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A major cause of increasing attrition rate in many companies, is generally ineffective or inappropriate performance feedback and lack of effective

employee management. Ineffective feedback can affect the productivity of the employees and can ruin the entire work environment. To avoid this, it is essential to employ an effective performance feedback mechanism, that helps employees understand their strengths and weaknesses better. A good performance feedback can increase the productivity and satisfaction level among the employees. This in turn helps in improving the employee performance and the growth of the company. Performance feedback helps employees in better self analysis, which results in self improvement. It also gives them a chance to recognize their mistakes and gives insight about how to overcome the mistakes. It is important to maintain a constant dialog with the employees and have a good communication pattern in the company. A healthy work culture makes it easier to give an effective performance feedback. Below given are some of the performance feedback examples, that will tell you about how to deliver a performance feedback. Employee Performance Feedback Examples During performance appraisal of the employees, it is essential to convey the message in precise and apt words. Avoid being dominating and aggressive while talking to employees. Dealing with employees with egalitarian values is the key to successful performance feedback. Positive Performance Feedback Example: If you want to give a positive performance feedback to an employee, you can refer to the following sentences. They will boost the confidence of the employees and improve their productivity. This way, the employees will feel appreciated, as their efforts are recognized, inspiring them to contribute more.

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You have learned the tricks of the trade very early in your career and you are a thorough professional now. You have made the best use of your strengths and you surely know how to get over all the obstacles. You have acquired the technical and professional skills very well. It is evident from your performance that you are using those skills to the best of your knowledge and abilities. Your performance has been steady, in fact you have grown in the last few months. Your growth path is definitely positive.

Negative Performance Feedback Example: If you think, that the employee is not performing well and needs to improve, then explain this to him assertively, instead of shouting or looking down upon him or her. Below given are a few sentences, that are negative performance review feedback examples. They wont make the employees defensive or lower their self esteem in any way. On the other hand, it increases employee motivation.

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There is a lot of scope for improvement in your performance. We would provide you all the support to learn and improve. Your growth path is not very positive. You need to put more efforts and hard work to perform better. When you work passionately, it reflects in your work. So, cheer up and get started. Passion and perfection are the basic things that fetch success. We are always ready to guide you and we know you have the potential. With just a little sincerity, you are going to shine in this field. You need to concentrate more on your work now. If you have any discomforts regarding work or work environment you can tell us. We will try to give you the best environment but, do not let such problems affect your performance.

Performance Appraisal Feedback Examples Drafting a good performance appraisal document is a sign of good management structure of the company. Many companies conduct performance appraisals every year or every six months. There are

various aspects that need to be covered during a performance appraisal. Such as, written and verbal communication skills of the the employee, time management skills, professional skills, technical skills, etc. and how a particular employee has preformed in these areas. After expressing your ideas, you need to give a chance to the employee to express his or her point of view and opinions. Based on all the statements, counter statements, and discussion, you need to allot marks to the employee on each of the parameters and then give a final grade for his performance. You can grade it, as, poor, average, satisfactory, good, and excellent. You can use the following sentences during performance appraisals, depending on the performance of an employee.

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Your attitude and behavior with other co workers have always been professional. We are glad to have you in our company. You have very good communication skills. But you need to develop special skills in order to deal with our clients. We must admit that, you have a great time management skills. You have completed all your tasks on time without being under stress. You have performed in this project well but, you need to have an open mind to learn from your seniors or co workers. Their advise will only help you in growing.

I hope, the above performance feedback examples were resourceful for you. However, they are just examples, you can use innovative ways to make your performance feedback process effective. It is advisable to go through various examples of performance feedback, as that helps you to draft a meticulous performance feedback document. Performance evaluation or appraisals and reviews are an important part of any professional setting. The human resource department of a company in consultation with the employee's boss or department head is generally responsible for the evaluation of an employee's performance over a year's time. While performance review is an annual affair in most companies, there are some firms that have reviews on a biannual basis to let the employee know his or her strengths and weaknesses. Every company makes use of different performance appraisal methods in order to evaluate the employee performance. Some firms ask the employees to fill up a self evaluation form which enables the employer to know what he or she thinks about himself or herself. Performance evaluations are good ways of improving the morale of an employee by informing him or her about his strengths and also letting him or her know how they are an asset to the company. As a human resource professional, on several occasions it becomes difficult to frame these performance evaluations correctly and without sounding overtly casual. It is here that sample performance appraisals come in handy, enabling them to draft effective phrases for performance appraisals properly. This article provides some sample performance evaluation comments for your use. Performance review phrases need to maintain a fine line between a formal tone and being very casual. They also need to be written with authority but should not be written in a domineering tone. Always try to tone down the negatives mentioned in the performance appraisals by highlighting a few positives about the employee. It is important that employee performance appraisals do not put down the morale of employees. There are many different key areas that are discussed in performance appraisals. Sample performance evaluation comments for five of these key areas have been given in this article. These aspects are time management and punctuality, stress management, professionalism, communication skills, leadership and team building. Performance Evaluation Quotes on Time Management and Punctuality

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Has created a benchmark where punctuality and consistency related to work is concerned. Leading by example where punctuality is concerned has inspired his team and enabled to achieve team targets. Ensures that his team maintains proper schedules and does not take breaks outside the specified timings mentioned.

Time management skills are extremely good and he is very efficient at judging the time required to complete scheduled tasks.

Performance Evaluation Phrases on Stress Management

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Handles stressful situations with great ease and is capable of coming up with solutions for these problems without much assistance. Never loses his temper or cool in even the most difficult situations. Works well under pressure and comes up with out of the box solutions even in crisis situations.

Sample Performance Evaluation Comments on Professionalism

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Develops and maintains professional relationships with people who would benefit the company. Behavior with fellow employees is extremely professional as is his attitude towards his work. Always works towards effective gathering of information to allow him to stay ahead of the curve and in tune with the demands of the market.

Sample Performance Evaluation Comments on Communication Skills

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Possesses the talent of frankly communicating with colleagues and team members without showing any disrespect. Gives proper feedback which has helped gain the respect of coworkers. Effectively thinks of solutions to problems and communicates the same to fellow workers A very good listener who cares about colleagues and listens to their problems giving them sound advise in case they need it. His ability to do so has earned him the respect of his colleagues.

Performance Evaluation Quotes on Leadership and Team building

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Inspires his team and builds their confidence by setting examples. Has the natural ability to make his fellow workers and customers feel at ease by solving the problems they have but never making them feel lesser than him. Appreciates the contribution of his team members, successfully raising team spirit by doing so. Is a natural leader who gets the amount of respect that he should due to the respect he shows to others in the company. This has helped raise team productivity.</LI< ul>These sample performance evaluation comments are complimentary performance appraisal phrases that you can use in your performance evaluations. Hopefully, they will enable you to draft your performance reviews well.

A performance evaluation is an integral aspect of any organization. Assessing the skill set of every person and the functioning of the organization is vital for its growth, as Harold Green puts it aptly, "Performance is your reality. Forget everything else". Evaluation of success criteria for an organization and its employees not only does a ground check on what the current state of the organization is, but also helps in identifying major loopholes in the hierarchical functioning of the organization. After all, success comes only when failures are identified and not to forget, rectified too! So here, let me share

a sample performance evaluation example in this article, with the help of some sample performance evaluation comments. Sample Performance Evaluation Phrases Various parameters factor a performance evaluation. So, before we take a look at sample performance evaluation examples, let's understand the parameters that dictate performance appraisal comments. The few important ones that factor a performance appraisals are listed below:

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Punctuality Interpersonal relationships Smart work vs hard work Technical skill set Customer service Leadership qualities Reliability Preset goals and accomplishments Aim to achieve

The entire performance evaluation of an organization depends on the above parameters of each employee. Now let's have a look at some sample performance evaluation phrases. You can also refer to sample performance appraisals and performance evaluation template to ensure that all key performance areas are reviewed during the appraisal process. Quality Positive Phrases Meeting the time lines and clocking office hours punctually has never been missed even once, by Jane. Truly, she has a laudable record when it comes to promptness. Daniel has an uncanny way of solving problems. His positive attitude is the reason for his number of achievements in the most trying projects. Negative Phrases Adrian needs to catch up with his deadlines. His tardy work schedules are affecting other employees' work. Sally's team is undergoing a lot of pressure at work because of her indecisiveness and incorrect attitude. She needs to control her mood swings. Smith needs to have faith in his team. By not divulging crucial information at decisive times with his team members is delaying important commitments. The weekly status reports are not complete in details, in mails. Ashley needs to improve on her verbal and communication skills and should learn to write concise mails. Frank needs to think 'out of the box' for certain problems. His rigid attitude is delaying important work schedules.

Attendance and Punctuality


William is an excellent team player and a role model for every team leader. Having Cooperation and working with different clients and having Teamwork handled different teams, he is an efficient leader, who values the skill set of every member of his team. Edward has a flair for communication. Asking the right questions, saying the right things at the right time and being an avid listener are some of his praiseworthy traits which other employees must adopt too. Nelson believes, a problem can have varied solutions. His creative ways of dealing with problems has invoked interest and respect in the employees of the organization.


Creativity and Innovation


In the most challenging projects, Jake is the person who can handle the given tasks with ease. His contribution in the performance testing of the Lloyds Bank application was commendable, where he spent day and night in testing application and generating reports with impeccable accuracy, without much help. He is a paragon for reliability. Claudia has an eldritch knack of garnering people's attention and making people feel privileged, when she holds meetings. Her interpersonal skills are laudable and it is evident with her team bagging the 'Best Project Award' for the past 4 years. Vladimir has a knack for management. In spite of having the shortest deadlines for the most trying projects, the end results have always been rewarding due to his immaculate management skills. Nancy has been one of the most proficient customer service trainers and is excellent at taking calls from the various customers. Her patience and problem solving abilities are highly appreciated. Eric has been into developing applications for the past 10 years and his passion for learning has helped him build strong technical skills, which has yielded many sound and flawless applications.

Andrea has to work hard to earn trust from the higher management. Her frequent and unanticipated disappearance from office has been deemed as a highly unreliable and irresponsible behavior. Watson is an intelligent guy, but his strong personality and blunt way of communicating makes him quite unapproachable for his team members. Gillian needs to take some lessons on management. Setting up unrealistic goals for the employees and being quite headstrong is not going to get any success for the team. Vivian needs to rectify her reputation of being the escapist. Delegating most of the calls to seniors indicates her inability to handle clients. Anna's poor problem solving skills indicate, she needs to revise her technical skills before undertaking any commitment.

Interpersonal Skills

Management Skills

Customer Service Skills

Technical Skill Set