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Planning & Controlling the Supply Chain


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Manufacturing planning and control entails the acquisition and allocation of limited resources to production activities so as to satisfy customer demand over a specified time horizon. Planning is the heart of manufacturing. It determines your success in satisfying your customers, which in turns determines your company performance. The objective of planning is to develop a plan that meets demand at minimum cost or that fills the demand that maximizes profit. Come and join us in this specially designed activity-based workshop, you will learn the methodologies and effectiveness of planning & controlling the supply chain. Objectives: • The workshop aims to provide: • Understanding of the problems that arise in planning and control in supply chain perspective. • An introduction to the fundamentals of planning and control for supply chain • Challenges and difficulties in production activity control enterprise • Emphasizes the role of information integration and the role of MRP and Shop Floor Control Who should attend? This workshop is beneficial to directors, managers and executives from Purchasing, Planning, Materials & Inventory Control, Production, Warehouse, Logistics, Supplier Quality Engineering, Customer Service and Finance.

Workshop Methodology Participants will be stimulated to participate with active interaction in team activities like group discussions & presentations, business games & modeling and Harvard business case studies. What you will learn? 1. Overview of Operation Planning • Big Picture of Planning Process • Hierarchical Production Planning 2. Operation Strategy • Competitive Dimensions • Dealing with Trade-Offs • Order Qualifiers & Winners • Service Breakthroughs • Operation Strategy Framework • Steps in Developing a Manufacturing Strategy • Service Strategy Capacity Capabilities 3. Productivity Measurement 4. Aggregate Planning • Balancing Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Production Capacity • Key Strategies for Meeting Demand (Chase Strategy VS Level Strategy) 5. Operation Scheduling • MRP • Work Center Defined • Job-Shop Scheduling • Scheduling Rules • Shop Floor Control • Principles of Work Center Scheduling 6. Learning Curves • Underlying Principles of Learning Curves • Learning Curve Examples • Types of Learning • From Learning Curves to Performance Improvement Duration: 2 days (16 hours) For more Information, please kindly call us at 604-6467110 or Email us at Website:

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