Bird named - INNOCENCE

So, are you the kind of a person who knows how to enjoy even the smallest pleasures of life to its BEST and retain your innocence by treasuring the little moments of fun and blessings? Just find out more of what we all turn out to be with the passage of time . . . . .

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Bounties of Life Kids - A source of immense joy and inspiration Essence of Nature Just for the sake of . . . . . . .

Bounties of Life


A Bird Named INNOCENCE One day when I was filling up the water can in our compound’s garden which works as a supplier of water to our place, I saw two sweet little kids sitting in a ride rocked by their mother and enjoying one of the best part of their day which ultimately will be marked as one of the golden times, they have had spent, in their lives when they will be of our age leaving these times behind during the race of life. The peaceful aura and the solitude prevailing within it filled up my heart with an unknown bliss and solace lifting me up in the air with a feeling of satisfaction, for a moment.

Kids - A source of immense joy and inspiration


The giggling of the kids on being swayed to and fro in the air was so amazing that it left me dazzled realizing the fact that what had been absent in my and in all of us lives, since the time we all had trespassed the boundaries of our childhood, and that is INNOCENCE! The suppressed laughs of the kids accompanied by the excitement shown in their movement and behavior and the contentment of not having or desiring for any other thing apart from the fun they were living with left me amazingly speechless. My heart strongly felt the warmth that flowed in the air, and all of a sudden my world came to

. We made them fly away . the sweet aroma of innocence and purity in the air filled me with immense pleasure and joy that I couldn’t resist myself being carried away by the thoughts of my childhood when the reason of us being happy was just an innocence touch of laughter caused by a little innocent act of fun. Those two little angels reminded me of the times when the reason for our smiles out bursting into laughs was just a mere stupid joke and when even a lollipop played wonders. . But we fail to do so because our lust for more has overruled the ability of ours in finding happiness in little pleasures of life. To our dismay we have sacrificed it for merely just a few particles of useless dust which has the charisma of attracting others by its apparent golden touch but ultimately swallows them up. We have heaped all these treasures as useless wastes and have replaced all the innocence. moments of joy. We have let this bird fly far away from the land of our heart thus rendering it infertile ensuring that no such bird ever even wishes to put its wings down on our hearts plain. . . . its contents by never ending tensions caused due to our thankless and non satisfactory attitude and ability of looking up with a view of crediting our LORD and praising HIM. We have made our lives difficult and have outraged them by crushing the beautiful flower of innocence mercilessly under our feet thus strangling the splendor and charm of “The Bird named INNOCENCE” by our own very hands. . . But now we have countless blessings. all piled up in our laps but still we aren’t happy because we always want more than we already have.a stop making me forget for a moment all my tensions and the weary soul with which I left my home to get my water can filled. . The time when our lives were full of peace and contentment and there wasn’t anything or thought that could leave us in a fix to an extent that we fail to realize that the reasons of living our life with happiness lies in the fact of considering little happiness hidden In small innocent things wrapped up in a beautiful paper package by our LORD and placed all around us. . Just for the sake of . Essence of Nature Can you feel the essence? The essence of nature’s beauty.

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