr Price's anthropological testimony. cause of the cavity has not been addressed. He discovered that the average analysed their vitamin and mineral content.nexusmagazine. groups he studied. the indigenous diet which produces immunity to tooth cent: they had total immunity to tooth decay. but that there's an enormous difference in how the food is method of going to a dentist to fix the problem allows people to prepared and where it comes from. such as A. in the next generation after these my own trial and error. He brought them back to his laboratory and Dr Price visited Australia in 1936. a large percentage of the from other people who have healed their teeth.17 many centuries—no one knows for how Unfortunately. approximately half dietary and lifestyle "It is most remarkable and should be of all teeth had been affected by decay one of the most challenging facts that prior to the nutritional program.) determine the best diet for yourself. Yet. the research of Melvin Page. majority of people. In contrast.9 per cent. foods we eat. and at least 10 times as much of the fat-soluble living on reservations and eating modern foods was 70. as a result. Our bodies deteriorate because of the modern don't like and where you avoid foods you are craving—far from it. to help you (Emphasis added. The deformity patterns are minority of cases it may not work because of a factor of blood similar to those seen in white civilizations. and those and that. only likely to return a few years later because the real come from nutrient-rich soils or not and how they are prepared. DDS. book. It makes sense that cavities get worse Aborigines who have been under the result of our lifestyle. many people suffer from This degeneration is a cavities. demonstration that should be infinitely more convincing than In this article. and feedback people adopt the foods of the white man. I provide one solution to this problem. and that even the Australian allows people to cavities utilising only food.Often the problem is not that the general food we are eating is This degeneration is a result of our lifestyle. Dr Protocol for Preventing and Remineralising Cavities Price repeated his observations across the world. only two their teeth to decay. and often this deterioration shows in either our This advice is a pointer to some of the most ideal foods for the teeth or our gums.." 16 through listening to your body and your appetite. It is up to your own intuition and instincts. or both. many people have lost their ability to adoption of the government's modern foods provides a absorb food well: chemicals have damaged their digestive tract.com APRIL – MAY 2008 . D. After habits are causing can come to our modern civilisation that completion of the program. The white man over time. I want to be clear that in a conspicuous facial deformities. given the keys within his of irregularities of the dental arches. 32 • NEXUS www. whether the milk is remain ignorant of the fact that their dietary and lifestyle habits pasteurised or raw. he remain ignorant of maintained near-perfect physical forms.g. which is as chemistry quickly enough to halt their tooth decay. helped 17 individuals with severe tooth have lost their ideal beauty and health decay reduce the rate of decay by 250 the fact that their with the foods of the "white man": times. since the effects of our deficient has deprived them of their original habitats and diet Yet the modern method of a toxic modern age. sole arbiters of their fate . such primitive races as the Aborigines of new cavities formed within a three-year Australia have reproduced for time period. In this group. He found that."15 chemistry. They are meant to point you towards what is rapidly by the use of a certain type of nutrition. a deficient diet and Western "The rapid degeneration of the Australian Aborigines after the drugs including vaccines. become more and more and is now feeding them in reservations while burden as we of going to a dentist using them as laborers in modern industrial Dr Price incorporated the knowledge from pursuits. Dr Price never clearly many thousands of years—without the spelled out his protocol for halting tooth development of a conspicuous number decay. This is not meant to be some It is this alarm and concern that I want to be in the forefront of masochistic experiment where you force yourself to eat foods you your awareness. Also. he found decay contains four times as much of the water-soluble vitamins. who for thousands of years highly successful. which is a recurrence rate generation after generation through of 0. These animal experimentation. He found one of Dr Weston Price took food samples from all the indigenous the most extreme examples in the Australian Aborigines.4 per cent. dietary products used so generally by modern civilization. The difference between the modern Swiss and the isolated Swiss who were highly immune to cavities is not an enigma. E and K. The pain or hole is temporarily fed grains and hay and crammed into stalls. who have been the with the vitamins and minerals needed for life. whether the cows graze on green grass or are are causing their teeth to decay. yet. due to important today as it was 70 years ago when it was written: injury from environmental toxins. and few people will be able to follow but deep alarm that human beings can degenerate physically so them exactly.1 4 his field studies in a nutritional program he to fix the problem Dr Price explained the importance of food to developed for halting and remineralising our overall health. Using nutrition. Before you attempt this protocol. on rate of tooth decay among Australia's native Aborigines was zero per average. e. and whether the grains fixed. His protocol was Aborigines.13 vitamins. It should be a matter not only of concern guidelines are like a map. as the displacing diet that caused His poetic words paint an important picture: tooth decay. particularly the healthy for you.

Many fish merchants • Eat as much as you desire. for about one day. summer time. goats.org/localchapters/index. preferably at least once daily. You can also contact a daily. 2. contains this factor. vanilla extract.e. Use one bunch of parsley per one bunch of (www. a drug I had taken week's time. foods. daily and perhaps in every meal—from Raw Egg Tooth-Building Formula two of the following three principal vitamin sources: For those who have difficulty with absorbing nutrients from 1. nearing 100 per cent. in between high-quality pasteurised yellow butter that should be available in meals. chard.org/foodfeatures/broth. preferably daily or several times provide the whole fish caught in the wild. if 150 pounds. But I warn you. Drink at room temperature if possible. cannot be legally sold in some locations). started detoxifying from my body. Organs of pasture-fed or wild land animals. If you 15 years earlier.) So. This usually occurs during the spring and kale. Organs and muscle meat from wild fish and shellfish. stuck chemicals. difficulty finding local yellow butters. local chapter of the Weston A. You can eat as much protein as you desire.) By eating several meals per day that to dental caries by building a protecting wall within the pulp chamber when the 19 include protein and other foods high in nutrition is adequately improved. APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine. The juice should primarily consist of a celery (www. This juice may require a small amount of clay to neutralise toxins. celery. Drink as much milk as Special Food Sources your body desires.. zucchini. try this blend: These guidelines have helped many people remineralise their 1 cup raw milk 1 dental cavities: ⁄2 cup raw cream • Eat 1⁄2 –4+ tablespoons organic/wild liver 2–3x daily with 2 raw eggs meals. clams or similar molluscs. • Eat 2–4 tablespoons daily of bone marrow from wild or including unpasteurised milk (unfortunately. of as "Activator X". I would advise that people who have difficulty digesting animal protein should eat it in small portions: about 1–2 ounces per meal. too much protein is difficult to digest. i. and I was violently ill results from utilising categories two and three daily or almost daily.Dietary Guidelines for Teeth Remineralisation vitamins and minerals. sheep. Protein should be eaten with plenty of fat. You can also marinate the meat and fish or cook it rare Some chapters will be able to refer you to high-quality food sources. organic or high-quality raw eggs help heal this problem. you need 13 ounces per Figure 2. string beans and carrots. I do not recommend or encourage eating lean cuts of meat or meat with the fat removed. Being that this is an international publication. and if 200 pounds. made from wild fish the information to locate the best sources of the foods I recommend.com). but it is usually just easier to digest it contacts is at www. and that. as described in the Primal Diet 1 8 suggestions. carob powder or nutmeg for flavouring. all three special food categories will be eaten. You should eat protein with lots of green vegetables or you should drink vegetable juice often. depending on the environment. For some people. eat this special food. you may initially get sick if you do not regularly 3. sweetness.com NEXUS • 33 . Ideally. Cavities Remineralising. fresh oysters. If you have times weekly or more often.html). this butter • Eat the various organs of any pasture-fed or wild animal three should come from unpasteurised milk sources. ate liberally—that is. spread over up to five meals per day. raw. and valium.westonaprice.html). (Estimates from the Melvin Page food plan suggest that if your ideal body weight is 90 pounds. uncooked. you need to eat six ounces of protein per day.anchorbutter.com) and Anchor Butter from New Zealand and parsley mix. the fat in their milk • Eat substantial quantities of vegetables such as beet greens. Unpasteurised dairy products from pasture-fed animals. I cannot provide all • Drink 2 cups daily of fish stock. I knew it was are allergic to dairy or it is difficult to obtain. highest immunity to tooth decay. two large producers have • Drink 2–4 cups of raw fresh vegetable juice daily. Price Foundation (a list of chapter (Cooking meat is fine. When cows eat rapidly growing green grass. (One intake of two of these three special food categories. frequently. together with Optional: a small amount of unheated honey or stevia for • 1⁄2–2+ tablespoons of yellow butter 2–3x daily with meals.westonaprice. celery. buying from farmers' markets and directly from farms is the (recipe at www. broccoli.kerrygold. best way to obtain high-quality foods from pasture-fed animals. Make sure to limit the use of sweet vegetables such as many parts of the world: Kerrygold Butter from Ireland carrots and beets. over a time I ate raw eggs from the farm. camels or buffalos. unpasteurised milk pasture-raised animals. you will get the best valium because of its unmistakable feeling. carcasses which include at least the head and ideally the organs Usually. which helps the body bond minerals to the bones.) Yellow butter contains an important factor that Dr Price labelled • Eat as much as you desire. you help limit blood-sugar fluctuations Dr Price found that the indigenous groups he studied that had the and nutrient deficiencies which promote tooth decay. or medium rare. you need 10 ounces per day. Raw eggs can promote an intense You will see that the dietary guidelines encourage the daily detoxification as your body cleanses old. Nature can close an exposure of the pulp due day. • Drink 2+ cups daily of raw/unpasteurised milk from grass-fed cows. of uncooked wild fish or uncooked pasture-raised meat.

p. p. Healing Our Children: A Revolutionary Guide to Preconception. available from website http://www. canola and decay and its various aspects.. It provides a more detailed • Hydrogenated oils: margarine description of the special foods to eat When our blood chemistry and low-quality vegetable oils. artificial flavours. evaporated glassy-hard tooth structure in place of decayed tooth structure. 5. http://www. ∞ • Non-grass-fed meat and eggs. 19. p. p. op. 1972. even if it is organic. Page..org/public/topics/ decay_faq... Price–Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). op. minerals are pulled from the dentin and bones.healingourchildren. Learn these lessons and take deviates from normal. Rami became deeply interested in natural health because his daughter was suffering from tooth decay. op.htm (regarding statistics extrapolated from table 17). Beverages and Products to Avoid In order to restore the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in our Knowing what not to eat is almost as important as knowing blood and to enable minerals to bond onto the teeth. Price. 38. has a BA in Legal and vaccines. p. glassy layer. American Dental Association (ADA).ada. p. soft drinks.. He is the author of Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition.. 26.Foods. ibid. 16. cit.cdc. which also not sufficient just to avoid eating too much sweet or processed relates to beverages and other products. Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent bagels and sandwiches). choices for yourself based on to phosphorus in our blood • Coffee. cane juice. Replace these with organic You can minimise your tooth from the consumption of coconut oil. 2004. the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in our blood deviates from normal. low-quality protein unprocessed foods as nature intended. 4. only use stevia and avoid all other sweets. doughnuts. prescription drugs Ramiel Nagel. need to be and how to heal your teeth with good avoided. organic decay. A. 1936. and that a critical point of 8. New Canaan. cit. muffins. 3. food. Crisco®. • Alcohol and cigarettes. 11. p. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.. based in Los Gatos. organic sugar. He has a The Secret to Halting Cavities Through blood tests. causing tooth and other bone loss. W. commercial jams (exceptions: totally unheated honey. Los Angeles. It is important not to cheat on this advice.org). 17. cit. cit.5 mg of phosphorus per 100 cc of blood. Pregnancy and Early Childhood Health. op. 174. any unsoaked grain products (examples: bread. cit. La Mesa. cit. and a more in-depth analysis of tooth is out of balance. About the Author: • Drugs including most recreational drugs. the ratio of calcium food or modern fast foods. and prevent cavities. 14. it is usually what to eat. safflower.asp. The Recipe For Living Without Disease. aag/oh. creates immunity to tooth decay. op. 171. Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz. of tooth decay and avoid those pesky root canal fillings. p.cdc. op. nutrition. Freedom from Tooth Decay Many sweeteners still encourage tooth decay. p. Carnelian Bay Castle Press. 34 • NEXUS www. 293. California. provided that we give ourselves the right kind of cookies. pastries. p. primarily from the consumption of processed foods (especially sugars). Rami is completing a manuscript. and farm-raised fish. J. cit. 1 8 . breakfast cereals. 6. 441.com APRIL – MAY 2008 . op. So. op. 2002. and Abrams. 295. You can learn how to live without tooth decay. not because bacteria eat it and produce acid. FAQ. organic can rebuild themselves and cover themselves over with a hard and flour. rapadura. Most store-bought flour products. email the author at yourreturn@gmail. cit. with normal blood sugar levels.. Aajonus.preconception health. even Cavities with Nutrition. Price. 34. When our blood chemistry is out of balance. The Primal Diet is described in: Vonderplanitz. Nutrasweet® knowledge of decay-free indigenous (aspartame) and anything with peoples.gov/MMWR/preview/ mmwrhtml/ss5403a1. organic untreated maple syrup.net and http://www. American Dental Association. 12. heal tooth decay once a cavity has • Any type of junk or convenience formed. Price. W. 8. (Dr Page advised that the ratio should be 2. primarily soybean oil.com. For professional enquiries. http://www. 289.. artificial colours or the wise approach to healing and artificial ingredients. L. cit. ibid..75 mg of calcium and 3.. prevent it entirely and even processed foods (especially olive oil or butter. 7. 196. 15. crackers. Our teeth • Flour and grain products: white flour. Price. op.curetoothdecay. cit.nexusmagazine. dentist Dr Melvin Page pinpointed the cause of tooth decay in modern people. "Tooth Decay".. Keats Publishing. 13. M. p. organic palm oil. My book. He has developed many free Internet health resources in the spirit of serving others.5 parts calcium to one part phosphorus. Your Body Is Your Best Doctor.. sugar causes tooth decay because it depletes nutrients from the body. describes how to live without tooth decay from the health food store.. suet or tallow. 10. stevia). You can heal • Pasteurised milk.. 415.gov/nccdphp/publications/ background in intuitive energy healing as well as in hatha and bhakti yoga. We must eat building foods containing potent amounts of So. 27. 6th ed. corn syrup. avoid these items: minerals and vitamins to create a chain reaction that will build • Sugar: white sugar. p. if you have a severe This article describes some key aspects of how you can be free or difficult case. 20) When this happens. http://www. powder and excess tofu. p. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. nutrition. 20. preventing tooth decay using • Soymilk. 888.com as a digital or print copy (see review in this edition). ibid. 2. Endnotes 1. tortillas. 35. op. cit. p. 9. brown sugar. op. A. to give parents the tools to understand and thus prevent many disease conditions of pregnancy and childhood (see the websites http://www. wheat flour.htm (regarding figure 1). provided that you make good sugars).

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