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Valuation & Deal Terms Database (VAT)
– Proprietary database that houses data gathered from public sources (ie. Secretary of State) and analyzed by VC, Inc. – Details on more than 3100 privately-held U.S. companies, including Certificates of Incorporation and various state filings downloadable in PDF format – Analysis of 15+ individual deal terms on more than 4900 private financing transactions – Post-money valuation estimates on more than 2500 private financing transactions – PDF copies of documents used for the analysis – Find opportunities and take action with the data and analytics that provide an Apples-to-Apples comparison – Allows users to create a “limit” price for the offering, that would include the “best” terms dictated by the company

Data that is key to provide private company deal comparables.

Private Company Analysis Tool (PCAT)
• Model financing and exit events in just minutes, compared to hours or days using Excel spreadsheets • Precisely measure the impact of individual deal terms on exit payouts and IRR • Quickly and accurately determine fair value to meet Topic 820 (FAS 157) financial reporting requirements • Research comparable company valuations and deal terms via seamless integration with the VC Experts Valuation & Deal Term Database • Track capitalization tables

Highly intuitive, efficient user interface
– Report –centered interface. Enter and edit data all from the report view. No fumbling through a maze of data entry screens. See the results of your changes instantly. – Guided workflow. Just jump in and work in the way that makes sense to you. PCAT will ask for data only when and if it’s needed. – Data import and export. Enter data manually or import it from an Excel® workbook or CSV file. Either way, PCAT will verify that all inputs are correct and complete. Export all standard reports, including graphs, to an Excel® or PDF file. – Context sensitive help. Every cell of every data entry is accompanied by a help button that fully explains the inputs required along with related validation rules. Every page of the application includes a Teach Me menu that provides quick access to clear, concise instructions on how to use the features available on that page.

Highly sophisticated modeling capabilities
– Models new financing rounds with option pool adjustments, anti-dilution adjustments, preemptive right exercises, and bridge note conversions, and automatically determines the new round share price based on target pre-money value, post-money value, or percentage of equity purchased. Models exit events for trade sales, liquidations, or IPOs, with partial or full acceleration of option vesting and dividends paid in cash or shares, and automatically determines if convertible debt converts and options and warrants are exercised. Model convertible debt with fixed discounts, conversion caps or change-of-control multiples. Model net (cashless) exercise of options and warrants. Model fixed, variable, and multiple carve-outs, and assign them any level of seniority within the liquidation stack. Even model carve-out clawbacks based on either distributions or net gains from other securities. Model fixed and variable escrow or earn-out holdbacks and releases on either a pari passu or seniority basis. Summarize complex cap tables by consolidating records by holder, security, price and issue date. Calculate ASC 820 carrying value using a rigorous probability-weighted expected return method.

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Once company data has been imported/entered, Report Center provides quick navigation to Cap Tables, Exit Analysis & Data Management

Cap Table Management
PCAT provides users the ability to view and manage both Fully Diluted Cap Tables and Exit Cap Tables.

PCAT: Exit Distribution

Waterfall Analysis
PCAT produces a variety of line charts, commonly called Waterfall Analysis Charts, which show exit distributions and gains and losses over a range of Exit Values.

PCAT: ROI Reporting


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