BGX 3000 DSLAM Series

The BGX 3000 is a fully scalable, high-performance DSLAM based on AdvancedTCA® architecture for carrier-grade delivery of new services. The STROM telecom BGX 3000 DSLAM Series is a unique facility for delivery of new multimedia solutions via subscribers’ broadband access devices. Services such as network Personal Video Recorder (nPVR), Video on Demand (VoD) streaming and gaming servers can be integrated directly into the DSLAM AdvancedTCA® shelf. Native support of storage capacity, consistent with standards such as fibre channel and computing power for local headend, EDGE video servers and popular content cache, minimises content replication in the backbone and offloads longhaul streaming. These features and the unit’s low network footprint make the BGX 3000 an unbeatable solution for communications providers to significantly reduce operational costs of new IP based services. This solution’s full scalability and comprehensive support of the latest IP protocols ensure that the BGX is a future-proof investment.

• The BGX 3000 IP DSLAM from STROM telecom is based on the powerful AdvancedTCA® carrier grade platform, which offers high speed backplane for broadband requirements. Its open architecture is second to none in terms of flexibility and capacity to deliver new and emerging services via the latest standard protocols. These features amount to significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX on the part of the operator. • The BGX 3000 IP DSLAM can be deployed either as a standalone solution or as a combined solution with other NGN elements from STROM telecom or third parties. • The IP DSLAM BGX 3000 offers two independent 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports on each DSL unit card, a unique feature on the market today. An external switch can be used should the operator choose to use switch units other than AdvancedTCA®. • Each DSL unit card offers high density ports thus enabling deployment of a high number of efficient ports in limited space. Each port supports the latest DSL technologies and standards. • The IP DSLAM BGX 3000 is a modular solution which supports use of the latest types of DSL unit cards such as the VDSL2 in the near future. The latest units such as integrated SSG, BRAS, VPN encryption modules etc. are also supported.




Ethernet Access Network Content


Video / Broadcast Edge Server TV
Integrated Collocation

IP Multicast / MPLS Network

IP TV / Video Headend


MGC 9000 Phone

Application Services

1d) • NTP Multimedia and Voice Support • Triple play ready • RFC2236 IGMP v2 • RFC3376 IGMP v3* • IGMP snooping • IGMP proxy • L2/L3/ATM QoS • Open architecture for IPTV and • VoD collocation . ADSL2.lite) • ITU-T G.1p Prioritisation • ATM QoS – UBR.1x Port-based Authentication* Management and Control • Local and Remote Configuration Management • Dual firmware • SNMP v2/SNMP v3* • Command Line Interface • Telnet • Syslog Redundancy and Maintenance • All units and power supplies are hot swappable • Built-in Intelligent Shelf Managers • Intelligent card control system • Dual Ethernet switch unit • Backup uplink connectivity • 1 + 1 Plug-in unit design • Separate Power supplies • Controlled air flow per shelf Ethernet IP Interfaces • Up to 8 x 100/1000 Base-TX • Up to 8 x 1000 Base-SX • 2 x independent 100/1000 Base-TX/SX on each line card Enclosure • ATCA shelf: 5U.533 x 427 x 383 • 5U .dmt.992.0 rev 2.992.1 (G.bis) • ITU-T G.0 • HW components fully comply with all NEBS specifications Safety and EMC • EN 60950.hs) ITU-T G.2 (G. nrt-VBR Protocol Support • RFC1483/2684 • PPPoE • IPoATM • DHCP • Spanning Tree (IEEE 802. a. s.Other Media and Signalling Gateways Security • MAC and Host address filtering • MAC spoofing and flooding protection • Broadcast storm control • Access lists • RADIUS* • IEEE 802.413 Issue 2 *) Future release STROM telecom.992.Trunk Gateway TGX 6000 .992.222 x 427 x 383 Midplane • Dual Star non-blocking high speed bus Power • -48 V DC Dual Feed with up to 2 DC Power Entry Module (PEM) Cooling • Replaceable fan tray and filter Regulatory Compliance • Conforms to AdvancedTCA® specification PICMG 3. EN 55024 • • • • ITU-T G. s.4 (G. .994.3 (G. rt-VBR. © 2006 STROM telecom.Content delivery servers .1 (G.SELT • DELT POTS/ISDN Support • Annex A (ADSL over POTS) compliant • Annex B (ADSL over ISDN) compliant QoS Support • IEEE 802.ploam) ANSI T1.: +420 323 629 111 fax: +420 323 637 966 office@strom. 12U ATCA Dimension (H x W x D. Michelská 60 140 00 Praha 4 Czech Republic ITU-T G.1 (G.stromtelecom.5 ( 06/06 Information in this document is subject to change without notice.dmt.dmt) • ITU-T G.Broadcast servers • Combined VoIP solution .VoD cache servers . mm) • 12U . EN 55022 . BGX 3800 Capacity • Up to 768 Subscribers in one shelf Broadband Interfaces • ADSL. ADSL2+ DSL Standards • ITU-T G.bis) Line Test Support • G.Broadband Gateway BGX 3000 Series Parameter Specification HW Architecture • AdvancedTCA® Family Products • BGX www. CBR.997.1Q VLAN • VLAN in VLAN • IEEE 802. a.Access Gateway AGX 5000 .

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