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Johnny Supreme Reality/God

It is Spirit. Its basic intrinsic constitution is Energy which pervades and moves in and moves all things. It is dynamic and not just static (the particular place in movement). It expresses Itself in two ways 1. God consciousness (Energy) present only in human. 2. Animating energy present in humans, animals and non- living things (all of matter/Universe). According to Quantum physics, Reality/existence/substance is a particle as well as a ray. It is static as well as moving. Creation Every philosophical and belief system has creation as its starting point. Statement on creation determines our understanding of Reality. The Supreme Spirit Self Immolated Itself i.e. created the world out of Itself. The transformation and transmission of energy into name, form and movement (action). Hence Energy gave rise to name and form i.e. the world of multiplicity. Every substance in this world has Energy i.e. animating energy which human body too possesses. The Energy/Supreme Spirit is in all the names and forms in an animating form and hence there is movement. But in human it is in both animating and God Consciousness form, since we are made in the image of God. Hence human are both matter and spirit. So the Supreme Spirit is in all the names and forms of this universe. There is no creation by Ex- Nihilo, but creation by self-immolation. We all have that Divine Energy in us. How to connect with this Energy. It is by reviving the God Consciousness in us through the historical manifestation of the Supreme Spirit (this state is Liberation). Hence Jesus is the Energy in action through name and form who attained Christhood. The Ontological status of Reality remains the same but our experiences, understanding and articulation of that experience of Reality changes and differs. Man/Human Person Every Human has a Body/substance (which is matter and animating energy) and a Spirit (an inherent God consciousness (Supreme Energy) unlike in non-living things and animals- which has matter, and animating energy only). Each of us have a mortal and immortal aspect or Ego and God consciousness/the inherent Supreme Spirit/ Energy. Hence what has come into being can never be fully destroyed-all things continues as matter and animating energy. After death the human body still remains as matter and animating energy. The one who experienced the Energy or God consciousnesses merges with the Supreme Spirit/Energy. Those who have not experienced it, remain after death as matter, animating energy but the human spirit continues and is born again as human being with the help of matter.

Sin The conscious suppressing of the God consciousness and letting the human Ego have its control over the God consciousness. God created man in his own image and hence God is the originator of evil or ego as well as of God consciousness. Holy Spirit/ Supreme Spirit Holy Spirit is the agent behind the revival or the agent for the victory of God Consciousness over the human Ego. We all are in a journey to attain the Highest God Consciousness, i.e to be like Christ /Christhood. Body or the matter decays but the Spirit lives for eternity when matter is united with the inherent Supreme Energy (God consciousness). Non-living things and animals have both the animating energy and matter, once destroyed or died they still continue as both matter and animating energy. But humans continue after death as matter, animating energy and as Spirit- both as one who attained God consciousness and experienced the Supreme Energy or spirits of those who were controlled by their Ego. Those who attained God Consciousness become one with the Supreme Energy. Who is Jesus Jesus was man who had complete and total victory over his ego and let the God consciousness in him have its way and hence had no sin. God consciousness reached its highest state in Jesus as and he attained Christhood. That God consciousness in him enabled him to perform miracles. He was crucified because of his radical life, his equation of himself with God as he had a complete union with him and hence uttered, I and my Father are One. He was crucified by men who were controlled by their Human Ego as he came with a message of reviving the God Consciousness/Energy in each one of us. At his death he cried out Abba father into your hands I give my Spirit. The body died once the Spirit left it. But the Spirit of Christ, the Highest God consciousness still remained on earth and thus his disciples were able to see It. It had a transformed body which transcended both time and space. There was no resurrection of the body only a transformation of the body- the Manifested Energy. The pre-requisite was a Highest God consciousness or experience of Energy. The Historical Manifestation of Supreme Spirit/ Energy The highest God consciousness comes in different historical contexts as the manifestation of the Supreme Reality/Energy as Ram, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha. They had the highest God consciousness and were the manifestation of Supreme Reality- One beyond the world of multiplicity into which the manifestation came. But humans took these manifestations as the Supreme Reality Itself, which led to an exclusive attitude and a close system of belief. Each religious system took their particular historical manifestation as Ultimate. Thus began the religious systems of the world and the codification of the experiences of its founders (seen from the faith community perspective) and the doctrines and beliefs based on those experiences. All through human history mankind has been trying to understand and reach the Supreme Reality. When they saw these men and women with the highest God consciousness they took them to be the Supreme Itself. So in effect different religions are different approaches to the Supreme Reality through the historical manifestation. Since they appeared in different contexts there are differences of doctrines and beliefs

among different religions. Through these historical manifestations mankind strives to have a personal relationship with the Supreme in order to attain that God consciousness. Doctrines and beliefs statements should be a means to attain the God consciousness rather than an end in itself. But we see in the History of religion a shift from experience to doctrines and rituals which are just the externals of a religious system. What is the difference between these historical manifestations and those who attained God consciousness through them? Jesus/Krishna/Buddha were men who attained highest God consciousness in an historical context. But they were also the Supreme Spirit that became matter. Thus it was both a downward and an upward movement. Man /matter attaining Supreme Spirit/Energy and God/ Supreme Spirit/Energy attaining matter. When Supreme Spirit became matter/man it lost its transcendence, which was compensated by matter/man attaining the highest God consciousness- that was in an inherent form in him. So in different historical contexts we see The Spirit/God attaining matter and matter attaining Spirit/God. Its not a one-time event. So Jesus Christ is the historical manifestation of Christ/Supreme Spirit through the God consciousness of man Jesus.

SUPREME SPIRIT/ ENERGY ATTAINING MATTER/MAN (ENERGY) LOSES ITS TRANSCENDENCE HISTORICAL MANIFESTATION (HIGHEST GOD CONSCIOUSNESS-JESUS/KRISHNA/BUDDHA) (MATTER-ANIMATING ENERGY-SUPREME ENERGY) GAINS ITS TRANSCENDENCE MAN/MATTER ATTAINING HIGHEST GOD CONSCIOUSNESS (MATTER-ANIMATING ENERGYINHERENT GOD CONSCIOUSNESS) We all should strive towards the highest God consciousness by the medium of the different historical manifestations. These historical manifestations have a relational uniqueness and not absolute uniqueness. Hence Christ is unique to me since I had a saving experience through Christ. Similarly to a Muslim, Sikh or a Buddhist their particular historical manifestation is unique as they experienced God consciousness through them. Mission/evangelism in this context Sharing of our experiences of the God consciousness through the different historical manifestations through the medium of dialogue and thus enriching our journey towards the Supreme Reality. The codification of the life experiences of the historical manifestation and the experiences of the faith community gives a starting point of our spiritual journey. Let all the religious systems of this world

strive to reach the Spirit which was in the historical manifestation and not just be centered on its particular expression. Mission/Evangelism has two aspects 1. Dialogue to enrich our spiritual journey (Pluralistic Inclusive attitude) 2. Working towards the socio-economic-political equality of all since we all have the same divine Energy (Being) inherent in each one of us. We all have the same ontological status but our sociological positions are different. Hence Mission in India has to be both dialogical as well as participatory. Each religious or belief system has its experience of God or Reality codified in terms of symbols and signs system. But in these symbols/signs/traditions there are both liberating/life affirming as well as oppressive/life denying forces. At the transcendent level there is life-affirming potentials but at the phenomenal or at the socio-cultural milieu there is life-denying forces. Through dialogical encounters Christian mission should strive to bring out the life affirming forces of each religion. Hence together we share our experience of Reality, brought to us through the historical manifestations of that Reality. We use general revelation as a hermeneutical as well as an epistemological tool in our dialogical encounter. Not confrontation but confluence, not apologetics but dialogical. Not inculturation but inter- cultural encounter. A Theo-centric and not Christo-centric mission. Secondly through participatory encounter Christian mission should work along with other religions in their struggle for socio-political-cultural-economic equality, where we bring out the life affirming principles of each religion. We should use a particular religions contextual frame to have a participatory engagement with that particular religion. In this encounter hermeneutics plays a decisive and discursive role, where the codifications of the experience of God of the faith community as well as the experience of the particular historical manifestation is done. Hence through a re-reading of each religious scripture and through an affirmation of life affirming principles found in those scriptures, Christian mission should work towards the common good of all people. Only those people who have risen above the phenomenal aspect of religion i.e. rituals, self mortification activities and reach the transcendent level, where through their experience of that One Reality, affirm the presence of that One same Reality in each one of us, work towards social transformation. This gives a spiritual basis for social action. Hence religion becomes a basis as well as a catalyst for social change.