QUESTIONNAIRE for the study of HRIS implementation Company Name: Employee Name


1. What is the form of ownership of your organization?

a. Government linked company b. Local Ownership c. Foreign Ownership d. Joint Ventures

2. Do you currently use HRIS or intent to use it?

a. No, we do not use nor we want to use it in the near future b. Yes, we currently use it or intent to use it c. No, but we are intending to use it

3. If yes, then for how long you have been using this software?

a. Less than 1 year b. 1-3 c. 4-6 d. 7-9 e. 10-12 f. More than 12

Why did you feel the need for installation of HRIS/ HRMS/ modules? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 5. What is the source of HRIS software used in your organization? a. Supplied by Head Office b. Developed In-house c.4. Customized software 6. Off the shelf e. Characteristics of HRIS/ HRMS/ modules installed.(Please Check) Strongly Agree User Friendly Compatible Reliability Efficiency Security Flexibility Maintainabil ity Clarity Consistency Stability Accuracy Agree Can’t Say Disagree Strongly Disagree 7. To what extent has your organization customized the basic HRIS/ HRMS/ modules package? . Developed by vendor d.

At what level do you use HRIS in your organization? a. More routine operational level use b.Impact of HRIS on the processes of the organization. At operational level to undertake daily operational level work b. (Please Check) . Moderately c. Used by knowledge workers for planning c. Strategic use of HRIS for long-term planning 10.a. What is the role played by HRIS in your organization for work and decision making? a. Intensively b. Not Needed 8.Are all the features and utilities of HRIS fully documented? a. Yes b. No 11. Used by top Management for long-term planning and unstructured decision making 9. More medium level decision making or policy determination role c.

Strongly Agree More accurate HR information More up to date HR information Better Tracking of the employees information Reduction in paperwork Work Duplication is eliminated Simplifying Work Process in HR department HR administration is more streamlined Quicker Hiring Less expensive recruitment More timely management reporting Improved Decision making Better co-ordination among different functional areas Eased Day to Day work in the organization 12.How many workshops _______________________ have you attended till now on HRIS? 14.Is HRIS integrated with all functions of HR department? a.Problem limiting the use of HRIS in your organization . Yes b.Time taken by the system______________________________ Agree Can’t Say Disagre e Strongly Disagree employees to adopt the 13. No 15.

Are you satisfied with the HRIS installed in your organization? a. No c. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ .______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 16.Any suggestions you would like to propose for the current system. Yes b. Can’t Say 17.

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