47 Indian companies have been listed in the Forbes Global 2000 ranking for 2009.

[1] The leading companies are: Revenue Profits Assets (billion (billion (billion $) $) $) 34.03 22.63 24.04 51.66 9.63 15.06 32.77 6.73 9.82 4.26 7.30 27.71 4.81 2.21 5.70 14.87 3.09 3.50 4.16 4.15 3.65 4.98 3.62 25.43 4.87 2.23 4.95 1.97 1.86 0.85 3.08 1.59 1.89 1.35 0.58 0.44 0.71 0.67 1.25 0.59 0.40 1.95 1.16 0.55 0.79 0.82 0.49 0.34 43.61 255.86 35.35 33.64 24.58 120.61 31.16 12.28 10.54 19.31 9.92 11.86 8.47 24.16 4.36 18.31 33.10 9.87 4.45 50.72 4.43 5.38 44.69 10.74 Market Value (billion $) 35.95 12.85 28.91 10.20 29.70 7.14 2.46 23.63 6.14 6.27 6.99 2.71 13.37 7.05 9.20 1.28 7.36 5.05 13.79 2.08 13.48 5.93 2.31 1.86

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Industry Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals Banking Oil & Gas Operations Oil & Gas Operations Electricity generation Banking Steel Telecommunications Services Steel Telecommunications Services Capital Goods Oil & Gas Operations Capital Goods Banking Software & Services Metal Banking Diversified Financials Software & Services Banking Food Drink & Tobacco Software & Services Banking Oil & Gas Operations

121 Reliance Industries 150 State Bank of India Oil and Natural Gas 152 Corporation Indian Oil 207 Corporation 317 NTPC 329 ICICI Bank 463 Tata Steel 508 Bharti Steel Authority of India Limited Reliance 689 Communications 773 Larsen & Toubro 795 Bharat Petroleum Bharat Heavy 796 Electricals 808 HDFC Tata Consultancy 834 Svcs 848 Hindalco Industries 864 HDFC Bank DLF Universal 883 Limited 891 Infosys Technologies Punjab National 946 Bank 987 ITC Limited 989 Wipro 997 Bank of India 1002 Hindustan Petroleum 582

24 1.51 0.25 20.26 2. And India has been the home to a number of multinational companies.64 27.32 3.66 4.86 0.25 0.10 10.72 13. In fact.50 0.26 0.04 11.69 0.33 7.82 45.39 0.36 0.49 4.81 0.52 1663 Syndicate Bank Banking 2.57 0. the number of multinational companies in India has increased noticeably.60 0.36 0.24 2.81 0.75 Company Oriental Bank of 1869 Banking 1.70 45.15 30.58 Commerce 1872 UCO Bank Banking 1.23 2.35 0.26 17.11 1.32 Power National Aluminium 1794 Metal 1.20 0.23 30.38 1939 Hero Honda Motors Consumer Durables 2.19 25.49 5.39 1.94 Jindal Steel and 1793 Materials 1.28 2.30 0.21 26.22 0.46 Mahindra 1629 Allahabad Bank Banking 1.41 2.42 4.70 1698 IDBI Bank Banking 2.30 0.46 0.72 0.15 8.82 0. you can help by expanding it.73 0.26 3.19 1.62 Mahindra & Consumer Durables 5.04 1724 Central Bank of India Banking 2.20 2.08 22.37 6.09 22.92 0.39 6.56 0.19 33.28 2.56 1.54 0. since the financial liberalization in the country in 1991.1037 GAIL 1057 NMDC 1059 Canara Bank Power Grid 1085 Corporation of India 1157 Tata Motors 1184 Bank of Baroda Power Finance 1324 Corporation 1332 Axis Bank 1350 Union Bank of India 1380 Grasim Industries Indian Overseas 1462 Bank 1522 Sun Pharmaceutical 1529 Utilities Materials Banking Utilities Capital Goods Banking Business Services & Supplies Banking Banking Textile Banking Drugs and Biotechnology 4.94 1.54 3.44 1.14 2.45 0.13 1.69 1. .45 0.78 8.35 0.81 0.26 This list is incomplete.71 1659 Indian Bank Banking 1.56 0.69 0.75 1.28 3.24 0.93 5.57 3. Contents: Top · 0±9 · A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [edit] AMultinational Companies in India Multinational companies are the organizations or enterprises that manage production or offer services in more than one country.

.the majority of the MNC in India. There are also MNCs like British Petroleum and Vodafone that represent Britain.Though majority of the multinational companies in India are from the U. nowadays. especially after 1991. there was lesser number of companies that showed interest in investing in Indian market. Electronics giants like Samsung and LG Electronics from South Korea have already made a substantial impact on the Indian electronics market. the policy of the government towards FDI has also played a major role in attracting the multinational companies in India. Piaggio. One can easily find the showrooms of the multinational automobile companies like Fiat. More enterprises from European Union like Britain. There are also a number of oil companies and infrastructure builders from Middle East. India had a restrictive policy in terms of foreign direct investment. makes continuous efforts to attract foreign investments by relaxing many of its policies. As a result. the scenario changed during the financial liberalization of the country. account for about 37% of the turnover of the top 20 firms operating in India. Netherlands. However. France. Government. As a result. a number of multinational companies have shown interest in Indian market. which is currently growing at a very enviable rate. Finnish mobile giant Nokia has their second largest base in this country. India has got a huge market.S. Belgium and Finland have come to India or have outsourced their works to this country. It has also got one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Though the American companies . For quite a long time. Why are Multinational Companies in India? There are a number of reasons why the multinational companies are coming down to India. Hyundai Motors has also done well in mid-segment car market in India. and Ford Motors in India. Germany. French Heavy Engineering major Alstom and Pharma major Sanofi Aventis have also started their operations in this country. however one can also find companies from other countries as well. The later one is in fact one of the earliest entrants in the list of multinational companies in India. Destination India The multinational companies in India represent a diversified portfolio of companies from different countries. Italy. but the scenario has changed a lot off late. Besides. Following are the reasons why multinational companies consider India as a preferred destination for business: . India has a huge market for automobiles and hence a number of automobile giants have stepped in to this country to reap the market.

Following are some of the major multinational companies operating their businesses in India: y y y y y y y y y y British Petroleum Vodafone Ford Motors LG Samsung Hyundai Accenture Reebok Skoda Motors ABN Amro Bank India Company y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Top Companies India American Companies in India Multinational Companies in India Indian Hotels Company Companies Outsourcing to India Biotech Companies in India BPO Companies in India Companies in India Starting a Company in India Register a Company in India Pharmaceutical Companies in India Indian Insurance Companies India Software Companies IT Companies in Chandigarh Delhi Companies Punjab Tractors United Phosphorus 3i Infotech 3M India ONGC NTPC .y y y y Huge market potential of the country FDI attractiveness Labor competitiveness Macro-economic stability List of Multinational Companies in India The list of multinational companies in India is ever-growing as a number of MNCs are coming down to this country now and then.

People working in PSU are also getting good amount of salaries which is comparable o private sectors. . more people are migrating from private sector to PSU (Public Sector Units). Because of application of recent 6th pay commission act .y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Top 10 Blue Chip Companies Top 10 Agricultural Companies Abbott India Steel Authority of India Cadila Healthcare Indiabulls Biocon National Fertilizer Gillette India IG Petrochemicals Indian Trading Company Bharat Heavy Electricals Bajaj Electricals Bharat Earth Movers Chambal Fertilizer and Chemicals Cranes Software International Dabur India Essar Steel Godrej Consumers Products Gujarat State Fertilizers Videsh Sanchar Nigam Vodafone Essar Top 10 Brokerage Firms Top 10 Biotech Companies Top Construction Companies In India working for Fully Government and Government Undertaking organization is considered to be as most secured job. We have dealt with the recessions too & according to various studies .

Mining 18 Bharat Dynamics Limited Manufacturing. Transport 5 Airports Authority Of India Limited . Financing 30 Biecco Lawrie Limited Petroleum. Finance 17 Bharat Coking Coal Limited . Transport 4 Airline Allied Services Limited.Communications 28 Bharat Wagon and Engineering Limited. Electronics 15 Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited. Construction 14 BEL Optronic Devices Limited Research and Development.heavy vehicles. Manufacturing 31 Birds Jute and Exports Limited Textiles.Transport 3 Air India Limited. Forestry 7 Andrew Yule & Company Limited Heavy Industry. Burn & Jessop Construction Company Limited. Oil and Gas 23 Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Corporation Limited.Manufacturing 26 Bharat Refractories Limited . Pharmaceuticals 16 Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam Limited Construction.Financing 13 Braithwaite. Communication 9 Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India Manufacturing.Transport 2 Air India Charters Limited . Tourism 11 Balmer Lawrie & Company Limited .Petroleum 25 Bharat Pumps & Compressors Limited . 1 Air India Air Transport Services Limited . Engineering 8 Antrix Corporation Limited Space. Manufacturing 22 Bharat Heavy Plate & Vessels Limited Manufacturing. Pharmaceuticals 24 Bharat Petroleum Corpn.Manufacturing 12 Balmer Lawrie Investments Limited .Here is the list of PSU in India obtained from Wikipedia. Electronics 21 Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. defence & Transportation 20 Bharat Electronics Limited Defence.Manufacturing 27 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited . Manufacturing . Rehabilitation 10 Assam Ashok Hotel Corporation Limited. Defense 19 Bharat Earth Movers Limited Mining. Manufacturing 29 Bharat Yantra Nigam Limited Manufacturing.Transport 6 Andaman & Nicobar Islands Forest and Plantation Development Corporation Limited. Limited .

Engineering 39 Cement Corpn. Refinery 33 Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation Limited Fertilizer. Limited 71 Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Defence. Manufacturing 68 Goa Shipyard Limited Defence. Of India Limited 42 Central Electronics Limited Electronics Manufacturing 43 Central Inland Water Transport Corpn. Manufacturing 72 Hindustan Antibiotics Limited 73 Hindustan Cables Limited 74 Hindustan Copper Limited 75 Hindustan Fertilizer Corpn. 46 Certification Engineers International Limited 47 Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited 48 Coal India Limited Mining 49 Cochin Shipyard Limited Marine Engineering 50 Container Corporation Of India Limited 51 Cotton Corpn. Of India Limited 64 Fertilizers & Chemicals (Travancore) Limited 65 Food Corporation of India Wholesale.32 Bongaigaon Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited Oil and gas. Limited 76 Hindustan Fluorocarbons Limited 77 Hindustan Insecticides Limited . Railways 35 Bridge an Roof Company (India) Limited Construction 36 British India Corporation Limited Textiles. Of India Limited 57 Engineering Projects (India) Limited 58 Engineers India Limited 59 Ennore Port Limited Port 60 Export Credit Guarantee Corpn. Of India Limited 40 Central Coalfields Limited Mining 41 Central Cottage Industries Corpn. Of India Limited 70 Heavy Engineering Corpn. Manufacturing 69 Handicrafts & Handloom Exports Corp. Manufacturing 37 Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited Communications 38 Burn Standard Company Limited Construction. Limited 44 Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited 45 Central Warehousing Corpn. Of India Limited 52 Donyi Polo Ashok Hotel Limited 53 Dredging Corpn. Of India Limited 61 FCI Aravali Gypsum & Minerals (India) Limited 62 Ferro Scrap Nigam Limited 63 Fertilizer Corpn. Manufacturing 34 Braithwaite and Company Limited Manufacturing.Of India Limited 54 Eastern Coalfields Limited Mining 55 Educational Consultants (India) Limited 56 Electronics Corpn. Agricultural products 66 Gail (India) Limited Natural Gas 67 Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited Defence.

Limited 104 India Trade Promotion Organisation Trade 105 Indian Airlines Limited Transport 106 Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited 107 Indian Medicines & Pharmaceutical Corpn. Of India Limited 118 Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Limited 119 Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation 120 Konkan Railway Corporation Limited Transport 121 Kudremukh Iron Ore Co. Limited 84 Hindustan Prefab Limited 85 Hindustan Salts Limited 86 Hindustan Shipyard Limited Manufacturing 87 Hindustan Steel Works Costn. Limited 117 Jute Corpn.78 Hindustan Latex Limited 79 Hindustan Newsprint Limited 80 Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited 81 Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited 82 Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. Limited 88 Hindustan Vegetable Oils Corpn. Limited Petroleum 83 Hindustan Photo Films Manufacturing Co. Corpn. Limited 89 Hmt (International) Limited Engineering 90 Hmt Bearings Limited Manufacturing 91 Hmt Chinar Watches Limited Manufacturing 92 Hmt Limited Manufacturing 93 Hmt Machine Tools Limited Manufacturing 94 Hmt Watches Limited Engineering 95 Hooghly Dock And Port Engineers Limited 96 Hooghly Printing Company Limited 97 Hotel Corpn. Limited 111 Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited Finance 112 Indian Rare Earths Limited Mining 113 Indian Renewable Energy Devt. Of India Limited 98 Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited Urban development 99 HSCC (India) Limited 100 ITI Limited Communications 101 IBP Company Limited Petroleum 102 IDPL (Tamil Nadu) Limited 103 India Tourism Dev. Agency Limited 114 Instrumentation Limited 115 Ircon International Limited 116 J & K Mineral Development Corpn.Ltd 122 Kumarakuppa Frontier Hotels Limited 123 MMTC ltd Trading . Limited 108 Indian Oil Corporation Limited Petroleum 109 Indian Oil Technologies Limited Manufacturing 110 Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corpn.

Punjab & Rajasthan) Limited 169 Ntc(Gujarat)Limited . 146 National Handloom Development Corporation Limited 147 National Hydroelectric Power Corpn.Limited 148 National Informatics Center Services Incorporated. Limited 143 National Fertilizers Limited Agriculture 144 National Film Dev. Constn. Corpn.Pradesh. Corpn.) Limited 161 Nepa Limited 162 Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited Mining. Corpn. Limited 126 Madras Fertilizers Limited 127 Mahanadi Coalfieldls Limited Mining 128 Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited Communication 129 Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Limited 130 Mangalore Refinary & Petrochemicals Limited Refinery. (Holding Co. Limited 154 National Research Development Corporation Technology Consultancy 155 National Safai Karamcharis¶ Finance & Devpt. 153 National Projects Construction Corpn. Corpn. Limited 140 National Aluminium Company Limited Bhubaneswar 141 National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corp. 156 National Scheduled Castes Finance & Devp. Petrochemicals 131 Manganese Ore(India) Limited 132 Mazagon Dock Limited Defence. Limited 164 North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited 165 North Eastern Regional Agri. Corpn. Limited Mining 152 National Minorities Devp.124 M S T C Limited 125 Madhya Pradesh Ashok Hotel Corpn. 157 National Scheduled Tribes Finance & Devp. 149 National Instruments Limited 150 National Jute Manufacturers Corporation Limited 151 National Mineral Development Corpn. 158 National Seeds Corpn. Karnataka. Limited 160 National Textile Corpn. Limited Entertainment 145 National Handicapped Finance & Devpt. Limited 159 National Small Industries Corpn.Corpn. Kerala & Mahe)Limited 168 Ntc(Delhi.Limited 166 Northern Coalfields Limited Mining 167 Ntc(A. 142 National Bldg. Corpn. Marketing Corp. Limited 136 Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited 137 Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Limited Transport 138 Nagaland Pulp & Paper Company Limited 139 Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corpn. & Finance Corpn. Energy 163 North Eastern Handicrafts & Handloom Dev. Manufacturing 133 Mecon Limited Engineering Consultancy 134 Millennium Telecom Limited 135 Mineral Exploration Corpn.

Bihar & Orissa)Limited 176 Ntpc Electric Supply Company Limited Energy 177 Ntpc Limited Energy 178 Ntpc Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Limited Energy 179 Nuclear Power Corpn. Limited 188 Power Finance Corporation Limited 189 Power Grid Corporation Of India Limited Power transmission 190 Praga Tools Limited 191 Projects & Development India Limited Engineering 192 Pyrites. Limited 197 Rashtriya Chemicals And Fertilizers Limited 198 Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited 199 Richardson & Cruddas(1972) Limited 200 Rites Limited Transport 201 Rural Electrification Corpn. Of India Limited 211 Stcl Limited 212 Steel Authority of India Limited Manufacturing 213 Tamil Nadu Trade Promotion Organisation 214 Telecommunications Consultants (India) Limited 215 Triveni Structurals Limited .Assam. Limited 202 Sambhar Salts Limited 203 Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited 204 Scooters India Limited 205 Semi-Conductor Complex Limited 206 Shipping Corporation Of India Limited Transport.170 Ntc(Madhya Pradesh)Limited 171 Ntc(Maharashtra North)Limited 172 Ntc(South Maharashtra)Limited 173 Ntc(Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry) Limited 174 Ntc(Uttar Pradesh)Limited 175 Ntc(West Bengal. Logistics 207 South Eastern Coalfields Limited Mining 208 Sponge Iron India Limited 209 State Farms Corporation of India Limited 210 State Trading Corpn. Of India Limited Energy 180 Numaligarh Refinary Limited 181 Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited Petroleum 182 Oil India Limited Petroleum 183 Ongc Videsh Limited Petroleum 184 Orissa Drugs & Chemicals Limited 185 PEC Limited 186 Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited Manufacturing 187 Pondicherry Ashok Hotel Corpn. Phosphates & Chemicals Limited 193 Railtel Corporation India Limited Transport 194 Rajasthan Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited 195 Rajasthan Electronics And Instruments Limited 196 Ranchi Ashok Bihar Hotel Corpn.

List of public sector companies in india. Govt sector companies. Limited 220 Vignyan Industries Limited 221 Water & Power Consultancy Services(India) Limited 222 Western Coalfields Limited Mining Tags: 2010. list of PSU in India. List of PSU companies.216 Tungabhadra Steel Products Limited 217 Tyre Corporation of India Limited 218 Uranium Corporation of India 219 Utkal Ashok Hotel Corpn. List of Govt undertakings companies India. Govt companies in India. Government job. PSU Major Life insurance Companies in India are: Aviva Life Insurance Bajaj Allianz Bharati AXA Life Insurance Birla Sun Life Insurance HDFC Standard Life Insurance ICICI Prudential ING Vysya Kotak Mahindra LIC Max New York Life Insurance Metlife India Insurance Reliance Life Insurance SBI Life Insurance Shriram Life Insurance Tata AIG Life Insurance . List of public sector companies. NEWS.

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