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Its News Show time! Online, on tablet, on mobile.

A one-day masterclass on how to turn dull, template-based sites into coherent, cross-platform news experiences that captivate users, confound the competition - and grow revenues.
University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK
When journalists think theyre producing content, pure and simple, theyre wrong, in the same way that a Starbucks barista thinking she simply produces coffee is wrong. You think youre there for coffee, but youre really there for the full experience the music, the collegiality, the reading space, the aroma, the brand. You pay for coffee, sure; but the whole experience is what counts. The same is true for news: its an overall experience rather than a simple product. The challenge for publishers is bringing the mindlessly implicit navigation of a print product a magazine-like experience into the patterns of digital consumption, says Krishna Bharat, the founder of Google News. Who should attend the #NewsShow masterclass? Content will include: Analysis of the web content display paradigm: a static table of contents in a fixed template. The new content paradigm of the iPad: a print language in a digital environment. Integrating the advantages of web and print displays: enabling web editors to create a news show by quickly changing homepages and sections to best fit the specific content displayed. The three main change factors that influence the news show: Drama; Highlighting the best element from the article; Packaging. Effectively expressing the news show across all digital devices.

Friday, 21th October 2011

Workshop Leader: Grig Davidovitz is a consultant
and researcher who has worked with news organizations around the world to development cutting-edge journalistic products. He has in-depth experience both in web and print, and specializes in cross-platform solutions that meet the needs of digital users in the multi-device age and unlock new revenues for publishers. He has worked, amongst others, with Hearst Magazines (US), The World Association of Newspapers & News Publishers (WANIFRA), 24Sata (Croatia), Israel Today (Israel), TTG (Italia). Grig is the former Editor in Chief of Israels Haaretz news sites, and Deputy Head of its News Department.
Participants will also receive a copy of Francois Nels research report, The 4Cs of Mobile News: channels, content, conversation and comments, which analyses developments in the UK Press.

Senior journalists and executives in charge of creating digital products and monetizing them: publishers, editors, designers, business executives and developers. What will you learn?
Methodologies to better understand users needs from a digital news publisher. The evolution of these needs in the multi-device age. The key needs customers have in terms of news display. Improve user experience by turning content into news shows that grow traffic and loyalty. How to improve revenues by using the news show to leverage all relevant income streams: advertising, content sales; e-commerce.
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Improving the effectiveness of display ads by integrating them into the news show. Implementing news shows on your site, using your own CMS. Monetizing the improved digital products by using paywall/freemium strategies and eCommerce.
When and where? This one-

Transport Getting to and

around Preston is easy with direct train links from Manchester city centre (40 minutes), Liverpool (58 min) Manchester Airport (60min), London (2h14), Glasgow (2h20).
What to bring? Participants

day seminar runs from 10am 5pm on Friday, Oct 21st at Scholars, ULCAN, Preston. Registration from 9:30am.
Fees 110, incl. materials,

will need to bring their own laptops; wireless broadband and power outlets will be available.
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lunch & wireless broadband.

Less 10% for two or more from the same company or if you also join the #TruthTelling masterclass on Oct 20th.

Franois Nel on Twitter @francoisnel or Email

See the DEN blog m - for more details about linked th events on October 20 .

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The iPad proves that digital journalistic products dont have to look like a boring bunch of links stuck together. It is also proving that such captivating products are easier to monetize. But in todays multidevice age, why should this new experience be limited to tablets only? Grig Davidovitz