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hand seyess tars

m te At pt s

rs ye M ne e G
to ch a re by

The machinery of the universe ! is humming⎯ The night sky hints ! blueprints.

in between splash splish splash splish rock skipping

these bones drift and crowd-the sound of heavy rain

starry night: a single stone thrown at the lake --

As a musician, Einstein couldnʼt keep time very well.

hills   turning quietly to sky --

snared rabbit watching the moon breaking free of the clouds

roof long gone pillars point into space young men on scaffolding

Grandma's face in the window above the sink ! distant stars

a crow caws⎯ the first black hole in the leaves you notice this year

on horseback a fly moving through the stream

lightning in the distance the feeling of a poem⎯ clearing the table

one bloom climbing the rotted walking cane

roadside flowers: half moon peeking out as she picks one

thin man thin cane long shadow

moth between window and screen Iʼm tired

walking cane in dry grass leaving the present where it is

Geneʼs weekly newspaper column, The Joy of Life, has a circulation of more than 2 million. He is an entertainment journalist who was awarded first place in Arts and Entertainment writing by the New Jersey Press Association.  His articles have appeared in more than 40 newspapers. His poetry publishing credits include: Tight, Graven Images, Candlestones, Double Room, a broadside by Joshua Beckmanʼs 811 Books, Tiferet Journal, Frogpond Journal, Word Salad, The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow Anthology, Beyond the Rift: Poets of the Palisades, Disco Prairie Social Aid & Pleasure Club by Factory Hollow Press, Paper Wasp, Chrysanthemum, A Handful of Stones, Prune Juice Journal of Senryu & Kyoka and the Irish Haiku Societyʼs Shamrock Haiku Journal. Contributing editor: Gene Myers, 2011 Cover art: Herbert Bayer (1900-1985)