Volume V, Issue IV

hillsdale forum
Spring 2008

by Christina Miller


What if students carried books and guns Up the Hill?
photos by Huneke-Bergquist

In the wake of recent school shootings, notably Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University, increasing attention has been paid to gun violence on campuses. Some have called for an increase in gun restrictions while others have denounced these restrictions as failing and say students should be allowed to carry guns on campus to protect themselves in an emergency. Since the NIU shootings, conservative college students have taken the latter idea on a crusade. offers training sessions for students who wish to obtain concealed carry licenses or learn to safely use a firearm. From the site you can find links to write your representatives and learn facts about carrying weapons. has also launched a string of empty holster protests nationwide where students wear empty holsters to protest gun-free schools. The organization has nearly 20,000 members.

Director of Security Mike Wertz does not support students carrying weapons on campus. “You’re asking a Marine how he feels about guns? I love the Second Amendment. Guns don’t kill, people do.” Despite his pro-Second Amendment leanings, Wertz has strong reservations about allowing students to carry weapons on cam-

Marine “ You’re asking aabout how he feels guns? I love the Second Amendment. Guns don’t kill, people do

-Mike Wertz
pus. He fears that people with concealed carry licenses may not truly be able to use their weapon. “Those who are armed should know how and when to use their weapons. They should be highly trained and know when to use deadly force.” When asked if he thought Hillsdale would ever allow students to carry

firearms around campus, Wertz replied it would never happen. “We’re a private institution, but we are also a school zone. It’s just not feasible. We don’t want the OK Corral.” However, Hillsdale does have accommodations for students with firearms and hunting licenses. If a student is licensed to carry a firearm, he can check it with the Security Office, use it in approved areas and then re-check it. Some students feel differently. Senior Lynn Wilhelm supports students’ rights to carry firearms around campus, “The recent events that we’ve seen at Northern Illinois University show there’s a need for students to have the ability to defend themselves if such an occasion arises…It’s a right that should be protected at Hillsdale as well as other campuses. Events we’ve seen in recent years, whatever caused them, students haven’t had a way to defend themselves. If the students who killed at those colleges knew that fellow students might have guns on them as well, maybe it would make them think twice before bringing guns to class and using them on fellow students. It probably wouldn’t hurt to have the professors have some kind of knowledge about guns as well.”

Wilhelm also believes that students at all campuses should have to take a test with security in order to be armed at school. “There’s always the risk of accidents happening.” Hillsdale’s political environment is welcoming to concealed carry, but other campuses need some more convincing. Aaron Cole, president of the Eastern Michigan University chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus says that students initially don’t like the idea of other students carrying. “The majority of students when you ask them, there’s a shock to it and they say, ‘Heck no! I don’t want guns on campus.’ But then you talk to them and they think about it…the majority of them might feel more secure.” However much students may want to carry firearms around campuses, the rules are unlikely to change anytime soon. Worries about gun violence are strongly entrenched, and laws in many states place strict regulations on gun ownership. However the students who feel that they should be able to protect themselves make a powerful argument, and one that will surely only grow louder with time. HF




the crawler

Spring 2008
At a San Francisco fund-raiser on April 6, Barack Obama said bitterness over job loss leads small-town Americans to “cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or antitrade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” Hillary Clinton and John McCain both promptly pounced on him for being out of touch with the common man—to which Obama responded that “I didn’t say it as well as I could have,” but “I said something that everybody knows is true.”

everything you ever needed to know... and some things you didn’t
An Australian father-daughter couple who just had a child together claim that, “society has the problem, not us!” Yes, because sleeping with your parents is totally legitimate. Massive child custody hearings are looming after the State of Texas removes 416 children from a polygamist sect in San Angaelo, TX.

The license plate of Dr. Charles Steele, Assistant Professor of Economics, reads ‘Marathons R 4 Weenies.’ A veteran of 25 ultra-marathons (an ultra marathon is any race over 26.2 miles), Steele has earned the right to tout his license plate. He normally runs 50 mile races, but has run a 100 mile race as well as 50K and 100Ks. How can anyone run such long distances? Dr. Steele says it is all about pacing oneself. He normally runs for 50 minutes and then walks for 5-10 minutes. Such a pace, Steele emphasizes, is necessary so that your body does not get worn down by the hours of running. Most people are fatigued by dreaming of running a marathon, so why would anybody want to run twice, thrice, or sometimes four times that distance? For Steele, Photos Courtesy of Charles Steele running helped Above: Sporting a Hawaiian shirt, Dr. Steele treks up him get through the Hyalite Draw in Montana during a 50 mile race. his PhD program. Below: Before meeting a grizzly, Steele ventured 24 “The quality that miles through the Spanish Peaks in the Summer of 2007. all ultra-marathon runners possess is perseverance;” Dr. Steele says this while Of the 25 or so he has entered, he has failed leaning back in his chair obviously thinking to finish two. One of the races was during a about the trying times he faced while hot summer day. His parents were in town running races and writing his dissertation. and he was worried about dehydration and “No matter what happens, we continue placing himself in a situation of danger. and progress forward,” he declares about Sitting at the halfway point, contemplating himself and his running companions. On what he should do, a fellow runner declared one of his favorite runs in Montana, runners that he had beer in his truck and anyone trot along the peaks of the rugged Gallatin who did not want to finish was more than Range where the only stopping points are welcome to come drink with him. Steele 25 miles apart. “You have to learn to pace quickly followed a group of runners to the yourself and hold back, it’s a great learning truck, and later met up with his parents. Even with these trying times, the professor experience… There is something [special] about sticking to something and having a has no intentions of giving up racing great deal of endurance, you prevail.” He anytime soon. Showing a picture of an 80 relates it to his Ph.D. program where “the year old man finishing a 50 mile race, he people who stayed in the Ph.D. program are explains, “he did not come in last,” and like ultra-marathon runners, no matter what with a challenge to himself in his voice, happens they won’t quit and keep taking you can expect that Steele, himself, won’t be coming in last any time soon either. HF steps forward.” Another perk of being able to run 100

miles, Steele says, is when he is on top of a mountain, anywhere he looks he knows he can reach on foot. “An ultra-marathon runner never says you can’t do that, there is an attitude about them,” an attitude Dr. Steele has taken in all areas of life, especially teaching. When students come to him and say they can’t understand a concept, he brushes that aside and works with them until they can grasp the material. Of course, not even the man named Steele can finish every race.

Former President Jimmy Carter met with Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, insisting that “it’s very important that at least someone meet with the Hamas leaders to express their views.” Presumably, he plans to do so because it worked out so well the last time Carter negotiated with Middle-Eastern militants. On March 28, the Evening Standard of London reported that Great Britain’s marriage rate is the lowest it’s ever been in the 150 years since marriages were first recorded—a paltry 1% of adults. Compiled by Calvin Freiburger, Scott Rozell, and Emilia Huneke-Bergquist
* * *

In another example of infinite celebrity wisdom: Alicia Keys claims that the government was behind feud between Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G., fueling it to keep black men from positions of power.

Obama’s favorite pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, blasts the forefathers, claiming they advocated white supremacy, during a Norfolk, Virginia sermon. He received a standing ovation for the remarks.

Millions of Dollars Awaits Those Who Successfully Conquer the Final Frontier
by Dave Wasmer
April 21st, 2004 - the cool, still morning dawning over the Mojave desert started out like any other day; however, a couple hours after the sun’s feeble morning illumination first struck the tarmac of the Mojave Airport, the day would prove to be a milestone in human achievement, and mark the opening of a new era: commercial space-flight. The craft revealed from the hanger that morning, SpaceShipOne looked like anything but a spaceship. Giving the impression of a bomb with wings, the gleaming white hulled vessel was attached to its carrier ship, dubbed White Knight, and an hour of flying later, the combined planes reached 47,000 feet. After a brief moment of peaceful gliding detached from White Knight, pilot Mike Melvill ignited the main engine aboard SpaceShipOne. With the rocket engine roaring to life, SpaceShipOne tore through atmosphere. The craft peaked in altitude at 100,124 meters. In doing so, it broke through the dividing line between space and Earth (100 km) for just over tens seconds. The crowd on the ground was treated to a small white streak in the sky, and a double sonic boom created by the ship’s top speed of almost three times the speed of sound. That double sonic boom signaled more than just the ship’s velocity: it marked a transition in the history of space exploration. Melvill became the first private individual to enter space. Within a year of that historic flight, the SpaceShipOne project went on to win the Ansari X-Prize, an award of $10 million to the first group to successfully complete two space-flights within two weeks using the same craft. Space flight is quickly leaving the realm of government budgets or science fiction novels, and rapidly capturing the imagination of private investors. After SpaceShipOne


theHillsdale forum
Emilia Huneke-Bergquist


Julie Robison Editors in Chief Heather Shell Dave Wasmer Copy Editors Mary Kate Cavazos Subscription Manager Nate Anderson mATT cOLE cALVIN fReIBURGER Brian Johnston Martin Kraegel III nATHAN lICHTMAN Kate Martin Christina Miller jAMES nESBITT Scott Rozell G. Stolyarov II Staff Writers

to drive innovation and cost efficiency. And grabbed the X-Prize, Richard Branson, the while private sector interest in space-flight unconventional entrepreneur behind the takes off, NASA has not kept its head in the Virgin Group, announced plans to launch sand. It has also begun offering prizes as well his latest venture, dubbed Virgin Galactic. for various technological accomplishments The plans for the first spaceline in history related to space exploration. include purchasing several multipassenger versions of SpaceShipOne, and charging future space tourists $200,000 for a trip into sub-orbital space to experience five minutes of weightlessness. While S p a c e S h i p O n e The “White Knight” prepares to fly into history. Photo (c) Matt Massee may have taken the X-Prize, space Progress may seem slow, but the end goal enthusiasts need not worry: there are more. Google recently announced another X-Prize, laid out by private investors like Branson and this time for $20 million. The challenge? the government led programs are laudable Put a robotic rover on the moon. The goal is and noble. The Apollo missions united our ambitious, but the idea behind X-Prizes are nation - even the world to a degree - in the



marvel of human achievement. Space travel kindles the fires of curiosity and wonder inherent in the human spirit, and now, private entrepreneurs of this decade like Richard Branson and the SpaceShipOne team are providing the spark. HF


Current X Prizes:
1.) Google Lunar $30 Million to the first team who can send launch a lunar rover that travels 500 meters, transmitting video/photos back to Earth 2.) Progressive Automotive $10 Million for the design of “viable, clean and super-efficient cars that people want to buy” 3.) Genomics $100 Million for a faster, better way to sequence genomes, personalized medicine is the goal find more information at

Twin Cities Welcome Herd of Elephants
than any other on record. Thus, had the Republicans not secured a Presidential nominee prior to the convention this year, the selected candidate would have had less time to campaign than anyone in history, a mere 61 days. Yet, with Denver’s Democratic National Convention wrapping up only a week ahead of the RNC, neither appears to have a distinct campaigning edge on the other; something very important to both sides of the political aisle. Having hosted the 1892 Convention,

GOP Convention promises nearly $150 million in revenues for Minneapolis-St. Paul
where Republicans nominated incumbent Benjamin Harrison, Minneapolis-St. Paul is now, over one-hundred years later, an important stomping ground for the Republican party. With the help of Govenor Tim Pawlenty, and Senator Norm Coleman leading the way, the modern, fun, and family-oriented atmosphere of the twin cities promises to be an ideal place to kick off the conservative race to the White House. HF

The Hillsdale Forum is an independent political student publication distributed four times throughout the academic year. Questions? Comments? Submissions? Contact The Hillsdale Forum:


Come September, nearly 50,000 people will flood Minneapolis-Saint Paul for the 2008 Republican National Convention. A four-day extravaganza, the convention commences on Monday September 1st (Labor Day), and while a schedule of events is likely unavailable until this summer, attendees are guaranteed a glimpse into the United States’ political foundations. The Convention is working hard to promote conservatism and election education at all levels, offering not only summer internships to students interested in politics, economics, and public relations, but also, providing an essay contest to high school students. Such promotion is an important aspect of the upcoming election, especially in terms of bringing youth out to the polls once Election Day arrives. Furthermore, while the application window for internships has already closed, if students are able to accommodate a three-day vacation into their schedules during the second week of the 2008-2009 academic year, organizers are still eagerly recruiting volunteers via the RNC website, available at www. Of importance is the fact that, this, the 39th Convention in the history of the Republican Party, falls later in the year

by Emilia Huneke-Bergquist

Hillsdale College Republicans Upcoming Events
Throughout Semester Petitioning for Jack Hoogendyk for Senate and Tim Walberg for Congress April 22 Fundraiser for Chief Justice Taylor April 30 BBQ and 2008/2009 officer elections (any due paying member is welcome to run for office, dues must be paid this day if you’d like to vote, they will be $3) This Week New College Republicans shirts arrive, on sale for $12


by James Nesbitt
Hillsdale College to offer a cost effective food service. This line of argument has What drives a good food program? Along been used in other circumstances by various with the completion of the Grewcock Student administrators of the college as a defense for Union, Hillsdale has been finishing the the policy. construction of its argument that facilities How does this limitation affect other colleges are the crucial factor in a good food program; of Hillsdale’s size? Take the food program at Centre College now that we have a of Kentucky as an high quality facility, example. Centre’s we will have high characteristics are quality food service. similar to those of The college does Hillsdale College; speak a truth—in it is located in the part, high quality city of Danville, food does depend whose population on the capital used of 15,000 is slightly to produce it. Most larger than the city students agree that of Hillsdale’s. The the new facility and College educates equipment available about 1100 students has indeed helped and employs around improve quality of 100 professors, food available at making the school Saga. “I think the slightly smaller than food is better at the Hillsdale. Despite new student union, Centre College’s now that they’ve small size, it has been learned how to use able to overcome the new equipment,” this challenge and says sophomore offer a flexible food Michelle Ashdown. Students too ill to attend meals can request program comparable However, a much a “take-home” option, allowing them to use to food programs more important driver their meals even if they can’t make it to the at much larger in the quality of food colleges. is the fear of failure, dining hall. An independent a fear that requires choice on the part of the consumer. Hillsdale company called Sodexho, a company College has no such fear factor in their food offering similar services to Saga, Inc., runs program because, ironically, the school that Centre College’s food service, and though advocates the benefits of free markets allows Sodexho is one of the largest food service its students little choice when it comes providers in North America, it has been time to dine. Many students would prefer able to offer Centre College a flexible and to purchase fewer meals from Saga than is currently allowed, such as Junior Matt Kownacki, who thinks, “one meal a day would be optimal for [his] schedule.” When asked why the college does not allow students the choice to purchase the number of meals most reasonable to their individual needs, an administrator of Hillsdale College cited the small size of the college as the factor requiring the ten meal-perweek minimum. Should this requirement not exist, she claimed, customized service. Centre College operates there would be insufficient volume to allow its dining commons continuously for their 1100 students throughout the entire week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Full service meals are Photos courtsey of Centre College

spotlight on food

Spring 2008

Why SAGA’s standard answer is no longer good enough.

College has fewer “ Centre than does Hillsdale students College and allows its customer base to be split between three different dining options. Yet it still manages to offer a flexible and affordable service.

offered from 7 a.m.- 9:30 a.m., 11 a.m.- 1:30 options. Yet it still manages to offer a flexible p.m., and 5 p.m.- 8 p.m. In between these full and affordable service. Centre College service meals, lighter offerings are available shows that small colleges can indeed offer for students who wish to eat at other times. competitive, convenient, and high quality In addition, a detailed food service website is food service while still managing costs. offered, which includes weekly, easy-to-read Perhaps Hillsdale College can benefit from menus showing all the offerings, allowing the motivating force of incentives taught so students to plan their meal schedules in vocally in its classes. Economics professors constantly advocate the ability of consumers advance to incorporate entrees they enjoy. Centre has two additional options for students to take their business to other options because in search of food. The Warehouse Grill it forces companies to remain competitive serves pizza, sandwiches, pretzels, nachos, and encourages them to keep prices low; and salads, while the Hall of Fame Café while history professors detail the numerous offers freshly baked products, sandwiches, examples of the past that competition salads, wraps, parfaits, espressos, mochas, makes quality higher and prices lower, not lattes, and fruit smoothies. These options the reverse. Though such principals find a may seem similar to the offerings of A.J.’s prominent place in out classrooms, many Café, but they are much more practical for have yet to find incorporation into the dining students, because students can choose meal hall. HF plans that include purchases from these dining commons alternatives. Five meal plans are offered, ranging from every meal per week in the dining commons to just one hundred meals a semester. “Flex Dollars” are included in the plans, which allow students to buy a meal anywhere on campus. Unlike Charger Change, which must be purchased in addition to one’s Hillsdale meal plan, flex dollars Centere College’s foremost dining hall, Cowan Commons, is open from are included 7am to 8pm. with the plan, ranging Hungry for More? from $70 flex dollars with a full meal Centere’s Available Meal Plans plan, to $725 Flex Dollars with the 100 Unlimited Meals meal per semester plan. This allows for much more effective competition $70 Flex/Year between the grill, café, and dining * commons for the business of students. 16 Meals Weekly If quality is deficient at one location, $300 Flex/Year students may go elsewhere without * forfeiting the money they have paid for their meal plan. Hillsdale’s Student 13 Meals Weekly Federation recently proposed to adopt $380 Flex/Year a more limited and restricted version of * this plan, although the administration 10 Meals Weekly has yet to accept the proposal and has $600 Flex/Year voiced concerns over the cost they fear such competition might impose. * Centre College has fewer students than 100 Meals per Semester Hillsdale College and allows its customer $725 Flex/Year base to be split between three different dining



by Calvin Freiburger

FOES IN Jenna Chelsea -versusHIGH PLACES
State Department embraces this group with open arms,” Malkin writes, “yet Karl Rove warned Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) that he will never be allowed to ‘darken the White House door’ because of honest, intra-party disagreements over border security. What is wrong with this picture?” On November 18, 2007, the New York Post reported on Lebanese immigrant Nada Nadim Prouty. In 1990, Prouty used a fake marriage to gain US citizenship, which enabled her to get jobs with the FBI and CIA. Once employed, she snuck into government databases to look up information on her sister and brother-in-law, both linked to Hezbollah. In addition, at the time the article went to press, Prouty was in her third marriage to Gordon Prouty, a State Department official who has held sensitive posts in Cairo, Egypt and Islamabad, Pakistan. Writing for the Washington Times on December 28, 2007, Bill Gertz reported the story of Stephen Coughlin and Hasham Islam. The former is a Pentagon specialist on Islamic law, the latter an aide to Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England. It seems Coughlin met the disapproval of Islam and other pro-Muslim figures in the government by identifying “several groups that are being courted by Mr. Islam’s community outreach program as front organizations for the pro-extremist Muslim Brotherhood,” granting tacit legitimacy to jihadist groups in the process. In response, Mr. Islam urged “Coughlin to take a softer line on Islam.” On January 4, Gertz reported that the Pentagon fired not Islam, but Coughlin. Granted, in none of these cases have actual covert jihadists been found in government posts, but they do show a pattern of missing obvious red flags and excessive deference to the CAIR brand of Muslim sensibilities. Therefore, is it really a stretch to imagine extremist-minded individuals finding their way in? As one can see, there are already those in the government who value politically-correct etiquette over basic security considerations. It’s no coincidence that America hasn’t seen another attack since 9/11; the Bush Administration deserves credit for the proactive counterterrorism steps it has taken. But in this kind of war, there is no margin for error—especially in staffing the very government charged with our protection. HF



The Left is quick to draw parallels between the War on Terror and the Red Scare of the 1950s. They allege that today’s conservatives exaggerate the jihadist threat and will malign the patriotism of any poor liberal who dares question them in the same way Sen. Joe McCarthy largely manufactured hysteria over Communists in the government for partisan gain. Revisited most recently by M. Stanton Evans’ book, Blacklisted By History, the truth about the Red Scare is quite different, but if there is a parallel to be drawn between the two conflicts, it would be this: in much the same way as many McCarthy suspects turned out to be genuine security risks, today there are a number of people working in the federal government who are sympathetic to highly dubious Islamic individuals and organizations. On June 22nd and 24th, 2004, journalist Mary Jacoby reported that Faisal Gill, then policy director for the Homeland Security Department’s intelligence division, “forgot” to tell his employers that he once served as spokesman for the American Muslim Council (AMC). The AMC’s leader, Abdurahman Alamoudi, admitted participating in a plot to assassinate Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah on behalf of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. He is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence on related charges. Despite this (as well as not having an intelligence background), the Department chose to keep Gill even after discovering his conflict of interest in March 2004. On January 14th, 2005, columnist Michelle Malkin called attention to an IslamOnline. net story highlighting a meeting several State Department officials, including Ambassador William Burns and Assistant Secretaries Patricia de Stacy Harrison and Richard Boucher, held with the notorious Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The meeting was geared toward “cooperative efforts to challenge both Islamophobia and anti-Americanism.” CAIR has a colorful history in Islamophobia agitation, shilling for jihadist groups. Two ex-employees currently face terrorism charges, along with one unindicted co-conspirator. “CAIR’s hyped claims of anti-Muslim bigotry include publicizing fake hate crimes. Its methods of ‘combating’ Islamophobia revolve around bullying critics and suing them. The Bush

Who’s the least virtuous first daughter?
by T.A. Frank
Guest Columnist on me. IN fact, the closer I look, the more
re-tune the Jenna product, it has worked I like Jenna. And, I regret to say, the less I like Chelsea. These days, Jenna has an easygoing manner not just with the bartenders at Smith Point but with nearly everyone, including the mentally impaired. With Larry King, for example, she patiently fielded queries from her host such as “Why does Ana have one ‘n’?” and “Why isn’t the world not doing more?” (Related mystery: Why isn’t King not on the air anymore? Isn’t viewers getting not unsick of him?) Jenna was equally forbearing with Diane Sawyer, who seized on a mention of sex in Jenna’s book and (placing the tips of her hands at her temples to illustrate bewilderment) managed to come up with, “We think, wait. Doesn’t she come from an administration that believes in abstinence? Is this tricky?” No, Jenna explained, gently putting Sawyer’s worries to rest. “I don’t come from an administration. I’m his daughter, you know?” I should confess my Jenna-love isn’t entirely faithful. When, for instance, she calls her fiancé “a really good guy,” her wording and intonation so resemble those of her father (or Will Ferrell) that it’s hard for me to forgive her. But my real complaints start with Chelsea Clinton. Blame The New York Times for planting the first unfriendly thoughts in my head. In an article published this July, the paper unkindly reminded readers that Chelsea, in the months after September 11, has written in Talk magazine that “‘serving’ in

For a long time, it seemed as if Jenna Bush’s public image was pretty much summed up by her work on the club circuit. Back in 2005, the New York Post made mention of a party that included “Jenna on all fours doing ‘the butt dance’…as guys were ogling her thong.” If the First Twin’s choice of recreational activities wasn’t entirely bad—for instance, the Post’s source gave Jenna credit for “doing [the butt dance] very well”— then neither was it entirely good. By contrast, Chelsea Clinton learned the hard way about what can come of impromptu displays of thong and, so far, has covered her rear. It’s no surprise that her Poise Count—the number of LexisNexis articles resulting from the word “poise” paired with her name— clocks in at 770, while Jenna trails at 144. Chelsea was the accomplished Stanford graduate living a quiet life in New York, while Jenna was the not-so-accomplished University of Texas graduate living a loud life in—well, wherever she happened to go drinking. The butt dance, however, turned out to be the end of an era for Jenna. Shortly after the Post story, she began teaching at a public elementary school in Washington, D.C. She got engaged to a young conservative named Henry Hager, a former aide to Karl Rove. And she took a job as an intern for UNICEF and wrote a book called Ana’s Story, a nicely rendered nonfiction account of the life of a 17year-old Central American mother living with HIV. If it’s all a calculated effort to

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Fashionably Late
No, no, “fashion at Hillsdale” is not entirely an oxymoron, just something that this campus could oftentimes use a bit of a crash course in. It is completely understandable that between the 8,973,452,349,857 pages of reading due tomorrow and the Blackboard quizzes that some professor has insisted upon making as difficult as possible that you don’t always have time to head up the hill looking your very best. However, it is no secret that being a well-dressed student has its perks. So, in the interested of getting the job, getting the respect, or even getting the attention of that cute guy/girl walking across the quad—always remember:
-A black/white combination is timeless and classy, always -Leggings are great, just not for all seven days of the week -Save the see-through, short, and sequined for the weekends -Sometimes a hat and pony-tail are as good as its going to get

Spring 2008

The Art of Modesty
by Heather Shell
Modesty appears to be one of the virtues that has been completely renounced in our society today. Not only is it blaringly absent among the ranks of modern values, its presence is, in fact, derided, and those who practice it, looked down upon. The most obvious manifestation of modesty is in dress; it is the first thing that people think about at the mere mention of modesty. Clothing is certainly an important part of modesty. The clothing that people choose impresses others with something of their character and projects their personality to the world. It is also a key indication of what they desire from those who look at them. Immodesty in dress only serves to reveal shallowness and insecurity of character, for nothing is to be gained but a cheap and flimsy form of recognition. True satisfaction, true pleasure, is not likely to be found from such a selfish and objectifying form of admiration. Bartering personal dignity for acknowledgment is certainly not a sign of a healthy individual, and yet this mode of behavior, that was once a mark of commonness and low position, has become socially acceptable, even socially expected. However, the issue of modesty does not pertain to females alone, nor is it confined to the realm of clothing. Immodesty in clothing is merely the symptom of the disease that is personal immodesty. True modesty is a state of mind. A modest individual is modest in dress, in word, in deed. Modesty truly relates to decorum, not drawing attention to oneself, not seeking attention by making yourself conspicuous, but earning the attention by true merit and garnering respect, instead of a reputation. A prime example of rampant immodesty in our modern culture is that of emotional immodesty. Just flip on any sitcom and you’ll have the consummate example of the emotional vomit

(Even if it is to your 8 a.m. Western Heritage class)

the top

Hillsdale College



-Every guy needs a suit, and black or blue are likely your best options -Never wear socks with sandals. -Match your belt and shoe colors. -Your vulgar t-shirt isn’t funny. -A tailored look, not too tight or too loose, is always flattering


3-inch Heels on 2 inches of Ice

Face it: you’ve got to hand it to the girls who make it up the hill without twisting their ankles in their super-cute heels. Serious snaps for not allowing a small thing like unsalted slopes to keep you from taking your favorite pair of shoes out for a walk.

Isn’t it amazing how good shiny balls of oyster spit can look with that little black dress? Adding a touch of class, and a bit of sass, they perfect any outfit.

Classic White Pearls

However, in our quest for scholarly opinions on such a matter, we found that Dr. Patricia Bart of the English Department said it best:

Fashion, in itself, is always a mistake, making the term “fashion mistake” redundant. Take note, those registering for Principles of Style in the fall. Style, not fashion, is what we must aim for, whether in our writing or in our clothing. But in matters of style, sartorial blunders can be regional. In the South, it is a mistake to buy anything for summer that costs more than $25, since it will become unfit for wear before the mayflies perish, whereas it is not possible to overspend for the winter in Hillsdale. The designers at NASA, for example, have some nice suits in winter white, priced up in the millions, that would be a reasonable investment here, whereas these same suits would seem both needless and eccentric south of the Mason-Dixon.

We understand that where you come from, people wear flip-flops and shorts every day. However, where you come from, it does not snow for seven months out of the year. Notice those large, puffy things people have on? They’re called coats. Extra fabric attached to shorts magically turns them into pants and we promise your feet will be able to breathe in close-toed shoes.

The Look of Endless Summer

Nothing says “country gentry” quite like tweed. We love how both professors and students rock the tweed jacket-- extra points for elbow patches.

Tweed Suiting

It’s a mobster! It’s a secret agent! It’s a Mu Alpha! What’s better than a piece of classy head wear to make the ladies fall at your feet?

The Fedora

so prized in American culture today. Such reckless emoting is seen as an expression of personality and vitality, when in actuality it is simply an immature, volatile, and irritating display of instability and neediness. Immodesty leads to lack of self-possession, not only in the sense that the individual is no longer acting with self-control, but also in the sense that by externalizing everything, there is no internal aspect to the individual, no personal depth. Emotional immodesty is positively epidemic in our culture and the art of knowing when and what to share seems to be completely lost on this generation. Personal modesty is also manifested in actions. The actions of a truly modest individual are not motivated by a need for, or even an expectation, of recognition. A modest person does not need to receive credit for his undertakings, but is content with the personal satisfaction that comes from any deed that is good and right. Modern society is convinced that all good actions must be rewarded, and otherwise noble actins are prostituted for the paltry trophy, Praise. Our “look at me” culture believes that good deeds are no longer enough in themselves. They must be validated by the recognition of others, all actions laid bare to the world, just as the body and the emotions are laid bare, so that an individual may be noticed and admired. Modesty allows your character to speak for itself, instead of relying on suggestive clothing, gushing emotions, or showy undertakings to validate who you are. The fulfillment that the world offers is feeble and fleeting. As the modest individual knows, true fulfillment can only come from the person who is confident enough to know his own worth, and not from the person who relies on others to tell him his worth. HF



Letter from the Editor

This year, The Hillsdale Forum celebrated its fifth birthday, and while normal five-year-olds are tackling numbers, letters, and proper handBrian Johnson washing techniques, we happen to be one of by those kids. You know the ones—the kids who conquered the theory of relativity while the Four years ago, I had never even heard of rest of us were working on putting the proper Hillsdale College. I was an aspiring sports shapes in the holes. reporter at Kellogg Community College It has been one of our foremost goals this in Battle Creek, still with no idea where I year to capture a better snapshot of the campus would complete my college degree. While political scene and all of the original and in high school, I was unable to find a college innovative events students continue attending I felt was a good fit for me, so I accepted a in the name of conservatism. Since September, full ride at KCC while I figured things out. we have tackled a wide range of issues on a By the end of the 2003-04 school year, spectrum spanning Hillsdale to Israel, and had the opportunity to do so because of several I was really discouraged. My experience wonderful additions to our staff. It is only due working for the college newspaper turned to their determination, vigor, and creativity me away from journalism. Meanwhile, I that we’ve been able to enhance the paper so had developed an interest in politics and exponentially over the course of the last year. was frustrated with the political correctness But, enough of the Academy Awards-esque and liberal dogma thrown at me virtually thank you speech. The bottom line is that all of this is about you. While we enjoy reporting, writing, and being generally witty—unless readers enjoy The Hillsdale Forum as much as our parents do (who am I kidding, they have to like it!), then we are not doing our job. The amazing wonders of modern technology entail having access to an e-mail account, so, give us a shout at See something you like, dislike, hate, or thoroughly enjoy? Please, take a minute and let us know. We welcome outside submissions, and hopefully, by the time August rolls around, we will have a fully functioning website where you can access more stories, leave live feedback, and read stories from our sister papers around the country. Interested in politics, writing or journalism? Join us! We are always looking for fresh writers and editors—and promise an experience far from MTV’s The Paper. (I just saw an advertisement for the show, and, man, raise your hand if you miss high-school drama!) That is all I’ve got, but on a final note: thank you again for your support throughout the school year. We genuinely look forward to bringing you all kinds of election tidbits and coverage in the new school year, but for now, cheers to a strong finish and a wonderful summer! Emilia Huneke-Bergquist Editor in Chief

Parting ThoughtsSenior’s Reflections on His Time at Hillsdale One
every day at school, not to mention that I still not found a school I wished to transfer to for the rest of my college career. However, the tide soon changed when my dad found a copy of Imprimis in a church trashcan that summer. I started investigating Hillsdale, and quickly found that I liked everything I learned about it. In October, I made an all-day visit to Hillsdale. It seemed like a great place, but I was not sure that I was “smart” enough to do well there. I went ahead and applied, and around Christmas I learned I was accepted. Still uncertain, I looked around at several other schools but just could not get excited about any of them. Before I knew it, it was August of 2005 and I was on my way to Hillsdale. I knew immediately that I wanted to be a political science major. I was expecting to hear much of the same conservative dogma that I had believed my whole life. I found that this was not entirely true. It is no secret that Hillsdale is possibly one of the most conservative schools in America, something neither the school nor its students tries to hide. Regardless, I have not gotten the kind of conservatism you hear from talking heads like Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter. Rather, it is a conservatism that teaches students to think, to use prudence, and to examine and critique all points of view, even one’s own.


Spring 2008

One of my biggest changes from my time here has been my increasing skepticism of politics and of human nature in general. It is not that elections are not important, but we should not place the entire hope of America on whether a certain person is elected President or to other government positions. I really do not care much about this November’s election, because it will not change the fact that America has been going downhill for many years now. We have become too attached to the belief that government can solve all our problems and that something is okay because 51% of Americans say so. This is very dangerous. In all, things have worked out well for me. I have only been here three years, but I have five years of college behind me and it is definitely time to move on. I have met a lot of great people, many of whom I hope to remain friends with for many years after I leave. While I am very worn out and anxious to leave, my time here has been very beneficial. Hillsdale is imperfect, just like everywhere else. But what separates it from most other places, in my opinion, is that it does not teach you what to think, but rather how to think. A lot of students at Hillsdale make jokes about the school, and there certainly is plenty of material. Nevertheless, I do hope that people realize what a unique opportunity it is to go here. Best wishes to everyone. HF

First Daughters from page 5
the broadest sense now seems like the only right thing to do….Is banking what’s important right now?” To which the Times not so gently pointed out that Chelsea’s post-9/11 resume has consisted of stints as a McKinsey consultant and as an investment analyst at Avenue Capital, a hedge run by the nuns of Calcutta. Oh, sorry— make that Clinton donor Mac Lasry. The Times piece was a fairly bitchy slap, and, before I level any further charges myself, let me defend Chelsea for a moment. All of us were feeling generous and altruistic in the wake of 9/11 before we came to our senses, aided by time and a ruthless White House. One of my best friends worked for McKinsey (I still like him fine), and my wife once worked for a hedge fund (I still like her fine). I, too, would hope one day to be well-paid, even if this effort is going disastrously. But still, it all seems a bit—much.

Quoth the Times: “Friends say financial independence is important to Ms. Clinton; she may improve on her low-sixfigure McKinsey salary by hundreds of thousands of dollars.” That’s quite the declaration of financial independence. And Chelsea didn’t exactly spend her Oxford days tending to the world’s unfortunates, either: Among the events she attended were a Versace couture show in Paris (sitting next to Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow), a ball thrown by Sir Elton John, and a film premiere with Paul McCartney. Nor did she join her British celebrity friends in visiting landmine amputees, unless the amputees happened to be holed up ay Oscar de la Renta’s Dominican villa. In New York, Chelsea has befriended celebrities like Tara Reid (who, to be fair, may actually qualify as a public service cause) and become a regular at establishments like Schiller’s and Bungalow 8. In short, while Jenna has used her celebrity—at least in part—to help impoverished children, Chelsea has used her celebrity to get herself good tables at Nobu. And to get guest reporter gigs at swishy Interview magazine.

Here’s her grilling of actor Jake Gyllenhaal: --CLINTON: I wish you were shooting on Martha’s Vineyard. GYLLENHAAL: I remember going to your father’s 51st birthday on Martha’s Vineyard, where we met. Both our families are friends with the Danson-Steenburgens, and I was invited. CLINTON: We sat together at dinner. GYLLENHAAL: And we just immediately started talking. I’m going to the Vineyard next week with my mom. CLINTON: Your mother’s such a heroine. GYLLENHAAL: She is. As is yours. --Darling, it’s been so frightfully dull at the Danson-Steenburgens without you. Now, I’m sure many readers will complain that neither Jenna nor Chelsea deserves such scrutiny. But, like it our not, they’re both from families that have become dynasties. Bush and Clinton aren’t just names anymore; they’re brands. When Jenna gets sloshed and does the butt dance while others go to war, it hurts the Bush

brand. When she interns with UNICEF, it helps the brand. When Chelsea holds hands with her parents while the family is immersed in scandal, it helps the Clinton brand. When Chelsea talks about service and then serves herself the megabucks, it hurts the brand. And we care about brand, because our political hopes often rest on its success or failure. Don’t get me wrong: When it’s Jenna versus Chelsea for the presidency in a few years, I’ll still be pulling the lever for the smart liberal. But I’d dearly love it if, in the meantime, Chelsea would show a little more brand awareness. It might mean missing the occasional party on Martha’s Vineyard, and it might even mean doing some Jenna-like service. But it’d be worth it. Mother would be so grateful, and I’m sure the Danson-Steenburgens would understand. T.A. Frank is an editor at The Washington Monthly. © 2007 by The New Republic, article reprinted with permission.



In sudden twist, it turns out that the free world does not revolve around Grey’s Anatomy

hijacking a product until they get what they want. As the rest of the country was unwilling to say “Oh look, there’s no new doctor/lawyer/ piemaker soap on tonight. I’ll just catch up on my Aristotle”, the writers won, though the studios held out for more than 100 days. The studio executives were not just fighting the WGA, either. SAG (ScreenActor’s Guild) contracts are up in June and they promised to join the writers if an acceptable solution was not offered. Actors’

arts & entertainment



by Kate Martin

about all the money that was lost from that cancellation. From the advertisements that would have aired during the show, Let’s take a moment to recap all the sad to the designer dresses that were never things that occurred because of the Writers worn, a great deal of people missed out Guild of America (WGA) strike. For one on a large amount of money. So next thing, the world was delayed in gaining time one of our liberal friends blames the insight into Sarah Silverman and Matt President and Republicans for the fact Damon’s love life, as the faux-confessional that the economy is failing, let’s be sure to video’s airing was pushed back due to the mention the millions of dollars lost due to strike. For 3 and half months, millions of the whims of 11,00 people. That number Americans lost water cooler fodder, and may sound big, until after-dinner entertainment. you remember that there Perhaps most effected, are over 303,000,000 however, are the studios Americans living in that lost out on millions of our current economic dollars and audience members condition. To think, because of the strike. While our Founders voiced the Fox network actually concerned about giving profited during the strike, due such controlling power to to their plethora of reality a small number of elected shows, the other four networks officials. Yet we’re happy suffered significant drops in to give it to some writers, their audience, with the CW because without them we hurting the most, losing over have nothing to divert 22 percent of its audience. photo courtsey of our minds from more This is especially damaging lofty pursuits. When to such a young network, These people may or may not hate everything that the United States television resumes, and only in its second year. stands for. you’re doing a cringe/ But really, what do we care? laugh-out-loud combo Why as Hillsdale students, would we even pretend to be interested support of the writers was so strong, that because of something Michael Scott just in Chad Michael Murray’s chief vehicle the Golden Globes was cancelled due to said, remember how much it cost for that for displaying his angst-face? The answer their unwillingness to cross the picket-line. moment of amusement. Unions take away While it is tempting to laugh the cancellation from our freedom as entrepreneurs and is a Hillsdale buzz phrase, free markets. Unions aren’t exactly the corner-stone for off (too bad, I really could have used another forces us to pay more for a product. How free-market, as they allow their members chance to see a visibly pregnant Angelina Jolie would The Donald feel about that? HF to do what the WGA just did, essentially deny pregnancy rumors), one should think

by Nathan Lichtman
Released on December 26, 2007 by DreamWorks SKG, this movie, Kite Runner, was the pure illustration, perhaps even the embodiment of, the bestselling novel by Afghani author Khaled Hosseini. The story takes place in Afghanistan and begins during that country’s most recent time of tranquility. The protagonist, Amir, and his best-friend Hassan live lives seemingly carefree. Hassan, as we learn, is bullied by the older kids in their neighborhood because he is of a lower class. Hassan’s father works for Amir’s father, who is quite wealthy and well-connected. One day, after Amir and Hassan win a major kite running contest (a game in which boys fly kites in specific maneuvers so as to cut the strings of everyone else’s kites, so that they are the last ones in the air), Hassan gets severely sexually abused – raped – while Amir watches. Amir does nothing to help his friend, something he never forgets and always regrets. Due to the political turmoil that hits the nation, propagated by the Russian Communists, Amir and his father are forced to flee their homeland. They make their way to The United States, where they receive genuine freedom, though Amir’s father loses all his wealth and winds up working in a gas station. Amir graduates from college, decides to become an author, and even gets his book published, when he receives a telephone call. This call is from an old family friend, currently living in Pakistan, asking him to return home. There he learns that he must go back to Afghanistan, now controlled by the Taliban, to help Hassan’s son. This movie shows the true brutal nature of the Taliban, as well as the problems of communism. The making of this movie also had off-screen repercussions. The two boy-actors who played Hassan and Amir were transported, by the filmmakers, out of Afghanistan to the United Arab Emirates in order to protect them from the possible outcry of the Afghani community. This film is highly recommended to any conservatives and also anyone looking to reaffirm their patriotism for America. It is hard to have seen this movie and not think about how lucky we are to have the liberty which we do and not have to live under an evil tyranny. HF
Kite Runner copyright 2007 Dreamworks Pictures

the hillsdale forum presents...

ere’s to you, Mr. Talk-Too-Much-In-Class. While the teacher is trying to teach his lesson, you feel the need to raise your hand in order to enlighten the class on extra information not covered in the 500 pages of required reading. Yes, that is interesting. Yes, that is fascinating. Yes, you are wasting class time with your irrelevant, loosely-connected questions. Sure, Prof. Soand-so is duly impressed by your wide knowledge of information on very specific topics not previously brought up in the lecture, but now the class is starting to wonder and has become generally unsure of who is really teaching the class. So sit back, relax, and put your hand down. Here’s your first lesson, so start taking notes: no one’s interested. –JR


Real Hillsdalians of Genius


Jim Noir Jim Noir (available now)

Gnarls Barkley The Odd Couple (available now)

Toby Keith Mariah Carey 35 Greatest Hits E=MC2 (May 6, 2008) (Available Now)


Building Your Summer Book List?
by Stephani Francl
that point – Christ has not yet returned – and until he does such pursuits are futile. Instead, Have you ever wondered where the we live each day in the Kingdom of Man, a proper relationship between religion and corrupt and self-serving kingdom that on its government lies? At Hillsdale we spend own is a danger to all living in it. semesters--some of us all four years-After defining the kingdoms, Colson studying the American government and addresses not the literal arrival of the the foundations upon which it is built. physical Kingdom of God on earth, but rather Although the the Kingdom of God Founders could at work operating in not possibly the Kingdom of Man have anticipated until Christ’s return. the specific He argues that the circumstances we Kingdom of God is face today, does complete, requiring this mean that absolute submission the structure they of an individual to it. set up cannot still Yet the submission work? required by Christ to Where is the the Kingdom of God is balance? unlike the submission Chuck Colson required by an earthly takes up this very monarch. Christ encouraged his subjects question in God and Government, to submit to earthly authority, pay taxes, an updated and follow laws that release of a book did not directly conflict Colson wrote with His commands. In twenty years ago this way it is a Kingdom titled Kingdoms which operates within a in Conflict. kingdom and is thus far In defining the Available now from Zonderfan Publishing, Kingdom of $14.99 more dangerous. God from the Colson takes a sobering Judeo-Christian look at societies perspective, Colson quickly points out what throughout history that have attempted to some Christians fail to grasp: that the time rid themselves of the Kingdom of God. of the Kingdom of God is not yet here. The Colson chronicles the struggle of Dietrich book of Revelation promises Christ’s return Bonhoeffer Hitler in the years leading up to and the establishment of His Kingdom on World War II. This history lesson leads into earth. However, humanity has yet to reach Colson confronting ways in which American to vote. It is a privilege to have a say in the way one’s government is run. While voting may be viewed by most as a natural right, many do not exercise this ‘right’ unless it directly corresponds to themselves, opposed to thinking about the overall good of the country as a whole. Voting isn’t simply about voting for the ‘perfect’ candidate, but for the best candidate, and about adverting the bad options. Voting is not something to be taken for granted. White House spokeswoman Dana Perino was recently quoted in Newsweek discussing this very topic. She said, in response to whether the Bush Administration cares about input from the public, that “The American people have input every four years, and that’s the way the system is set up.” If we as Americans do not vote and take an active role in our government, we

arts & entertainment
society is following in Germany’s footsteps. At one point, he recalls a Princeton student’s protest after President Carter reinstated draft registration in 1977, saying, “Nothing is worth dying for.” If the slogan is true, says Colson, the protestors fail to address “the reverse of that slogan: if nothing is worth dying for, is anything worth living for?” Nietzsche’s influence, widespread among American university students, may have a more dire affect than any could have imagined. Finally, Colson looks to the presence of the Kingdom of God, a presence which he finds to be alive and well in America today. Though some may be distressed at the state of America today, he cautions that this is no reason to remove one’s influence altogether. Colson cites C.S. Lewis’ idea “that in love of country, as in love of family, we don’t love our spouses only when they are good.” Likewise American Christians must continue to be patriots, acknowledging flaws but faithful in love and service. This scholarly book by Colson combines his profound knowledge of Christian ideals with a well-versed political understanding garnered from his years in the problematic Nixon administration. Colson’s experience in government and his rather unlikely conversion to Christianity give the book credence. Colson inserts historical fact amidst modern day arguments. One reader said of the book, “Every time I think, ‘I’d like to hear that backed up’ he provides exactly that in the very next paragraph.” Colson’s wide range of sources make him a pleasure to read. He cites works ranging from Cicero to Nietzsche, C.S. Lewis to Augustine. He quotes from Supreme Court decisions and references the Bible. Each ill. The claim that Hillsdale is a bubble has obviously been disproved from the fact that the students no longer live inside it; inside the bubble, Hillsdale students would argue for the merits of civic duty, family-church-state relations, and limited government. Outside the bubble, students expect to be spoonfed ideas and become angry when their wants are not being met in a timely fashion. They take the passive-aggressive approach of complaining, something Benjamin the donkey from George Orwell’s Animal Farm knew well. In the book, he represented the non-voter, wanting change but never taking action until it was too late. John McCain may not be the ‘ideal’ candidate, but we need to stop lamenting the past and look positively into the future. As much as we would like McCain to be like Reagan (forever the ideal conservative), he’s


chapter is heavy with both footnotes and endnotes, and Colson also provides a list “For Further Reading.” This book offers an argument for the proper relationship between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man. The argument is historically based and factually backed.. A surprisingly easy read, Colson’s work will appeal to both the casual reader and to the seeker of an answer to the question of God and Government. HF Stephani Francl is a 2007 graduate of Hillsdale College who now works as the Senior Research Assistant to Dr. Arnn. Contact her at


Dinesh D’Souza What’s So Great About Christianity? --David Kinnaman UnChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity…and Why it Matters --Lee Stroble The Case for a Real Jesus --Laura Ingraham Power to the People
not and Ronald Reagan is dead. He’s not coming back, and even if he did, he served his country for two terms and is therefore ineligible to run again. We, as conservatives, need to move on and look to the future of the party and the country. That is the only way we can secure the continuance and betterment of our country. Liberal celebrities may have made the political advocacy organization ‘Rock the Vote’ popular, but the company has the ‘right’ message: it is time to take action. The Founding Fathers did not set up the voting system for their own personal amusement; they set up a government by the people, for the people, so that all have a chance to have their say. Hillsdale, with its commitment to freedom and liberty, needs to set the standard and be a role model in today’s society. Refusing to vote not only weakens one’s position, but renders the entire system ineffective. HF

Apathy from page 9

then deserve to be made captive in our own environment under laws and men we do not agree with or like. Furthermore, if we do not vote, we forfeit the right to America’s favorite pastimes—lobbying and protesting—because voting is the first step towards making a change and a difference in our country. If we can not even take time out of our day to vote, we have no right or say in our government. If one would like to see more immediate effects of Hillsdale’s apathetic stance, one can just look to the Princeton Review. According to their 2008 review of colleges, Hillsdale College is no longer on the list of ‘Most Politically Active Students,’ and the college takes a back seat to Thomas Aquinas College for ‘Most Conservative Students’ and ‘Students Most Nostalgic for Ronald Reagan.’ That fall from grace should embarrass the college and its students tremendously, and it is time to recognize, diagnose and cure this



say what?


Oh no they didn’t-- OH YES they did! and we heard them say it too... Faculty beware, “OverheArd at Hillsdale” is back.
We’re a nation of the future! Who gives a figgy pudding?” --Prof. Siegel “There are evil citizens in the world, maybe some in this room. If there are any modernday Cicero’s out there, you have to fight them. So think about that next time you’re thinking about what to do after college.” --Dr. Hutchinson

the back page

“Beagles are the Devil’s spawn. Why anyone “If we’re going to have would want a Beagle is beyond me. They are the a scandal, we might as worst dogs in the world, one step above a Jack “Don’t tie your shoelace to well have a fun name Russell Terrier…you know, my mother had one your zipper, and don’t produce like Teapot Dome!” once. Once, when I visited, it stole my wallet. fragment sentences. These are --Dr. Folsom Driver’s license, credit cards, everything…credit both unforgivable.” card fees were through the roof...” --Dr. Whalen --Dr. Sundahl “You start learning when you start teaching. So start teaching.” --Dr. Eden “I am eaten, however, is passive. And unpleasant.” --Dr. Hutchinson “What does a philosopher pray to?” “80,000 dollars on call girls? The guy must have the sex drive of an insect…” --Dr. Pongracic “Why would you not memorize it? Why would you do that to yourself? At that point, it’s just a form of self-abuse found only in Hollywood stars.” --Dr. Weaire Male student: So what’s the context for this? Did Greece take their art? Capture their hearts? Weaire: No, no! For God’s sake, this isn’t a Hallmark card! --Prof. Charles Butterworth (guest lecturer)

“Deficits usually are unplanned and a big surprise to the government…like a teenage pregnancy” --Dr. Pongracic

November 24, 1925 – February 27, 2008
by Julie RObison
The name William F. Buckley, Jr. hardly needs an introduction. Buckley, throughout his life, always strove to do his best, and lived his life devoted not only to the cause of strengthening and validating the GOP, but to his family, friends, and faith. The father of modern conservatism, his work in the public sphere showed a true strength of character and convictions, always willing to do his civic duty for the sake of his country. Buckley gave many talks and debates around the country, never being afraid of taking the unpopular stance if he deemed it right. Thousands of his articles and essays have been published, as well as over 50 well-received books, starting with his infamous God and Man at Yale. When he was 15, his father, William F. Buckley, Sr., wrote a letter to his son, saying “Your Mother and I like very much your attitude of having strong convictions and of not being too bashful to express them. What I meant was that you would have to learn to be more moderate in the expression of your views and try to express them in a way that would give little offense as possible to your friends.” Later in life, Buckley took steps against both the Left and the Right if he did not agree with their positions on issues. He left his editorship at The American Mercury due to the magazine’s anti-Semitic inclinations and denounced the John Birch Society. In the late 1970s, he resigned from the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), a union he did not wish to join in the first place but was forced to join, which resulted in a lawsuit and ultimately resignation of membership, and left his post on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International USA because of their position on capital punishment. Even after he semi-retired from public life, he continued to write, even to death’s door; he was found in his study at home, writing perhaps his final column for National Review or part of his latest book, The Reagan I Knew. Perhaps, in the end, Buckley will only be remembered for starting a magazine. In 1958, Buckley said that “National Review has entered the mainstream of American thought, and it is now an institutional fact of American life…It is the voice of American conservatism, and more and more, is recognized as such.” However, it is not National Review or any of his works but rather Buckley himself that defined the subsequent generations, blazing a path for others to follow. He will be duly missed and always admired. HF requiescat in pace, William F. Buckley, Jr.

Remembering Buckley

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