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LESSON PLAN Year Time Date Subject Theme Topic Focused skill : 2 Bestari : 10.40 a.m 11.40 a.

.m : 11 April 2011 (Monday) : English : World of Self : Clothes : 2.0 Speaking Skill

2.1 Speaks clearly by pronouncing words accurately. o 2.1.1 Pronounce 2-syllable words.

Integrated skill

: 1.0 Listening

1.2 Listen to and repeat accurately the correct pronunciation of words and the correct intonation and word stress of phrases, expressions and sentences. o 1.2.1 Listen to and repeat the pronunciation of 2-syllable words.

4.0: Writing 4.4 Complete texts with the missing word, phrase or sentences. o 4.4.1 Complete missing words in phrases. Sentence Pattern : What is this? This is a blouse. Grammar Item Vocabulary Resources Previous Knowledge Learning outcomes : Nouns : blouse shirt, skirt, jeans, trousers, dress. : power point slides, real clothes, pictures, puzzles. : Pupils have seen the clothes in their daily life. : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: 1. Read aloud expressively and fluently pronouncing words correctly. 2. Spell words that are given and memorized correctly. 3. Answer the worksheet given. Thinking skill Moral value : Making association and connections, understanding, memorizing, differentiate. : Obedient, hardworking, cooperation.

Steps/ Stages Set Induction (8 minutes)

Content Introduction to the activity.

Teaching and Learning Activities 1. Teacher asks if pupils are ready for English.
2. Teacher shows two teddy bears, one wit clothes and the

Remarks Resources: - Two teddy beras.

other one without clothes. 3. Teacher asks pupils if they can find difference between those two teddy bears. 4. Teacher introduces the topic for todays lesson.

Presentation (15 minutes)

Introduce the name of buildings.

1. Teacher shows pictures of clothes introduced today. 2. Teacher asks pupils the name of each clothes.

Resources: - power point slides, real clothes. Moral Value: Obedient

Nouns introduced: 1. Shirt 2. Blouse 3. Jeans 4. Trousers 5. Skirt 6. Dress 4. Teacher calls pupils at random and asks he/she to pick the real clothes according to the picture shows on the slide show. 5. Teacher explains more on the clothes 3. Teacher introduces the correct spelling and pronunciation of each clothes followed by pupils.

Practice (10 minutes)

- Worksheet Jumbled Word

1. Teacher distributes worksheet to each pupils. 2. Teacher asks pupils to complete the missing words by rearranging the jumbled words given.

Resources: - Worksheet

Moral Value: 3. Teacher monitors the progress. 4. Teacher checks the answer with pupils. Hardworking

Production (15 minutes)


1. Pupils sit in their group. 2. Each group will be given an envelope containing nine pieces of puzzle.

Resource: Envelope, puzzle, real clohes Moral Value:

3. They need to rearrange it to become a complete picture of clothes. 4. They need to find the real clothes according to the picture and wear it. 5. With the guidance of teacher, they need to explain to class the clothes that their friends are wearing.


Closure (5 minutes)

Closing the lesson Singing

1. Teacher guides pupils to recall the name of clothes learnt today. 2. Teacher shows a song to pupils. 3.Teacher along with pupils sing together the song. 4. Teacher closes the lesson for today.