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06 NEWS DESK UFO MATRIX assistant editor Malcolm Robinson casts his eyes over the latest ufological items making the news. 10 BRAZIL: THE FORGOTTEN CASES Whenever we can at UFO Matrix we like to bring you UFO cases that have been forgotten about. Thiago Ticchetti does exactly that from Brazil. 14 UFO'S AND DISNEY Have the powers-that-be influenced film makers ? Robbie Graham thinks they may well have. 20 1966 WESTALL PT.2 Shane Ryan concludes his two-part feature on the UFO landing case from Australia in l966.

25 MoD X-FILES Former MoD UFO expert and UFO MATRIX columnist Nick Pope takes the opposite opinion to Robbie Graham and does not believe that the movie makers have been influenced by anyone from the corridors of power. 30 OZ COLUMN Lee Paqui & Sheryl Gottschall ask 'Why no crop circles down under ?' 32 THE ALIENS VANISHING ACT Ahmad Jamaludin discusses entity cases where the entities simply 'vanish'.

36 THE MUCHALLS UFOS Tom James Moir details his own sighting from Muchalls in North-East Scotland. 39 SPOTLIGHT Michael Hallowell now turns his regular column Backlight into Spotlight, and delves into UFO cases, films and photographs that are currently causing a lot of debate. 44 CLAS SVAHN In 1971 Edgar Mitchell became the 6th man to walk on the Moon. Clas Svahn caught up with the Apollo astronaut in this telling interview.



Volume 2 Issue 1


50 NIGHT OF THE UFO LANDING This time a UFO landing account from Croatia by Giuliano Marinkovic. 54 THE MAN WHO CAUGHT A FLYING SAUCER A curious case from Northern Ireland in l956 by Shane Cochrane. 56 HILL END 2010 Attlia Kaldy looks at the UFO hot-spot of Hill End in Australia. 60 PETER PAGET INTERVIEW Kevin Goodman details a very rare interview with UK ufologist Peter Paget. 64 ON ASSIGNMENT Peter Robbins takes a close look at some of this summers UFO conferences across the pond. 68 BUFORA REVIEW A look at the recent BUFORA conference in Newcastle. 70 SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF The one case that refuses to die Roswell. Tom Carey discusses some fascinating issues. 74 BOTH ENDS AGAINST THE MIDDLE Brian Allan discusses the idea that UFOs are very much part of paranormal phenomena. 78 UFOFEST Lorin Cutts reports on this years UFOfest In McMinville, Oregon. 82 REMINISCENCES FROM PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF POLAND: PHOTOGRAPHIC CASES A brief history of UFO photographs in Poland from Piotr Cielbias & Michal Kusnierz. 85 UFO LANDING AND OCCUPANTS IN NORMANTON Philip Mantle details a fascinating UFO landing account from near his home in West Yorkshire. 88 PROOF AT LAST? Are UFO landings proof at last of ET visitation? Carrie Ann Wilcox asks the question. 92 READERS SIGHTINGS UFO MATRIX readers discuss their own UFO sightings.

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By Piotr Cielebiaś & Michał Kuśnierz
It’s hard to tell when Polish UFO history began. If someone believes in the ufological notion that the old chroniclers’ accounts describes the same objects that people of 20th century called ‘the flying saucers’, we can surely come across some centuries old reports1. But first sightings of structured crafts being undoubtedly products of someone’s technology, made their debut in the first quarter of the century2 while around 1927 and then in 1943, two first Polish close encounters of the third kind took place. 3
Tough start and first photos
The list of sightings that occurred in the opening years of contemporary UFO era is also quite long. During the settlement of socialism in People’s Republic of Poland in 1950’s, several interesting incidents took place, peaking in the enigmatic and still debated alleged Gdynia UFO crash in 1959. From the same period came the earliest Polish UFO photos. The very first one was taken in Gdansk Bay on the Baltic Sea in 1957. The author of the photo, Mr S. Rzynkowski was sailing in his boat when he noticed some strange, brilliant clouds shining with orange light. He decided to make use of his camera and when the photo was developed it turned out that some unidentified dark objects were visible low over the sea. Reproduction of this photo was published in 1959 in ‘Wieczór Wybrzeża’ (‘The Shore Evening’) – the same newspaper that wrote several reports about port workers witnessing the fall of a strange object to Gdynia basin in January 1959. But some time earlier, a very interesting photo was taken in Muszyna. It is one of the most interesting examples of the eyewitness UFO sighting, connected with taking the photographical proof – cases very rare and

precious in comparison to present day, usually worthless pictures of blurfos or ‘chance UFOs’. Moreover, it is probably the first classic ‘flying saucer’ photographed in Poland – the thing evolution of UFO phenomenon vision in society made even rarest.

Flying Saucer from Muszyna
The author of the 1958 photo was Dr Stanisław Kowalczewski from Warsaw. He took it during the Christmas break, on 22nd December in Muszyna – a popular mountain resort, near the border with present Slovakia. After returning home he sent a letter with a description of the strange experience, to two capital city newspapers. Here is his report on the event: “I spent Christmas in 1958 on a two-week vacation in Muszyna near Krynica [today in małopolskie voivodeship]. At first the weather was fatal – for three days in row it was dark and the rain was falling. On the fourth day, i.e. December 22nd, the sun appeared. At about 3pm, while I was looking through the window toward the River Poprad Valley, I suddenly noticed a yelloworange coloured cloud directly opposite the window. I thought it great since it gave me a unique chance to get a very good photo of the

area. […] I focused the camera on Poprad River and the mountain in the background. Unfortunately there was a pole standing there and it appeared in the centre of the photo. It took a little time, then, suddenly some kind of yellow-orange ‘sun’ appeared from behind the clouds. Seeing it, I immediately captured the scene but regretted in thoughts that the photo would be failed. But then, I began to observe that the ‘sun’ was quickly moving towards a cloud located up across from it. My attention was drawn to a strange hue of that object. Usually the setting sun is much more red and bigger. At a particular moment, my wife interrupted the observation saying: “The sun has appeared. Let’s go for a walk.” When she noticed my lingering, she hurried me up. Seeing the strange sun setting behind a cloud, I finally turned back and left the room. Anyway, I was very surprised seeing the real sun on the hotel yard. It was located on the right from the previous one and moreover it wasn’t setting at all. So what was the phenomenon I had seen and photographed before? Unfortunately the orange cloud disappeared and only the real sun, shining happily over the land was visible at that time. So


what was that yellow sphere? Walking the lane along the railway, I reminded myself that in the last issue of ‘Dookoła świata’ (‘Around the World’) magazine there was an article about something like a ‘flying saucer’ and an interview with a village woman who claimed to observe a ‘big ball’. The thing I saw also reminded me of a ball, but was slightly flattened. So was it a flying saucer? To check this I had to get this photo developed. […] I got it four days later and was surprised to see a strange flattened oval shadow over the horizon, with some bulge in the upper part, hovering directly in the place where the strange phenomenon was seen. I said to my wife on the way back from the photo shop, that the strange shadow was surely a flying saucer seen on that day, but she remarked that it was only a stain. But my opinion was different. It surely wasn’t a stain. I remember the situation very well, but why did the light object appear on the photo as a dark one? That riddle needed to be solved. I was too shocked by the phenomenon to keep silent. It was some kind of inner upset.4 According to the witness account, Dr Kowalczewski saw from his hotel room a strange luminous object, that he mistook for

the sun but fortunately he managed to snap a photo of that strange phenomenon. Anyway, he was surprised to find that on the photo the object was in a different shape from that he had seen with his own eyes. After returning to Warsaw, he wrote a letter to ‘Stolica’ (‘The Capital City’) magazine and the editors sent requests to some specialist. Soon an opinion of Kazimierz Zaleski – one of first Polish ufologists appeared in the mentioned magazine saying that “with 99 percent of certainty, I can say that the photo depicts a flying saucer, since it is very similar to other ones from abroad. It is plain that the object was emitting its own light, since in the opposite case it couldn’t appear on the photo as a uniform dark stain of rounded edges.”5 Some time before opinion of Zaleski ‘Życie Warszawy’ (‘Warsaw’s Life’) published Kowalczewski’s report, along with opinions of two photo experts who analysed the original film, they excluded the fake but were unable to answer the question, why the thing that seemed to be a luminous sphere appeared on the photo as a black saucer. Muszyna UFO photo remains one of the earliest but equally important Polish UFO photos in comparison to what the next years brought to the subject.

In the meantime there was a flap!
After the Muszyna photo, there was a little depression in Polish photographic cases. One other picture with an alleged UFO was snatched in 1959 and was deemed to be the first colour one. But even the cursory analysis of the blurred dark dot over the flooded area in Wyszków brings to mind the possibility that it may be only a photographic fault. After that, we can find a mention of one photo taken in early 1960’s in Warsaw but then a very long, almost two decades long break took place. It doesn’t mean that nothing was seen or photographed in this time but there are not any very well known cases. But the absence of UFO crafts willing to being photographed was replaced by something even better – the UFO wave from the turn of 70’s and 80’s with the most famous Jan Wolski encounter in Emilcin. This strange flap of very intriguing CE-3 and other sightings lasted several years. It was opened by a strange incident when a militiaofficer on duty, encountered on a February night in 1978, a strange black cylindrical craft in Silesia region (southwestern Poland). In May the famous case of Jan Wolski took place in Emilcin. The witness, a humble farmer, was allegedly

that day vacationers located in a resort near Kopań Lake saw a strange object hovering in the cloudless sky. It was in a form of a spherical luminous object located high in the sky. The most interesting aspect of this sighting was that the witnesses noticed a smaller light that was emanating from a bigger object and lowering toward the ground but without touching the water surface. It was then rising up and ‘returning’ to the big object. The sighting lasted about 120 minutes. Unfortunately, the original film was lost and nothing is known about it.

smudge hovering lonely over grey meadow… In 1989, a great change took place in Poland and then even UFO sightings altered. Black and white photos were then replaced by colour and then by digital. Flying saucers gave place to other kinds of UFO encounters as flying balls, triangles and other forms. Some were happy seeing a classical saucer with antennae on its top in a night photo taken over Rzeszów in 2004. But as it turned out, the hopes of saucers return were premature. It was just an optical illusion…
1 Medieval Polish UFO sightings were described for example in J.Podralski article “UFO in medieval times” in Głos Szczeciński newspaper (1979). 2 Book of K.Piechota and B.Rzepecki “UFO nad Polską” listed circa 16 pre 1947 cases from XX c. and in total more than 70 cases that took place before the new opening of UFO era. 3 The following were Ujazd (1926/7) and Nowiny (c. 1943) cases, in both the witnesses saw a being or beings in vicinity of UFO crafts. 4 The reprint of Kowalczewski’s account appeared for example in B.Rzepecki and K.Piechota book “UFO nad Polską” (1995). 5 The expertise appeared in “Stolica”, #9 1959. 6 The incident was researched by many ufologists but the most reliable research was done by Zbigniew Blania – Bolnar who then described the affair in „Zdarzenie w Emilcinie” book. He concluded that the witness, 78-year-old Jan Wolski wasn’t confabulating but it was hard to tell exactly what he saw (although he wasn’t the only witness). 7 Przyrownica and Golina cases took place on 26th and 27th September 1978. In the first, a group of school children noticed a strange being in the forest that resembled entities seen by Wolski. Z. Blania – Bolnar concluded that children made up the story based on information from Emilcin. The Golina case involved a close encounter with similar beings, met by a man who was picking mushrooms. 8 The case that took place in 1981 involved another encounter with entities similar to those seen by Wolski in 1978. 9 The case was described initially in”Tygodnik Radomski” (1987).

Toward the new era
taken onboard a UFO craft by strange beings with olive-colour faces, dressed in black ‘swimsuits’.6 Similar beings were then encountered in the same year in Przyrownica and Golina7 in Central Poland in September 1978. Somewhat earlier, some strange aerial phenomenon left a pattern of scorched grass in Młynek. In the next year, a man encountered bizarre humanoids in Człuchów and in 1981 an artist was taken onboard a UFO trip on Hel Peninsula8. But these are only a few UFO sightings from this very interesting period. One of the first emerging photos after such a long break was allegedly taken by Witold Wawrzonek – a man involved in discovery of the Jan Wolski case. The photo taken in 1977 seems to depict a ball-like object photographed in daylight in Lublin (and it is also somewhat controversial). In terms of UFO photos, from the late 70’s onward we deal with many cases, with most of them being classified as a daylight disc, additionally seen by eyewitnesses. It can be said that the most interesting photographic UFO cases from Poland are matter of past. Today, we are dealing mostly with digital photos with blurred pictures of chance unseen UFOs. But it can be said that the tendency of photographing ‘invisible UFOs’ began much earlier.

Wicie incident
One of the most interesting cases took place in the first part of the groundbreaking era of 80’s. It bore some resemblance with the Muszyna case, since the object was also seen by a vacationer in a resort, but this time in the opposite corner of Poland. The UFO itself was also somewhat similar to that seen by Dr Kowalczewski but the sighting was much longer and the object was observed by many eyewitnesses. The author of this photo was Mr Wiesław Machowski from Zabrze. It was taken on September 3rd 1983 in Wicie in the northern part of the country. We can see on it, a hatshaped object resembling a classical flying saucer, surrounded by some kind of a glow. On

One of the most often reproduced Polish UFO pictures presents a very strange scene. We can see a child in a baby carriage and a huge strange flying saucer hanging in mid-air. It was taken in Radom area on June 28th 19879. The author, P.R. stated that he hadn’t seen the object, and looking at the perspective we can assume that it was in close vicinity to witnesses. This photo stirred a debate amongst the UFO community. Some claimed that the object is too symmetric to be a bird or another flying creature, and took attention to its very structured nature resembling a classic flying saucer. Anyway, the analysis of the material raised the possibility that it is just a photo fault. Although the Radom ‘baby carriage UFO’ photo is controversial, sometimes it stands as a symbol of a very elusive nature of those objects… In 1988, another photo of a flying disc was taken in Włocławek area. The witnesses said that they observed the shining UFO with naked eyes and then binoculars. On another black and white photo, from the ending period of People’s Republic of Poland, we can see only a blurred

Piotr Cielebiaś - (born in Częstochowa in 1986) is a historian, author, publisher and translator, interested mainly in social and historical aspects of UFO and paranormal. He cooperates with Polish magazines and the biggest web portals. Along with Michał Kuśnierz he runs a popular website http://www.infra.org.pl/ Michał Kuśnierz - (born in Warsaw in 1974) is an orientalist, author, publisher and translator, co-author of http://www.infra.org.pl/ website, especially interested in anomalous zones and UFO phenomenon.

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