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TOWNSHIP OF BRICK ‘OCEAN COUNTY, NEW JERSEY 401 CHAMBERS BRIDGE ROAD, BRICK, NJ. O87 name Dhision of Enginaering Tewaship Counc “ince Minchin - President ss Crate Vie President lass €, Comming, PE, PP, CME, CPIM, CFL "Township Engineer &Floodpain Manger Uso Ve eomnnssitwn poche Derek Y,Ambrsino 732.262.1000 ther dedong Fax: 732.262.2941 Maranna Pontriero ve ca ‘anarea Zope cep beck us Alternate Pavement Design Review r Pamela ONS Case Nos PB-2880-PMS-FMS-8/21 November 29, 2022 October 13,2022 Applicant: Robert C, Feseo! D.R. Horton NPA. Project: The Havens at Metedeconk 2040 Briggs Road - Suite A Prelim, Major Subdivision Mount Laurel, NJ 08084 443 Laurel Avenue Block 645; Lot 21 | am in receipt of «report entitled, “21140 THE HAVENS AT METEDECONK; STRUCTURAL ADEQUACY OF PERVIOUS PAVEMENT SECTION CALCULATIONS,” (the eport), unsigned & undated, as prepared by Hammer Land Engineering. 1 have atached a redline eapy ofthe report to clarify my comments below. 1 have also taken the liberty of numbering the pages for ease of reference. 1 The Residential Site Improvement Standards (RSIS) N.A.C. 5:21-4.19(e), allows for Altemate pavement design, It states: “Alternate pavement design shal be allowed provided it conforms with one ofthe following: 4 AASHTO Method of Flexible Pavement Design, b, AASHTO Method of Rigid Pavement Design, ce. Patigue Strength Method of Design, Multilayer Elastic Analysis, or The Nations Crushed Stone Assuviation Design, ‘The report references the National Asphalt Pavement Association for several assumptions and references with respect tothe pavement calculation provided however, as thee are no references tothe National Asphalt Pavement Association in the RSIS, assumptions of recommendations taken from the National Asphalt Pavement Associaton ate invalid when utilized in an alternate pavement design analysis, unless they are also referenced Somewhere ina through d above, herr tcectcomsrcitunttorermen Aff (Baromsniterek Brick Township Planning Board "November 29 2022 PB-2880-PMS-FMS-8/21 Page 2 of 4 2. The largest variable in the pavement calculation isthe structural numberof the pavement section (SN). This is supposed to be based upon the sum of the strength ‘of the individual pavement layers proposed. The SN used in this report is 165,747 18 — kip BSAL. Conclusion Per the requirements of AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures utilizing equation 112.1 for flexible pavements withthe proposed pavement section, a value of 933,254 18-kip ESAL’s were caleuated for the roadway. Ths value exceeds the actual number of equivalent 18- kip ESAL's of 165,747, Therefore, the pavement section proposed is structurally suficient for ‘the proposed residential usage. Standard Norma Deviate Zp Section 1 Chapter Section 4.23, ggeeseszes Section I Chapter 2 Section 22 Table 2.2-Page 11s DANES {tibet Cetin ‘Therelore,utiing the recommended level of relibilty for 8 loca roadway of 8: Z_=-0.881 [HAMMER EST Standard Overall Deviation 5, “The overal standard deviation takes into account the variability aszocated with design and construction Inputs including varlbilty and material properties, subgrade, traffic, and environmental exposure ‘Section 1 Chopter4 Section 4.3 ‘Aang of, values are provided for pavement sections: : 0.30-0.40 Rigid Pavements weaker Paement sirenaind 0.40-0.50 Flexible Pavements ene ‘standard deviation value of 044i appropriate Initial serviceabilty ofthe as-construction pavement - p, ‘Section | Chapter 1 Section 1.3 Pavement performance ~Page I The initial serviceabiity index san estimate by the user of what the PSI wil be immediately after construction. The servceabilty of a pavement is expressed in terms ofthe present serviceability index (PSI). The scale of PSI ranges from O through § with avalue of S representing te highest index of serviceability Values of Pi established for AASHO Road Test Conditions were 8.2 for flexible pavements and 45 for rigid pavements. Therefore, a value of 4.2 willbe used 2 » Terminal serviceability of the as-construction pavement p, Section Chapter 1 Section 1.3 Pavement performance - Page 8 The terminal serviceability index i the lowest acceptable level before resurfacing or reconstruction becomes necessary forthe particular cass of highway. ‘Values of Pt established for highways witha lower classification are 2.0. p20 [HAMMERS Peso encuccari | Aeslient Modulus My ‘The resent modulus is the defitve material property use to characterize roadbed sl fr pavernent design oa eto caret “AASHTO Section Chapter I Section 1.5 Roodbed Sal= Page IE Cee sour Equation 15:1 below developed to determine Mr | aronay, to recesves 00x CBR fom \endina, T¥ varie soi \ AiFe 8A USCS Equivalent = Varies SW, SM, SPS, ESM, SPP California Bearing Ratio (CBR = varies 30-40 + Conservaivey use 10 "7s pr soldta provided in Stormwater Management Investigation The Havens At Metedeconk prepare by Earth Engineering Incorporation Dated August 31,2021 My = 1500 x CBR = 1,500 x 10 = 15,000 PSI | pon Ane in-sito [enivee! Restient Marois shod © . | conatn OF wre on She Subgade, “Te fq vay | wo evoivation L303 “develepes” Gram an equaiton From, AASBTO aceqons a T2ANe Aarra9 she Ma valve used S ake ynte log) correction , where MB 108 (Me Ao accoon' crame of seasons madsles of Gd) wS Sypically, delermined Gea, © Aras ted MIME} Aesllent Modulus Con. Mg Por NAPA, it is recommended that the typical flexible pavement subgrade moduhisvakes ae to be ‘reduced by 25-50% for porous asphalt pavements. ee Table from page 10 of NAPA below for recommended My valves We 7 asleleadelelejejelee My = 9000 Pst ‘The more conservative value of Ma = 9,000 PSI willbe utilized forthe design. sere agpreans ‘yet osed Yne Munawum cecammended Me value Sor pores! Please note, Mi te Grom NAPA, Wiren 1 not rccegiable Sor PANemend Aesiany eV MIG SR ESET ‘Additional NAPA references: [HAMMERS SSS ‘Adtional checs ‘Ghapter introduction and Background: ‘Section 1.2 Design Considerations Structural number (Ss equl to the structural number inlcative ofthe total pavement thickness requ, (heck: SNprovied = SNrecommended Pavement Section Recommended ‘Chopter 4 Low Volume Road Design - Section 421 Flexible Pavement Design Cotolog Tables 4.6 and 4.7 presenta catalog of flexible pavement Structural Number (SN values tht may be sed for the design of low-volume roads. Where Range of 184 SAL traficlevel = Low (50,000 to 300,000) US. Climatic Region = (Per Figure 4.1) Relative Quaity of Roadbed Soll = Good (Table 4.2) Where (© Resient Modulus (Mg) = 9,000 pi Structural Number recommended per Tobe 46 Flexible Pavement Design Catalog for Low-Volume ‘Roods: Recommended Ranges of Structural Number (SN or the Si US. Climatic Regions, Three Levels of ‘ale Load Trafic ond five Levels of Roodbed Soll Quolty~ Inherent Rlobilty: 50 percent: 19.2.4 Structural Number recommended per Table 47 Fleuble Pavement Design Catalog for Low-Volume oad: Recommended Ranges of Structural Number (SN) forthe Si US. Climatic Regions, Tree Levels of ‘ule Loed Trafic ond Five Level of Roodbed Soll Quality - Inherent Relay: 75 percent: 2.02.6 HAMMERS ERGOT Figure 4.1~ Located in Region ore, he Cm pate ea 2) led tr yrahle Some, lan Y 7 ggad Jatome and ews . Weve horal > Niumicet Nonidet = 5 XDy-+ Dy 05 X Dy SW = 006 x 12 + 0.09% 40 + 0302-4 030 x 3.125 =261 Where: «= layer coefficient for surface, base, & subbase course materials D layer thickness (in. of surface, setting bed, base, & subbase course Lava Layer Thickness and Structural Layer Coefficients [Ame prepaad, gare eecvon seal ae toer | ee [i= Nev wade | sr coe Sp a Narn Sear jes ee ee ee ee +} metecaina tein] tee Sapa siteuecena(nuti3) 200 Gos _ oa Tana Layer coefficient recommendations as per suggested values in Appendix D below from ASCE/TEDI/ICPL 68-18 Permeable interlocking Concrete Pavement Standard 2018. | Le Nod proeaed, | vPeno0K 0 PICP STRUCTURAL DESIGN USING AASHTO 1983, GUIDE FOR DESIGN STRUCTURES (OF PAVEMENT 51 SyeFeaie, Sales to NOT vsc ‘2 ig Sg ese is de ‘ning nls my he | —_ Sita maw Sg ta te See Se ne = {hte ier th wae ty devi. ‘Simian toed ene a SAL ASIETO poo waked AE cag 6 ald rps Aa te eae ‘Shen it Sn ws eB ETE Sha tins ie go “ep easement GigiBhissssceaceam aise AS a4 VNU IARY weet totter ee Srockee) \umicer Gar Mne. Repereants Sean YS) Sthaommta 20-268 ney been provided | a - ees | mre equa on + se ore custey a aa a the pavement section proposed is structurally sufiient and isin compliance with RSIS jac 5.21. Check: Syne ® SNercommenset © \me emloraked sYroctural qumniser Yor Fre WIC rood 1S 26), why WAS Va\ue

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