Fighting for Our Home

Housing, Health, Education, Food, Work, Environment
Dror Israel - July 2011
A. Housing
Each and every Israeli citizen is entitled to the basic right to have a home . Israel's government should fulfill this right through the following measures: 1. Building "affordable housing" At least 30% of each new private housing project should be made intorentals and at least 20% should be built as small apartments. 2. Blocking the National Housing Commission law,which will transfer more land to the few wealthy tycoons who can afford to buy it. 3. Building public housing By law, profit from the selling of older public housing must be invested towards establishing new public housing; We want to see that law put into action with the 3 billion shekels made in the last few years. 4. Heavy penalties on contractors who hold construction-approved land without building on it. 5. Investing 1 billion shekels in building the foundations for building public housing, with an emphasis on the periphery.

B. Basic rights
Today, Israel's financial policy does not serve all citizens and the society as a whole struggles as a result. There is an urgent need to act to reduce th e gaps in Israel: 1. Dramatic decrease of living costs in Israel through reducing regressive taxes (VAT, etc.) and increasing progressive taxes (IRS, capital taxes, etc.) to the acceptable levels in the OECD. Change 50% -50% to 70% progressive taxes and 30% regressive taxes. 2. True solutions to the housing problems through the means detailed above: affordable housing, public housing and investing the required funds for developing infrastructure for construction. 3. Increase salaries by increasing minimum wage to 50% of the average salary, enforcing labor laws, etc. 4. Fulfill the right to education, health and personal security by adopting the OECD standards for policemen, fire fighters, doctors, hospital beds, students per classroom and teachers. 5. Developing infrastructure and strengthening the periphery developing national infrastructure, ceasing privatization, building proper public transportation infrastructure, and establish ing centers of employment in the periphery. 6. Increasing the government budget for the welfare of all Israeli citizens in order to fund articles 1 -5, there needs to be an increase of the national budgetincluding a full transfer of surplus income taxes to the development budget.
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