I. Objectives • II. Use active and passive voice of the verb

Subject Matter A. Topic: Active and Passive voice of the verb B. References: PELC II Building English Skills pp.89-93 C. Materials: Audio CD with player, Charts, Fish Bowl


Procedure A. Preparatory Activity Motivation (using Interpretative Dance) Put aside all the chairs to maximize the classroom space. Gather the class in the middle. Say: We are going to play a game “freeze me.” You will not just dance to the beat, but will interpret the song as well. Keep on dancing while the music is on. If the music stops, you have to freeze. When I catch a single move from you, you’re out. The last one dancing wins! B. Development of Lesson Presentation Say: When the music was on, what can you say about your movement? How about when you freeze? Your body is active when music is on, while it becomes passive when the music is off. Like body movements, sentences have both active and passive voice. Voice is a special form of verb. It has two kinds. Present the chart 1. Active voice 2. Passive voice

1. German is spoken in Austria. Henry Ford invented the assembly line. This is the voice that we use most of the time. 8. In the passive voice. She is reading an e-mail. by everybody. 3. 6. object The object of the active verb becomes the subject of the passive verb: subject active passive Everybody Water verb drinks is drunk object water. Lots of houses were destroyed by the earthquake. 7. 5. Fixing Skills Identify if the sentence is in active or passive voice of the verb. The bus driver was hurt. Alan teaches Geography. 4. These cars are produced in Japan. The passive voice is less usual. the object receives the action of the verb: subject active Cats eat verb object > fish. 2. .Analysis and Discussion The active voice is the "normal" voice. the subject receives the action of the verb: subject passive Fish verb < are eaten by cats. You should open your workbooks. In the active voice.

Generalization Sentences can be written or spoken in the active or passive voice. 5) The bus driver was hurt. 2) Bingo is played in Britain. Formative Test On your notebook. The chosen one shall give a number from 1-5 to get the number’s corresponding sentence. 4) French is spoken in Nigeria. 1) Steven likes to play baseball. The sentence construction shall be described through charade. Assignment Cut out at least 5 newspaper headline and transform it into passive or active . pick one (1) representative from group. C. 3) Lots of houses were destroyed. the subject is acted upon. Post Activities Enhancement Activity (using Charade) Instructions: Divide the class into four (4) groups. write ACTIVE if its in the active voice PASSIVE if not. For every round. The voice shall be finger spelled “Aa” for active and “Pp” for passive to determine the voice of the sentence. In the passive voice. the subject of the sentence acts upon something or someone. In the active voice.

voice of the verb. Paste it in your notebook. .

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