Ice Breakers

Helping students interact on the first few days of school
An Interview: Have students partner up and ask each other these questions. Invite a few partners to volunteer and introduce their new acquaintance to the class. Students may be hesitant on the first few days of school, so after the 1st partners volunteer, give them a prize (school supplies, food, candy, etc). The second time around students will probably participate! 1. What is your name? ___________________________ 2. Did we go to middle school together? What middle school did you go to? ____________ 3. Where were you born? ________________________ 4. What extracurricular activities are you in (sports/clubs)? _________________________ 5. When’s your birthday? ________________________ 6. What is your best study tip? ________________________________________________ 7. So far, what has been the best part of today? __________________________________ Birthday Line-up: Students must line up according to birthday without speaking to each other. Time the class and have a competition between all classes. Fastest class wins small prize. Mingle Mingle Mingle: Have students write down questions on slips of paper. Have students walk around the room singing “mingle mingle, mingle!” (like the cha-cha song) and when the teacher says stop, the students grab the closest person next to them and exchange answers to the question. After 10-15 seconds, start again! Guess Who? This activity is for my senior students who have been in classes together for a long time and already know each other. It allows for me to get to know them better. Have students fill out the following questions and turn them into the teacher. 1. What is your favorite TV show or movie? ________________________________ 2. How late do you stay up on an average night? ____________________________ 3. What’s your favorite late night snack? __________________________________ 4. Where is the best vacation spot you’ve been to? __________________________ 5. If you were an animal, which one would you be and why? ________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 6. What college do you plan to attend? _________________________________________ 7. What are you majoring in? ____________________ What is your dream career college? ______________________________ 8. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten? ______________________________________ Draw at random and begin to read the answers out loud. Have students try to guess who the person is. First to guess gets a prize (candy, school supplies, etc).